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Phyllis Wise has been Chancellor of the University of Illinois Urbana campus for 2 years since coming here she’s launched in bishops program and promoting long term development in sure that the U of I Urbana campus provide stock quote top quality education services for Illinois over the next several decades


in the meantime Chancellor wise is dealing with today today issues on campus
from financial challenges to Masons faculty to new policies on campus smoking
concealed carry weapons mg metals and Chancellor Phyllis 1
why is my guest on focus today

are program continues after the news
welcome to focus on Jim Meadows Phyllis wines begin Chancellor of the University


city of Illinois Urbana campus the fall 2011 almost immediately she begins
genocide of on campus listening tour that you follow up with the process she calls
visioning future excellence setting future goals for the campus both long
long and short term some of those goals and studies show up in the latest
U of I strategic plan which was announced a couple of months ago will talk about those
does Golden other things going on around the U of I Urbana campus with a chancellor was walking back to
back to focus thank you very much damage wonderful to be here and if you have a question for chance


Chancellor wise give us a call at 1 800 22 29455
the toll free 1 800 222 wyll you can also email
Gmail acid will dash talk wyll dash song and welcome your questions on Facebook and Twitter at focus
focus 580 and when you die
when you start is Chancellor couple years ago you win on the listening and learning to ride
I did what is it what is that really entail well I took the opportunity


eternity to try and visit every single academic unit and almost all of our
olive Rd mistreated Unit II also was able to visit alumni groups in Chicago
how go and New York and also on the west coast to really learn more about
are about why people wanted to be at Illinois what they got out
out of their experience here I’m what made them loyal dead
dedicated energetic um I people who
wengage with University in various ways it was a great way to learn more about the University of Illinois


annoyatron champagne you know I got the magic in if you could go to any college campuses
Cincy some of the same social things coming from people what is there anything in particular
truck ya what what you got to talking to people in Illinois I think that sings
things that was most memorable about that listen learning to roar was the one
universally common thing that came up was it people said
dead people were on campus still said they were here because of the people
that it was the generosity the collaborative


is culture the willingness to ask each other questions and help
help each other that made them stay here um it was it was really hurt
heartwarming now it from there you went to the the visiting the future
future excellence and I’ve been trying to figure out the white noun for this promises
YouTube what you want what we call it an initiative because we want
we wanted to convey the feeling that this was a intense
exercise that probably wouldn’t be um for a certain period of time


what time it was a a follow up to listening in learning tour
RN allowed me to meet with small groups of people on campus and off
end of off campus to ask a question to questions actually so
first was what are societies greatest challenges going to be in the neck
the next 20 to 50 years and a second question was what is the role
roll over preeminent public research university with a land grant mission
Global Impact what is the role of that kind of an institution in


meeting the challenges essentially this Campus ear yes yes
and the weather report came out of that in July is at the end of vision in future
is it done now or is it more yeah I know it is I would consider pretty much
pretty much done what we did from that is up collate all of the data
data and realize that from that arose six different scenes
we should really concentrate on um and it was the foundation
Asian for what we called the Big vision and that lead into the street


strategic plan ok and the strategic plan really that something
something that’s done. University white from time to time I gather the last one was in 2000
2006 right and then one just came out supplements well so much
the each of the campuses were asked to write your teacher plan and so this
the strategic plan that your familiar with is the one for our campus
that covers our goals are vision our hopes our plans for the next 3
3 years and the URIs campus and the USC campus have also create


created there on your plans and now there is a person in the
the president’s office who is putting together these 3 finding the common elements and make
making that the overall University strategic plan so that’s going on right now
right right out of that will come I guess the master strategic plan
plan and hopefully there are some common threads writing process right there
I think there will be some distinctive threads of which where one campus will be able to take
how to take the lead and other ones with your income in which we should Clarion creates Energies


when I was looking at the Havana campus is a strategic plans and some of its goals
one of the ones that came out to me and I heard about this before
4 what is the idea of hiring 500 faculty over the next five to seven
7 years right and I was looking that remembering that the
University actually I did early retirement buyout since 2010 win
more than 480 employees don’t know how many of faculty but nice Zito porn
took part in the chorus in 2012 something that the university had anything


any say about but a lot of people decided to retire that you’re because they thought
what a cork in the pension formula said that’s the best year to be tired so you lost
lost a lot of people right here we did lose a lot of people over the last
I would say 5 years the combination of the recession and petechiae
what a killer but it really constraints and then also as you mention the pension shoes that
is that that a worried some of our faculty last year so when we say 500 new facts
new faculty some of them are going to be replacements of faculty who left their art


are two ways that were recruiting new faculty one is to replace
who plays faculty were the student demand is particularly intents and where we don’t
we don’t have enough faculty to be able to cover the student needs and the other one
other one is to take advantage of are strategic plan and do cluster hiring around
round some of the scenes that arose from observations
future excellent exercise or concentrating on energy and the environment on health
health and wellness and um cultural diversity culturally quotes


social equality and cultural understanding and doing
cluster hires around those three themes this year
because we believe that if we can recruit 3 to 5 people who can collaborate
Easley that we will be able to do Nov 8 of learning
innovative teaching and also be able to be very competitive for some of the research grant
can you so we believe will be coming up and that way be able
able to make the University of Illinois more prominent more visible


visible more impactful more respected in a relatively short period of time
can you give any specific examples of where these areas in the university
versity might be what you would do the soda Farmington wear funding opportunities through Grande
grants may I may appear right so as I said were or concentrating on end
what energy in the environment we believe that um areas
areas of funding for energy are going to be increasing because that’s such an important
important issue nationally and health and wellness out will allow us to be a


be able to apply for grants particularly within the NIH research
also other private foundations and a corporate opportunity
Kennedy’s is well okay so good looking private foundations corporate
opportunities it sounds like one thing but not looking at in million long term trends for the state
state of Illinois big bundles of money coming our way
well if you know where they are I hope you let me know because I’d love to take advantage of them I think that
think that we realize the state of Illinois in um considerable


budgetary a constraint has considerable budgetary restraints
we will continue to make a pitch for the fact that higher education
occasion is critically important and in that mixes University of Illinois
is critically important but we also are making plans to look for a revenue
revenue sources through philanthropy through a grants and contracts
racks so that we can make up for any losses
los is that my continue to come from the same does that mean increased role for


a body like the foundation yes we are one
are working with you I found a shin very closely we just recruited a new vice chancellor for
surfer institutional advancement who is our campus lead person that person’s name is Dan Peterson
listen and Dan is work very hard already in development his own plan
plan of attack in terms of ways to develop relationships
chips with people were interested in investing in our campus um Bozar loans and
and we’ll be on Jetstar alumni base what talking with the Chancellor Phillips


Phyllis why is the University of Illinois Urbana campus on focus I’m Jim meadows in
and if you have questions for Chancellor why is our phone number is 1 800 2229
29455 you can email your questions to WY el dash time
talk at what we were talking about
dumb state funding which I think really long term trend
and um even before the recent financial troubles was at State funny
universities is not getting any bigger and maybe going down in terms of the total


Obama spent right I mean I mean if you look at the last 20 years across
across the United States all states have been withdrawing their funding of there
public higher education institutions um its been a pretty
pretty constant declined sometimes a little bit more quickly and sometimes a little
a little bit less quickly um but the state has the states have not been able
OpenTable to fund their state institutions the way they used to sew
I don’t think it takes a genius to realize that we better be planning


for some more of the same and if it doesn’t happen with glee
gladly accept as graciously as we possibly can any
additional funding from the stage at the same time tuition for students at the U of I
why has gone up early to Asian for students at all state universities in Illinois
has gone up since Stancil in the last few years the figures I see for upper division
give it up upper division tuition rates at this campus is a 28 percent run
rise from FYE 2008 to f1 2012


but there are other campuses with with bigger increases
I guess we’re still in total one of the more expensive campuses around the state
the state has the flagship university with you it was so to expect that but that
but that’s that can be a real burden for students at the time when the role of State
University is to provide educational opportunity that’s a private schools
what not to be able to do what’s going to happen to that
in the next few years what are the goals in terms of A tuition


wishin rates and affordability so you bring up of really critical topic
bike and that is that we realize that we have raised tuition fairly certain
search of Leo over the last 5 to 10 years and we cannot afford to do that any longer
longer because we realize that if we do that we will have a large number of students
just will not be able to afford to come to the University of Illinois the kinds of Israel
really really like to have your highly qualified wonderful citizens of the state
the state of Illinois so um we last your only raise tuition


is tuition by 1.75 I believe percent is a mounted to less than 100
$100 per semester this year we are also considering if anything a ver
very modest increase intuition because we realize the increase burn on students at the
at the same time we have been doing is putting much more money of our own
are on into financial aid and we have reached Dumbledore effort
turn the phone plan to be to go to donors who would like to find scholarships so that the
that the students now who are coming to you in the University of Illinois have the same kind of


experiences that they had when they were students here 20 30 40 years
years ago um I have to say we want to make sure that we
what we provide access to excellence and not just access that we believe that we
what we must continue to be the best kind of educational experiences a student
students can have and so is the dual wave
I’m trying to put more money into financial aid that is putting more central money into it
as well as getting more scholarship funds from donors is a two pronged approach


approach that we are using um and I believe that we put in
another 20 million dollars into financial aid Justin the last couple of years of our own
and also have been successful in getting some scholarship money
including the part of the Granger Soundation gift to college engineering
is dedicated to scholarship how far do you think those efforts go
in the essential Erie open the door to students who have
no been with lost the opportunity to cry because of the tuition Rises


well we certainly hope to be able to meet the needs of more students I mean when we
when we accept a student that students does not accept us and goes
go somewhere else and we asked him why they’re not coming the first reason they give us
buses money that someone else some other institutions offer them more
more scholarship money that we have been able to and we don’t want to lose so since we accept
September because we believe that they are highly qualified and also because we believe
they would benefit from being here at the University of Illinois at urbana-champaign so


does a student want to come and we want to make sure that its affordable for him
do you ever see a time if things go well in other funny areas that tuition
what should levels can go down you know to be honest with you
with you I don’t see a time when tuition levels will go down I hope
hope that they will level of more and that rises will be modest but I can tell you that
are you that the needs a student is increasing all the time the kind of Education
send it to expect a day is different than the kind of education students expected


naked 2034 years ago the global experience is a 10
they want to have the research experience if they want to have service learning
experiential learning the kind of counseling that there counting on advice
advising career planning all of these are what we will call out of the classroom experience
princes that students now Expect and we want to provide that
does all cost money in addition to obviously keeping our classrooms
technologically at the level where they can use the most current


current ways of learning so they’re all sorts of aspects of learning that that
that are students we want to offer sons and they actually expect I get
I get I guess this question of just dealing with of the expenses of college
expenses of attending college DuckTales into a golden Desert Ridge plan of Amer
more inclusive and diverse student body but also a more inclusive
diverse faculty and staff are you working you trying to find retail Schools
on both ends IIIC us a mansion as far as students


students of Concerned of increased need based scholarship funds to ensure that the
the University of financially accessible to all qualified student and I guess it’s summer
Zumba for Wii talking about in the last few minutes right thumb I think you referring to the
the importance of diversity whether or not you’re talking about racial ethnic religious
images of economic geographical um sexual
orientation all aspects of diversity I think ur part of the definition of excellence
excellence and so we are working very hard to make


rcampus diverse bows in terms of the faculty and staff
Staffing Agency both of y’all 3 staff and students
and our putting extraordinary efforts to making sure that
not only are we attracted to them but that we have a kind of campus
climate that is inclusive that um really welcomes
diverse races at any conversation because I’m a true believer that
that if you have to vs diversity voices around the table of any discussion


710 any decision that is made will have incorporated the thoughts of different people
people and is likely to be applicable to more people than if you just talked with
one kind of person looking at the vision
visiting future excellence initiative and the looking for areas of
of study in research that make a significant invisible silent
impact making those decisions of what you going to do over the next several decades
kids does it also in sale ideas making decisions about what you’re not going to do


going to do yes and I can I know I can think of 100 men name is my phone
my fault I can think of something that the universe is a side that it’s not going to continue
the Institute of aviation Anderson the Parkland College in Champaign is this love
how to take that over that would be I guess one example b*** how do you make the decisions
will decisions about what you are not going to do any longer are probably more
more challenging the decisions at what you do want to do when I think they have to go hand in hand
hand we have to realize that what we have done for the last almost


almost hundred fifty years is not justification for doing it for the next hundred fifty
50 years that if you are going to adopt new edition is and
and new programs that we have to take a very careful look at the programs
what we are doing now to make absolutely sure that they are still central to the mission and
and your example of the Institute of aviation is an excellent one it was a great program
reprogram but it um was quite expensive and was serving ver
very few students and we found a way that it could continue


Underoath Greenman that Parkland College would take over the majority of
city of the responsibility for it and was that was that decision
really done because of a mean in art on least partly because
because of financial considerations only have so much fun to work with some things
have to go that are considered less valuable than others so you’re right
right before I got here at the US the campus went through
through its called stewarding excellence and it was a very careful of valuation


Shin of all aspects of campus activity and the decisions
visions to consolidate or even eliminate some
programs was based upon weather was central to the mission of the universe
University still today whether it was affordable
and whether it was important to the future of the mission of university and I think that
exit that end with many many different committees in Incredible effort on the part of
heart of then in a chance for Easter an intern Provost wheeler and Men


how many different faculty and staff committees in which students were also involved believe
was a very very carefully thought through and deliberate after
effort to make sure that everything that we were doing was absolutely essential
the future of the university okay have those decisions and mostly
mostly made for a while do you think are at this stage the game order still
do you still see cutbacks in elimination semi have to be done
what most of the things have been done um we were able to find


find ways of saving roughly 17 million dollars recurring dollars
um but we will I think what we realizes that we shouldn’t do this once every 24
20 to 50 years we should have an ongoing evaluation of all of our program
are programs and provost edition is working on ways to have
Evaluation assessment of all of our department in programs at
at an interval roughly every 8 years um to make sure
sure that changes Ezer expansion or consolidation


should be considered now is that separate from the deli
The Daily Illini a while back of the recently about a new process
process of evaluating academic units that would go to having some doubts
outside body so a yes
yes that is a what the daily a line I was talking about what we are
what we’re doing is the unit that is going to be evaluated or cyst
does a self study first and present it to a small group of


of external um people who come to our preeminent People Inc
Blinn great departments are great program who come and read the Sofia the first
first read self assessment and then come and actually visit with Department
and Beyond apartments Jamaican valuation and a recommendation to us
ok if its under Wayne hours is still being what is underway no images
is being pilot this year Jay the song you know this on the last few minutes I was thinking about
about this as I got an email in someone asking I guess he was the


the Raiders looking for specific as to what cut backs of any can you point to is being
responsive as with rider calls states tire for a physical condition
you know a right now were in the process of making those kinds of decisions
um and I think it’s really important for us to use the shared governance
governance process that is to go through several different steps of looking
um first at the programs in self then consulting with the Faculty Senate the act
the Academic Senate in terms of whether or not they agree and then


it is a far as you mentioned earlier it is hard to make chain
changes that would consolidator eliminate programs probably harder than starting Hammond
so there’s a long stopwatch process that I actually think is underway in MI
and I don’t think it appropriate for me to talk about anything but you
what to expect from decisions made what we’re going to take a short break
break now this is locust WI talking with Chancellor of the U of I Urbana campus
Phyllis wisin will be back in just a moment


this is focus we’re back on W while im Jim Meadows my guest is Phyllis WI
is wise Chancellor of the campus of the University of Illinois
open talking about the visiting future excellence initiative a man will be talking about other pieces
pieces of University business if you have a question for the Chancellor phone number is 1 800
800 222 94551 802 to 2945
4554 222 wyll the email
email addresses WY el dash talking and you can


send your questions to ask on Twitter or Facebook at focus
580 um I was wondering about that
project the universities for going on has has going on with
with the People’s Republic of China both projects in China Ann doll
and also projects at a Chinese institutions are doing here
100 status at the U of I should be opening up an office in Chennai
Shanghai I think next month yes um that’s right we are going to be open


opening up an office in Shanghai I will actually be able to be there too
do I do that officially it’s one of our ways of being able to beat
to be present are there in a bigger way then just occasional visit
visits think it’s really important because they’re opportunities arise dead
we may not know about if we don’t have that kind of present ok 0
there already a lot of collaboration simulation ships going on with how many
but yeah I’m not sure I know how many universities and also corporations in China


China yes I so we have a long history of clarity
Asian with China um right after the Boxer Rebellion we were one
one of the universities accept a large number of Chinese students um
in the last century we have an increasing number of collaboration
operations educational ones back and forth with universities as well as
well as public private partnerships with corporations in China and
and I’m really proud of the fact that were one of the preeminent universities work


working with Chinese universities in Chinese corporation how does is benefit
the University in the student body at the University bank will you probably know
holy know that we have one of the highest number of Chinese students of any university in the United
in the United States and we want to be sure that we are really ready to welcome
welcome them um we want to be sure that they are prepared for their ex
experience here Illinois so part of the reason for having an office there
there is to be able to be a vailable to answer any questions for students


thinking about coming or who have accepted our offer to come
and we’re preparing to come um it is really important that
that students to come from that far away are really ready for their learning experience
Sperry insole have here I know that brings up a question from time to time
about the high and low high is relative trumpet certainly increasing level
levels of international students at the University of Illinois um
increases the diversity of the student body they pay more then I


in state students which certainly can’t hurt of the university
I’m wondering what is it mean for the rest of the student body at the U of I
why is this a zero sum game where are the slots for students are Barbie
are being taken away because our slots for international students are use a room for every
everybody so what we hope to always be able to
acceptance many of the highly qualified students as we possibly can and we realize we
lies we are the University of Illinois at urbana-champaign our first responsibility


is service citizens of Illinois Wii accepted all larger now
number of Illinois residents this year than before and we have
we have maintain the number of Illinois residents as we have in the last 2 years in the
in this year’s incoming class it arrive in the fall we have had
increasing demand for a slot by are international students
students and um because we are a very highly respected
University in China and India and Western Europe and sew


so we find out the application for international students are increasing and then
and they are also very qualified applicants um this last year WI
accepted a certain number of international students and weak all the time
take rate that is the number of students are accepted us out stripped rxpect
expectation so we have a few more international students use your than we expected
we welcome damn with open arms and were hoping to provide them with great
what education is but what I would you ask also is a critically important element that is what


what is in it for students who are from Illinois in from other states in India
United States and in some ways I think the students who are
mystic students attend the University of Illinois residents get a global experience
experience even just staying on campus I don’t think that replaces going abroad for
for a period of time to study what is a great introduction and what
what I’m really hoping is that the exchanges between the international students anarchy
domestic students get to be even better and I know are a division of


Student Affairs is trying to find ways bows
does having learning communities in the dorms having events on campus
throughout Europe politically in the fall when students first arrived that make sure
sure that the mixing is done so that its not just a numbers game it really is inclusive
who really is making sure that they bump into each other and really get
get to know each other and get to be friends by the times they graduate
challenges in Toledo trying to social engineer the student body so that


people meet up in fruit for weight with each other yeah I mean you know it is a very
very large campus pose in terms of numbers of students as well as the area of a campus
Campus um uh takes up and want use decide to major
Meijer in English or psychology or you know if the Arts or
Engineering you tend to stick with the students who are majoring in the same discipline
what we really want to make sure that within that discipline you mix with its made different
front kind of student with his many different life experiences as you possibly can


what also that if you’re an engineering major that you don’t always stay just with engineering majors
majors and so we try and schedule a different number than swear
we totally mix it up can you give me an example of of events
events that gold mine yeah so one of them is actually are quad day
in the very early fall where student groups have displays and others
can come in just get to know that if you’re interested in this area or that area you can
are you can um come and join this club or that club and you don’t


you don’t have to live with in your same dorm they don’t have to be in your say major but you haven’t
having a certain interest on that you would like to learn more about
I know WILL so has a usually has a table out of yes I have I walked through there
are there it’s like the entire student body its amazing is it it’s it 68 st
its it’s extremely busy yeah so that doesn’t like an opportunity for for people to meet each other
what not otherwise something else in connection with his logic
Watertown pick up is there’s going to be a Confucius Institute established within


within the College of Education here there’s a signing ceremony set for icing
tomorrow yes a lot of campuses have these but maybe you could talk a little bit about what it means
need to be hosting to write a concert the Confucius Institute
Art Institute sponsored by a hundred ninty
in China is is is an institution that helps culturally
exchanges between China and various Institute in different countries particular
take a leave the United States their goal is to make sure that we understand


first and the culture of China our goal is to make sure that the
the culture of China is incorporated into the
the mission of our University and the of confusion student is going to be
going to be established here at the University of Illinois is being sponsored by the College of
education so it’s usually 1 University in Troy
in China with another university in the United States but it doesn’t
necessarily have to be limited to that okay in all of these Peralta


all these projects working with China um have there been agreements
made to go she ate it always do something at the university is mine for love
5121 sure know whatever may happen the academic freedom integrity
review of iPhone so both um we absolutely
Louis want to make sure that the integrity of of our students are faculties maintain
maintained in any agreement that we make whether or not it’s with a foreign country or
or even know you with another with another university so


you ass is this is a fairly free flowing in spontaneous I think that any
anytime that we have a long term engagement
rent with another university or another group we write what is called
call the Memorandum of Understanding so that both parties are sure of
what we have agreed to and Ken look back at that mo you if
if any thing comes up that we didn’t expect yeah I’m thinking that
that as we’ve been talking in various topic year Which Wich touch on


on the seeking of a diverse University UFO
if I were king in DC area touches on your own experience in academia and then also as
also as administrator in your as a woman as Asian American must be experienced
experiences of your background yes I mean I think
think im as a woman and as an Asian American
a diversity has been part of my blood part of my DNA
um I think I appreciate it all the opportunities I’ve had thru


rule out my life starting from when I was very young being the only Chinese family in
family in the community that I grew up in New Jersey all the way through my professional career
career where I was one of the only one or two women in my department
when I first started my faculty position I was one of very few chairs
tears of physiology umm when I became a chair physiology
even as a Chancellor here when I was the enterprise
president of University of Washington I was the first Asian American woman to ever lead a public


public research university so being a minority has been part
part of almost every step in my personal and professional life and I think I really appreciate
38 the opportunities I was given by being accepted and welcomed
in the different communities in which I’ve been engaged I want to make sure
what does kind of opportunities are made for other people do you see when you look at
academia in the universities in general in the US progress P
is being made rose being made the serious yes I 5 really do you think that progresses


is being made um I think we are not there yet um
but I think the progress has been made and if we keep on working hard to get even better
better this is focus in WY alone with talking with Chancellor Phyllis wise
the University of Illinois Urbana campus I wanted to mention in a couple of days until
Thursday will be talking off with presidents of another piece of Higher Education
the presidents of two Area Community College how much is a Tom Ramage
image of Parkland College in Champaign and Alice Jacobs Danville Area Community


the College in Danville and will start to see how that piece of the puzzle
Fitz and then I’ll be on Thursdays edition of focus if you have questions
questions now for Chancellor Weiser phone numbers 1 800 222 945
455 1 800 222 wyll were on Twitter and Facebook at focus
focus 580 and are email addresses WY el dash time
talk at Illinois .edu want to bring up a few other topics in one
one of them is something you brought up in email um this morning and the vet


that’s a female to the campus status and that’s about on how the U of I
viagra behna become a smoke free campus on January 1st
and the this is going to be everyone everywhere smoking
everything as as it says as you write the Ribault club
include all for form to bring tobacco including cigarettes cigars pipes
hookahs cigarillos and I already brings up a question to me
e-cigarettes what is the status of e-cigarettes um under the


under the eyes of the smoke free campus policy if I’ve been determined so I
I need to get a little bit more information on that as far as I understand
this is not involved
what were having some to go see a campus spokesman right Robin Kelly
coming into have to ship something light on this particular topic Robin hello how are you
fine I’m sorry for not quite granular level for the cancer but we have determined
will not be allowed to soak a sono e-cigarettes as well correct


correct time and is is is there a rational or irrational
what is an argument yeah um I mean they there there’s a information
Asian data that shows they may be addictive is well that sort of thing
is kind of a separate them out just creep of confusion someone sees
nc someone with your for the real cigarette what is the pros and
cons and um because really out with the pros okay Robin Kelly
Robin Chancellor wise


you know this brings up questions I’m sure people are asking this is really a campus wideband which means that
includes all housing on campus by the Ritz freshman dorms are there
family housing like over Georgia Downs that true and it also include
klutz say sporting events which bringing large crowds from from out of town
town of the university so like at the tailgate parties around the football game involves all
all campus facilities dumb and so it would include any time
any tailgating on our campus ilities don’t care if you decided to do this


do this now imagine you’re thinking it must be visible and that for Hampstead 22
do just changed over the years of smoking will for sure attitudes have
have changed over the last couple of decades with regards to smoking
I think people appreciate today muchmore the health hazards
words of smoking and of secondary smoke we are not the first
big Research Campus or big campus to institute s policy I think
think it is in the best interest of all their students are faculty and staff and resistors


Mrs and so we study this for a long time um and
and are very very the adamant in the fact that we
will be a smoke free campus starting next year and part of foot
what you wrote in the email to this morning was about love
about efforts to promote a tobacco cessation programs route to campus
both through are the various health services on campus
what also your be selling nicotine replacement products Atlanta Union


State Farm center what’s the saying for the speak well we are we are still
we are still working on all of these details I have to say what we are trying to do is make a disease
easy as possible for people to be able to make behavior changes that will be
what will prevent them from needing to smoke any longer okay is there
is there has been worked out how this will be enforced
Forestwood violations occur and and then whats the penalties will be involved with
what is there for students employees are visitors to campus right so we are off


which had several committees working on on this aspect of a pencil realize that if we have the power
apology and then there’s no enforcement of the policy it really is pretty empty
it during initial period of time right after the implementation of the policy
we will be heading out warnings and after that we will be free
the figuring out what stronger means we will need to do to enforce its power
the policy what were hoping I actually is the signs will be preventative
when it is and that the people realize that were serious about this and so it so


its always nice or not to have to bring out your sticks until you’ve used
lot of carrots and the carrots are biting prevention programs
providing notice providing reminders that this is a smoke free
free campus as far as penalties somebody still being hammered out in the next
Rite couple of months before takes effect right so we make your more specific about
about this and later in December okay I wanted to ask you this is it
this is a question related to achieve a line away there was news last month of a trademark


mark settlement of the University which was the owner of the Chiefs Society which is a group of
what was that supports the Bible of Chiefland away can you tell me anything about what is
what does dispute was about and how it was settled well I think it it really a
is surrounds the fact that some the trademark application
that that the society have filed to use the trademark and we have
have settled with him that the trademark is ours and they will not be able to use it
icing to settlement really clarifies things that might not have been cleared


clear before that smoking this um I get the on the cheap
the Chiefs ideas still is is is is still wanting to revive
live naked still of course do that but but they do not have
not have access to the chief trademark that is true um we
we are not on door saying or allowing any university sponsored
concert event to include the chief OK and then also racist
race is the questions about the holding of events which um


include um not the official symbol of nothing nothing nothing
not any official Teavana with a former because there are none now but I perform
performer sponsored by other organizations with ACS bean new Jeep
Chiefs Solana Way I’m not sure I quite understand your question
how many under under the under the trademark consideration
another people put on the constituion perform um
as to whether or not they can hold on to that name is being a guy


simple green well I believe that there is an issue of freedom of speech
which which we certainly are not going to violate but it is not
is not going to be any official Chief Illiniwek OK and then it support
important for the university that that that made clear that yes K
how to report a few months ago that you have to travel to Oklahoma to meet with leaders of the PR
Peoria tribe in the IRR the last surviving tribal the old Illini Illinois
Illinois Confederation what do you discuss you know a yes I did


did travel down and meet with you from in and a second Cheese
Dollarhide and I took a few of my college down with me
how to talk about ways that we can promote a respectful
call a relationship with them to be able to welcome or students
from the Peoria tribe to the University of Illinois at urbana-champaign to provide
Vita kind of education that Native Americans how would Value Inn
nad benefit from and then more recently we invited Chief Roman and


and his colleagues as well as the chief from the Miami tribe
tribe to come here there actually headquartered in the same county that’s right that’s right
right there Jason to each other and the Miami tribe has had a very very good relationship
relationship with Miami University in Oxford Ohio and so we can learn from them
and we set out of playing with just a given him um address
I draft of animal you in terms of what we will be doing in the future with them and
I’m very excited about that the surfing so you would do in the future what what what


what might involve how we can raise more money for scholarships how we can
can possibly be doing research in sustainability they have a great program on
Amon being able to to make sure that
rarefied species of fish aren’t lost and we are doing some more kinds of research
search um with them also there is work being done on
genomics that we might be able to work with him on and also there varying
very interested in entrepreneurship so there will be some of our students in entrepreneurship


ships in the College of Business I will be going down to furia tried and visiting them in teaching
H&M and learning from the EMAs well this is interesting to see now because I know
I know that doing the time when off when did Chief Illiniwek was the office
the official symbol of the university and the controversy was in full flower there seems to be
BIA definite moments talking to each other policy between the tribe in the
the university university felt as long as the conflict what’s going on their hands
hands are tied I didn’t know about that she wasn’t for your time it was


um all I know is that you know since the Peoria tribe
we are on your travel and that we it’s really important as part of
is part of diversity as part of cultural understanding as part of respect
fact for the traditions I think it’s really important that we developer
delivery lyrics special relationship with him and she from and has been wonderful
fallen in being equally open as I am to the development of the
things that relationship okay um you know we only have about a minute left on


on the on the program and I’m just thinking about all the things we talked about today
connecting with your job is Chancellor you’re still doing research on ship I’m doing a little bit of
bit of research well well I don’t put on a lab coat anymore
any more I must admit I mean I do it um Kylie Julie with with colleagues Here I had
Haddon and IH grant which I had been funded by the NHS for 32 years which last
last year when it came time to renew it I decided that I’m better concentrate
freedom being the Chancellor so my research now is really done in a second


secondary and tertiary matter with with colleagues what what subjects are you what
what research are you engaged yeah so um my research areas looking at the house
how hormones influence the brain to take an estrogen affect the brains of
females in a allowing protection of the brain against nerdy
degeneration and also in a modulator the way people
people learn and remember I have you been finding out I mean we really have sometimes
yes I know but I’ve been finding out some interesting thing as Lily


absolutely so in one sentence I would say that we’re learning that the brain is very
berry plastic and hormones are one of the factors that influence or maybe we can have
can have you want to come back another time to talk about your research would be lovely
well at Chancellor Phillips wife thank you very much for being on focus of with with a
with us today thank you Jim Today Show produced by Lindsey moon Jason from
director who handles your calls surveillance guitar in turn helping with production
production in research tomorrow will putting together a program on the tornadoes


which parts of Illinois and surrounding states that song tomorrow show in focus
focus on will

Chancellor Wise, who oversees the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus, has been pushing for “future excellence” through her “Visioning Future Excellence” initiative. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Chancellor Wise about her goals for the university’s future.
We’ll also talk with Wise about the university’s growing presence in China, the growing reliance on private support, including philanthropy from individuals and foundations, like the University of Illinois Foundation, for funding, and about the increasing emphasis on diversity as a mission of the university.