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table legs so what might come to mind thinking of someone to link a piece of wood rotating on a lathe
crafter wood turning can be used to make all sorts of wood knobs
how to website is playing everything from sturdy garden tools to Delica
delicately designed Bowl what to expect in ancient Egypt popular


popularity of us is relatively new Meadows my guest
guest today on focus love would turn him Yoder discovered it in his 40’s
Houston public TV show about it Mike Van Pelt woodturning
lifelong love working with wood talk about how and why they do it today

program continues after the news
welcome to a woodworking edition of focus on Jim meadows in my own attempt


woodworking were brief mostly occur in childhood when I own
owned by Mattel power shop Regional 1960’s version of truly day
dangerous toys in the wrong hands off of me that is a complement it was electric
I came with safety goggles it was capable of cutting real wood pine anyway
anyway you could be set up a jigsaw a drill press a disc sander with a feature that fascinated mean
baby was the lady what you love me the shape sticks wood to an endless succession of
miniature chair legs now if I had pursue the world Metallica powers


powershop a little farther I might have found there’s more that can be done with wood working on a Ledge
ana legs and my guests on Today Show certainly know all about that
both experts on Woodworking and in particular wood turning
the craft in working wood onlays the both involve with cu woodshop supply in
lion champagne and its School of woodworking which is holding its on 4th annual fall
Festival this weekend in Champaign we have the young
lead instructor Michael Van Pelt from the others see you would shop supply


woodworking school with us and we will learn from him how
what does Cu wood shop suppliers become a gathering place folk to love woodwork
woodworking right now let’s talk to someone who be the guest of the Cu woodshop this weekend
tamiyo Durk im welcome to focus morning gym now to maybe familiar
billiard summerview he’s been one of the feature Tomlinson public TV do it yourself shows
Muirfield was up with training workshop without the cup official title if it was
what a man for several years a public TV including wyll TV


and the most recently on the PBS create channel and now a days
your your your issuing a DVD’s you have a good training with him
video series that you can find on youtube video a branch that wants to show
the show is put on hiatus my buddy Bryan new work with me on the show
job on the side with a really full length instructional DVDs
but then also to keep paying it forward which is a whole purpose of the original show we put
put free video tapes on YouTube have over 50 right now what’s the difference in


have you gotten from the YouTube videos really good I will dwell over
3000 hits right now and we going to do it for a couple years and up
it’s good feedback to because I learn alot from the common people put on their
1 project with the recently they said that be great product for
for a child to learn and that’s important aspect
love to my wife I was joking though she’s lucky I have
I have groupies who are 75 year old man about


what’s the saying catch me you been in TV a long time but I guess it would turning is it
is a relatively new activity for you how did you get into it and how do you get on TV
TV with live in in the working in button commercial in public television
Kroger 30 years and when I first start working at Rogers State University
public TV station will work now I did a show called expressions were produced shot
shot if I had a host and we go find people who expressed in Felton many different ways
and one day we did a show on Ron Fleming who the local woodturner here but also


also known worldwide and he was one of pioneers of wood turning in that it would
he would turn a vessel like a bowl vase with carbine
Harbor and his nature as his inspiration for the design wall
set my whole career all I’ve done is video so no working
commercial TV at the CBS affiliate I would work all day on something last a minute
minute 30 and it was here and on and yeah I want to ward things like that
can’t hang out video tape on the wall in show someone some watching Ron


make this piece of wood into this beautiful shape and I realize all the Sun that thing
thing is going out with him that single set on a table people walk by
Wow contributed that it’s almost like on Sunday religious experience realize
all the sudden that’s a tangible legacy there and it was awful
really need really called me and I think within a week I went out bottle lathe tools and started
just rolling wood shop and I just wanted to say right now we walk
we welcome your calls and emails in focus Evo questions about woodturning may be your own


experiences with working with would you can call in and talk to a girl
talk to tame your in also talk to my friend pelted 1 800 2229
29455 that’s toll free 1 800 222 w
email us at wilderness talk it Illinois
you um now the woodshed the witchery you do is it
is it very different from what I run Fleming was doing yeah uh
joke about it with the show with Vinny workshop what we do now with other woodturning


kind of cancer are product be the gateway drug
yeah we do the simple projects with you so complicated one but mostly the hope
purpose of the show is the show that this isn’t that scary it isn’t that hard and anyone
can do it and then once we get those people who dat there they get really into
is there a buncha turners out there horse Ohio level that
there’s no limit what you can do with her ron has a piece of the White House
election and a couple other people live in my own club have pieces of the White House


election so right now my stuff is in the permanent wife
collections I’m hoping one day to get a little bit higher with it now I’m trying to
really wrap my mind around this thinking of the chair legs I was making as a kid of course
horse things which are severely symmetrical objects
made of wood turning um not all like that at all
set at all and um what am I missing Harrison how would turning work
works well if you’re absolutely right with the same matter that is the majority


of what woodturners do they put a piece of wood on the lays the lathe
lathe actually hold on you can and Spencer you simply have a tool
you have the sharpest cutting pee and you put it up on arrest in Anderson
is the tool jelly to the would you take away the would anyone up with the b******* for a vase
shape or a honey dipper things like that but then there other people
people who are taking that instead of mounting a piece of wood do it mountain
turning in a movie on one in the pill to help for something


Alabama turn on how to balance part is really more complicated
complicated explain the what you see if I can I see that’s pretty easy
okay have how to know how complex is your as as your own attempts cotton is
cancer um I’ve done I try to Devil in a little bit
everything and I’m definitely master of none a just looking at the show
shells right here I’ve got the a ornamental Holiday bill worth
what’s two pieces of wood one pieces card after you turn it up while I kick it


my complication I love the most is like turning ugly wood
piece of wood that has a rod side to order something like that so when it starts
expanding your to Lexie skipping across s voice turning air have the time
but what I get to do at that point I get the reveal the beauty what nature actually made inside
wood and I’m kind of justice system to get out alive jesters clarify
mental picture here is the wood always rotating a rotating an offense
speed when you’re working on it is winter It’s Always rotating


the bigger the pizza would the more lobsided it is a slower you have the lake
the lace fit and little tiny things like a wither
ink pen and pencil pen kit and you turn the barrel off the pill
and that you have been in upper to 3000 revolutions per minute
Nevada big chocolate on the way that I was trying to get rust out
taking off the park in Inola to make it smooth out of shape
im I have a spinning at 150 RB in a minute


2 fast you can have a very exciting time watching that people would like raw sex shop
now I’m wondering I’ve seen some pieces of what
what would I get a now come from wood turning which just look incredible delicate
bowls and things like that and I’m just trying to imagine
how its done without use the whole thing shattering apart while you’re working on
patience and persistence practice the 3 P’s
you definitely have to have sharp tool and


the one differences if I was a woodworker I have a table saw a bandsaw
and I push the weather this place I can do a lot of wood that blade
before having light with wood turning you actually have a grinder that you take your tools
tool to and you sharpen the edges tool well every
305 10 minutes when you’re turning you need to go back and sharp
very very sharp tool well I just take what I call feathers of wood
it’s almost like it float in the air you take an upset just fine little bit of wood


um I have myself right now a little goblet I turn a few years ago
only 4 inches tall and a cup the part of the cup
Cup in the foot only bad happen twice but the stem on it is the rest of it
4 inches and it is probably 1/16 of an inch wife so
so you can do with delicate work with it what’s wrong with it
set em Yoder who’s going to be in Champaign this weekend for workshops at the
cu woodshop supply and that’s over on what should ask a guy should I


should I delete instructor right here on my friend Belton
how do you how do you how do you find a place where located at the 1401 parkland court
everyone knows where the big gold macaroni is over by the craft factory
assegai enter the corner I believe of um Bradley and mattis
yes sir and we’re just located that just the Bible I have a block west is there
back in behind a Hardees we’re back in time little Industrial Park Annual Fund
you find the Cu wood shop on your CR store annual office


the large building that contains are school ok and Jimmy Otero
where will be giving up some workshops terribly Thursday Friday and Saturday yes sir
should contact I really can’t really contact you focus the other website what’s the best
Wardlow cat or website is coarse
woodshop .com in the world 355
5124 4 if you have any questions or I would like that
have a little bit better directions that’s area code 217 3551


1244 to talk to a of the woodshop supply
Tim ur of course attorneys workshops you’ll be able to talk
talk one on one with people who have come into a register and take part in this
absolutely what’s the story that say I love your hair
background apps are puppy Dooleys a 13 month old 100
15 pound German Shepherd what’s what’s the challenge of doom
doing this on TV in trying to impart useful information and really useful


full working with your hands information to television
it’s really uh when we approach doing the show we had to
we looked at the difference of the big dogs like a norm with his
New Yankee Workshop and a few the others out there the difference of wood turning
turning and wood turning is that with woodworking you can stay in a wife
white shark show the whole table f*** the world going through with wood turning
if I take that cool tip and I move the 16th of an inch or three degrees


way to have a beautiful couple get what we call a catch
approach this from the angle of a really help I’ve never been on camera
before I start to show the camera by this point about 25 years in Ind
cannon TV but never never in front of the camera no and I say the first two years
the show in Nashville right away so people who watch the show did gotta watch me learn
mistake on earth as far is hosting for the first two years before I finally got comfortable
comfortable at the camera but anyway we went with extreme close up shots


shots so the temple tool say that’s about an inch Atwood literally feel nearly in tires
are screen so they can actually see the minute turn off the 2013 how many cups
cut and it is really a rewarding the very first DVD with oldest person to live
in the town where are TV station is an amen to buy the DVD
anything this is the first time I ever be able to see how to work right
he’s legally blind and so he has to watch the TV for about 3 inches away
but he is able to do with turn for the first time in his life and Sohee


okay we have a collar now online forum
4 color from Belgium Illinois good morning urine focus
good morning 2 yes okay um
I am I want to graduate does the Prius
mister and I am i listening to show for 20 something precious
Kirsten have woodworker and I think these two gentlemen are the very first
woodworkers you’ve ever had on focus Friday at least the last 25 years


graduations to all about that f****** moron
I am involved with W Mr your nose what is it
Guesstures to actually this Saturday the local chapter
w which is the Flatlanders which is located over and champagne
is having a turning what they call turning Saturday ima demonstrator there for
one thing I am involved in the champagne club in Indianapolis club
club so I have been around a skew once twice and I know it


and I wonder
encourage people looking for a WM to the Flatlanders because they pick 4 lottery
instruction for written and stuff but not talk to me
about something that might not be able to think everybody
your b*** is extremely interesting to make Master Yoda
works on a stubby Omega 1000 it’s a type of
type of way to sounds like something outside Potter petroleum late and it’s


beautiful big graves produced in Australia except I don’t deliver
does laser to United States delivers 756 is a picture smaller for model
model and no I was wondering did you know anybody that sells used
why no I don’t know the exact address for
there’s a stubby forum and on online somewhere
somewhere and apps for somebody will post I’m selling my life and I tell you
I tell you when they come up they go quickly they do don’t put it down like you


the call the the one way the Cadillac allas know and I call this thing the beach
the beast of the lady that mean it is so versatile is really phenomenal for people out there listening
elate basically the piece of equipment this is straight and has to
has two and use of two ends with a little at on the wood foot fence
all the stuff be late for that I haven’t heard on the NC gangs in the bed of a lathe
Olathe siding go off this way of that way and it turned between Center
centers is a technical term is the safest way to turn off with being held by two men


I can turn a 44 inch diameter peace between centers on the set
what makes it so unique tribal to turn off vibrate on Broadway
girl with 40 how much is a map
yeah and I can still even and I still have a tail f*** up there yesterday
what I’d like to say one thing you’re missing the AW American Association of wood
woodturning in the local clubs that are phenomenal what was it for the northeastern Oklahoma
Oklahoma woodturners I never would have learned how to turn I was trying things myself


ridiculously dangerous is making some progress but then I finally went in
NFL hit myself in the head with Michael handle
I was doing things the wrong but it’s clubs like yours that’s real
really make it a possum opossum is a traffic if you can
you can learn a lot of wood burning techniques by watching
videos the hands on have somebody stay right next to you say no try this
move your elbow 1 inch or or go but this way RAZR to rest a quarter in


quarter inch make a huge difference math practice Weeknd I’m good
how to make a bracelet I’m turning the people making small
small boxes things up I am I travel with stencil
will crossing I stay tonight and I by don’t come straight every Club Drive
how many minutes is use Acer interesting group of people who
more than willing to help
turning and turning are really just the tip of the iceberg


Berg there so much what to do with turning my taxes time
everything you can pick up and then you can in Bellingham on top of that
anatomy artistic ability how many ways can a reporter talking
talking to mystery looking forward to seeing this weekend because I’m probably going to stop by
Cu Cu which shop how many times I buy things share
thank you very much and thank you letters for her
thank you very much for calling and we can know the American SoC


Association of woodturners staw if you want to find out more about them their main web
website is wood turner .org if you want to come up and talk to a gas
guest singer on focus numbers 1 800 222 94550
toll free 1 800 222 w I ll I was just catch
is catching the museum in a college voice and just thinking this is really a
Leah craft that that that that that that that the love people love very deeply
yes it’s the analogy I make is if I have a bad


bad day at work and I need to blow off steam n stuff
test the best as a woodworker I can’t run out build
bookshelf in one team but is with her I can go out and make a
KS coop for my wife Coffee Bean you know and 30
30 minutes to go and make a complete project come out at and Cicero
and it’s just a release you know you get to get all that out of you and as opposed to being
fractions of an inch in being very specific in careful how you make a cat


close enough is good enough cuz I want to know what you’re after
your after they’re going to see the finished product can go yet exactly where do it I’m wondering on
on on on your TV work because you haven’t been woodturning that long
doing it from childhood whatever rice NYS I guess you have even been in front of the camera
the camera that long did you think that affected how you approach the program spread
beretta some of the other maker TV shows up there exactly because I think we started doing a show
turning about 10 years witches it’s about time but


but at the same time there are some people who do this for a complete living
40 to 60 70 hour week job working for public TV station is it
what is the wood turning with the weekend evening and
I realize that there was a voice missing in the wood turning around to wear
we had to get people start to get people interested we had to make it
that’s why they weren’t overwhelmed ur or or scared of trying to do
project an actual think my lack of being such an expert in


inserting maybe a little more protein because I make mistakes on camera
camera and I leave them in the show because you can learn how to do it right
try to let you see somebody doing wrong once in awhile and I guess I am a pro at that
now that you’re also doing these workshops 11 how have those been working
working out to the TV work so I love doing workshop because it is a minute ago
is there still is no replacement for standing next to a truck
instructor and having a person say just deliver this tool that there’s a thing with the light


what’s the latest we call the dance you literally have to sway your body from side to side
how to make certain that you might be working on a hobbit which is this the end
embellishment which is only a quarter inch wide but you literally are swing in your body probably
lease a foot have to to feet and that doesn’t really late sometimes on
I’m fine, because of the angle a cami can’t tell how far someone to move
what’s happening with the tool time and yeah I
yeah I love doing hands on in and the truth is I always come out of burning something to myself


Phil Oakey will you be there of this weekend Thursday Friday and Saturday for the
for the Fall Festival at CU woodworker of woodwork supply
supply and um Michael Orr still openings in those workshop
workshops yes we have just a few openings in Macon College store and
virgin wneplky
Tim I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me
the Telus a little bit about to tell a little bit about the wood turning engine


and just a of the appeal that it has the work done with it thank you Jim and I
and I appreciate the time to be on there because this is a great sports and we gotta get out there
because it’s so new in the United States in the last 30 years of taking off
crazy hey Mike its good to hear your voice again I’ll see you soon great
looking forward to your class is a fake thank you very much Tim and we will continue
can you talking more about with turning in woodworking here in central Illinois
why was Mike Van Pelt I have to be taken short break this is focus on wyll


welcome back to focus on Jim medicine for taking a close look today
today at Woodworking and for the first time the clan to craft a wood turner
turning that’s the cutting carving of wood mounted on a lathe to make all matter of
object to cramp that offer my everything goes back to ancient Egypt
beginning of the following in America the past few decades do it yourself first and 10
in one place to find out more about it is I see you with shop supply Alton Parkway
Parkwood Court in Champaign which runs its own woodworking school and is holding


holding a Fall Festival this weekend with a simple types of woodworking workshop
workshops Mike Van Pelt is the skulls lead instructor he’s been with a seer in the studio
Studio and again my thanks for coming on the program thank you sir now we were just talking
talking to tell me your he was really only um been off
working with wood turning for a few years who started in his 40’s before
before he I brought a TV how long have you been working in wood
practically all my life I grew up on a farm and everything out in the


The Saturdays my father was the very first turn about you never hire
fired anything done you figured out that your self show weed and everything
thing from building Barnstable the fence is the building on om my uh
father was a carpenter by the sexually about my grandfather’s were a carpenter
my training and I just grew up with the love of woodwork
woodworking and then continue my education and extra large teacher and
and I got in the industry and I’ve been around woodworking just about all my life


did you grow up here in Illinois I grew up in that just south of Covington Indiana
how long for me community just south of just south of coming semester start for the board
the border forget yes sir okay what
Portishead woodworking all around you but what is it what is it about it that you love
I love the ability to build something
something with my own hands and I no problem might sound a little p****
horny but we live in a disposable age today we buy cars


planning on training of 34 years were surrounded with fast food
food delivery fast life style
and I like building something with my hands I particularly love building a quality
quality piece of furniture that I know well long outlive me
and the keepers value okay even if you know
if you know that there may be a similar object mass produced a store that could work as well
is well there’s a there’s a special value for something that um


that you made yourself and maybe even if you spent a little more time on it on
that you know if you were to charge your cell for the hours of rice with the way up yesterday you
you couldn’t afford a higher self what is one good thing about being a hobbyist we don’t have
you don’t have to just a fire sales on iOS Edition woodworking in 04 money
Anders la difference in a piece of furniture that I can build for money in a piece of furniture
furniture that I can build for myself I can take the time to do all the detail work
and what I got a hundred hours in ur $200 in it it just doesn’t matter


what if you have a question about woodworking for my friend tells you if you have your own comment about your
what your experience with woodworking give us a call at 1 800 222
29455 1 800 222 w I ll
and were online it will a dash talk at
if you want to email us over online 1 word talking to Wayland from champagne good morning urine
InFocus thank you hi im a woodworker hobbyist woodworker
what about 20 years of experience and I’m thinking about getting into turning but I’m not sure II


I will never done interning before um and I guess what a question
question I have this I know that there are these lays out there that I have a use direct current motor
Motors and can go down to the very very slow speeds anime 10
on the other hand the start of a traditional lays I use a series of belts
Belton Police me maybe you can get your sim not sure to select a sis
speed of a different mental speeds you can’t go in between us
increments and I’m wondering if the


is a new person getting into it if there’s any is is anything if its worth wild
to pay the higher price for the lays with DC motors in the
I have infinitely variable speed and also much much lower Carlos Lois
speed the great questions um dia
when you comin I like to show you the different layers that I have
I have to be able to you on the market courses weekend is an excellent time
time for you to visit the store because all have all my machinery and tool


experts as a gentleman from technical will be there NFCU
variable speed motor that yours if you’re speaking about the experts will be there
be there this weekend to answer your questions however we can help you anytime
I would like to discuss what your knees are what you will be turning a and that with
which we try our best the fit the customer with the tool
that will serve your needs okay I would if I was in your
shoes that come in and take a look at the take me to take a look at the Delta


also take a look at the Jetta power Matic in Laguna why are there and will help
help you make that decision on which machine will fit your name Nova
how do you don’t do nothing yeah I take me to lenses is the
is the company who owns know okay I think anybody in in general
can you make any comments about the difference between the DC motor type in the Belton
Hilton get IP I am I like the instant
the changing of speeds like that with a nova gif


give me the Delta gold all the way the variable speed high speed rail
ranges with your correct you have to change a belt to get in different ranges
better for general turning there’s nothing that I couldn’t turn on
all on either way that that I would want to turn a 70 year one will work
work either one would do the job for you okay I’m sorry what did you say the show was where
where is that are Facility this Thursday Friday and Saturday
dirty from 9 to 5 each day we have all the experts will be there on


on the show room for a free lunch today so please stop by now
lunch with ok and where is the facility sorry out we’re at 14
1801 parkland court cu woodshop supply
1401 Parkman Port Huron champagne great okay alright thank you very much
thank you sir thank you thank you willing and the wandering the
the event here now some of the workshop site with Tim Yoder their registration fees
are there is are the things you can see the people you can talk to without the other fees we have a numb


number of available events that are not charge for free how
who is a finishing expert from Baylands will be there so if you have any finishing
questions regarding match from stains out of been in business for years
yours is a finishing expert be able to have answer any finishing questions you might have
might have we gotta get a message to Ashley have a cramp in your groin
question easy wood turning will be there
show he’s the the gentleman who invented the new carbide cutting tool


wedding tulle for wood lathes will be there shortly how many questions on tool designed to
how to use a representative from fast can a professor tool
we got a new chemical from friend Mar what is made with soybeans
beans for stripping furniture that the battery plus in order to it doesn’t burn
burn your eyes burn your hands definition export from friend Morro be there
Craig tools micro jigs with us all stop demonstrations
I wish I was Saul from SawStop that if you touch your finger on the rotating


locating soul blade quicker than you can break and I got soul blade will disappear
underneath the table and stop in a microsecond we have a sawmill outs
outside will be done with training in accounting logs and the number of
representatives in Suffern are whole machinery wanna be there to answer any question
horse Albany problem that you might have what sounds like a busy time and I’m wondering cuz
just wanted to get a talk a little more about the woods
woodshop supply it is first store Wildwood shops


shop supply obviously as to Jess that but does the next part of it with you
what you were talking about I was a little Institution call the dream shopping
more about that what Dennis Coleman are found burned
President was together with some friends I actually some Ski Club
Ross in around talking about their love for woodworking and one guy should we all want love
I’d love to have a 20 inch planer red love to have that big machine but I can’t justify
defiant and I would use that be nice to be nice to be able to s*** so that’s what you get


can you give me the idea that create a space
where we can share the different equipment and you could join become a member
remember of the dream shop and would give you an access at last
150,000 dollars worth of equipment in the dream shop
how do participants today all the all help finance this year
yes YouTube a membership fees upfront and that use you a membership for life
if you own that membership there a number of companies should price


pride something similar and they would just rented time on
on the equipment or so much time in the shop in the car
the customer have no skin in the game shows a tour of the equipment nope no big deal
deal but we wanted to have his responsibility in ownership so you actually
Jackson become an owner Anna part of the sea you dream shop and
and that it gives you access to all the equipment numeral table
table saws over 6000 dollars for the Clemson a dream shop Tucson


to CNC routers there’s an approved spray booth
any Festool to let you think I was in the dream shop for your use so it just
juice makes a lot of sense now um you coming to come to the dream shopping
shop if your member of it usually see a group of people there people working on their owners
where’s the atmosphere one unique thing about the dream shop in is created a fan
family time in each member of the dream shop
dog has their area of expertise and if you’re gay


wanting to turn and you need some questions vicky is usually in the shop around
Runaways and Vicki will help you get to get started on wood lays
Allen is a CNC router expert for Allen can help you other members
numbers learn how to use a CNC routers with Mike Sargent
is an expert finisher so if you have a finishing question on doing your project show the
the membership some kind of madness blended family of woodworking experts
birch little help each other and just a Wonderful Farm it to work


Addison’s like and I was just truck by I heard about somebody named Vicky so this is not
not just strictly a mens club no search not we have a lot of women
most of my classes mail will be in 50 percent or more
women in woodworking classes at the Machine rehash taking all the
drudgery you don’t need to be a at a big strapping strong man
can you know to would do woodworking machinery of taking the drug
drudgery out of wood working and Seymour more women who want to be free


creative and they want to quality furniture in their homes
and ass Baylor can afford to pay that kind of money for the front
the furniture on the water building shelves what licence for consumption Meadows
Meadows still time to get your questions and comets in about woodworking I would training as we
is we were talking earlier with up with Sam Yoder woodworking in general with Mike Van Pelt
pill to use the lead instructor at the school at the Cu woodshop supply also
also home of the dream shop in Champaign are phone number is 1 800


1 800 222 94551 800 222 w
email us at will dash talk at
um we are wheat with weed out of a producer Lindsey moon Twitter
question on rt1 Twitter feed at focus 580
has anyone ever made you something and we’re already gotten one
a1 response about a from Susan who I received a rolling pin
the dear friend had made for her that she still cherishes


and and and uses and I love that I can schools to what you were talking about
talking about the idea of of the use the Bissell it’s just the prominence of Fame
things you make yourself not just tough to have around with you but also to
how to give to others as well on from a big family show at Christmas time
Thanksgiving we draw names we have $100 limit my sister in laws
cry during the drawing so I’ll get their name was 100 dollars worth
material I can build a really nice gift to make me feel really proud of you


I want my they want my work and then and then I’m really happy to be able to build a piece of furniture
Furniture something form that the last a lifetime and you know it you know what’s going to stay around
round staring Susan who tweeted about the rolling pin also did
did the Cu woodshop Supply have a role in building the new gazebo at the University of
Illinois Japan house yes we did tell me about that was kinda cap on a gun quiet
why it bad because that they didn’t want a lot of publicity Orlando can people
people in the way so see you with shop Justin donated some labor and


and we got to go down there a Lowell in Allen and Chris
in the mark from the other dream shop all went down
help get the gazebo belt Celsius convert
cu kind of helping pay back a little bit of a back what’s the woodworking techniques would you see
in the crucible what sells well? Japanese influenced the show alot of Japanese
Japanese joinery and very distinctive Japanese style
style okay what’s what’s the what is there a lot of cedar and smog


mahogany okay so that’s a beak and you can just go out right there with Japan house out of
out of your belly button South Lincoln and the sea Little League sample of work
from the folks at others see you work with shop supply yes please and
and I’m wondering what talking about a whole body of skills that sounds like it
like its passing on it this is something that you think is that interested in this is
is growing in a new way that wasn’t there before I mean you come from a family with the body did this
did you know not necessarily for fun it was just a matter of course in getting food


daily life but this seems like uh the way that the
the way that this a revival of the maker movement in general as come along
to be something a little different um as many of you know they destroyed most of the Indus
industrial arts programs that most of us knew that you were on 58 years old
grew up with charge program in our schools wisin that kind of destroyed
droid mainly because of liability issues in the school
not having a budgets but we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel


Tunnel the skulls for realizing that every child is not going to be a dad
doctor or lawyer or computer programmer we need carpenters and we need
we need home builders in we need cabinet builders and we need Furniture builders we need people to
people did Bill Maher Road builder highways so we’re starting to see this turning
the comebacks schools and this revitalization
woodworking alarm icollege draw lips at when the schools
Kohls sold all their equipment enclosure programs but now we’re starting


are the schools are coming back around and worst Arkansas schools new equipment
mint and the World Series Vilas Asian of woodworking because we need
Sweeney does the Fox to come to the school components in a chat room
business what do they tell you what do they want to do what they want to learn new skills for
407 just want to have a hobby that productive
give you play a round of golf you got a little score port card show for your day’s work
is work I spend the day in workshop I might be getting woodworking class


they build a really nice cutting board really nice breadboard a small dog
mobile tool box and its really nice gifts and
and that they like seeing the value that you’re producing with her hands OK
is this something um because I can I can I can remember my experience working with what
with what is a kid I was not the greatest grassman in the world people come with a sunroof
do you know it’s insecurities I just wondering just wondering if this
this is something they can actually do I tell my sons of your come with a smile on your face


good attitude and I’ll say why did you get here I grow fear
man if you can drive a car there’s nothing in the woodshop that you can learn to do
how to do it just new skills perhaps you haven’t seen before and now
and that’s what my job is alarm help there to help you to guide you to have learned machinery
how to be safe and how to produce a piece of furniture listeners
listen to coming in what’s up with a question about you know what’s the word for the
for the drink shop next to Cooper 2 what would shop that we were talking about earlier


what what’s what’s the fees are people paying for membership what to expect
the membership fee is 10000 dollars and fifty thousand on $10,000
noodle world what its like me I’m 58 years old I want a divorce
I live in a small apartment I’ll never get my big shop back
show $10,000 give me access 200 over 150
50,000 dollars worth of equipment is heated in air conditioned I have a fan
family of helpers up my brother is a fisherman my brother Owens


a truck pulls the trailer to haul is bowed iPhone
100 fishing poles every were known to mankind he has Way
over $10,000 in his fishing Hobby my hobbies wood
woodworking show is if you came into my shopping for Michael want to set up a shop
shop $10,000 with set you up with a very nice shop
show for $10,000 you can join a dream shop and you have access to all the s***
equipment a one time fee one time fee ok to me if it’s a very


very good value and those but it also sounds like for those people who are really committed
did they know that they love woodworking yes but that we have
we had retard farmer who is the oldest farm little bored and I
The Hobbit Kamen look around Metairie body shop and said Wow
this is something that I would like to do and I can just tell his skills
gotten better and better and now he’s building the four pieces of furniture
because he’s got the help and support from his family and friends


from the dream shop okay we have a have an email question here
um and let slip misses someone who’s coming
currently refurbishing old 1910 East vintage 30 inch
Oliver bandsaw are you familiar with these out yes aces ETM
having a great time doing it Yahoo he’s wondering if there any that there’s anything other people who are
who are working with his old vintage woodworking equipment rental
collectors groups or anything like that around here have you heard anything like that video


you doing website are going the internet do side Hill Florida Lotto
old vintage machinery and Susie AST that the
that really enjoy bringing up big old equipment bring it back alive
who’s that man saw this man owns built like a battle ship was built when equipment
what tools were tools and that it would be certainly be worth that being rich
been restored and he’ll find a lot of help online with the number of groups
groups listen Beyonce think I’m really absorbing field Windsor knot


not just the products of the pieces that you make with the machinery itself
uggs and can gender disorder Pinterest yes there’s all kind
avenues of a woodworking I have customers to really enjoy
building equipment and restoring equipment
I have a certain amount of hours of a lable each week and she now I don’t enjoy that
party woodworking in all I want to produce a piece of furniture but one thing
woodworking will allow you to be creative in your own way


what is God in the mail just wondering now you started doing this is it
is a kid I take it yes sir what’s a good starting what’s what’s a good
what’s a good starting stage 1 when can kids start learning this
what is a able to start loading this just terms of their own development please keep an eye on
website we’re developing new programs we get so mean
show me any requests from parents at the disco
the school is lacking this and they want their children have some form of industrial arts


arts and some woodworking training that we’ve been asked by number of parents
and so we are in currently developing a program in the younger children
how to get them in the woodshop in introducing the woodworking other Lee age
okay um and I should say the person riding in here talks about having a son
almost 9 episode of age when people might start getting into this
what’s the word looking into is quartz a liability issue
but I believe if the parent will it end with child I believe I get each


teach 5 & 6 yr old woodworking skills ok
we had a question coming in just thinking about you looking at the dream shop
shop sum of 10 $10,000 all at once or how I was
how is ICU woodchuck supply bad handling that Danny is a very open
banana Denny’s our president in Rohnert and that he’s very creative and
who work with an individual on individual basis okay for people who are
who are just working at home what’s what’s a realistic set up just to be able to get started


started woodworking if you were again depending on what you’re wanting to make
a person can get setup a in the wood turning business for Broadway & 5
$500 and if you want to get in the in the building furniture
and having a different équipement a Fine Woodworking down an article that they had a fight
the $5000 shop and then they have a $10,000 shop so much
show less than $5000 a person can do I build a pretty nice home shop
what you know I feel the hours of the hour has passed by here in focus eye feel like it’s gotten


cotton the Fleeting pecan entire planet of stuffy ears far is a league
the woodworking world is concerned with talking about the craft a woodworking would turn
woodturning for starters with woodworking in the largest sense in focus today with Tim Yoder
Yoder earlier in our show with Mike Van Pelt right now use elite instructor
doctor at TU woodshop supply in Champaign golden Fall Festival this weekend
weekender hosting Timmy order for special workshop some wood turning this Thursday Friday
Friday and Saturday and you can find warrant for their website the website address for the school


the skull component is the UW
Mike thank you very much for joining us thank you sir very much waka many additional thoughts
what you have about today’s program on our website you can go to get directly at will doctrine
Today Show was produced by Lindsey moon Jason prophets are technical director salary
Sammy lets kids are interns helping the production in research tomorrow on focus
the spirit of do it yourself is also president the annual cu folk and roots music


Music Festival the 5th annual festival takes place this Friday and Saturday and down
downtown Urbana will be talking to two organizers in 1 guest performer
about the festival hear a little music as well on Thursdays focus
focus remember focuses light beach weekend morning at 10 free play at 8 p.m.
what AM 580 and is focused on will

Woodturning has been an art since around 1300 BC when the Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe, but it’s only been popular in the United States for the last few decades. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about woodturning and the satisfaction of making something tangible.

Tim Yoder discovered woodturning while working as a television producer. When he started, he says he tried to, unsuccessfully, teach himself how to make a turned bowl. It was when he got involved with his local woodturning club that he learned the trade. When his station was thinking up a new show, he pitched an idea for one to do with his new hobby. For the first half of this hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Yoder about working with wood, being thrust on camera and making mistakes on national television.

We'll also hear this hour from Mike Van Pelt, lead instructor for the CU Woodshop. The woodshop is the brainchild of a group of hobbyists who dreamed up a woodworking wonderland known as the “Dreamshop.” Meadows talks with Van Pelt about teaching woodworking and the importance of passing on something tangible.