Encore: Staycations in East Central Illinois


This hour on Focus, we’ll listen back to a conversation host Jim Meadows had earlier this summer exploring East Central Illinois…from the perspective of a tourist. Sue Post, author of Hiking Illinois, tells us about some scenic, and maybe unexpected, places in the area to enjoy the outdoors and will talk with us about what makes hiking in Illinois unique. Sue also tells us about native wildlife of note.

Then during the second half of the hour, we’ll hear from Heather Wilkins, Director for the Land of Lincoln Regional Tourism Office, about Illinois trails. These Trails don’t have much to do with hiking, but they’re just as scenic.  We’ll talk about where you can go to visit every from Illinois’ most historic drive-in movie theatres to the oldest soda fountains and the world’s largest golf tee and covered wagon.

What are your favorite places to go or things to do to “get away” while staying in the area? We want to hear from you this hour on Focus!