A conversation with Frank Tavares, the former “voice of NPR”



think of the word support
support for NPR comes from you probably think of the voice of my guest today
today on focus Jim meadows in French difference in the voice of underwriting
writing announcements NPR news programs for more than three decades step
stepping down for the position is successor but have such big shoes to fill


InFocus LP talking Frank about the job you sleeping but also about the other job
still keeping busy Springs college professor Teaches classes
electronic media and Frank Tavares the writer published his first book
book of short stories all the same virus today on Fox

how program continues after the news
welcome to focus on Jim Meadows if you hear someone’s voice everyday you Michael


convince yourself that you know them well my Kehlata public radio listeners Eifert Frank d’Ivoire
devaris voice everyday for years but I’m just finding out about a princess
since I didn’t know that he’s Dr Frank Tavares with a PhD in communication from the
University of Texas at Austin are there is a communications professor at 7 Connecticut
State University of New Haven or that he’s a writer who just published his first short
short story collection the man who built boxes and other stories are they spend his young
younger years in Illinois stop going to college and working in commercial


social radio before heading out to fame and fortune I know all that now
that’s just the resume Frank Tavares welcome to focus Jim it’s a pleasure to be with you
I want to hear more about the fame and fortune park iPhone we were at the party
part by now well you know like many of us who are whiter than
and I work in public broadcasting will always just a little insecure
even know somebody else might say oh you know you’re really doing well we we always
don’t know I don’t think so now you know


hope you’re doing a lot of views now because all those you’ve been the voice the underwriting voice
voice of NPR news for many years you are now leaving the position gas have have ur
view on the first of all I surprise my all the attention
very much so um because my job was to be kind
invisible in the corner at the end of all the news programs in newscast
and just to tell people who was responsible for finding them
and the idea behind it was to have this a real separation from the contact


content of the program so I’ve always describe my work with NP RI
after I left my full time position without my number of years ago as being up
referral to the programming and it does the price me when I meet people and I talk
talk with M or if I’m in a different than you doing something that’s more academically
McCleary of related and the subject comes up and end
and I’ll do what a couple of associate salary for the magic line support rent
friend pyaar come from NPR and the reaction is always


surprising well I’m we we want we want to mention
this is your chance to talk to the voice of NPR news underwriting
if you would like it if you have a question of 4 for Frank Tavares give us a call at 1
1 800 2229 455 toll free 1 800 222
22 wyll you can also email us at will dash talk and and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter at focus
580 are you completely done with your underwriting work


work if you done your last session no not yet as a matter of fact tomorrow morning
will be heading in for one of these humongous half day recording session
the runaround 4 hours and those are funding credits that will be free
2 weeks and 3 weeks and and so I think
I think what the plan is is that Sabrina who will be the new findings
credit Boise 10 pyaar will start with a newscast probably about
about 2 weeks into November and then also the online credit


credit central take over the larger credit at the end of the different MPR News program
programs probably by the end of the month so my voice will probably surety
the airwaves with her into the beginning of December and
chilled take over all of them which will be a pretty exciting away
and of course I will miss it all kinds of aspects of it because im used to like
do you like mini I am also with a listen to Public Radio in a supporter of Public Radio
video so I’m used to hearing that that voice at the end of the program


will be to be a little funny at first but like the rest of the NPR listen
sure I’ll get used to it also and we should know just so that use the so she’s not a a face
faceless anonymous voice Sabrina what is your last name well I don’t have
but I will
the breaks she comes to us I think im as I
as I recall it not Metairie over the phone yet
but she comes from a professional voice over work and she’s an actress at so I can see


she’s going to bring on a little different tones to the earth to the funding credits
can you still in the past okay it’s not always a bad thing
i5 pulled up in Israeli citizen facts saprina of 45
yes I do that I do that and um and does
she will be the first on staff announcer specifically on staff as an announcer
Iraq when we first started doing the funding credits
in the format that we’re all familiar with now this was back in the early 1980s


any idea there Jim was to to create this
call of the firewall between the content of the programming the underwriting for programming
at the time I was full time MPR I posted several different
the program documentary programme and I actually did one of the
programming Department executive producer of the programming went out food at the park
apartment but I was not a newsboys and one of the things we
decided and felt strongly about it we did not want a new voice


doing the underwriting credits so I was at neutral boy and
and that’s how it began Wendy player was the producer of the
funding credits at the very beginning all the way up until the beginning of the
October is a matter of fact and then when I left my full time position
PR and moved up from Washington DC to New Haven
Connecticut which is where I live now and I started to
I would go back to DC once a month for one of these long half day


dates action in between out with this is one of the local NPR station in Connecticut
Connecticut for going to the New York euro in about 15 yrs ago
the number to buy said no that’s just silly me up at home and I now voice them
stem or have been voicing them from home recorded in DC
what I said I’m from the front of the mic up here in Connecticut
interesting concept for YouTube
when we have conceived funding credits


new sex things exist but I can’t because I University
the professor I have some flexibility in my time during the day so I can run home
record something that might be on the year later on today or tomorrow morning at happened yesterday
matter of fact we record last night about death
a dozen and a half of funding credits one of which eye is on
fresh air today and over the weekend so its been kind of exciting
so the idea I thinking the change with to have somebody full time


in the building so it would make those of emergencies in quick turnaround
eBay easier than a pin in the past so I’m assuming that Sabrina far he’s not going to
not going to be a far away and difficulty reaching the acceptance schedule occasions
call that is the status of hope and feel all so the other piece of the stew with
to which is unusual is that she’s not just a boy from the funding credits
combining the position of the announcer with that of the
the producers social be producing the funding credits and editing them


in a single position instead of having a position
what time does my cell phone doing it
ways to the realization season the way that you do things
what you know I was was was wondering this is awesome I guess the closest that you get 21 in PA
MPR to advertising companies are there people who are paying NPR money
money and being recognized in this way so you have to be pretty pretty specific
difficile about how you say things apsolute and one of the things that I


what I think most listeners don’t the real life because it’s handled a little differently than it is the local state
statins the local stations like wyll you have a little more lyrics
things to say how long have to be at the national level the funding
credit people hear that are not there are some dark in the program itself is called
Jason seaso you hear StoryCorps and then you hear after that
after that support for three quarter from roblox and so the timing on nose
can be a little bit longer but on the news cast credits all of those are 10 and a half


half second the credits did you hear in groupings of three or four at the end of
end of all things considered or some of the other programs are 37 and a half
half second the ones on fresh air if they contain a particular
opening there’s no limit on the link to cause pressure always want your credits with music
musica de soleil can back time regardless of length Diana
dream of a program on their 36 and a half seconds
all these little time post that have to be very very specific that have sex


2nd really does make a difference and the other piece of that to is by the time the credits
how to get to me when I’m sitting in front of me on these pages of acceptable XL
Belk spreadsheets the producer and I cannot change anything
if there’s a question about something being medically correct pronunciation
which is something that were really careful about
we don’t change if we have to make a phone call with top down and make sure the disco
this is intentional before we go on so uh uh


it’s really interesting when you look at that the way it does it come together
there really careful about it what talking to Franklin pharmacy is the voice for a1
a1 longer of NPR news underwriting announcements on guest today on Fox
focus and if you have questions for a for francophone call or send us an email
mail at 1 800 22 29455 that’s 1 800 222
222 wyll you can email us it will dash talk
Illinois .edu online for we have Craig from Park Forest


bars with a question for Franklin morning urine focus icraig according to both of us
pleasure to talk to both of you up to question the shirt walkup of questions
what was do people think your touch I feel a little bit
I do people recognize you buy your voice I remember
Terry Gross very light effect people turn around like if you are the back
back to the elevator asking a girl out that for 50 people
Harry like people do that to you the first ball Kragen wanted


let you know that it’s really quite a pleasure hearing you use my name in the same
same sentence with Barry White
every once in awhile it happens most folks unless they been on the NPR
website were in my day job what I have no idea what I look like
because I’m a quarter golden autumn a semi working in PR
usually have no contact with every once in a while I’ll be at a meeting or reception and I’ll be talking
talking with someone and it starts with am


UCMJ you look familiar they cut across the visually audio and
I have this possible look about them and I look around to make sure I’m not going to win
Dallas myself for anybody else and ask him you sleep well do you bleed
listen to NPR depending on how they answer will depend on whether or not to give up
ohyes iss pyaar
lean in and out use that support for and its so funny
funny Craig because it soon as I’m about 45 words and you can see the recognition


and still I have to confess that even after
after all these years it still surprises me and its sub
don’t get me wrong I love it but its it’s like wow
Wow if reforms that I’m still involved in public radio and
and still a part of that but I like to call the fabric of Public Radio
so long and short question it yeah hahahahaha
I got one more question to get anything to her over the years


should be done anything to train your voice to raise your voice just natural to have to do things
things to do to make your voice what its
not really I’m one of these fellas started
Indian accidentally in in my radio work & M
I actually love telling the story because sooner or later this particular person is going to hear me talk
talk and will contact me and I’ll be able to Thinker this is a high school
skull friend remember how in high school in your senior year when you get the yearbook


espinoza last a couple of days of class getting everybody to find them right
so this one girl Pauline and blacking out last night 15
here I don’t remember but I remember
we want to close friends we had a couple of classes together over the years and she
something in my um yearbook along the lines of
good luck with voice like yours you should be on radio never ever ever thought of that
before and I look at it I said that’s nice to flash forward through the summer


the four freshmen in college and a date they set up on the beach
the stables at the Capitol is a shins and usually at the gym where they have a lot of Forth
North basin you go through is freshman you’re looking to see the types of things might
ob interest you and here’s to campus radio station this is in Wheaton Illinois
just north of you guys a mile and a half
remember this and I walk past a table and I stop and I think up
Polina well and I went back and I talked with M&Ms how to get every profession


professional position that I’ve had since then has been involved in communication
Asian in broadcasting in public radio in a few years before I discovered Public Radio app
after that so I have fallen to think whatever you are you
so when I started now this way
this was sometimes I like to joke with people and say can you guess where I’m from
and I won’t be unfair to either gender Craig right now and ask you to play that little
little games for my own personal shame on me for you bring it up


the reality of it is is that I’m from a town south of Boston New Bedford Massachusetts
Massachusetts cornbread so I had that New England economy
access and still when I’m tired
beer some of the words deals with back if I still say idear idea
I have a great idea that I have to work
get that away from my first challenge was to this was a time when
Everybody Friday have that neutral quote unquote accent


regional accents were not welcome or appreciated in most places
the country so my first challenge was to work really hard to lose
who’s the accent by taking everything I did on a college radio station to Lakewood rec
recognize it because honestly the guys that I was listening to end
do any gal that I was listening to when I was on campus they were the one from the Midwest
Midwest to have the access not me once I recognize this and I started working on on losing
losing it up but the in terms of specific training uh no never never


never did that happens is is after you work for while reading copy work
or announcing you learn how to control your boyfriend yes the way I am I
I read the funding credits is differently than the way I am talking with you now
where the way I teach class or were the way I buy cheer when the Boston
the World Series
what is a pleasure talking cats really wonderful to get to here
the man behind the voice that for for somebody yourself it’s a pleasure talking to a good luck WI


good luck with the rest of your life Craig so much for calling in
really appreciate it thank you Craig 802 2294
1455 or online at
dash talk at you pick things up quickly
weather is something that we on
and I might be this is already spoken to you about this is week if you eat with giving you copy
copy forum a local underwriter the scheduled to air during focused


is today and I was just wondering if we could I have if we could I do that little message
message now support for focus comes from bodywork associates
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all done in one take what you telling me off and it is after ive read and
anime familiar with a credit now when I got this credit I did practice in about a half a dozen times
absolutely perfect but one of the


what is the delights is that what we do is recorded and so if there is something
editing that needs to be done it is the reality of it is so that with most
most of them they really are all one take and and later
the program it feel like to get in one take okay well maybe we can
waving gif Body Works associate another chance in the second half merry go your own way
across the window from ER board operator Jason Croft who is among other
other things one of the underwriting voices of wyll of the liver


the expression on his face is you were reading with prices
will Jason and I are part of the same Berry Select Club
hit that that that that that small Legion of under writer announcers
Hugo I was wondering why you started
you started working as an as an underwriting announcer was was in the 1980
teen18 yes it was some time remembering it is being a 1982 in heat
separating the credits out to do this little


obsession after the program what’s up with over and
at the beginning they were I’m remembering that the lengths were a little bit
different than they are now and then we finally standardized it was left in 30s
30 Seconds for years and years and then because you’re simply what
room to include most of them have free credits for dependents
credit and up we found out it was actually
actually a period where I was reading them faster and faster and faster


and it was just a challenge to get everything in that
28 and a half second switch is what we were running up that Matt Schaub
back in the beginning or for about 10 years and and so they
things to do lengthening the funding credits because it has an implication for the length
the program itself so everybody had to agree that we would back off
at certain times in the program I now it would end 10 seconds earlier that had
so the longer funding credits could fit in there the timing of these things


things to him is really the category of more than you ever wanted to know
but the timing of these things is Israel
crucial except for the pressure Credit switch as I say something
sometimes the links makes no difference because they end
and with music on your knees so they can’t add on item and its not a problem but the other
what the others regardless of what the wall length of each of the credits are they have to fit in
little donut hole with n that have second and if you’re a little too short


at some stations the Automation will um uh uh
will read it is dead air if there a little too long Automation will
equipto Alaska this is NPT pipe of things and eso
so I have to be very precise about that now when I get them on my little Excel spreadsheet I have
have the length of the entire wall credit and a cat
you stop me but I just gotta go into my eyes glaze over
beat the beat the full length of the credits at the individual credits I have


I have been hundredth of a second so I’m looking at a sample here now
there is this credit is 28 point 35 seconds lawn in its entirety
with the word time not including support for NPR comes from
not including this is NPR at the end and I have the same
individual times for the credits when I read these things I have in my head
different little time post as I’m going through I know I need to be looking at the sky
is credit I see the first one this one is 8.10 the second one is 10 even the third


is really a little easier point 25 for the end
between the two of them so much in broadcasting
casting means not use to the work that you do but you don’t even like sitcom
everything has to be timed out perfectly cause everything’s stuck in a slide
slot and it’s like we’re all driven by this Indianola this and invisible tyrant
Wendover telling us to to to be on time yes and end up
hopefully it’s almost always transparent to the listener


that’s what were hoping for that when you go to break during at the end
at the end of the first a segment of focus people will internalized
I want to listen to you on a regular basis still internalized it’s about this time after
after the hour so they can go to make a quick Corunna the refrigerator or check your email
but they shouldn’t be aware necessarily unless
unless you’ve got somebody on like me quiz rambling I have to say
I’m sorry but we’re going to eat out hopefully it’s its relatively transparent


going to the brakes but I know you’re sitting here watching that clock countdown
count up to that first break right now what we have a little time before the break so I’m going to take
how to take a call in line for sale from Decatur the morning on focus hello fil A
hello and I’d like to Ascot Frank something along the lines of what I go back
few decades just as heat is the accepted he’s been far more successful and I
I have been but we both seen on the rise and fall of silhouette of tech
what of technical things and the oncoming a digital recording that sort of thing on the


the program Zedd at the display icons like a scissors while dressed
the Restless can remember the time we actually did use scissors really dude mean cuts
razor blades in ya life like y8
do you have any opinions in general about things like the difference between like a tour
how to get people getting fights over we all we have to feel to be microphones are the old
gold ribbon microphones or have you noticed any are really innovations
Asians or anything what is far is the new stuff but what am I


what what if my teenage son is a musician guitarist
will talk about this and its that I thought that he would release
really take a strong stand about that I’ve got to get a tube amp
what happens to have you also has a non Tube app to and I
he doesn’t to make a case for this one has a warmer sound that one
he makes a case for well this one takes a little longer to warm up somebody use the
instead um but most of the time I hear the discussions from people who


people who are in music because they are there is if your ears are tune ups
what you can hear a little difference between something that’s recorded digitally and something
recorded analog for many things it makes no difference it all I think the most
the most of the stuff that I do its its its relevant the most important thing
things for voice over recording that I do besides the funding credits
how much but when I do it’s the quality of the microphone more than anything else and that
what ever recorded on whether it’s a go to alarm systems for the New World


systems that whoever is the operator operating it knows how to use all of it
it’s a little luck of features that knows how to make sure that things are sounding the bass
what are the things that I’ve come to appreciate feel about the new technology is that it’s just
so much faster than it used to be
takes awhile to get used to it I like you I mean I was up what I would do
do literally tape editing where you would slice with a razor blade max
the ends together and put a little piece of this side of placing tape on it


pretty fast doing now that I got to the point where I could edit probably you could too
I’m at the double speed or sometimes even faster than that
no way to leave breast with nowhere to sleep before or after breakfast
and so it was very natural for me I want some of my students when you’re working with
digitally and up for them it was a learning curve
for me when I started messing with digital editing audio editing and for them its
its just fine but it is so much quicker and you can play with a lot of different


different possibilities also so bad it outside
downside that makes everybody everybody now is access to that
what comes bundled many computers can download for free program to downtown
down side and this is the same with my video friends also is everybody thinks because they know how to
how to cut and move things around every good at it and the reality of it is
really does take this work everybody’s got
what is going to the pinion now big is used to be a mystery notes


listen to everybody’s got the opinions and they see their work on YouTube they see them
showing up on podcast in so everybody has a voice to and I think that support
important get up and I think that’s really change the way I see it
my students all the time changed the way we interact with each other and its substrate
strange bility not to be silent and be locked out of different discussion
but then when you want to talk about their still still still is such a thing as professional quality when you’re listening
listening to something that’s been put together for a public radio station


or something that’s going to show up on broadcast work table television there is a little different
difference in quality yes I’m slowly filling
thank you in the best what do you say thank you very much
thank you for your call let’s go ahead and take a little break right now I’ll be back with more
Frank Tavares the voice of NPR news underwriting this is focused WI
is welcome back to focus on wyll mg Meadows
medicine will be speaking more with friend of ours after this brief musical interlude


food from the group capital cities
support for capital cities comes from lazy boy

National Public Radio
tube Daniel Day Lewis



I’m going to face down there before we have to do some editing on that song thats capital cities
with special guest Frank Tavares and also I don’t know if we here im in this portion
portion of the recording of Andhra Andree 3000 Falcons
what does are two names you would never ever think Jem think you would read


in the same sentence right I was not expecting it I know the name of
name of the name of the song is Farrah Fawcett hair with subtle capital cities version of
of my favorite things the day you go and the idea behind that was
was up your listing some of the the the cool stuff thats out there
and they stay started with this they started with National Public Radio
so I have to use like that starts like that when you come
contact about that it was it was interesting it was over the other the winter


the winner this past year and I got an email from their age
agent who said that the this a particular group la base to group
Groupon at the time they didn’t have the National play that they had with their last CD
CD on with this particular cut appears and I’m so I have not heard
how to rid of them before and why did my own personal betting spend a little time on the Google
Google listening to what they were doing and and and and the agent in Africa
first phone call said that they have an idea that they like to use my boy


voice in one of the songs that they will putting together for the new CD
CD and at what I consider doing that so after I didn’t realize
crank group setting up uh you always have to be careful
and I listen to some of the stuff that they are released and I really
enjoyed it a one of my sons have with not familiar with him but he listen to
listen to a little bit like the music so I figured alright if I can get a little more
more street cred with my teenage boys that’s not going to hurt and up


that I met with the M the to lead of the
the capital cities group little time on the phone what they wanted to do
and then they say they sent me a copy of it with my voice pulled from different
different views and from a couple of the funding credits so we could hear what the voice
sounded like with music in the background and a little bit further along they
scented with one of them doing a sample listing of cool stuff
stop and then they sent me a script and I did several different versions of them


different breeds with 3 different breeds for each word Reach phrase
I just before they release the National to copy of the finished thing I remember sitting and listening
thinking pretty cool sf ferry
Perry County piece of music does however include a phrase in the car is that will make
making a possible to play the radio PCs lift yes and you and I wish
I wish the now I’m not being a writer IAAI
appreciate other people fart and I cannot second guess why they make a decision


but there is a piece of me that we stand on two versions of that so it
it would have changed at a one-word the temple and pacing and everything could have been
could have been the same but that would have made it up totally arable another broadcast media
like I say that’s their decision well it’s something
Ninette something you think of when you’re in the business that something I wanted to ask you about Frank about
the years when you are at in PR not as an announcer but I
as as as as a producer yes and it was either what’s


what’s special audience is it was the program that I had was the Department of State
specialized audience programs which I have not existed for a number of years important
what is the reason for that is one of our mandates was to
do what we were doing so well that we disappeared because our mandate
date was to provide a way for divorce voices to show
who show up on the national level in public broadcasting so our
for a purpose was to develop programs about


Catholic minority about women the elderly
children’s programming NPR used to produce a national level for short period of time
time children’s program in and buy legal programming we had
we had several programs in in Spanish for a number of years that were produced by NPR
NPR in distributed to what station is the weigh in for
The Voice is actually that you still hear on NPR because they would come in through a
threw up and sometimes out of one of our documentary programmes to 1040


News Feed some of these pieces quit then be
DAP did into one of the main stream NPR vehicles and so I feel pretty
pretty proud of the work if you did back then threw the 80’s primarily a number
number of wood wedding programs that we did and topics and
I guess the telling part of it is is that we didn’t put ourselves out of business witches real
is really good I thought of something about the proud of you in my early days NPR
is that ice on a different city of people working in this business that ice


that I simply did not see on the commercial side. And even though we were
we were perfect and even though there’s always room for improvement after still is
is Wii world where are they trying to make things happen and some time
sometimes it showed up at the local station 3 clearly in terms of what we were doing and others
other times you still have cranky people would always complain if you want some cases
too much but its something that I am I like to see that
that that that I’m really proud of you know if i from from the voice can you mention it


1980 program names I buy was St Louis Public Radio 1980 sells wanted to visit
is anything that I could happen with the documentary series
I really like the best with what I have our we call to license and
that I think of last a few years after I left my full time
old time position there with a different host and then we had another one
actually showed up in 2 different versions call crossroads that was an hour long
documentary 3 Series we did and we would do a variety of things


things around up I used to be fat in a week
Black History Month we would do old documentary program
program talk program music programs all types of things around me suck these
special issues and I remember even in one of the presidential
central elections we’re and on what is the satellite channels we did everything in Spanish
before a lot of other a private network commercial network for doing the same
Spanish language election coverage from NPR studios in Washington DC


PC to a number of stations around the country and I don’t know if we with IP
we probably were not supposed to do that I really don’t remember but I remember feeling this is
this is this is pretty neat and most people want it that that’s interesting special
especially in old is the mayor of certain amount of pressure the must have existed from
from people making the argument well NPR’s been successful at serving
serving in a serving a certain second of the audience just have to do is
who is served does is served at second more intensely so we get more of them or the


more the time yes and dumb and knows were many of
discussions and I remember it 1.1 looking at carriage
how many stations are carrying a program MN how many
list of that station are listening to and one of the things that when you look at just the number
the number for great Greek is that you have
you had a safe trip Lee well if you’re leaving a program that
has very high listener ship at a particular moment to go to a program


Graham dad and ask for a really target
very different subgroup of your listeners is it worth the cost of
losing the listeners from the more successful program to be
ba ba say that was also stripping this particular group now we’re talking
talking to a couple of decades ago when you really didn’t have alternatives you didn’t
didn’t have a station website you didn’t have podcasts for sometimes
really hard decision for stations to make on a local level so some of the


the programming that came out of my particular shop would not necessarily show up in
open in Poulan Pro primetime broadcast lot because the cost
what would be too high in terms of losing your regular listen to stay with you up on weekends related
evening to remember being in one meeting one time will I actually said this
which with back and I’m thinking about being a realist
I said there are times when I believe that I could just make a set copies of our program
program and mail them individually to the to the listeners and we would say


what save money do that because with some of the programs we knew
when do the numbers with 12 what part of that was well okay
that’s a decision you make in terms of what your mission what are you trying to do and then part being as well
is well can you get these voices into the larger programs for these Point
point of view and in some cases the answer to that is it going to be very difficult
other place is the answer to that is yes we can and then everybody wins
result what this is focus MGM Meadows still time to get your questions


Cummington for authors scholar and NPR news underwriting announcer Frank Tavares
the number is 1 800 222 94551 802
222 wyll email addresses will dash transit Illinois dot and Frank I’m wondering how you look at it now in of course your teacher
Communications in college even though you’re not working in the industry the same way you still get it
think about it I see also you’re on the board of a journal that the data
that looks at the media business with all the changes in electronic media over the past


past decade a decade and a half do some of the challenges
which is how have how are the challenges changed if you look at the job that you had in the 1980s
ladies with that play out differently now well I think you have
have in something positive way I think people that are interested in having the voices for
torrid have so many more channels available to the good news
the bad news so German franc decide that they water freeze at a certain point
if you and we know that maybe we don’t get on one of the major news


programs on public radio for we don’t get on what is the major commercial
news programs or even in one of the major markets on a particular
take a radio station but we can still produce it and we can still find audience even if we do
as a podcast internet radio station whatever they’re just
just so many more opportunities that’s the blessing part of it the Christmas part of it is the audience is so much
is so much more fragmented did it use to be I am so much smaller
I am the danger of course and this is something to talk about the sum of our glasses


primary organizational communication but we get into discussions about a variety of different
things which is only natural when you have curious and
are young people who are getting ready to go into the workplace is it what is this
what are the things that them that you were out is are you always only going to be
going to be talking to other people who think like you do and
N&S something that that doesn’t mean I think it’s important for us
radeo Boyce’s an opinion and the Weezy these days


Statesboro to find no matter what strange little corner
corner of f*** off any particular area no matter what strain Japan we might have
we can find other people to think like off and then we believe that everybody thinks like
that’s not true why worry about that and that’s all as a result of the technology
Knology but I’m not absolutely in any way shape or form opposed to
the changes in terms of Technology I think we just have to look at the implications of demand
M & M and make a decision based on what’s possible in


and the band what may not be possible and how long have you been writing fix
infection well I’m one of those I’ve got a little leagues
examples of fiction that I rotate my personal are archived all the way back to high school
skull and probably earlier very bad it will never see the light of day
started reading and writing professionally my entire life
and there was a period in which I was in advertising department
nc in Fresno California for a couple of years and I’ve got a lot of c**


commercial work over the years at work in commercial radio and and a producer
radio and television spots a boat in the ad agency in the end
indepence the soul so I learned I’d like to tell people gym
that advertise in cockney the power of words and then when I
what I discovered public radio that taught me how to use the power
what is a good police had an even after
writing my area of a focus academically


when I was working on my PhD is a is Orson Welles and a particular radio
doing after he left radio series called the lights off carry Lyme
based on the character from The Third Man i550 to couple of episodes of all yeah yeah
yeah and I had access at University of Texas they had the complete series
series and some of the master tapes that had been store their body
the owners of the series in another one so with beautiful I had all of its original
it was just a wonderful thing for a researcher wishes


which is what I was at the time I know that apparently some of the summit
what’s that series written by wells in the sum of the word recycled in NY to his later
movies yes and some of the episode that were identified
is being written by wealth without risk another
is this what I wrote an article recently that appeared in the Sun
radio audio media which is published by the broadcaster
Association which is affiliated with the National Association of Broadcasters


the pure space to get around Washington and one of the things that stick
it’s fun in the arm the producer of the radio 3 going back to the fifth
the 50’s who died just a couple of years ago and I had the opportunity to talk with him
several times about his experience with wells work with
project but he told me this one marvelous story will Wells the one day
one day he says he’s in his office and get to knock on the door he was actually a hotel room
knock on the door and stomach shows up I’m forgetting his name but you my


you might recognize it because he went on to be successful in films in film production
andy says I wrote the 6 episodes for Mr Wells
well paid me and he was there to be paid
soap the producer of the name to Harry Alton Towers paid this guy because he knew
exactly what happened and I went back to weld up and these
6 episode that you told me you had a written he said that he is a written anything wells porn
just a moment it looked at him and said well they really went very good


something to be a question earlier
RC here we go back to your stories and I should you should know these eyes
Jesus stories with you been up coming out in literary magazines over the past few years
yeah and you collect them in a book which is now out from bacon press box
best books on Washington DC the men who built boxes and other stories I do want to say
what to say we only have a couple of minutes left I just read the title story and
nothing is ever literally said to chill down my spine but this one team


can close and it’s not because it’s scary art how are fine is just so sad
sad and you just do a very skillful job of gradually review
revealing everything behind the main character well I’m sitting here
sitting here with very big smile on my face because I love hearing your reaction for that
and and how it touch to a particular way and I hope you have
can you have some of the same experiences as you have a chance with for some of the other stories in there
because this is something that was a writer you you what are the things that I


dive it take me awhile to learn how to do this when you didn’t ask me how long I
writing fiction seriously it’s probably been since the mid 90’s MN
Appleton long form in the short story form and one of the things that it took me awhile
have faith in my own writing for people to to help me
understand that I could and and you write the way you write the characters revealed
cells that and the other plot
plots sometimes unfold more than others and you just let it be


bien sometimes you don’t understand exactly the meaning of how it’s going to affect somebody else
what you hope at the very least I sure the stories with other people I’m hoping to Dallas
least enjoy meeting somebody else and and exploring somebody else’s experience
going through appreciate you saying that and that is really all the time
time we have now on focus I’m afraid I’ll have to forgo the does the second chance
consensus Redinger underwriting announcement thank you thank you very much for the volume dryer
earlier the program I thought it was pretty good for the weekend we can get it back


is it back together I’m sure there you go Frank virus communication professor
fiction writer Public Broadcasting consultant soon the former voice of underwriting an ounce
add NPR NPR news Frank I’m sorry that to me one
hearing your voice so often but it’s been great to talk to you talk to you today in focus
its been my pleasure thank you for asking me to many additional thought you have about today’s
today’s program on our website that it will dot /
slash focus Today Show is produced by Lindsey moon Jason Crowther South Dakota


director salary Lesk is our internet help me with production in research
Monday in focus my guess we’ll be retired Army captain luey’s Carlos Montalban in his book
until Tuesday does how a service dog help to recover from post traumatic stress
medic stress disorder and other wounds suffered in the Iraq war plus the first
first segment in our series produced by Urbana you need a highschool students
presenting the voices of central Illinois veterans from World War 2 20
Iraq and Afghanistan that’s on Mondays program this is focus on wyll


This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Frank Tavares, who for years was the “voice of NPR." Often cited as the most heard voice on public radio, Tavares read the underwriting announcements for the news network. We'll hear from him this hour about his public radio roots in Illinois and his work with the Journal of Radio and Audio Media, an communication journal for which he is a founding editor.

Host Jim Meadows also talks with Tavares about his new fiction book of short stories, "The Man Who Built Boxes."