Downton Abbey: Portraying Post-Edwardian Life

Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed

Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed David Thiel


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the English. TV drama Downton Abbey premiere in 2010
BellaBand huge following events of Robert Crawley to state covering more than a decade
decade RC buy an estimated 120 million people global 24 season
Julian Fellowes creation of see that you’re attractive losing heat characters the social services
is a kind of history lessons on how a home in the postwar era operate with family in service


service spring events like World War 1 its a kind of evening so popular with touches of humor
I just for today on Focus have a recap of the season finale Dave Quinn
TD credit for Entertainment Weekly will talk with your in my club address for fresher in medieval style
studies at the University of Illinois SEO accurately the show to pick Singlish like a century ago
go program begins after the Sour’s new

welcome to focus morning talk program I’m just password Downton Abbey First Premier


where did September 2010 the United Kingdom and Ireland the sectional program depicting
depicting the wealthiest state in Yorkshire opens as the patriarch Robert Crawley of Grantham
Grantham Barnes is lost two cousins nearest was fortunate the sinking of the Titanic
Four Seasons now the season finale just aired last night on PBS stations we follow
follow the family on their service through the events of World War 1 the Spanish influenza epidemic
Nick and many other events in with a Homa characters have diners all salsa always be
always something happening it down weather in Falls Dodge Robert probably Ciroc bottle


daughters love lives operations of the family estates or other gossips going on between the servants in the home
the home today in focus to discuss the season finale of the first four seasons of Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey Sharon Michaela address professor Medieval Studies at the University of Illinois to talk about
about post Edwardian life in the UK historico lessons from the show welcome to the show thank you
thank you in for the first Brother program talk abiut joining us by phone is dead
is Dave Cullen is a TV critic and hoes Entertainment Weekly’s TV recaps welcome to the show
thank you so much for having me Jeff so what’s recap the season finale so this is


this is a spoiler alert if you don’t want to hear you Dr DVR didn’t have it watch it yet
how to turn the radio down for a bit what song about the finale this was a turndown episode we’ve had some
had some shocking conclusions the seasons in the past characters of dyed purple
things are hanging in the balance your b*** what do you take away from the season finale well I was the price of a house
how hopefully it was considering where the season started you know we had Mathieu
just passed away Mary and her summer band and the first episodes
search we had a heart rate of one of the characters Anna it felt like it was going to be a dad


downer of a season but with the arrival of Shirley MacLaine um as
Martha Levinson and Paul Giamatti of Harold Levinson American characters
characters coming over to Downton the hum the entire fuel of the future
finale actually was on the American and you can come back in season recognized
if they were all these glimmer of hope This American dream the future characters
characters did very well for themselves you know I seen in the past now over
all the suddenly all the sudden have this hope for love moving forward in the future


future lady decided that she wanted to keep her baby
its it’s something very different than we seen in the history of the show
funny to watch the to real big mysteries are things a hanging in there
balancer who will Lady Mary end up with who will the couple of central CT
Sears there and when will the family weapon with the family will find out about child
Will Wright and I’m sure those kind of set up for next season of potential
essential um play plants off of moving forward but I think that


free innocent of itself move away from is this downside of Downton
Downton writing this concern of what would happen if you stayed five possible
bow and arrow a possible error how to move forward but dont tell Festus great future
future in farming Mary seems kind of ready employs take over mantle eat it too
success and she has these two seaters Tony going in and out Charles Blake
lake that she’s kind of cheese in between and um it feels that progresses happen
is happening which are our history timeline have to talk a little bit


little bit more about but feels very hot right for the time period
talking about Downton Abbey in the season finale for joining us for bid on focuses Dave’s
is Dave Quinn TV critican host of entertainment weeklys TV recaps you can polish 800
802 to 29455 can email list Atwill dash talkative
Illinois .edu it also Regis on Facebook and Twitter at focus 580
580 what day were you at a fan of the show from the start or was this something you
you have to watch because this is what you do IAAI got sucked in prettier Leon


Leon Farm for 4 hours for a part of Anarchy weekly ad
and I think what kind of Drew me to the to the show is is really wet through so many people
um it it had this disc priest costume drama
mix with the soapy plotting and they were so many characters are there is a lot of
waterfront point of entry right there is always somebody that you can kind of really to root for
what are some really fastening about the show when I still find so fascinating about it
how to peel such a by generation you know my mom watches Downton Abbey i watch Downton Abbey


happy and you know 5 friends of mine siblings in pretty much all across the time
the generation board watches the show anything why were also attracted to the side
is that it has this cultural protocol and etiquette right that um
characters are are in full swing up in the in the turn of the 20th century
honor their place in society and thrive there and what so interesting is to watch
watch these people who know their place and really find ways to succeed with a knot
within the boundaries especially when wearing kind of a culture that doesn’t leave


how soon will we have ratings for for last night
turn over in the next day or so I’m officially become a TPS
what three things the rating for show as really done very well just a kind of give
a little bit of perspective hear a Nielsen estimated that 15.5
.5 million Americans watch the season 4 premiere last month and that hire reading
readings then you know mainstream hip flexor ATC scandal which verses about
about 12 million viewers were Elementary on CBS with your marriage is about 40 million viewers


yours so what does it kick some doors open for Public Broadcasting
well it’s actually brought the ghetto the public television broadcast
the Statue replication over the cool kids table right um you know there been
Irvine a lot of British crossovers in the past the Avengers in prison
interim Massachusetts in the 1960’s and other shows like The Office
fab to find circus in the bank vault in crossovers
what is the most successful show in before your history of PBS masterpiece series


and I think more more you see shows like Sherlock end
the continued success of Doctor Who I’m crossing into the American cause
cultural conversation and I really a lot of that
what two more social media an hour I think the Twitter and Facebook
what is the before it makes them for a b*** Twitter and Facebook is family of
spread this conversation across the pond will we will
point theory about this way to point we need a a British period drama


mama not watch the Uptown Upstairs Downstairs only other things Woods worth it was the raw
is there always hungry for the sky well I know its funny I think that if there was a
is a formula to have it succeed on television that everybody would be doing it right
it’s hard to say whether it’s that we needed this
ulcers downstairs was a very big hit in the 19 seventies and down Prima
pretty much foes the same soap opera formula only with reactions taking place in Atlanta
in the country right this time in London like a first down stairs was but this is done


better than that and um I think it’s I get really red
resonates causes universal themes of a social status of a room
romance you know we haven’t seen the sword of romance on television a long time the show without
without filing for cursing so it really leave to self 2
um in a family watching and I hit it leaves healthy
what kind of crossing over 67 the generations on downs come on
the time when many are watching it on DVD’s out as I do and then and order your


your Hulu or Amazon Prime or something like that sure the finish watching
nature of the show is it has really helped out um and FSU
it’s what I finally fast thing about it is the show airs um over in England
couple months before the prayers in the US and the still kind of
every Wednesday strudel holding the spoilers away
if it feels that the American audience which has so much access to technology usually get
get these episodes if a need still kind of way to hold it and way to experience it


um but anybody can get into the show at any time you know if it’s really easy to
marathon your way through four seasons of Downton Abbey over weekends and be able to
what kind of start a right around time of the year so long gone are the days were Show
worst shows like Downton Orosi ca Breaking Bad have
decline if you’re supposed to go through the seasons and effective okay well you got your view is from
us from the Gecko and it’s hard to kind of increase and now we see with DVR
Netflix and all this beat up bench washing them or more people jumping into a show later on


is this is the next season for the last one cause of Julian Fellowes
house rentals waffle map of Noi don’t know the answer myself. I he seemed
things to say that the show be somewhere between um of 52
510 seasons and no longer than that um you know it’s really rare for
for the show to have multiple seasons like that um and he does all the work
working Sophia break every episode self I think that’s really help to maintain a quality of the show
show because they have the production of so small that there’s not a large group saying that should be like this


like this like this and that works really trusted Fellows to do what you want with it
icicle see another 23 season side of it I want to talk to mom about humoron
the show because obviously there’s a lot of things going on here the show is a backdrop 2
events in history but what a great one liners from Maggie Smith you can find string together on YouTube
YouTube and some other phone as well yes she’s really bright account value to the show
to the show which we all love that she had some great moments last night especially sparring with
Shirley MacLaine’s character um and she always kind of has a nice little sparring with


with some with Miss crawlies characters well yeah she’s really
the thing that I think Drive a lot of people to the shower I know she’s one of the main reasons
if I watched as well I guess the other thing that that just getting back to future being both these
these are the major death experience time both both actors want to leave the program
dan Stevens was not willing to have a plot line Berhe left in the US or something
something like that in the next season you want to leave in an audience’s respond
edit the car accident that Matthew died in the battle is not a collab


Entertainment Weekly talking I saw yesterday lords and ladies become movie stars in rice
because I got u Bonneville in the monuments men right now Michelle Dockery singing movie opening
winning the next Friday so I guess I guess that’s the only thing that could impact
impact the plot of 100 people say no I want to leave in make movies with a kind of
um created himself a knife in the world for that can happen you know Matthew stuff
do stuff with shocking for all of us amore show him I think you have to write that episode
Destin pretty much the last minute I say we’re on the contract negotiations because there are


why are so many characters making of this world Downton I’m the showtimes for Fort Lewis
what is a couple people here and there because you still have so many characters
where’s that make up the staff of the servant below and that make up the family
family self the other thing is every season there station to introduce I know how they do it
used 35 new characters and new storyline for me
Rousseau it all the sudden become um you know a turnover in the time
the type of tree that you’re telling myself googling lot


even when I watch who is Anakin okay yeah I’m in trouble keeping track of characters I remember
remember like Maggie Smith at that Elizabeth McGovern said that write a character names just got a couple of minutes
minutes left with side Dave Quinn host on Entertainment Weekly’s TV recaps if you have a question form
4802 to 29455 or it will backtalk Illinois
Illinois .edu what are you most looking forward to mention some point Smith
when we finally get to a season 5 well you know I was really
entreat last night the final scene in the finale showed all the servants playing on the beach


can I felt like I was a very American way to send this the season of
very helpful and fun and exciting but there seems to be the food of a spark between car
Carson and missus use they help and kind of water in the ocean and
what you think maybe there’s a little spark of love there that the kind of Explorer
floor and out the head butler in the head lady’s maid kind of
coming together um that would be really interesting to see some excited about that
really looking forward to see what Lady Edith kind of does moving 1409


not taking her baby and I bring it back to Downton and
keeping it with farmers Mr drew in his wife here there on the town
im plan to be interesting to see how they played at 3 a.m.
hope that her um baby daddy he will return next
next season and we can I find out where he’s been and see how they said that street
love happy ending for her because she suffered so much
the back Dave Quinn TV critic in host on Entertainment Weekly’s TV recaps


caps are the program today in the happy feeling well thank you so much
how much stuffing recipe thank you and you again your questions
questions are welcome to Downton Abbey learning program for to turn to Shawn Michaels
Michaela adjunct professor in the Bible studies at the University of Illinois to talk about some of the history
for trading the show how much is accurate how much is brought a long for dramatic effect
affect and I sure in first like to ask you a bit about
sweet talk about Medieval Studies some people question how you know this. So well


um most historians have to know more than my case is 15th century
um I’m a very interested in the the between the words.
um in England in France in Germany and Atlanta
set let me to read a lot of a lot of fiction and a lot of fun
of social history in and I couldn’t sing so well and also I
why I do for history is one of my my field in this is this is a really good
good. For food trees so I can’t quite a bit about that consist of


stuff to well what’s delve into what to do before the show
Shoei talked a little bit about what is realistic what not so much
so one thing you put it out to me and I think it’s a treasured
aspect of the show is the first of all you mention that they would not be nearly as men
how many staff in Edenton we get to know people like mr Carson and misses Hughes
use an anon date Spektor FSU were actually the house that. They would just
just be kind of a face that you ignore when they’re busy cleaning a righteous man


not the business not the exchanges is not the closeness between the server
the servant tonight and the family on the house of staff actually would have been much bigger
um I’m not that many people live in the house at the house is huge
and to think you know that you have some housemaid
possibly to housemaids you have a you have a a cook
cuckold story made and you’ve got um you know a ladies man
is made and then of course once a month and becomes a ladies man


you got one more than one lady’s maid but um you would have had upper lower servants
so um Carson and misses Hughes servants um
most of the others in lower servants they would it would have fun
Eaton separately they would have been served by the lower servants um uedg
you would see a different kind of meal for youth groups OH
Tennessee the family meals a specially entertainment
hello how to use big massive is this is huge Frenzy of cooking that goes on


the upper surface of the Earth from the lower servants
for example of voters there’s these you see the class the Texans play on
over if you came down in the morning and there was a um house maid cleaning
cleaning on the stairs the maid would be expected to stand up Facebook wall
until you got all the way down the stairs and then go back to cleaning because they were supposed to be invisible
discipline and interesting because if you go back and see some of the Upstate
Upstairs Downstairs episode there is someone more of that even though they’re still there


directions between the family in the sunset are not always
terribly realistic but um but for some reason it at
Downton you know there’s this is much more of a the closeness if you want if you want to
if you want to see the fellas writing kind of a little more realistically about some of that
Gosford Park we be up with the more more akin to what
what is the relationship with them and then Downton Abbey end
set with some of the roles I feel dimension jobs within the ice staff at the house but I’d mention misses you


is used in mr. Carson Canada the head down there mr. Carson
Carson head Butler and misses use a housekeeper maintain a female staff
maintaining the houses furnishings up some of the other roles of something I print it up here that you have
have cooker chef Lee’s Mandarin Valley or Valley does a say their first footman
second footman head nurse footman better and chambermaid Legos online
Cherokee bit something we discussed for the for the show with something else that is not the one
that was not seen often was the fact that the eyes they didn’t hang on in a house in this period


. They were looking to move on is Alford Alford just didnt going to a job to the Richer
search other up maybe hire painters Asians right we see some of that earlier on in the in the
earlier seasons were people kind of coming go a little more where were the
the reality really his home is when this is Wellington, and without her lady’s maid
because you ladies make quick just before baby left New York in the reason was that
very nice to her well this is this is not a typical
um there’s a busy kids one woman who had 33 lady’s maid 34 years


so this is something about the the servant family relationship
ship in the employers really did not see the Caesars
weather servants as real people in a lot of cases so there’s a lot of uniformity
that’s why the f*** man have to be one of the reasons for men have to be tall um
everybody in a particular group has to have the same hairstyle the same kind of
uniform a cab from saliva of the parliament have to wear the same kind
kind of uniform the ladies maids wear something different from the Parliaments but still date


baby have to be to conform um and then there’s this whole thing with me
with names wear off frequently when a new servant comes into the household
older given the name of the previous servant so um you know if you come in
I’m in your your name is Stanley you’re still going to be William the footman you’re not going to be Stanley
how much is there for the family if they don’t have to remember new new name
name what animals names in other issue is on
is interesting but they call each other wet and I don’t know if this is more of a Down everything or


how to.. Then if they didn’t know anyone by name mr Carson is always misses Carson misses you
Hughes is misses but there’s no sign that she’s actually married to someone in summer just by their last name
last name um yeah was the last name it because they’re both
upper servants they would get this honorific usually after certain
certain age a specially with women in a position like this is Hughes or the other
the cook for sample they would be misses even if they had never been married
and that’s just the convention of of the time were you when the Fed missing there was no me


zoomies so um you with your automatically become misses
misses when you moved up in in category or in a jar for that kind of thing song
we are we are the mail questionnaire lier in a Jack in Champaign
champagnes is Lady Grantham is the daughter of American millionaire Isadore Levinson yet the series
makes no mention of the Levinson’s Jewish background is it because the Julian Fellowes
willing to your address British anti Semitism at the time of the series
101 what else is trying to do when he is trying to make this is Siri


series that’s more of palatable in lot of ways which is why we fight
wifi be nice servant employee relations
this was the period where’s the monarchy have been very close
close to Jewish financiers so the Rothschilds for example
and um from some other families like that so um
I don’t think that he would have made a big deal about it and dumb
it may be that in England they didn’t worries much about pulled the name


names as as as we would um Simsbury obvious
what time is it possible that we could cut could start
start coming in now because um what you’re saying now is the
the one of the things we learned about um about Jesus
is a friend is that he had an encounter with with the Browns
brown shirt and um so there’s a couple times
possibilities of things that could happen next season of Secret actually be dead he could actually come back


come back as somebody who can report on the current conditions in Germany
easy way to bring that kind of information into into the series
series of space if they do that but this is the period where you start to see
to see some of the British aristocracy um to the sides
talking about Downton Abbey this morning and focus on Jeff Bhasker you can college 802
322 29455 or email it will dash talkin Illinois dot
dd you were talking with you my professor Sharon Michael Levitt be about the


historical period and some of the customs about time to go to a club now from from the program
program to bring up we talk to Bill about the political happened to the timing
Tom Branson Leah family show for land of marrying up symbol
the characters with lost in the show this was a big confortation asena
the confrontation season 2 winner dr. Sobel announces she’s going to run off and Mary
Marry the chauffeur Tom Branson f*** you mean you knew
family wins civil rights to wake up a time you can drive


driving me about using my daughter behind my back bones scrape
231 give your daughter song credits for knowing your own mind
how to speak to me that you would leave a pie
what do you have in mind
this is hardly knew ya
tonight honey
paper Santa


what to do a backhand Kate Upton
live with his mother in the night
what you make of it
if you must know she thinks with a fish
something in common


tomorrow morning nothing will change
and as a Cena fan
Downton Abbey with other characters with the Maine was there a Robert Robert Crawley
probably very upset about the symbols plans to marry Tom Branson who is the best elliptical
cologne that and that’s been brought up again this season is Irish in and have some a bully


I believe that suppose that a family for a while but the first question Ed Sheeran
Aaron is it with this happen often were you had an actual resident Home Marion
a staff member no not very often YouTube more on my period
. Where does tend to marry on their state agent
set in the 15th century see that you don’t eat too much in the end
the 20th medicine the pier at the character of Tom Branson interesting one because
because because he’s a way to work now not long after I tell his


is is wife double gap dies after childbirth and then he talks about how he does this does not belong
blonde hair and an interesting on development show
the show with the letters because he used to be a staff member in all the servants have to stand up
stand up when he walks in the room well I’m in 2012
what’s he’s he’s a family member that he’s a family member the servant have to
have to treat him that way Evans the family isn’t very good at it um there’s a business
blue certain protocols so um and end at the beginning Hebrew


what also like to circumvent the protocol in overtime he finds it from what
difficult but also some what protective YouTube
printed to deal with Thomason in the final episode from from the seasons
so you feel said he he owes a certain amount of explanation on the other hand
he’s very irritated by this kind of weird condescend
dissension and all that kind of thing is going on confirma
in the background but a little bit of political


happenings there because of because it is Irish upbringing in and beliefs and there was another incident the early
earlier during during a marriage when when I’m sober was pregnant she was left behind
leave the rally separately to avoid a :-*
arrested trouble yeah I know some
Amina the politics in the in the teens for the for the Irish with son
what’s reharden Ashley in his right after the First World War 2 because of course
the Irish were actively on working with


what determines and things like that so well
can you get to split right at night so you got the hook up the food
food chain Joe versus you get the Irish Free State News Northern Ireland part of
part of the empire and all that so you haven’t really settled
settled on in in terms of the Irish because the neutral
neutral Draper supposedly neutral during the war and all that but it seems
is politics with this point or more socialist are em


are specifically Irish and time again that can Beckham play for
open to the next season in status if a cell is the side steps to follow
The Young and the politics of the period between the people who
become not to supporters and the people for socialism and this is something you
woodsy for example of the Medford family which is very well known for
sisters and mom several of the mall close to Hitler’s birthday
particularly unity and to Jessica who is the muckraking um


journalist to prove to him I did States
um what was a common sense weight
if you have questions questions about the recent episodes of House Howell relevance
something was an actual history watch Downton Abbey for four seasons you can contact is it
802 to 29455 we have a question email to is from cats
Kathleen is I was trying to identify the correct king for last nights episode with that George the fifth
The Fast and is Queen Mary what can you tell us about the issues that time and at Marquee


are young that was George the fifth the king and the princess
the Prince of Wales was the future of everyday life
for the amount of time to view the rain the next another female they seem to be
bring in that because so he sees other prominent in love in the last episode
episode radicular Lee wiki leads the dancing at the roses ball
all in all that kind of thing um George the fifth
was not very he was very very high expectations for his sons and he was


is always disappointed and he was us a very strict disciplinarian and
can you tell if you see the King speech for example where of reprieve
where have the Future George the sixth who has the Terrible family it’s mostly because of
the way that he was he was treated by his father releasing one aspect
factor of 8 and um Prince of Wales is quite to
rebellious in the sentence with you future very much more of a of a
Edward the seventh as Prince of Wales figures of the time


time to go to her house party then that kind of thing but
what time do the women that he’s with an N in these couple final episode
episodes was his mistress um until of the early 1930s
dirty talking about Downton Abbey would love to hear from you if you want havoc
question about the historical aspects of the show Ora something about the most
the most recent episodes what a POS your for short break on Jeff Bhasker this is focus
never back and focus on Jeff on search talking about Downton Abbey


first for seasons of the show with Michael Patrick professor Medieval Studies at the University of Illinois
Illinois someone tweeted to is Jenna tweets at focus 580 I like how they
how they show people reacting to changing times on the show Mrs Patmore anything electric
Electric Pat Moore the season next issue with the mixer they also introduce the sewing machine
Machinery someone the show Onkyo This Is It this is a big. For
4 changes in technology and it makes enormous difference in food
production particularly so um you don’t you don’t need as many


how many people preparing things in the kitchen is as you have before you die
you don’t have to do everything with with wire whisk Boones because you can’t even start to use
how to use some of the Living devices compared to what we have now its still not
you know it if you’ve got a dinner party for 40 people you still have to have
have people who can wash the dishes for 40 people and people to polish a silver before
and clean it afterwards and put it away by said the tree lyrics
staph there if they entertain a nanny many large scale of bases


basis but um but yeah it does make a difference canned food is is
is finally perceived as being a little safer can food comes in the
mid 19th century and umm the canning process is RNA
not always carried out very well and I use lead solder in
in the tense of the word for leaks into the food that you can get lead poisoning and dumb
sometimes I like a one of the things they dont some of the most my interest
Polar Express in this big. For polar exploration um I know that sounds weird


weird but but really if you if you look at the period of Downton Abbey and then you look at what’s going on there
Shackleton goes off in 1914 for his c** in his ass
exploration and Scott 19127 1911 1912 Gattis
these big booty sex positions to try and clean the South Pole going on at the same time
same time that it all this is going on infection have to get permission from the monarch 2
to go instead of having him and his men all concerts
scripted to go to serve in the First World War um butter pecan


can food is coming in at this point and so what you what you see is Lipa
when the factors are producing cans for the expedition to the same kind of thing 2
how to produce the for the war effort or whatever sometimes we take shortcuts bike
bite bite make you bigger can the benefit in process
after the food didn’t get what process and then you would have spoiled me to the king
so there’s this pic scandals in terms of some of the
the production of war materials in an American stuff so Technology co. Couples


both both ways Inn in this period but certainly radios coming in
well that was the runner up on me started talking with food in that. N
and what are they looking close enough to see at what the reading during the episode
episodes of these with the staff actually there to hear this is as a would’ve been
what have been the eating a lot of the things that you would expect
26 cents AR um you know when inserting Lee normal dinner
dinner for the family everybody will change their clothes so you would even


you would get up in the morning you would get dressed in any way to change your clothes in the afternoon and then you would change
change your clothes in the evening for dinner in and Ermas Reforma in after the first
First World War you still have people are expected to change for dinner in and they might be where
the wearing of a regular tuxedo weather than on Hut
cope with with tails in the whole thing but but still on sofa
salute to the meals for a regular family dinner with still be maybe
baby 45 courses cause you have the you have an appetizer in Utah


soup in you have um a man chords with vegetables and all that I need
have dessert menu might have some men have cheese afterwards
you might have some intermediary saying um if you were going to have AM
im a dinner party you would need um horderves soup fish
entre removes which would be kind of these men ever sorbet
baby or something meat salad savory venue to have
sorbet dessert and then you might still have cheese at the end


and then at the end of the the meal the women with all go off into the drawing room and
end of the coffee service what started the men with surrounding drink port
port of entry actually did the sweetener in Oxford in the late 90’s
where we were us but it is so if they had like 40
good for the gander support didn’t make the ladies leave but we had to keep to put you couldn’t put it down
down to keep circulating around the table for decanters going room table
sew and we’re almost all Americans into we were really drinking port and we would get your


get yelled out if we put the port down so it was the imagine what it would have been like
open like with these men in their smoking and drinking port in the constellation cleaning
until they finally got up to join the ladies another commonly used term in the program is lunch in women have
when have lunch in it in the vision I guess it’s like sore like a picnic or a lighter on me
Emile yeah usually um a lot of time to be solid or or something
something like that because you would have had 11 through which is kind of cake in and coffee
and then you take to breakfast 11000 you have lunch around 1


10 minutes of 330 or so you have to pee and then in the
in this period after the word 5 you have cocktails and then
address for dinner at eight o’clock or so you have dinner so um is covered
wake me up a cruise ship with a continuous Suffolk food available in the
who would want to your mail to be heavy and dinner was usually pretty heavy weather
the big melons on the show Ellen really bracelet touchdown was World War 1 a Percy had Carey
characters that at dawn of a maniac Matthew is it was injured in Bollywood


what is legs again and we lost another character want to go to a clip right now
now this is up as soldiers recovering this is between
can I get a countess O’Reilly Crawley and Roberts mother Maggie Smith
Smith also I Korra and the Elizabeth McGovern about the use of a house
house at a convalescent home for wooden soldiers
pictures of side f***
granny a convalescent homes with people recuperate


what in the dining room
can you have a positive
when was so much food can be done iPhone
strange men price

Roberta 9


no I’m an outsider pictures
na na scene theyre talking about
talking about the the aftermath of World War 1 and you told me earlier really interesting psoas
Highclere Castle which is what home is actually called an end up with the home
the program shop was actually use data net forum for that function Yahoo search
set up a hospital one of the things that happened to the beginning of the First World War
beats frequently Series kind of scenes where everybody all the men want to get into the war


the war before it ends because I think I’ll be over in 6 weeks in a year
all these other men go of bringing their other state laborers with M
the villager or whatever but the wind work just as good as some
Synthesia stick and I wanted to have a role so
what happens with a lot of these houses is the third turn to the hospital and they pay
they want to buy the best equipment is there no X ray machines
kinds of things like that about the convalescent is a are the actual


Hospital and then they come they start competing for a rip Ayesha
patience know if you have to remember the name for the most part root beer
set up for officers are not setup for the average enlisted man
um so there going to be probably
middle class in an up to your not going to get to know somebody from London
who sang at your house um and then they and then they
they start sitting up the hospitals in France and the battles


battlefield hospitals and the Tramp boobies women trainers nurses in Heb
eBay the volunteers va va diesel to these kind of volunteer
AIDS um I do all kinds of things like that um
who is the really a fruit and patriotism
driving this so uh I mean it possible to put somebody like me
like lilac who is very um very victorian
1040 and she’s very Victorian might not like


like the idea too much but certainly Coral would not have been kind of waffling back and forth
fourth and dumb clear head like 20
funny bets in 1914 so pretty early on in the
The Young and the proceedings so yeah I know the boot there is no argument
about the spots of light of the Sun on all over talk about differences between the end
Edwardian Victorian period what is the saying
who sings is that you have um have you feel like you have a lot of etiquette


get to the whole thing but really the Victorians were very very um
they had lots of rules lots of girls so um
no one else but you can look at this morning for samples so um
Victorian period if you were with me always see Victoria after Albert died springs black for ever
forever what is premature Black by the time you get into the F word
gaurdian period the nearest the period of deep morning where you wear black and then you going
you going to have morning after 2 years and half black


and by the time you get to the period after the First World War
then the all black. May only be 6 months you probably wouldn’t have to
do you have to work Rabun on all your garments in the long veils and time
time after a few months you would you would come to move into black and lavender
lavender and or you start adding some white 2 route fit for something like that so
what happens when Victoria dies in 1901 in Everett 7th becomes king is that
is that you start to see some relaxation of the rules not nothing


you know it’s not casual iknow that even even the period of the flappers without casual
casual like now um but definitely
the rule the society sanctions for things are art
slow using up quite a bit talking about Downton Abbey end with you by Professor
professor eyes makeup of an if you want to a righteous are at will
will the HTC stock Illinois daddy you already 802 2
2229 4055 so when they change the close of business


is this it alright to hide Gino’s Amelie justice the missus what’s expected of you in this period
what to expect if you missed period and it also shows that you can afford all these clothes
is club so um part of all of this all the time is
show your place in society showing your place in the world show me how much money you have
the real problem for a lot of these states because over time because of
because of Taxation because of mismanagement because of all sorts of reason
reasons divisions of the Estates um you want to eat


you have less and less money team I have lots and lots of land you might have lots and lots of
stuff so you know if your family’s been around for 400 years you might have a kind of
wonderful family portraits in Las Vegas great dragon China
cash and the NFL in the meantime
your wife wants to go to Paris every year in order dresses from worsen MX
what kind of exercise is good to huge problem because you have to keep you have
you have to keep up the appearance of this is one reason this is this is


this is something that they have from the beginning of the series which is Roberts marriage Korra
in the a in the 19th century in the late 19th century when this is really
really going on you can actually get guide to American in Paris
heiresses you could get guide to the British aristocracy
who is American hair with no who to marry NYS British aristocrats
no which American heiress had the most money so that you could make these
the marriages and there’s lots of them that always work out very well but


but um but it is the way bring money into to the state so you know
Consuelo Vanderbilt for the Duke of Marlborough they supper
separate um Jenny Churchill doesn’t doesn’t do well with
Randolph particularly but you do what you do the lots and lots of these
these infant PBS custom dramas about
about those kinds of fun marriage Islam interesting
Devon for more than a couple Seasons Maui been talking about the operations of the Estates


the farm properties in now ah yeah Tom and Lady Mary
are sore at the forefront of that we had fun little moment with pigs last season
then and then it and its is like to see time kind of actually having a voice in all that
just being in the background of this porn this former gel for
what is a good I think place into his background to a certain extent from his from
is from an Irish family they probably lived on the land in at
early some of them and dumb United States a place where you can fit in better because


because these statements jerseys are not usually a kind of book
the upper Mr Krabs you there their they’re more likely to be the the gentry the upper Gentry
country that kind of thing so its a is the world he can fit into better
um but I mean this is this whole thing that goes on with it with the idea that Charles Lakers talkin bout
the family for the just telling of pieces of their land in an all of that that that
the very much what’s what’s going on in over this period
um taxes are going up quite a lot of Dutys are going up quite a lot which means if you have a


if you have a bunch of death um which is one of the things that happens with the first world worse
words with the root of the beyond the Lord eyes
medieval age maybe not the air dies
then you know when you have a subsidiary air maybe another son maybe a cousin
cousin whatever they die every single time somebody dies they have to pay the debt
FTD over again so what you see over time is the start selling of parts of Houston
staples opening up the state to the public that starts showing off their pictures on their own


ornaments in and things like that so um this is very common in the sky
this period of a lot of the end of the upper air stock Recinos nothing about
about farming and um if they have a really good manager that’s great
don’t have a really good manager that can be robbed blind um or the land mean
you put a very good you convert a whole idea of the Pigman who goes off doesn’t doesn’t
doesn’t pay attention to the fact that the pigs have no water that doesn’t that doesn’t seem
realistic 5870 is a specialist and pigs and have that happen but


who knows Philly to traumatic see right we have we had a tweet from now
from Nancy cc’s is my show the nothing much about that what is a sediment
Papa season was too much about family soap opera and two little about historical context
contacts to an inmate mad maybe GWB National Insurance Julian fellows feel like you have to making up to do with
do with tragedies in just I know if I was worried about that well I think it was a recover
recovery season to 3610 so it’s not N&N
essentially the kind of in the spirit of throwing in some historical stuff but its not


as a dramatic if they get into depending on where he starts next season
Upton 2526 when you’re going to have the Big Ten a strike in Kansas
things so um he’s got places he could keep you go without if you want to go with more history but
in a lot of outcry about these characters dying and maybe he felt
LT needed to kind of focus on what was left of the family at this point
point of interest in a wrap this up at the how much is a table to cover a thousand
average amount a decade of time in the show what it takes


how much for coming in at the end of Sharon Michael Lovett she’s an adjunct professor
Professional Studies at the University of Illinois talking about Downton abbeys first four seasons
thanks so much for coming in today thanks so much for having me just when I think Dave
when is a TV critic weeklies TV recaps join us earlier in the pros
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During the course of the last four seasons, Downton Abbey has become one of the most widely watched television shows in the US, captivating viewers with its portrayal of English life in the early 1900’s. The finale of season 4 of the show aired last night in the US, and today on Focus, host Jeff Bossert talks with television critic Dave Quinn and historian Sharon Michalove about what happened this season and if the show’s depiction of life post WWI in Britain bears any resemblance to real life.

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