Coach Dino Babers on EIU football and Sheldon Turner on working with at-risk youth


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Eastern Illinois
Illinois University’s football team spend two years in the summer of the Ohio Valley Conference
Dino Babers penis head coach a teen to a conference title
first year at 16 10 for this season Spencers hope to go with
go with this year how does coach papers do with Jim Adams in Alaska today


today on focus later meet another type of coach Shelton Turner throw up
East St Louis called you but you have the right family
community support support tries to pass along career counselor
counselor and Courtney Roby Operation Hope program at the Champaign school district
Facebook coaching coming up on phone
program to use after the news welcome to focus
the focus of Jim meadows in later in the program will talk to Sheldon Turner is a council


counselor in the Champagne school district WI SkinCeuticals for his work with young people
right now we’re talking to someone about his success with young people on the football field the Easter
Eastern Illinois University Panthers are six and one for the season undefeated in the
in the Ohio Valley Conference affect their homecoming game over the weekend
again Southeast Missouri State 5533 not bad for teens
head back to back seasons of 2 & 9 just a few years ago
James fortune Strangeland Eastern Illinois hire Dino Babers to be the new


the new head football coach Babers who started his coaching career as an assistant coach
coach at ya you has brought the Panthers from last place to first
with no apparent need for every building year was trying to figure out how that happened
Baltimore coach Dino Babers to focus welcome to the program Jim Carrey
everywhere I thought you be getting a lot of
alot of its already know sir good morning to you good morning and I invite
white folks the calling with your questions about coach of questions and comments for a coach Dino babe


Babers at 1 800 22 29455 if you want to
if you have questions for a children Turner that’ll be in the second half of the program
what the same phone number 1 800 222 94551 802
3222 wyll email address will dash Tomcat and up what Coach what’s for
what’s first wallets temp tell me about the homecoming game taking things went pretty well
what we had the fifth largest crowd in the history of the school we were really excited about that


fat and ugly how far is the game goes it was a wee golf course
fast Arden and had a little comfortable Eden and then uh
later on in the game got some points of a switch with a little disappointed but overall I thought the F
the effort by the football team was fantastic the at the parade
parade the homecoming the student body the faculty at the community
community of Charleston in Mattoon along with Coles County Effingham champagne
we have a lot of people from a lot of places here and was fantastic is to see the atmosphere


atmosphere the tailgating and camaraderie that was going on not only before the football
football game but well after the football game and it does winning the homecoming game is is
is is is that special whether or not you up against a Tufte Minaj what you know what are the lotto
things that you got to pray to everything that goes on in the morning after the game
you got dinners alumni people being a inducted into the Hall of Fame
name it makes for very long day for my doctor present. My boss in a bath
director Barbara Burke so it’s always better for doing that with the Wind talk to waste


waste edible of now I’m reading venta de Southeast Missouri State Hana
I had sex the come up with a special defense aint answer wide receiver Erik Lora
is is that a common thing to do well you know Erik Lora was the
leading receiver in the nation last year 136 receptions in one year
what year breaking the East Illinois OBC record affect braking
breaking the entire Records most catches ever buy wide receiver 1 year and now he’s coming back for you
4c New Years got numerous a NFL football teams are watching him


Amanda he’s a special guy so sometimes people want to play the bass
base defense sometimes they want to play come up with a special defense they came up for Special
defensa we pick it up within the first 3 plays of the game if they were doing that and I
and I just came to the Sideline I said okay after I think was after touchdown run
locate airplanes defense right here on you I said I get ready for your body to have a hell of a day
the day the just left the suds coach whatever it takes for us to get the wind and the
fortunately keandre and a Adam Drake both had exceptional day


Days and Erik Lora headache catches on 131 yards which I guess
I guess it’s a little blow his average but pretty good for an awful lot of people really
really good blow is average but more than excited and he was really fantasies teammates
I have a lot of success as well as a coach papers UK mendakota team
team that has been to and 9542 seasons in a row
your first year you letter to a conference title in the first round of the NCAA Tournament
what happened you know I really believe that there’s 2 things in half


what happened to the first three things that happened one I think there was some good players here
when I got here there’s no doubt about a coach Bob Boozer Hall of Fame coach yet been here
been here 25 years he gave me my first full time job in coaching always thank you for that
for that affect the picture of him up in my office I told him stay hard me the head football coach ear
Bob booty go up into my office near us right by my door
the second thing I think that was really important is that a we got to just change
change the atmosphere I think it was in uh and atmosphere conditions for winning


winning just based off of something that we’re going on a program that I think that are sent you that you
what you need to say that you need to make sure you have if you’re going to have a wing product on the football field
ball field and I think last in probably most importantly is we had to change the attitude
you know when you when you got 229 seasons 29 season
and people are calling you losers and they’re not coming to the games and you’re not very good
good end up with people don’t respect what you doing at work it affect
affects you and I what I wanted to do was just influx this a football team with Paz


positive energy positive attitude tell them that they are not the action
doing doesn’t it does not make for making losers all I need to do to change their actions
start acting like winners to 21 days to create a habit we need to create swimming habits
baby body in the drink the Kool Aid and I think with that mental attitude
that turn around up in the head before went down to the fetus think that was the drastic changes football team
the mental attitude does your saying that lead to changes in performances chain
changes and how they approach the game absolutely a bulletin


is it certainly work here I know this is pretty much the same roster that that that had been in
atlast 219 season in 2011 were there somebody Kia dishes
basically the same rosters we brought in some new recruits we did have some kids that played Earl
early but minus -2 3 people basically the same people
now i watch the interview did for the Ohio Valley Conference distributor
what you said your team now have to be careful I have a handle of successive thing
how to say hungry so to speak to keeping a winning team how do you think your players are just


adjusting to love to a second your success well I really right now at this point
handling it really well obviously I believe for rent I don’t even know what were right
the rankings come out later today I don’t know 4432 I have no
I have no idea that those type of things I’ve been there really not important to me but I know this
I know the school and community everybody else gets excited about being ranked in the top 5 butts
but to me to me that it’s it’s it’s what we doin
inside that import how are family handles to success we’ve had we like to call it


the Carter Family on La Familia are Ohana weird we have we always
what to eat other inside the family to make sure that were crossing Ortiz live that work
where doing everything that we can to make us better as an individual and becoming
cumming better as individual make this better as a teen set something up
what I’m here and there is if you’re really concerned about them not just about player performance buttons
what in some ways people as well these if your players go to a god
go to play professional football probably not going to see the same so tender loving care from the coaches


coaches are just going to be interested in performance II tical are guys all the time at the last
last time that you’re going to enjoy a football is right now I have over 30 players in the National Football League
Molly and I said that is a business and your body is a company and you’re the CEO of
yo if your company I said the last time that you’re going to enjoy football the last time you going to walk
practice with your smiling face is college football and it’s really important
important to me that we attack these guys 3 prong
attack them academically because their student first and we 18 active athletics


because we need to be good on the football field order to hire someone else to be to coach and I like being the coach
what year and for that we want to tackle spiritually and some people are further along
spiritual beliefs than others what we want to do if we want to incubate to put the seat
the seed in the ground put fertilizer on their and in that they may not sprout while it’s here with
here with us this is going to sprout Sundays sprout later on and what gets water in a cup
come back here and there going to be excited about our three pronged attack on how
we really want to make them better as a person a better father a better husband


better son and if they don’t make it in college football do I still have positive influences
what is an any community that they choose to live in this is your first up position as
janessa head coach you have been assistant coach in a lot of different schools over the last quarter
quarter century in the programs that you saw the successful ones
is that did you see approaches like that ain some of them I did I mean there’s a lot of
ways as coaches we always say there’s a lot of ways to win a football game and there’s a lot of
waterways Toledo football team that the thing that I wanted to do 555 been around people


people have been extremely successful doing positive reinforcement and negative
negative reinforcement I just choose to do it from Apopka pronto pawn
a positive ground I want to be a positive I can with the Players I want to be completely honest
I would like to say inappropriate grams we live in a black and white world
when there is no gray with a standard greyed out there but we don’t want a lot of grey are programs
Graham so we try to put a light on things we speak the truth and we know it
we know that sometimes the truth gone hurt but were speaking the truth so we can


so we can have a change in a habit or performance & B
alot happy about the outcome and I think that that light of truth that Pyrenees
operating is was one of the things that brings so much closer together
as a family on the football team and is is that in a protein
what you’ve always gravity 2 or is it something that that you’ve come to develop over your
you know it is something that I’ve gravitated to a lot of people
people that a major influence on my police in the way I go about doing things one of my latest


people that work with the biggest influence on me that are brought from Baylor University
building a positive atmosphere he wants does kids lifted and not broken
broken down and I think that is perpetuated through me and I tried to carry that through the wire for
football team this is focus on chin Meadows the subject is successful coaching
weather is coaching a college football team are coaching young people preparing for college and career
career in the second half of the program will talk with children Turner he’s a career guidance counselor
counselor counselor and a coordinator of the Operation Hope program for the champagne School dist


School District my guest this after hour is Eastern Illinois University head football coach
coach Dino Babers and your questions 9th and coming to welcome toll free
free at 1 800 222 94551 800 222
wyll email s at will dashed off at Illinois dot edu
do you you cannot send questions to West Twitter or Facebook at focus 58
80 coachesaid in an interview at the start of the season that you didn’t think
any other school had a tough for opening 5 games in the Eastern Illinois Panthers


Panthers and the bees your team to win for those 5 games Austin
Austin iu were those games as tough as you expected there there’s no doubt
no doubt WI it was all those contest for extremely physical we lost a starter
starter in every game words just now starting to get to get the back
the back started out we got hurt in the first game we play Fandango stayed out
San Diego was lucky enough to come away with win that game so we really been depleted
pleading are rank so to speak with them playing every week with add it up back up into


into the starting line up and we lost a starter were trying to think last week was the first week
we didn’t get anybody heard all the Wii have a lot of bumps n bruises and we’re starting to get those young men
young men back in like on 394 weekend resort start to get those young men back
it was the most difficult schedule never seen the way they handle that the mental toughness through
threw it the physical pain if they had to go through and then cumming
just coming just a hair short of going undefeated im so proud of these guys
it’s one of the greatest accomplishment fiber been around football and I’ve been up I’ve been a college football coach


coach Rover quarter of a century now you have a tough opponent coming up this weekend in Tennessee
Tennessee State Tennessee State will be the best team that we played Sophie
so far tour conference its not even close the guys are undefeated there a nationally ranked
clear aint a little bit lower than enough rod reader coaches an exceptional
snowcoach we gotta go down playing Ana in Tennessee Titans Stadium the movie game
the game 2 of an NFL stadium is there homecoming baby got this
disc dynamic marching band that’s going to play for an extended period of time


time over half time is going to be a full house it’s going to be a heck of an atmosphere I was telling the guy
the guys on Sunday that you know this is the game is the type of games that you’re coaches wish they could
wish they could play one more game but were too old to do there so lucky is going to be so exciting
riding and and they deserve it babe babe handle to business they buy
undefeated in conference and now they’re their reward is an opportunity to play in a big
big time game in a big time then you would not only has a local
gold and uh I mean not only has local attention Bell have Nashua


national attention the game person to win this game will be known nationally Ave
have a major player with the comic the playoffs in the second half of season your team
what team won the Mid America classic with Illinois State last month and then
status just a long time rivalry with Redbirds there was winning that particular gay men porn
importance psychologically for your players think it was in there that there’s a lot of history
history that game of head football coach there Brock Spack a dear friend of mine
what I actually started coaching to get here 1987 East Illinois we’re on the same staff


staff very good friend him have him and his wife my wife and
we play last year in a business in double overtime so gone
regardless of all the other stuff it was great to finally get to eating win against my buddy
buddy with with our football team but if your game is in play for over 100 years
and really traditionally whoever’s won the game between East Illinois Illinois State
state has normally God had a lot of success in your conference so it’s kind of a
agape of where your football team is at early based off of a lot of kids


kids that know each other with most protein from Chicago to St Louis area I’m wondering what it’s like
is like also when you’re when you’re playing against a coach you know when you’ve worked with if nothing else
Mel’s the two of you must be no stuff about each other than other coaches with no against era
is there a Ponce there’s no doubt there’s no doubt I was up
is darvocet a wreck and I was I was sitting in my car the day before the game
the game going over my note and I see a coach bag is why
what is wife Amy do I keep taking a morning walk before the game there and their


hotels close to R Us stadium in the walking through the park
parking lot actually going to the old house if they used to live in in 1987
walking to the parking lot in the only people in the parking lot of my car with me in the car in MO
Eminem walking across the parking lot now I roll down the window and I just without you
name I said you know when you’re walking through a parking lot you try to be inconspicuous
you gotta make sure that the one person that can recognize Union tire communities that city
intercar studying the note and they just broke out in the laughter and O


we got the exchange pleasantries before the game which was really cool because we’re really doing
enjoy enjoy each other and then of course what’s the game starts in the pregame stuff in you
my football teams looking at me and his football teams looking at him you don’t want a whole bunch of hugging going on in milk
Millfield between two old men so it worked out it was all grade and
and by the grace of God we gotta we gotta get on this year it’s all even butter
but there’s no doubt I know to be ready for some action I’m wondering this a change of subject
cure weed up done some discussion WY Lorena frontline documentaries


Medford for PBS looking at the uses of concussions in the NFL
Jerome program looking at changes and how high school coaches in official 7
handled a concussion issues at that level of the game how have things changed over the
over the years in college football as to how you handle players who made
suffered concussions and how you teach in drill players to reduce the risk of concussions
well it if it’s all changed I mean the football that I played
in football that you know the growing up back in the 70’s in the 80’s is


is totally different I think that people always talk tackling with her with her head back
back their head up you not to drop your head because of the spinal cord injuries
can happen when you drop your head you trying to use your head as a ramming object when you’re naked
is it between your head in your body that that’s that’s not conducive that’s not very smart but
but that the striking of the head is really changed and the officials are there really on
really on top of it we had players that had to sit out this year and I football
football team because of helmet to helmet contact on a play at Northern Illinois


why wear if that would happen if that play was done when I play football
jumping up and down celebrating getting a half helmet sticker and now its a
its a 15 yard penalty in the young man had to sit out half a football game so the rules
definitely changed and really I think Ive been changed for the better I think this is a grey
the great game I think the fantastic game I think it’s a physical game which is the reason why
PF the number one game in in the United States of America is because it is so physical
and take away from the county for these young men can not only


only up have a great experience with the game but normal life after the game I think
Mike think is is is awesome I think kudos for the people that have the same place in
hopefully to quickly run through pro football college football high school
school football in pee wee football so that we can live in a season reason lemonade so many concussions
so you’re not seeing much resistance to offer from some people think this is it
is it really the way to play the game we should be playing at Michaels play this a few years back you know
you know I think that the statement that you said its been made it comes to resist


resistance I mean 130 play football is to win the game and
415 your pill neon something every single time you do it you can have a hard time
what time when the game so it’s not about the resistance to change the rules on a Ferrari
already implementing the rules of the road so if we want to win we gotta buy by the roll
by the rules so I’ll make sure will get that hot when it when it happens if it happened
happening at the accidents about something that deliver in Argyle pay the penalty and will move on
eventually because of that I think it’ll slowly we to self out of the game disc


just got an email in from on educational psychology professor at the U of I actually
he was asking more about us about
aboutyou what what you meant by using the word spirituality in terms of other things
things you wouldn’t couraging among your players 1201 weed
obviously you can’t talk religion you can talk politics everybody everybody gets excited
excited about that stuff you can talk about what we want to make sure that everybody Street
3 prong experience that we have chapel service during the week which is obviously option


optional we have things that we do it before games and after game
what are optional we just wanted to make sure that the young man have everything open to anything
are willing and want to explore it is available to are there are the options
auctions for spirituality can a person develop of spiritual side of support to the Grove
Grosse Ile outside of of a traditional organized religion do you think
I don’t even know if I’ve got the background of the Daleks Steven speak on that is probably somebody that you like
better than I ok


are you know one thing that come up if you keep on doing this well if you continue to
the head coach unsuccessful seasons of the schools are likely to come call
I’m calling for you do you have long range goals in your coaching career
career that include moving up to a bigger football school
what’s your contract is up you know it everyone’s people like to talk about
about the money in and moving up in your personal goals I mean what I say what I came to you
do you cook a hat I took a major financial pay cut a major financial pay cut


it wasn’t about the money it was about having an opportunity instead of leading
10 and 12 minutes position Groupon offer to leave a hundred mad and that’s why
that’s what’s so exciting about me the job the next job I want
is the job that I have if I can just be happy at the job that I haven’t Maya players are happy with the job
job and I’m doing that I’m excited I’m in Alaska replaced when I work
if you have to be to head football coach if this job ever opens up and I want to be happy
football coach at Eastern Illinois University well it didn’t open up for 25 years has the same Manhattan


and had a job so fine lucky enough to stay here 25 years and I still want me I think that would be a blessing
blessing to self I’m wondering if you know it turns off of setting up mi
Pamela’s thinking about the future for the players are II imagine you know
on average in any football in any football team with your level a certain amount
amount of your players are going to go over to play some sort of professional ball and the rest
breast want for for for for whatever reason what happened to stats for is life after college football
football is concerned for your for Twilight think I think the coolest thing that happened today


do you need to make sure you get your college degree which is something that we on for size all the time in your
and when you’re at Eastern Illinois office for your college degree carries a lot of weight without college
degree in the camaraderie and competitiveness that you had on the football field
you hope that carries over into whatever job or career you decide to do
how to do and you always have the camaraderie or the Fellowship of that football
football team coming back in and join hands and the talking about old men
memories weather itself off homecoming game or something to that sort I think anything


anytime that you’re a member of an association of a fraternity or sorority of a club
I think that the best thing for outreaches after your college
experience of people that you’re going to be a lien on go back on anything help you professionally
Lee and personally in your career so to meters nothing more special than being a member
remember of a football team and having that Fellowship throughout your life
5 and an art do you have any contact Wolverine to play college football
football back in the day yes sir what what did you play at iPlay to the universe


University of Hawaii okay are you in touch with a in any of your old Coplay
call players back absolutely I spoke with my college roommate adjust
just yesterday and we’ve been in contact with each other oh my goodness
well that’s over 30 years he called his kids call me uncle
go to my kids call him Uncle Mike Epps why do we call it Michael you not really
really related to its just calling Michael so I had anybody
geyser with you forever I mean its just like being a part of a military unit not the same


send a football like military because of she got the life and death is nothing more serious or more
special then serving your country but I mean that Fellowship is strong it stays with the
with the football player throws life of an forevermore
you’re always related to the family of your African American hair seem to be more
more African American head coaches in college football today
I have been for a long time do you feel opportunities are opening up now
now for black coaches in ways that they were not before welfare mean


I mean yeah I think I think. I also think that when I came into the professional
fashion in 1984 was the first time that I
I started coaching I just think that the the numbers of African
American have increased in well as well site that wasn’t as many as the
as there is the pool grows I think there’s more talent to the pool and of sleep
sleep more to choose from don’t feel like to get into the race parts
because I would like to think that I was Hardy still annoyed because I was the best candidate for the job


my resume with long it was expensive I mean uh expensive excuse me
is me and I’m coming down and dropping to this love with experience I have
I would hope that they would think that I could have success your type success that I did happen
ILCA wanted to ask you read the other profile of you in the news is that from the other day
good movies recently understand you like to watch a lot of you know I’m sitting
sitting here right now at my desk and I’m looking at I’m thinking
thinking about the movie list for a are football players for the for the trip down


down to a Tennessee State one thing that I’ve always had love movie the watch good
good and bad boys 3 answer your question first of all I haven’t been to the movie house
hold on I’m into the movie house in a while during football season what I’ve been doing it
doing it I want to re educate our football team have a great old movies from Cydia
I’m sitting here looking at my list of taking up old movies that were going to show the team coming down
Downey coming back now they know my mo im a good one for lack of a better term
turn a guy movie of Utah Western or something to do with a little bit of


violin sonata have one movie with laughter and the guy in the buses have to run
how to rotate these movies official e the football team seas are all the movies
movies that we buy that we’ve had out now if you if you really got time original
the list of the scene so far but you’re ready I’ll go quickly
quick okay good morning Vietnam long kiss goodnight Troy
tombstone heat Blues Brothers of the purge
Iron Man 3 hangover 3 Meet the Fockers airplane


Tommy Boy Bull Durham I was waiting for is there a football movie in there anywhere
where you know if it is the football movie got to be a special football movie for me for me to show
short I’m waiting for 42 to come out so I can show on 42 ok for 42 was won
do you dress a minister ok costena papers I really want to thank you for
thank you for coming on focus today thank you so much Genesis bannana Cochino
Christina Babers is the head football coach for the Eastern Illinois University Panthers family 6
six and one and they have a big game coming up against Tennessee this of this


this weekend best of luck on on on Saturdays game
and we’ll be back in a moment with our next guest Selden Turner this is focus on W
wyll Rebecca focus on wyll im gym
MJ medicine my guest for this second half of the program is Sheldon Turner Shelton songs
replacement visor working with a teens at the Champaign school district also plays big bird
big role in Operation Hope that’s the multi government venture the trying to make Street safe
safer the Garden Hills area in other parts of champagne children’s work is Artemis years


Man of the Year citation on the 40 under 40 list app to put out by central Illinois
Illinois business magazine nominated for the citation teacher Melissa Applebees
Kobe says he can t escalator conflict teach a kid to write a resume and
motivate a struggling middle schooler within a5 minute window and make it look like you
like he’s not working on Sheldon welcome to focus glad to be here
how many how many years have the have and have you been with a unit 4 um December 5 years now
is now okay to work in other school districts before the first one right this minute


the box for your out about now I’m not sure but as you grow up in what was the St Louis
St Louis okay just really Area grew up the fact that you lost your father when you were
you were young some people might have label you as an at risk kids episode of the
the puppy soft charging the kids up the kids use mics Days Inn talking
talking Education what is a label mean to you well the program Operation Hope
hope I feel that I am one of those operation of students even now um
actress that means that we have opportunity to umm go


go either way um although we are motivated by the right people have
mentors in place and programs in place to keep students in the right direction
direction we find a cell phone on the successful side of of life
how do you feel you came out of you came out okay essentially yes I did
is it ok it’s just that they were that you had a like a good support system
family and everything else what was everything else besides missed beside your fam
family what help you grow up a church my mom bleeding Tennessee church unknown


making us have family time together and have good friends that believed in
doing being successful also had a negative broken into French
the sign that also with help us know the wanted could be
um look like that we could be successfully with negative friends with keep steri right direction
tell if not what I need to be going that way interesting is that that does the neck
the negative friends see the used the used phrase realize the difference between were they were
what they saw you could do that thing you work with kids this early as 8


8th grade making career choices to do okay I know the idea when I was in 8th grade of making it
making your choice filled me with dread but what’s the challenges do you face
how will working working with kids that stage well maledom c**
um with no idea what they would like to do after high school for career
careers Masoli do we get them surveys I’m gonna talk to them about
passions are the different things they like to do something kids like to cook
and then realized that sexually passionate can use when they get out of high school


school of careers when they become family oriented in things whole
so we sit down we gonna touch bases with them in gonna drop that passionate a man
Amy have and it sounds like one thing you have to do if you find a kid with a passion
is um Gundam in the thinking about that
what in terms of what they have to do to be able to do that for a living
and the band and how it might be worth it safe working car did work
working hard is the weather for courses they choose in Highland High School in so forth yes and


and um is is is is that a new concept for kids that
I think you can be um many times students day
are involved in so many different types of things is technology world way it is
videos now um a lot of Mulberry crafty in some of the Technic technical skills they have
and so even with those kisses Crafton technical skills for tenants to the moon tour
forced to trade in impossibly been on Dawson Technical dance again
how to get into high school and high school okay I didn’t want to mention that up


questions coming to welcome here in focus if you have something nasty Shelton Turner
are phone number toll free is 1 800 22 29455
that’s 1 800 222 WILL you can email as it will die
dash ta of Illinois .edu when we’re on Twitter and Facebook at 4
set focus 580 you talk about going after
its going after their passion and I can imagine it at someone
um with a lease with some kids you may come up off against the question


which is more important going after career you love after a career that you think
think you can get a good job in one of the major questions the Wii accidents
is do you know the difference between a job and a career then we asked a question
Christian lot of times around this time do you want to try to get jobs for holidays together
get extra money to buy gifts and things like that was just fine I’m so we XDM
lot of them up tell me you know what I like I would like to make a lot of money ok would you like to live
let make a lot of money be happy with a lot of money I would like to be in something that you passionate about


Lovett make some good money but be happy at the end of the day the most of them
what must we get them to understand what that is a Santa dry hump want to be in a pack
Passion Pit been about something that they love that sounds like just
Challenge going with some teenage attention spans in order to start making
long range goals and start thinking about not maybe not next year a cup
couple of years would actually 10 R 20 years down the road rise in MN even so
so with getting job today um to make the myth of the job with something


make sure that they find something to do really like on joy doing with the job for the wanted going
going in and lose out on some things that can learn to use after
after they are out of high school what preconceptions on the part of the kids
kids do you run up against you did that that you have to grapple with other Arduino
are the notes do they do they just have automatic some automatic notions
that won’t won’t work in real life features for the life
um well with athletic playing basketball and football


I want big big no longer NFL NBA
new SMS involved in music to make a lot of money in the music world
and so we always tell them a is a big chance you might not make all that money you want to mate
can you think of something a trust something that you know you would definitely um
be able to make some money within this medication make sure that you for the education
Caitian keep that is your priority do some of them do you
do some of them get steered is it realistic to steal somebody’s kids into


maybe jobs that are part of the music industry are the sports and outdoors North business apps
Sports instead of just being the person there in the spotlight it is
um in a Guinness when we just now with them in and get them
ideas about you know these are the good things about the passion of this job
the sum of the bad things about the specialist job um find a good out of it
women talking about ideas with kids have but what about us
do you ever run into Indian Ocean Center Dalton weather to people that you work with sore


are given a tension employers that you think don’t really match reality
galaxy s2 with the potential for these kids are all the time on some of the times we had workshops
chops with the notes on the money come in the speak to the students in a lot of them up tell them you know
you know these are some of the things that help them these are the things to do struggling with no
um and then a metcon help them figure out what it is a want to do as well on wheels
also work with some of the students parents are getting them
depression cause some of them have to pass this is well in our dreams


like to feel to be successful with it is it is it off in the UK
the case of you work with terms of a and working with us a creer are college play
college planning to parents really should be a part of that yeah definitely um
most of the parents are very hum supporter for we doing and they love me in a party
the part of it um they’re actually able to sit down with this down child
um to go to financial aid poured over your are some of the college visit we take
take some of the Panda come with us what does um thinking of Ultima classes


class of the students may take did you know what kind of the parents of taking them
MMA want the kids to get um exposure to a woman experience some of those classes
glasses on Emerson grey with the price is well okay there challenges weather
weather Ridge some they haven’t really thought about these things in the past or
perhaps they are really busy if you have to be to work in multiple jobs things like that idea
how do you work things out well um emails are good ways of our own
how to get in contact with parents and then we have a vent snow in a month


where have you been sundown holidays where have you been so invited to the parents out with
within the matters to become to get to -10 and we got going on and I love it
love the distance to just go home and just going to shower with them experience that they had with operation
Operation Hope from the past we do and then a female to get back to Earth from the parents
in this thang cough I’m so I know it’s getting to the parents
and I know the most the parents are very happy about Avenue and children programs
like this you know I’m wondering up your 5 years


doing this works pretty much coincided with with a recession and a slope
recovery from from the recession and I guess Champaign Champaign Urbana
Nevada area is and isn’t the worst hit of love
off of areas by this but I certainly hit how does that affect the Center for
work you’re doing when you’re trying to find ways that the kids you work with Kinect
can I find a financing from college are our God by get onto a career
career track by keeping the mines um busy with thinking of the past


the passions in the command to add more things with education and Tiny
trying to find the ways to incorporate some of the things today
they have on learning um I think when women sitting idle with
with nothing to do or when they’re trying to find jobs in don’t have no one hiring
what kind of help them put together a resume use in looking
building portfolios they give the motivation to Hey Monday that knows the job
job with c** on Monday for the things will get better not to know the world


worldwide jobs pay for bad to keep in mind focused on being success
successful that can help I’m tired of times messed up and going on this is focus on
Tucson Gem Edison talking to Sheldon Turner he’s a high school career counselor with champagne
pain unit 4 school district just named Man of the Year Itch part of central Illinois business
magazine Samuel 40 under 40 awards you can call us with your questions
Jensen comitted 1 800 222 94551 802 2
222 wyll are email address and will dash Talk app

00:41:55 another part of the work that you’ve been doing this with the operation
hope program just tell me a little bit about Operation Hope in Howard County
jumpstarted building hope for the future is on my toe and that’s what we do we doing with the students
students with making sure they have opportunities to do things that are nearly students with
opportunity at this level up to do um in the stools are
are what weekday mass bubble at risk youth um in something different areas
Darius in Champaign IL we work with them with building a good New Mexico’s to colleges


colleges college campuses experience on different jobs um building
educational system when they can have something sustainable to make them
successful in this world and we engage de menthe things with the future
the day hold for things that they may have been home for them for the future in
so we work with understand engine and we also I’ll talk to many many more
408 list of many more students would like to get in the program and this program is
very very successful continue to have a students graduate


the weight and get them into colleges and get them into career things on wheels
will support of the summer youth employment program worth student work in the summertime okay in the summer
what’s what’s up what’s up summer jobs are available to that when we have a hold
lot of different jobs room with tango with the partition Champaign Park District
I’m with head jobs with a different number like c** real laboratory
laboratory does dentist on things here um
by how they were can you buy just hold on a different number


Apartments in the community that have open up jobs in opportunities for kids to work
work so these programs in Operation Hope in general the Cisco beyond just the
the school De Anza school building yeah um well after school
school definitely a personal we have fun students to work going to tutoring
and then wants to work on has jobs Fernando not in school what kind of
what kind of beer supporting system for them if they have any issues on the jobs were always there for me
summertime in school tonight and we doing things with them weather time Workshop


workshops to build character on them working in the summit plummet program what’s the fishes
come up when I was just want to have you ever have you ever had to deal with what was really a cry
crisis situation with you Mandisa from the kids name for a job they have to
have to learn how to respect a um supervisors like we do
Batista Mother be on time be on time is something um they make stuff with time
good times with the stem dis how to be a cop
conflict anger management skills things like that winning not find themselves on mobile


mobile web different employees are you even customers on a job so with
listen Alabama gonna get a little bit stuck at the understanding with
which way to go to keep a job song okay just a learning for
visa kids learning for the first time with a job in 5 minutes license is active
how much 6st feel your years
you’re saying there’s air is there more that you is the more that you want to do is is are the more
the more resources that you feel you would need a big boobs with p6 s4 with the kids doing


do we do touch but they’re also a lot more some students out there and parenting meme
anime me some support I would like to see the program expand even then to Dr Bennett
area as well this um in the state of Illinois me a personal very
very beneficial for a lot of different school systems in a lot of different communities
cities in so many different last week in touch with only a lot of food Mount
mount right now but I’m sure in the future expand to even bigger than the program
the program you doing with the other local governments there targeting specific area


areas of town Garden Hills was one of the more Elston are you doing on Vista Park
Tom Bradley another area um and then we are going
are going to different areas around Central and centennial
high schools ok how do you measure
effectiveness r6s what it comes to program site operations hope aside
you know you can you can see success in individuals and you can feel good about that but
do you know if you’re making difference with another people to be


do the say that you’re successful call it when I look at the number 37 937
7 things last year that actually start in the programming a freshman Aldi 70
70 the graduated on 37 Odunlade accepted into college target top 22
do to go to college um I think that is a huge number of success time because
because know that it takes a lot um 289 graduate from high school
high school I know that’s what they’re supposed to be doing this all so huge when you see
when you see them going to college in ecstasy than walking on the campus is okay that’s that


that’s the first class stamp does the 37 ever been that would have been the first class start
operational program how many how many kids have gone into the program is freshman 6
successive years on my god I mean this is 100 a week
and um okay so started with 40 bag expanded and sew
um I’m an SMS been a lot of spoons mint accessory touch by the sperm
this program okay so what if you see something is really growing his hair
you mentioned you like to see it do something with herb atomizer is there any communication with your back to school


School District not yet not yet but um I’m sure that they will happen one day
de que looking forward to it understand you also do some work as a boy
officiating basketball Midland High School Games tell me about that work
what disease did you replace play basketball love and basketball
the good things about being a basketball official is the fact that this is one of the passage that I found
I found out on my own no one that actually Tim Minchin this is a good thing for you to do
how to do but once I started doing it I found out that something I really enjoyed down


don’t doing on mytouch play with Lebanon High School doing something to Maryland
um basketball games but was actually started on a fishing Lovett
it must be out different from playing as well first of all you can take sides
can take 5 but then vitamin and being able to come
can a pizza to go alone with some of the things different things did some of the
some of the players did don’t really get understanding of McKenna help them
Tim I’m going to better basketball player some by using a disk


discipline on the court okay even though EVP even though they may give you a few dirty look
dirty looks don’t get away Megan Elissa mean if you cough
um and your Michigan is that
is that something that um cuz I least I know going walking around on campus
I can see what time a line I think about that think about Michigan Michigan
Michigan for the movie rise of Michigan stuff um I don’t work
now but I did and um you know I think I think it was


I never knew problems with that but hey we still on same console covers
covers and we always working to win win against the following poles in football and basketball
how to do in football um the managing
as good as I would like to do but but theres but they’re still in there
plugging away plugging away I guess Illinois is well Sheldon Tennessee
very much for coming on for today and congratulations on the Man of the Year awards
board from the central Illinois business magazine 40 under 40 citation sayings


Saints been a privilege to be here and prose to work with everyone look for to my future
future and opportunities okay thanks to Eastern Illinois
call University head football coach Dino Babers who appeared with me on the program earlier
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Almost 25 years ago, Eastern Illinois Head Football Coach Dino Babers got his start coaching as a running backs coach at EIU. More than two decades later, he’s back as head coach and looks like he’s on track to lead the Panthers to their second run at the FCS Bowl playoffs in two years. For the first half of this hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Babers about his approach to coaching, the pressure placed on student athletes and his strategy as the team approaches the back half of their schedule for this season.
Then, in the second half of this hour on Focus, Meadows talks with Sheldon Turner. Turner grew up on the East side of St. Louis and says if he wouldn’t have had the mentors he did, he wouldn’t be where he is today. We’ll hear from Turner about Champaign School Districts “Operation Hope” program and about why Turner thinks athletics are so important to character building. Turner was recently named "man of the year" by Central Illinois Busniess.