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speaking and champagne
champagne made Jonathan cook finished more than 10 seconds Office trial time
and 19th place overall on Saturdays 5000 meter race
Winter Olympics in Sochi Cookeville be competing in to Morgan City Olympics
15000 race and the team pursuit of Superman


Meadows mall Jonathan cook stays busy at the Olympics
hearing from 3 former Olympic skaters from central Illinois football
Savoy Kathy writer 5 time Bonnie Blair hearing about the
about their triumph challenges even a little about Jonathan cook today

program continues after the news
welcome to focus on Jim Meadows if you look at the central Illinois ends of computer


heated in the Olympic Games of recent years you’ll find nearly all of them have done is wearing
wearing ice skates the latest is Urbana native Jonathan cook Houston
computing in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 3 speed skating events today
focus will hear from some former Olympians with roots in central Illinois
champagne age of Catherine writer also with speed skater took silver and bronze
the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver Peoria native map Savoy computed interview
Turin Italy 2006 in men’s figure skating at first


first we’ll meet speed skater Bonnie Blair who grew up in champagne and made history
history by becoming the first female American athlete to win five Olympic gold
gold medals Blair retired from competition in 1995 but she’s
representing the United States as a delegate at the current Winter Olympics in Sochi gtalk
talked with Illinois public media Scott Cameron shortly before she left estates for
for the Olympic Village you represent in the United States in Sochi as as Adele
is a delegate what year old is for the delegation what I’m actually going to be due


doing that at the closing part of the Olympics for the closing ceremony soap
what kind of girl do a couple other events
gold medal hockey is one that I’m kind of excited to go to the hop
the hockey MN go to closing ceremonies and its on my cell
myself Eric Heiden speed
speed skates with him and then there’s I can’t win Kauai
which is she’s a hockey player female hockey player that tree


what retired and then there is the Secretary of State will be with us
what us as well as the ambassador to Russia from the United
why did state so we have with call the delegation in rebate basically reprise
represent the president here because he’s not able to attend
what is there to do I feel that in a different kind of
kind of the category to represent our country in really chew on Team USA
USA and you and Eric still find ways to be competitive with each other


can I completed together at the Olympic Trials
1980 the day was the only other competition that we were evergreen at the same time
time because he was really tired and that’s kinda when I started getting into
things men do you know a great person a great doctor
turkeys traveled with a speed skaters in the past is a team physician
so she’s also given back to our sports in various
different ways can I have you been up to service a delicate the US News


before actually got to do it in Vancouver games are
is also for closing ceremonies and it was it was just a really need
unity and kind of cool cuz you like
Cajun a stop the traffic so its kinda makes havoc from
everybody else but you don’t want somebody on the inside but doesn’t get to do something like that
very much is it better to be on a Wheaties box
maybe I am getting a seat on the hockey in summer


something other than stew US get in a wreck much with us speed skaters
usually it’s so they actually have which is different than when I was at the
the Olympic Games um its called us a house with a place where
Swizz Beatz can go and kind of relaxing they have
lunch and dinner and some very sponsors kind of do some things at that point
point in time to come but it’s so that’s where I would see them
for the most part I don’t usually see them to after they’re done


because im pretty focused on what they need to do in the city
is that they need to take care of to get ready and prepare for the races
who or what is Jonathan cut from myself
champagne there would be very exciting to see him do well again
did the Vancouver games Kobe competing in the 1500 to 5000
meters in as well as the team pursuit which I think I are guys
the team pursuit really have a great shot of winning a medal there um


one thing that could happen that hasn’t happened since 1968
the meaning of look it up naked forgetting about it how to Richardson and Brittany
Whitney Bowe both from US Speedskating 1050
1500 both the medal stand and I don’t think to American female
female Robin on the middlesteins 1968 so that would be really cool
definitely porn for them and wishing them really good luck
your record in terms of most metals 1 in Winter Games stuff for a long time


San Antonio Apollo on a broken 2010 does anybody have a chance of passing record in Sochi
play I don’t know what time is Charlie Davis
could maybe I don’t know maybe tie with maybe
maybe some metals but I am NOT a I think he’s got 40 diesel
so he could a reason three events that gets he could overtake me
go to 7 metals um so yeah I think Shawnee Nvidia
video from some of the other support attorney pick the year was that really at the same time


sometimes more the Chateaux the short Rackers just because of an opportunity to be in a few more
more than you’ll ever know that’s kinda come about a little bit more with
Ontrack adding the pursuit in there I’m Intuit POS
politics is playing the bigger roll around these games released in in recent years
US Russia anti gay laws in the US delegation includes
whats the number for athletes who are open the game have been for a long time are you single
are you making statements part of the ocean no I’m not


1900 I really wasn’t aware of all the political stuff box
behind the scenes in till the delegation the People
what 1 ounce to represent the president
that’s a no for sure not to my knowledge not why I was pictures
Victor whatever but I think I am
winter sports is usually been pretty good with a lot of the politics and stuff
stuffed kind of state is it but this time it seems like it’s kind of


drones some things up and sing for the most part no. I hope
hope people realize that what about to happen over the next couple weeks
weeks is all about athleticism an athlete trying to go
do the best represent their country and I trying to keep
peace around the world so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that’s what happens
no milk makes you want to do you think is there any legitimate role for political issues human rights issues
never might be to come out during the Olympics you know I’m really not sure


you know I’m sure that that could happen but um that’s not mine
my Avenue of going over to the Olympics I’m going there to cheer on the T
the games are always set up as no matter what was happening around the world the game to the one place to go
correct exactly okay I’m also
how much fun stuff to your but we also heard a good deal about terrorist threats to these games
games that were you able to eat on fortunately is this day in age
age of RR world around us


never know what’s gonna happen like down the street and you know anytime
Mike something comes out of the TV like breaking news or whatever you like oh no not one
what happens when you don’t think um as with anything III
I kinda go into whatever I’m going with my eyes open and
making sure I’m aware of my surroundings and I do the same
the same when Im over there from everything I’ve heard they almost got a
endless amounts of security and money that they have spent on


sonnet and I don’t think that they want anything to have
what happened over there you know I think you’re going to be proud to put these Olympics
sauna and want to see things go without a hitch so I went there to do everything in their power
no power to make sure that that happens if you’ve been to Bimini number Olympic Games
Napoli does the Ambassador grill Conroe has you’re planning train instructions
give me for these games been different because of his friends no not really
um its getting warmer than your typical home


have to take a big c*** does probably like this what is this thing
things but I didn’t know I think I just want anything when you go to sleep
something that is that wattage just need to know going out with
what would your eyes wide open in making sure you got one I going forward in one eye
when I going back to you later the show we are going to hear from him Katherine writer also
dispise get from San Juan to old is Macaulay Jeff Bostic hear that you’re in for
influence on her career with huge you answer with a role model for a lot of people including


who did Frankie might my younger sister got a speed skating after watching you in the Olympic Games what
what is it meant for you to be a role model is definite
definitely an honor and I also
Nick said something that I don’t take my but I also feel
in another sense that my parents brought me up in a good
good way I had a lot of role models and head is me that that I will
look up to on the border in Champaign on a local level in


you know I’m a national level and you know it you just hope that that type of
what does evolution keeps happening and I’m sure there’s a lot of girls that you know
look up to Catherine and now she’s kinda in that position that maybe I was
I wasn’t so you know what you did something that keeps Revis
revolving and you know what time I’m glad that I was able to
2240 do it Wiz
what I hope it is Grayson dignity and goodwill MN


I know you knock on wood that you hope you don’t screw up even
it can be unforgiving a dime
does ou mention you can talk about Jonathan on a boat speed skaters
champagne edition yourself is there
something in the water around here without a successful speech getting you definitely gotta want
wonder and I think you just even looking at a hole at the speed skates
skating in general we don’t have the numbers that


what’s a football or baseball does Rorschach
soccer does it mean when you look at how successful are sport has been
at the Winter Olympic Games really truly is amazing
so you know I think we we been very lucky within the sport to get
good core group of athletes you know that can heal
cumming in upgrade still like to see those numbers get bigger
I’m still like to see us have a lot more numbers to choose from because


what numbers we’ve had to choose from which are really many vendors
36 s 430 w that could make BB 60
access to get 3 on the podium at the same time I mean that would be really cool
cool so I just definitely in different areas
UC the sport as I need a window but you always hoped for
revival especially during the Olympics so over these next couple weeks
we hope we start a mortgage interest and I got white sapphire


some of them in and get them thinking about the next games on tinder
2018 this is a relatively small community here in central
central Illinois is you Katherine Johnson Almeida big do you have it
pretty unique relationship for the three of us rebonded hair
twist certain extent old is it because they’re kinda after me I really did
didn’t get to interact with a time um
do shin pain picture and what I call


Vancouver games at what was us a house up there
three of us we’re together they had their medals in
very proud of you know I’m cool that our hometown
champagne has produced by an Olympian
not just Olympians but metal with a hole in a relatively short
short period of time so very proud of what they’ve done
I dont know them a time but I definitely respect everything


everything that they’ve done and I Jonathan what he’s about to embark
Conover these next couple weeks ago and now Catherine kind of taking a roll of being a coach
coach just another stepping stone of staying involved in the sport and trying to get back
give back Jonathan so he then you will be competing in Sochi
preview of any sense of history weaknesses are what people might want to watch Forrest
Jonathan’s one of those guys that at
Ford Center the radar think sometimes that can be too


2800 a positive for him and I
she’s a very hard worker he trains like an animal
31 lot of the Seas going to school in Champaign
Milwaukee there’s not a lot of people that can do what he has done
and I cannot lie I really look to him is the 5000 being
is stronger base vs the 1500 b***
take it to the team pursuit Jimenez


misty mate definitely have a great shot at winning a medal there so
definitely got an exciting cup exciting couple weeks coming up to eat part of the
part of the reason that you said your going to Sochi is said you’d be part of your work with I’m with
butts butts CRS Catholic Relief Services what is that what your mother is a shin
probably just know it’s been over a year ago
go to protest about helping the charity cos Catholic
Catholic Relief Services in once I get to word a little bit more about the organization


Chennai really loved with a stud for having me travel around the world
scene good bad and indifferent and you know I’ve got a lot to charity
charity work your locally on with some various causes
this was one that was more worldwide and I fight you know if you can do something
The Naked kind of touch the world how cool is that I’m so what Ciara vs Rihanna
about the actually found it back in the 1940
40’s and more about a sofa staining projects


search for instance kind of during the Olympic Games are there going to be
I train your waist $50,000 for $10,000 River
Drury gold medal in the whole idea is
im to raise money to build and create
running water for a lot of people so dumb Princeton
what effect 10000 people to have safe household water to drink
link and probably close to 17000 school children that they’d be able to get new witch


do it reads so um you know it’s just a really need car
and something like I said we can really touch the world with hand soap
so during the game that’s going to be one of the fundraisers there doing when you can learn more
learn more about it by going to CRS WI to Wisconsin where I live I was also curious so you
who won what five gold medals correct in one run track
where are they foreign what is Cardinal


what I call a door with a coffee table
and um so yeah a friend of ours from the sport of speed skating
I’m created me a coffee table that sits in a great room in um
I’m the shape of Olympic rings Wow need saying yeah its really it’s real
it’s really cool so how do you take care of those really long term
stay in the table sexy steel inside
can get into one but um you know you it’s the prefix


the piece of glass on top where’d you gotta try to get me know
try to move it to get to him but yeah I mean it is it’s pretty cool ok
does it really is needed easier after about shining or anything I can take the one from couch
Calgary taking it out so many times did so many times a day
getting around the edges should be a Mitsubishi
how do I get to share instructions
no they don’t come with instructions tag like my mattress


never have Olympic medals thank you for
so when you come back and visit champagne
you know what I try to get there a couple times a year is actually down there for the first football game
the mission 101 a 1
why do I still have a lot of great friends down there and try to get
get down there but you know I was first and foremost candy comes my kids if they got me running
One Direction another number One Direction tour


Shanor the weekend I got a kind of go with them but like I said I do
still enjoy what I will always count call my hometown campaign
Bonnie Blair spoke with Illinois public media is Scott Cameron show
Shelby representing the US in closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympic Games February 20
23rd we just heard money talk about being a role model for young skaters
Catherine roerva to time Olympic medalist decided to pursue speed skating
after Bonnie Blair came to speak at her high school Centennial High Plains Road


writer talked with wyll Jeff boxer I want to go back and talk about
when you were a young child and first find out what made you so interested in
did in speech getting closer to skate when I was pretty young girl with on roller skates
skates when I was a toddler and my mom to meet you like a mother daughter ice
ICD class on campus your body when I was a 45
45 and I think of carrots from the noticed me out there
there and just that I was listening to strictures in 2005


go fast so they told my parents I know if my really thirsty
so after I finish off that the figure skating cost
I just getting in I remember every body telling me
all the coaches under skaters that like figure skater and I do not know
what that meant that I knew what I wanted to be like after so fat
that’s what really caused the country in right away in a deer stand by
are serious in my other sports is involved in cell


is the conflict with getting back to say happened to the other sports
went to the back burner in speed skating always stayed center
the Ice Arena that you used what does infertility that one of a lable
call at a certain age that you so you could you had to go somewhere else to train
what is Roseville Beloit wis the other guy over um
I started needing more trading partners in we’re coaching and stone
so my parents are driving me down to St Louis on the weekends like train with


athletes there still a better than me and the boys give me some chase
and then there is some coaches down there who were former Olympian spend it all the sports
support for years and years in really got along well with my family and I still eat a lot of trees
treating downtown St Louis what happened to the experience of meeting Bonnie Blair
influence your career so I was like
look up to body Blair remember very young age that my dad
my dad had all the videos I like my dad recordings off


of all the Olympics in the word watch reruns of Bonnie Blair
dan Jansen Turner and Amy Pearson and so I always
always knew about the skaters in about the accomplishments they made
Madar member was in the third grade I got chicken pox
and I would have to be in like the Epsom salt bath for whatever type of medicine
chicken pox and pass the time I read the books written
written by chance it in the air so very young age date


huge impact on on what and who I knew about the other
world and then when I was 16 she actually came to Centennial High School
high school speech for all the athletes that the squad
and I never I was involved in a school sports the time but one of the
athletic director said hey do I know that your speed skaters
schools for you should really coming to dinner on this thing and at the end of it
applicator like called me up to the stage person I was pretty cool


pretty cool um at that point I had been accepted the train at the
the belt with the development team that was in Marquette Michigan what was feeling really
concerned about it Junior High School from home
finish my senior year training in Michigan go to see like a really big
really big scary stuff but I feel singer speech that day and things that
what she had to do in order to be good so good she was already at my age
felt like I was behind the fallen I was 16


if I wanted to do something I really needed to make that stuff in black
MIB going back to bed here but is there a teenage girl porn
pointer maybe one time out the ice when you like pie I know I have to tell it to do this in computer
in the Olympics I remember
is 12 taxi skating in line for the time is it in the national championships
and I remember getting the feeling of
um this is what I want to do professional speed skater


Kurupt at the National
national dad Debbie Downer Noel cute that you want to be a professional
make sure you have another plan and I really like
dad um
and I was looking at that was probably is sleeping for 12 year old to say but
but I was just very fortunate that I have ended up making a dream come true
on Ice I wouldn’t say that moment tour


really hit weather like yeah I could I could really great
does Michael Olympics my whole journey was the journey of of getting
getting stronger learning more becoming more technically sound taking
better care of my body it was always the journey and I
I would find out on race day at work hard enough to get there not
running through the metal separation of leaving
leaving home and were you when the training and the experiences like


leaving on 60 and was very difficult both for me and my family
only child and soul when moving away
play at the age just never had your brothers or sisters pecan cake
and when your part of the team a huge part of being a team
good fun but I really never been to a shin where I had
I had to like tough enough to that type of thing so far away
far away I live in college dorms at the high school student and there was just


a lot of a lot of Stephen playground that happened to T
what are really not use a guy but I was already like pretty upset
just having to leave my my home and my family is the first sexual really hard
definitely say that if I have moved away the United
become the stator that I became how expensive is pursuing a career as a speed skater
expensive yoteslaya parents just how much
Brett 18 was the first year that I qualified for a stipend


650 dollars a month and I live out Salt Lake apartment with a roommate
mild food gas travel everything I don’t pay for was like this
facility use and coaches have to pay for the sex toy store related have a Leon
my parents helping me out and I said I don’t know I don’t want to
want to know how much a financial sacrificed at the bakery
where was the experience of going to the Olympics
what you would hold you looking back I wish that allowed to have more fun


very very serious is a focused and committed
winning a medal and the way that the sea can you schedule was the stated about every
what every 23 days so we never have I ever had a big a big enough
rate between races to feel like I could let my guard down um wallet with
experience to represent the United States thanks I can’t stand it was
everything I could possibly dream that would be really happy
take him away with but that is there any other yung berg


South Bay air pilot Elena make sure that the third killing
big is there in 30 minutes till can have fun and have a period
fake friends without being distracted from your goal when you’re complaining about leveled
level d the athletes typically hang out when your not in competition
depends on the athletes on the team really feel like direct competitors hangout
but I was always really good friends with the Dutch and they were actually very competitive
got more compatible with years in the relay but there an individual E


um I didn’t have anybody I was always your fighting for 1st 2nd with soap
does Kroger my friend the Korean American American men
Penn Station to spend time together but I think the Olympics
even without going into other countries all the same building as
USA Hockey 36636 curly real estate by Avalon
why did I get back with lyrics the still it was kind of a
Sylvania throat through it all what was the most stressful time


is it raining or was it when you got to the Olympic level 4 guess I would say
say there’s a point in the trading cycle where you start
take the value of the intensity on and wild
while your body starts to feel way better to have a lot more energy
perform at higher Waffle start to have more energy
what energy and time to think about how things are going to know what you’re doing
crazy mama flap set up a tough pays for several hours every day


everyday I don’t have much time to like to really think Arden judge yourself you just
whatever it takes to get your workout the day you will it start to get really close to
close to competition times 10 to the second matter little tiny displacement
the temp you’re feeling better and Ally that the singer
extra hours trading shorter because
410 for time to think about your crazy and I can get released Russell
dont master the ability to


that’s a good for today that’s it until it’s a good day to you
how to say I like about school of Atlanta today
easy to release a parent does stress over what
what do better next time one of the worst day is like what if it never gets
never gets better stressful tell me about how you got hurt
got hurt in Indian dream deferred how it felt like
hip pain for the beautiful you’re leaving


leaving up to the Olympics in this weird popping sensation in my right hip
tips for quitting you want it was it was a particularly painful it was true
is just very weird deep sensation
in the joint the weather like a muscle paid or the shooting stabbing pain
deep end of discomfort and then thrift
first three months before the Olympics in 3 months Metta World Cup winning Olympic qualifier
is Marquette Michigan to get rid of their computing and I fell and hit the floor


wards in such a way that just I don’t know what it was
was it was extremely painful like I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to not finish
relay race before but I hit the pads and I was screaming and I got a package
Billy I slide down the finish a race without me I never went to the doc
the doctor I just kind I don’t know why did the doctors
helping me get through things to get back on the eye
on the ice leader of duty at the Olympics after Olympics Patriots


no probably what happens in the valley torn labrum
hip and the the popping sensation got worse
Perry apk more more people to stay until Katrina
cross training so I can feel effects download
looks like yeah I actually eat surgery to tell you but
surgery to fix that so I got the surgery in 1800 crazy
crazy fast successful rehab but I don’t think I spent the time


how to reset my foundation noun direct me if I’m wrong
the doctors have a medical solution for this the word help you
help u allow you to train for so she and you didn’t you do you said no that’s it
what I want to retire after that I got two more hip surgeries in
and then I explaining the case of the missing
the junction the procedure in the surgery all these things that still is so
so much pain doctor and I just need you tell me like do I really have a chance


how to make it to Sochi in dachshunds yeah
you know you can milk be fine I know this procedure
can do we have to do they have to go in and out start a cortisone shots make sure
make sure we find the right area Ariel go in Lilburn of the nerve endings
things that area and the new real estate no problem and
the tribez Bank clearly in Conway about that
and when I when I feel like I thought about it for long enough I decided


decided that wasn’t fixing anything that was just burning of my sensation
face into the area looking to be a problem there was probably me
how to make it worse I just wouldn’t be able to feel it in I ask the doctor
Dr of cases do they do that and I come back
is great how long after the Olympics been so I can expect no lie
no longer be in pain in the specter set 3 to 5 years
really decided that um I was really happy


McCreary did you slowly or Israel
MeetMe realize what you could be doing in search of training other athletes kind of like a a pay it forward
forward very slowly being injured long
healthy to take the time to about what I wanted to do next with my life
coaching actually had cross my mind until there was a coaching jobs available
it was offered so what what does your schedule consistent with far is the the training
reading portion of and how much can you do to the practice with these athlete


cypress mulch run programs what I was in Marquette
Marquette when I was still in high school Most Wanted have math teacher store in high school
Ralph 2660 the 90’s
average route 3 where to get there at 615
is there by 630 to run the TV Drive ins and then we start
start pads at 7 weeks Kate from about 720 to 845
Emily go to school for today and they come back after school and be treated


about 4631 think I want to ask you about um the
the Olympics with all this talk a potential terrorist activity in Sochi
just wondering when you went where ever you want to compete somewhere over seas are there was a safety products
protocol in Placer something you would a mili do if there’s any kind of thread like that
um no that is a great question because the world
turkey this year and I’m so there definite
definitely have to be a meeting between head coach nights about what the future because


because it’s gonna be when something is not as the serious
yes where you keep your medals in Augusta Georgia I don’t feel safe for Allah
long time that’s not my purse because I don’t know like people
really like to see a little light year
what does a really really heavy after a little while and I’m not talking
talking sticks out your phone after the Olympics
the house the Stars Katherine Ryder truck silver 1000 meters


Peter skate in bronze in a 3000 meter relay in Vancouver in 2010
she spoke with Illinois public media is Jeff Prosser going to take a short break
and when we come back Jeff Cox with former Olympic figure skater and Peoria native
native map Savoy im Jim Meadows this is focus on wyll
welcome back to focus on wyll Meadows
the Winter Olympics are underweight in Sochi and we’re hearing from former Olympics
epic skaters to hail from central Illinois Peoria native map Savoy is an


attorney with a Boston law firm b*** before that he was a figure skater
who competed in the 2006 Olympics in Turin Italy you talked with Jeff Palmer
Jeff boss about how he got started as a skater 59
when I started at thru taking private lessons in computing
um at the sport my parents think took me to the ring
the ring for the first time I was about 5 and they put my sister and me
in and of itself Park District classes skating


vapor gymnastics classes um I think that I like most about skating
um with a combined artistry in rhythm
um something that that that I really like
really really found any other activity that I had
the last time it was Peoria pretty good environment for that the do you have
the sillies you needed to accelerate it out yet. Was great
great come back about the way I was able to


do on the train their everything I needed was at my fingertips
happily support parents are willing to drive me to pack
practice um and pick me up at school um bite it
but I think it was it it it was easier in Peoria that might have been if I got something
self do you have heroes going up at you watch the Olympics are the other competitions
oceans yeah I think it when I was ur of most aware of skating grandpa
cramping a sport Todd Eldredge was probably someone I looked up to a lot


what kind of computer against em just to see was leaving the sport
work but I know I still look up to tonight so let’s talk about
some of the skills that the Bayou acquired I want to get an idea of training and having watch
watch it for years in the Olympics how long does it take to learn to do the jumps
how to practice that isn’t even before you even on the ice
yeah it varies um varies depending on the temperature today
burning and I think that jumped at frustrated me the most


um I was running up a triple jump for the first time
um and you got your period where are you working on it working out and you don’t
everything going to land and then one on one day you do um
and that’s gotta find In N Out in my experience
trance 12 Florence of 1 level jobs like a triple jump um the rest of the day
rest of the temples coming here cause you know that your body is a better sense of off of the timing
um but that you should be getting a b***


what took me I want to say I know about 9 years at
fat to feel like you need to reach a technical level that was pretty
pretty much my pic level from a for the rest of my career so
definitely I hit it that a sport that a lot of skill a lot of attention
what’s the most difficult won the most of the people are doing today I think of technically
glee well the most difficult anyone has landed
quadruple lots and is there a time that


not sure if anybody like something on at the Olympics I think the most difficult
the Olympics is a quadruple South how much does Jump there for for revolution jobs
what was the hardest one that you were able to master
I never landed a quad income iPod repair shop in competition um I was wondering practice
occasionally last night but it was something that always other than me but I don’t really have any regrets about
about not having Leonard 1 overtime paid to take a lot of
what to wear and tear in your body and I was glad that I was able to use the last couple years


the score to the focusing on developing as a performer or the chopper
what was your favorite performance. In US Championships Olympics or anywhere else
my paper for once was probably in the Olympics
now it was the best thing I never really skate add another word
will definitely mistakes in a program and it was that hide profile
file for skate it and I got it also felt rewarding
from a performance standpoint on even if I wanted to


technically better in some situations I felt like I was with presenting a better
better um picture of myself um at
as a performer um and I feel better today at
product process behind the music
when did I just watch was the US Nationals in 2005 using barbers
Barber’s Adagio for Strings and you seem like a dance
Dannemora dancer in some something skaters I watched that’s another one


another one of my eyes I guess my favorite performances
how to program a while because it felt so good to perform at well I wanted to keep doing that
matt Lanter early did that again um at least
find me a b*** shaking music
music for programs is is difficult after you know the last
last several years um in my career I ended up lighting
pretty much my car for um near me and whatever direction


Belfast mostly because he knew i strengthen my skating style
I really great musical cabulary much better than I had so
think about different options for for music different ways of teaching
Music Together the the program no I didn’t even really
recognize the time but I think my car for that adjustment
did the music and I did it on em in a way that was pretty different from Hell
how it’s actually sounds effects


the performance of but it was it works really well
really well for skating I add writing to what you talking about
knowing when you complete the last time why did you respond to retire I had decided
why did I want to go to law school on before I enter my last year of c**
of competition Mexico admitted to the went to University of Illinois
years between 2003 and 2005 a ass
urban planning on playing with hair


and in my last year um in graduate school ipod to law school
cool and I was accepted to Cornell and Tom
Cornell was General have to let me to for um for one year
how to start a law school during the year that I live in
qualifying for the Olympics so it was good to have that you’re of justice
just a kiss almost exclusively on skating and I was really happy with results
happy hideaway think but it was good to focus on


spy really love them know I was going to be able to participate in anymore but then also that I had
that I had this next phase of my life to look forward to you were always on a career path
you got your eyes political science degree in a 2002 at Bradley and
nude at the skating with something I want to discard a hobby
did you know you had something else to do with that was your life that you couldn’t focus on the way
yeah it was important to me um
things like a logically help me I think during that time I like having different things


things to focus on and training really only took about 45 hours of my day
my day so when you have a lot of the time I got another reason why
the reason why I train in central Illinois was great I am
Bradley University with my mom at work those really know you’re with with University
really close to my training center and also had a lot of depression
juice from so I was able to go to school full time and train
that something I know a lot of people that are able to do some really good that I was able to


I want to be able to study and think about what I want
what I wanted to do after completing but I also wanted to say stuff Kayden and
as long as I could get sounds like you stay with his long as you can stay healthy in DeWitt
was that was there a point where you considered wedding in the earlier sure I think the umm
so when I applied to law school that was the
the 2004 2005 season and for the end of that to you I was wondering
is wondering whether I would want to compete with the next year was an Olympic year


wasn’t that just about time wasn’t feeling strongly attached and
didn’t think my chances are that great making a ticking after talking with my family
family in a coach’s other people the sport I realize that they really wasn’t any reason
reason to rush off to school and that it would be worth it to get a one shot there’s been
controversial issue regarding Russians policies would come sit to get a citizens
listen Xanadu did some skating there and you are a gay man in America part early October
October last year I just wondered what does what you felt about the power


I will see you when you were competing there in and out did you feel pressure did
keep that to yourself for some time with your career sure uh
so I was not out when I was computing and Mike
my experience is totally different than what it would be if I were competing now
the environment is probably a little different as well um I don’t know a lot about that
about the situation I don’t don’t really know about going to be applied over what does seem
the same scary for LGBT citizens for spectators athletes and


and when I was computing that I never had any of the year
because I was I was not out of lead are at the promenade
how to turn to the difficulties were the people in Russia
um but certainly I hope that won the game tonight
after the game that people can be treated equally Indiana spec elite coaches
are there family is an and the citizens of other countries self
another question I’m just wondering when you went to Russia or whatever else was there ever a a safety


safety products Holland place like after were some sudden news of something
dangerous happening if you knew how to respond earlier or where to go
go on fortunately I see if there was I did not know
the will say is that at the Olympics um there’s always been secured
security license Nancy Kerrigan
1994 National Bank US Figure Skating Act
security at just domestic events but want to get to the Olympics the level of security


security about event is it even more extreme than a noticeable
um and it makes you feel good where there a even though its
what its very different trying to know that people are paying attention to the sorts of things
do you still get the skate not as much as I thought as I wish
wish um I think when I started working as a lawyer I wasn’t
I was prepared for the idea to microwave be above the main focus of my iPhone
InFocus is my life but I really thought about how hard it really is for people to sort of


just maintainer daily exercise routine and something I admit they still
easier when to stay fit what if your job have to add people
can get to the gym I get to the rink more often than I thought I could
good at maths the voice who finished 7th and men’s single figure skating at the
2006 Winter Olympics in Turin Italy Meadows end it’s been you
years since I put on a pair of skates for anything but listening to these three Olympians
makes me feel like going back on the ice my cell phone tower at a very sedate pain


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Winter Olympians from central Illinois have something in common; nearly all of them have competed in the Games wearing ice skates. This hour on Focus, we’ll hear from three of them. First, Scott Cameron talks with Bonnie Blair about representing the U.S. in Sochi and about how Jonathan Kuck of Champaign, who is skating three speed skating events, is expected to compete. Then, Jeff Bossert talks with speed skater Katherine Reutter and figure skater Matt Savoie.