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we use personality test to figure out which career is best suited for
which job applicant a higher which person to ask on a date how to have a laugh online
online finding out which Harry Potter character bios how well do personality
how to work what is a really measurement how to be checked in for accuracy


imagine dragons focus on talking University of Illinois psychology professor
French Roberts science popularity in limits personality test
real world human resources manager
which personality test cheetah pants on and why
are program continues after the news
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should really recognize when I catch IM my producer Lindsey moon to the quiz she
is Lady Sybil Crawley the most likely to end up at a political rally try and help
help with server do a better job are scandaleyes her sisters by wearing pants to a party
party so now you know something new about both of us but there are a lot of places
is of that type 0 just for fun however real personality testing
is serious business with a lot of carrots pension creating a test
North alot writing on the result when your test today Sedition a focus we welcome you


questions about personality testing and your experiences with it is well
email last will dash talkin Illinois dot edu later in the program
programmable talk about the science behind personality testing with University of Illinois
psychology professor Brent Roberts right now what’s a good looking help personality testing
testing is used in the real world for instance by an employer the International Society
Society of Arboriculture serves the tree care industry from its main offices in Champaign
champagne where it has a staff of more than 40 according to the website Cindy Harris


Paris is the societies human resources manager and cheese with us today and focused
talk about how personality testing is used in the workplace city welcome to focus
focus thank you very much and um I was just wondering and mom
um um am i right thinking that influence just looking for certain things
personality test for certain questions if you need answers for
um this particular personality tests work is the
fantasy how this individual Mike file into the total composition of the workforce ok


okay so there so it’s been so its so to specific information
you don’t need to like everything about a person acceptance really have a holiday
how did they do at work that is correct looking at what
what may be there natural abilities were and down to take a quote from Kim Collins
trying to put the first fight at the right person on the right seat on the bus
is is this the test that you do like doing the job interview process is a day is done later
later in the later in someone’s employment as well I do I do it during the day


interviewing process it’s an interactive a segment of DNA
the interview about 20 minutes okay it’s so if you can play a role in the end
the weather not a person get tired it is one of many factors
. I really have to wait on the behavioral based interview
promises bad that I have more likely Ave of your car
behavior can be more for reflection of your future behavior at the debate the
the true colors profile kind of gives me a compass


SI where I might want to ask for the appropriate competencies for the position
ok the true true colors at the name of the big ticket to type of test that you use that’s correct
why did you choose off of all the ones that are available why do you want to
what is a what is your employer use the true colors test actually true
true colors was selected prior to my rifle rich as a human Reaper
source professional finding an organization that I just at the value
are you about the individuals at and cumming together to get things done I was pretty


pretty impressed Beckham true colors II vs quite a few Obama
Myers Briggs the desk and I love them in a classroom setting
acting and disgusting facts had been very successful Indiana
being able to find them at and there’s something about the simplicity of the true colors
colors model that that I’ll give you the ability to actually
Reata pride in the workplace etiquette Sesay a common language
how to use when where I’m trying to improve communication office of Catholic


how long does it take to get to do I take the true colors test
its like I said I do it within 20 minutes with interactive
there’s a card sort which tends to be kind of fun and sulfur does candle wax
don’t let the the fine for you it is research based at as valid and reliable
reliable tool but then and then there’s 5 simple work Westerners
and and and you have your hair color profile OKC
is a card sort Sol a persimmon look at a variety of cards of some type


we we start looking at the in a dress and what they might indicate about a Acer
Acer up at color in the spectrum and then there is that language
back descriptors um and I get the opportunity and then they kind of a
life in order most like them to like them okay so the person taking the test
Tesla search describing himself through the test correct
does is testing tell you what sort of what responsibilities a person may be good with so what’s the price
the person they work best with a definitely is key indicator


Decatur’s into um there’s some folks there very action oriented
stakers fat fat orange in a profile and a bruising
using oranges tend to be very creative a make sure you also got your gold collar
which tends to be the structure and organization of skills that you know
Asian with need an and then Greenville dental X & Y
sand and soil getting a group of people that can perform the duties and
responsible for socialization groups ok does everybody get to know them


no the results of the test absolutely absolutely is it ok if an
if I ask you about how you did oh na na na
assessment and up so I am a combination of orange and blue
blue and with an association if you came and you would see puzzle pieces out
outside of everybody’s at office cubicle that that is a visual
display of their colors everybody knows everybody that bad
because that sound and once again when you come up and put someone


someone and I know that there gold in nature are primary colors
some clothes so so so it sounds like you love it does
employees generally find is testing helpful and helps him understand
Nazism cells but the other coworkers is well that that’s fit the valley of the tool
tool override buy the whole concert
people are complex and and that’s that’s some
that’s the next part of it is is how far you can take this texting app


people are complex this is a very simple model II
IAIA use a couple and allergies one of them being the GPS vs
versus the compass okay this is more of a compass juicing
this is the compass and it if you really want to Holiday Inn on somebody’s press
preferences ok do you
do you re test employees after a few years are is the first test of the only test
um we have not implemented Airy testing also we do


do do a refresher training and then periodically the entire
half a workshop and sew a half a workshop at does getting place
the opportunity to be tested there there’s um I wanted to
2.3 reactions within the spectrum okay so maybe a little shift
shift overtime flight shifting bad side
this be if they’re really focusing on there in 8
tendencies things that you’re more last born with vs learned


um you’re going to see that it’s hump what’s in there
nature and I like to compare writing it with your dominant hand
hand vs your non dominant hand okay okay
it’s pretty natural to write with your dominant hand which would be more
more beer your personality traits how ever I am I can switch hands in overtime
what im get pretty good okay so in the same
same thing with with things with in your nature okay so you can


can you can you can you can learn new patterns of doing things absolutely
ifile Perry low INR spectrum and the golden one of the best compliments I get my work places
is there gold
common language what year was okay how about no
I fink you said earlier that you’ve you print from your own experience you think this test
really works better is more useful in the workplace in some of the other
some of the other personality test I’ve never


never seen it so easily adapt it and in right to the UK
you can actually apply it up like I said I’m I’m a big proponent of the Myers
Briggs exist you get 3 months out after taking the test and its really only a ham
cancel the people from my experience that can remember with her profile is
okay to fire what is this kid but in this case it sits
it’s pretty clear to everybody there’s something about the color spectrum
and then encouraging people to become more versatile in the spectrum


bactrim with their interactions with other fact that you can definitely apply
okay what’s up sounds like you’re saying that this is this is this is a useful test
test for ranging people in the workplace as long as you know what the limits of the tests are
star exactly um you do not want to label
Abel people because people are complex okay well
well City Harrison wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us
about to about a person at now the testing works in your workplace and again


Cindy Harris is the human resources manager at the International Society of abhor
abhor culture in Champaign send a thank you again for talking with us your very welcome
this is focus on a wyll mg medicine with talking
talking about personality testing and how it works and why
why its used in what the sciences behind if I want to turn out to itemize
my second guessed here on the program and he has to deal with all those questions is a professor
psychology at the University of Illinois Dr Brent Roberts I was actually


this program several years ago with the talking to David and about the science
sofía personality in glad to have you back on the program again love you back
okay you heard that description of off of personality
personality testing and I take it there for just in the workplace
place where are the other tests after do they work on Seminole wind
signs are there different approaches to one coming up with the use of personality tests
the test for for work versus many preciosas there are scientists expect in the industry


three individuals use the so um this test is one that
representative of the tester typically used in industry nice tested Texas
takes the most of the negative qualities that people possess in doesn’t the system
this is what you might think of his people strength and emphasize is the strength you may have
mn dot can be used for a positive way for people to like those
city was doing it in a workplace which is nicer and it sounds like you know if especially
specialty going to be showing results posting post post a posting some of them on


on your office store probably talking about the perceived negative traits
is not where you want to go to know I suspect not I wonder 2010
the the posting of something like a color or label with the cheese the same Possible naked
will make a consequence if you did not like somebody’s an orange for example I’m not kellita some problems
specs on a very curious to know how that would affect the people of long run I have no no idea of NYS
Benny’s study of everything done to do that but I feel so hurt a very coming in this industry for people
people that used to like the color Tustin BTI for people for example of coming to a meeting and end


and confess their personality type of the beginning in order to help communication or two
do I get a fight with a heart of people get to get people to quick social starting point Vicente
how to protect ya and NW there then becomes how much information you’re actually communicating
getting out accurate is and how much that should be relied on and I think the danger in in terms of
of typing this way is that you can Oversoul information of being given
okay well I’m wondering just going back how long have
have a psychologist been working with Ceasar structured personality


analogy test as compared to just saw the 11 questioning that somebody might have
having a session with a psychologist back to the beginning of the 20th century so
start of something before World War 2 inspired apart by the
the products of World War 1 was psychologist reply to try to select the soldiers
Alexa Vega perform better in a field and from that time on you had a along
long and energetic history of trying to figure out how to assess psychological qualities weather
weather baby psychopathology something like location to restore normal personality when is a swimming


when is the State start moving in the places we’ll movie the places were saying psychologist may not be handy
Andy I like the workplace or something else that’s been going on for
long time so I go back to the 1960’s even really
NBT I was first created alien BTIS Myers
myers-briggs Type Indicator which is the most widely used in industry okay and I was telling
and I was I was the telling print before the programming on the ride the tide
light in my workplace back in the 90’s I took the Myers Briggs test I don’t remember


how I scored a little late but up but it but it was certainly was it was
it was interesting in revealing it somewhere to time how we feeling
do you think a Myers Briggs test score is about a person what
Lumi for sale sympathetic to bed something like a four categories
system is hard to remember the Menace probably watch do something simple Myers Briggs
4 categories and so got it I thought about the actual remembering here
hear your qualities and having something very simple strawberry good um and then turns off


terms of the question of what something like the myers-briggs would get you
I know that it’s going to get you some of your personality traits it’s going to provide
provide some feedback in terms of where you stand
the scientific issue for release from my perspective in from the field perspective is
not the questions per se Marina content a mans b*** the tendency to them
put people into categories which is refined is pilot
pilot problematic because people as City Center complex they dont they dont actually I’m fit


categories BTI oversold idea that people are in types and up
that these types don’t change and that’s a problem for Minnesota perspective
because most people on a continuum and the most of the most people in the middle of the continuum
that’s right way to put the dividing line for an extrovert and introvert or an orange or blue
and that’s a problem from a scientific perspective in for my information
mission perspective because you might make a decision based on being of extrovert
can you just barely left work and more next word in some situations


Asians in others the inevitable you very well I c** on strangers as compared with people
youpor closely with stars things like that yes and no in the sense that
fat people very Network respect but most of the personality inventories actually have that is part of the car
how to contact a man so somebody is would be considered high in a conversion if they were comfortable
Apple meeting with strangers and having a conversation with them if you are uncomfortable doing up in the tester
designer touch without tune for you more the middle of the Ranger law okay talking about
what personality testing and if you have any questions for a love for up for breakfast


Roberts are if you have any experiences with personality test yourself you’d like to see
like to share give us a call at 1 800 22 29455
2802 22 wyll my email is Will dash
talk at Illinois when you cannot Richardson Twitter
where are Facebook at focus 580 and
you know this goes back to a to a larger question personality tests measure person
personality and then have to figure out exactly what personality is or what


what personality is for the purposes of what your testing for um
give me that serve sage in odd which means like yes it’s a big field
what is a big clit big things in terms of what he was talking about
the color test in test like that you talking specifically about personality traits which are ARW
are one component of personality why was the way we think about it we also think more bra
more Broadway in terms of individual differences and when you think more broadly you have to include
things like somebody’s abilities send somebody xentris for tampons affect your interested in going to end


feels like radio is separate from weather your country or not
Adrian and useful but both of us will to South because they can give you a lot of information
until the personality test is used in industry almost solely focused on personality
naughty traits and the limits of the begin with and then you know even if it’s safe you want to go to
go to in to a field I guess there is there going to be a variety of different jobs in that field at one
might be subject to a personality type is well um
what a candy store can personality testing weather Institute of tech


testing our say the old the ones that say psychologists use with patients
can you give us full knowledge of everything about the personality or is that just not pop
possible what is one thing that I try to remind me every body who uses
uses personality test Lisa’s the weather structured is that they’re not
not really what were interested in for interested in somebody’s personality like to argue that if I want to
understand your personality I’m going to put on a camera on your shoulder
horror put a team of people together to follow you which is frightening


reality TV show exactly volley for 2 years in an ounce
tears but hope to see you in critical situation so if I want to know what your urine
you’re anxious individual Roddick I’m going to want to see you in situations where you feel uncertain
are you feel stressed if you don’t have the experience is over that those tears I died I wouldnt want to make it have to be
Houston to that type of dimension but maybe Outasight I don’t need to know that much are just don’t have to you
2 years that’s why we use self report personality inventories is because for the most part we don’t have to
how 2 years at but but you have to keep in mind that these are facsimiles RR


is RR RR stand ins for what were really interested in Denver Facebook
bursitis in elbow for the individual use the main industry are Ardsley public
which Downton Abbey character you are the disses just one way to get out and it says its off
approximation the surprise ending of course is how well the proclamation works
what is not the Platonic ideal for searching for a question line 4
94 St Charles from champagne good morning urine focus
thank you I’m about 40 years ago and I


psychology personality psychology course search Siri off
personality Corso we studied the various
individual to raise your mouth lyrics and tall and
I wonder if you today cause I don’t hear you talking about
about any does Barry Siri say is that still considered important
does PLL theories think im replaced by
other ways of looking of personality Prince


Prince what happened to all those personality theories of the died
fortunately their ideas died with a times for the most part the clock
the classic series the of fried Young Adler MassWildlife
are not widely used within the field personality psychology give up on the
upon the the big bran cereal in part because of series like fries are some
are sometimes untestable in and part because many the ideas were wrong
why doesn’t stop somebody’s ideas friends for being very influential so Maslow theory for samples


Apple store in industry despite the fact that most psychologists and specially personality
personality psychologist don’t necessarily believe there’s any evidence to support his hierarchy of needs
needs are some facts remember that from college friends f***
but I’m wondering are there any new series 2 of come along are you know is
is there any Siri isn’t there any 3 I’m outta the most people now
how are studying mid series in terms of the the purchaser taking my mid theory mean
not Grand so if you want to stand with somebody develops RR weather personalities


what is consistent with changeable you go to a developmental theory that describes the the mechanism to process
processes that are available with we have found the utility of things like
is like after series are are young stairs to be I’m really not good
I’m at this point and so then BTI for example is based on Young’s dairy which makes the argument that people flip
flip flop between personality types over the life course we don’t see the oven for that
so we divorce Ultimo title ideas because they haven’t been useful in terms of understanding
is there still a hope of finding a grand theory of personality York


Dr people just thinking that is not really useful are even more even desirable
the Arizona hope some of my friends are there other alternatives that we needed
we need to consider how old is attachment theory is one that soften soul is another option
option evolutionary thinking is now actually I’m getting some track evolutionary thinking is
so the distance in terms of how the human species is created to revolution
evolution and how it would guide who are the creation of individual differences in why they would exist
I’m so why would we have a domain search of consciousness in humans


what purpose would serve how would it still take something like survival and reproduction evolutionary
people are starting to think there providing grander theories that most people during the last
last 20 to 30 or something so stay tuned sounds like me answer this point
Charles I want to thank you very much for coming in today apartments anda
let’s go ahead and take a short break right now I’ll be back with more about the science of personnel
personality testing Hiiraan focus on wyll
you listening to an encore broadcast of a previous focus program im Jim meadows


what’s in my gas today is a French Roberts is a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois
Illinois what talking about personality testing early we heard from Cindy Harris who are you
do I use is some of the real world personality test does shiza NH
NHR manager at the International Society of Arboriculture here in Champaign
describe how she used a 1 personality cast test be a true colors
colors test I have a caller who was wondering if this is something that tells me you don’t have a spa
specific answer for what personality tests ups uses for the


the drivers but I would they be was wondering if there’s a larger sense of do you know how to
how to company like UPS would use personality testing you know either particular job
jobs were you looking for particular things ain and in some cases Industries of gun co2
Great Lakes to try to figure out of more efficient and valid way of selecting individuals
describing how she use the colors test of carbon 12
to the interview process systematic interview to select people I’m one of our car
how far from complaints are grapes on the other end of the spectrum is that many organizations


Asians don’t use a good valid way off of assessing the qualities that they want
they want in their employees personality testing is one possible way of doing that many of the trees do it
do it into their benefit in summer specs on the back in the late 90’s I was where
does wherefore companies for target in other big retail operations using personality tests to
decrease employee theft how much was actually a much bigger problem for the men’s French people
people coming into stealing things in their capable of reducing the number of employees a higher that would
wood and up taking off of stocks of clothing for example NFL Pomona bottom line


wine and that was done through what you think about that the typical approach in Indus
Industrial Psychology where you go when you do a job analysis figure out what’s required on the job and then what
what kind of qualities rap beats with predict whether somebody be a good employee
what type of approach to personality test of any sort typically what is comprehensive that would measure with
what we think of the Big Five would get you information that would be valuable let me go
let me let me I catch up on that the big 5 of personality
throw it in the one major finding within the field personality traits of the last 30 years


30 years that we have a working tax on a me off of domains service like a working theory
personality of some sort of theory would be giving it to much credit
working model find pizza blindly empirical
miracle of finding weed Factor analyze the adjectives in the dictionary
most of the major languages across the globe and arrived at the fact that there so there are 5 made
major domains are still having quibbles an argument over whether its 5 or 6 or 7
we do feel pretty confident after 5 in another extraversion horribilis conscientiousness


emotional stability and openness to experience and then you might go on a sliding scale
kaylani to those how much or how little you and for the most part any personal
personality test that you take will cover some of those domains usually impar
impart band that did you can’t escape the remains of summer specs
any question you ask somebody a princess to figure out what character they aren does Nabi
beyond our star wars will never be somewhere in the domain of a big 5 the color test
testing BTI the disc test of the Enneagram old is Jesse find online


why the old tap the same domain the possible not organized the same way but they actually gay
actually give you set the the same information just repackage suspect I’m wondering
when we talk about all those different types of tests I think a lot of them I used mostly
mostly like in job interviews with what other categories will you find personality test
testing being used in I was thinking French did someone someone trying to figure out
what’s the weather going to go into what college you know what to major in in college does personality test
the test to get used there what does the good go to a different domain


personality so we will you try to focus on what we call vocational interest instead of personality
Detroit location Winchester different race because they reflect kind of what you desire
what you want to spend your time doing and that’s a different than what you typically do so pretty
personality traits 10 to a factor in the things that you do
automatically and not you don’t really think about um interest inventories on the other hand
can have to do with what you would like to do so are you interested in tinkering with mechanical objects would you like to work with
work with people not a different bank is it still a measure personality are not um I would


argue that the measure personality because I like to keep the field broad inclusive
Lucifer of most of the major domains of individual differences exist important for
for not only Society for the way people function what you want to do is incredibly important thing
thinking probably a much better thing for determining whether you should be in a certain major or with you should
are you should be in a certain job or not numb your personality traits made in effect with your successful
will there about if you’re not interested in working with cars are not interested in being engineer
engineer might not really matter what your country or not or extrovert


andar en are there hole range of brands of tests for for for
44 thats a fuse is well with your angel them and they been
they been in existence possibly of long for longer than personality trait measures 90 if you talk to vocational
psychologist educational psychologist Jim Brown’s next one here and stuff
experts typically in the domain and for some reason I get clean from our field long time ago but really
what really does belong together can another one another a type of testing that occurred mean
dating services weather dating websites are other social dating services were there


there’s a personality tests in and maybe a test what’s the person you’re looking for
how does tests work those times I actually do focus
almost exclusively on personality traits which is someone fortunate because there’s no
there’s not a lot of evidence of the name of the scientific literature that we match up on
map on personality traits with our spouses how do we measure um well I think they go to college
propinquity market forces are pink with his big word to me what does that mean midgets having the next
the next to somebody is attracted to you you find people in your school


find people in your workplace 35 people community in your church and they just happen to be there
what happened to the qualities that you want and what we do know the personality traits
important in the qualities of people want everybody wants somebody who’s smart funny
nice and responsible for most universal that’s the forsworn funny 9
nice responsible does the top 10 that you can make a nice long list of the ordered a quite
white road quite reliably about everybody wants a certain type of person in there and they’re made
I’m very little evidence that with you match up or not has


really any incremental benefit to you so if you happen to be disagree
is it good to have to disable together verse is a nice person and not not a nice person
we don’t have a lot of evidence that the Big Bang ok these are the tests that are
what are administered by 9 psychologists I guess a relatively quickly are there any other field
Fields where of where there’s enough of the man for personality test
there’s a hole range of marketers trying to bring personality test in tooth
listen to business are industrial don’t see that happening


how often can but I may be in terms of n in psychological counseling
self esteem personality testing there used to be a very popular thing to do within the clinical death
domain is probably going to c** more important as time goes on because the new
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for clinical psychologist just came out of the DSM vs m5
part of that they have a dimensional system very similar to the big 5 examples
testo that’s being used and it might be there in the future these types of approaches
is World War Z running songs of the the clinical field camera


Radisson to do what we think of as as forecasting for somebody psychology used to be
used to be the case that you’re going to bring a person and give them tests like that and that end in PI to Minnesota
Multi personality inventory which is dedicated to something psychopathology exclusively
who supplies and then using a towel or weather somebody’s gonna be a successful person or not
not or to diagnose them that fell out of favor for a long time to come back
come back but the issues themselves are very problem in the minds of the clinical psychologist when you know that moves us right
right into a question found in from Sarah who wants to know what is personality


how the disorder and are these personality tests used to diagnose
the test that we started talking about like the the disc test
the color test or not intended to psychopathology
personality disorders of a subcategory of a clinical worlds think of it
psychopathology units is assumed to be like a personality trait but it’s going to be something
something that’s pathological narcissism for example what is an example of a personality
narcissistic personality disorder borderline personality disorder test at that


that actually tap these try to measure would a test like a test for the gender for the workplace even
even see no service orders only indirectly so we do know for example that person out
the normal personality traits of a quotation surround that are strongly related
related to what clinician study of neurotic system which is the domain of a friend
feeling depressed and anxious and an uncertain is strongly related to all of the personality
words that we say Lowcountry unload a realist are some of the
are some of the best predictors what we think of is externalizing disorder so antisocial personality disorder


disorder and psychopathology for example I’m so there’s a lot of overlap more than
I suspect people might be comfortable with you would you be able to diagnose stop by with a color to snow
are you going to get some of that information yeah little bit but not the end
in my mind Worth diagnosing somebody so it would be a more involved
personality test maybe of the times you said it just did you just said so
set a falling out of favor that you might use to try to find a tranny
how to diagnose a personality disorder or are you saying that now psychologist


just go with no one on one conversation with a patient treatment
lottery ticket stub more of you bring people in use s were there at a menu design
directions to help him out um so you don’t usually use personality testing
asian girlfriend utility that wouldn’t be use for could be
clinicians do continue to use does test but that that’s not quite as popular as
is there a fear of Ms diagnosis with with with a general te stats
that’s the same test for every person I think you probably have to ask conditions I think there’s a sense of Utah


futility when it comes to the interface with the reimbursement systems right now what what
what what does the the insurance agent want to see
remind me to work without as opposed the weather going to find you swallow a test and I’m wondering
the ring of 44 oz for conditions which psychiatry
Hyatt wrists would use medications to treat a yeast in Port St schizophrenia
frania are diagnosis of bipolar disorder is that something that a personality test
test are you know what would be able to even odd even the


what are the details psychological personality tests would be able to defeat look at
no in the winter the Tuscany crib for
sites like this or for the industry don’t have that well enough to be able to diagnose somebody
Dr to be used to construct a boy and a Tesla psychologist use to use and don’t use as much for the
for the patients with a be looking for an existing Stan and improved on M&P
M&P limit create another test to get it things like personality disorders
borders but those are used by clinicians and the clinical field and they


they are just not as widely used to work for the 19 fifties and sixties OK
interesting cuz I think a lot of people’s images of what a psychologist does
map in step by Ste models of the movies movies on TV from the 1950s and 60s
things I don’t know if they change that much over the years um uh
especially if someone’s watching something sent back that people watching us an episode of Mad Men
fantasy psychologist there a scene that still using those techniques
and that may be the model of what they think is going on now possibly


thinking about the TV shows of psychologist that might be better Bionic review
psychologist that look like skinny
psychologist using of course it’s like I’m just coming many many different forms of energy
psychologist have many different approaches to the price all them questions
so you can get people are very concrete Leo rented looking at behaviors and thoughts I think I
girl talking about her selection system mercy behavioral based interview in writing
write a clinical approach would be like that 2 called talking to be able to pee your sister have psychoanalytic


people which is more like that the things you see Mad Men
psychology related your mother and father when you’re young so they still coming over
Fridays by their tongues to be watching waiting on those the reason and how they are playing today
what you know I’m wondering um women going bad
going back to the personality tests and jests some of those basic test if you’re talking
talking about for the workplace are for dating service career counseling up how to
how are the questions designed are they are the DeSoto questions where a person is


is consciously describing something about themselves is a understand themselves are they trying
trying to find a way in which people may be more something more reef revealing of themselves
self that really knowing the other really nice question
would argue that most personality test not develop without much for thought
typically we want to get at certain domains and dimensions and then the person who is offering the test will have
have a variety of approach is some of them are very simplistic so I buy wood categorize the
question approaches in the three three domains when is straightforward


somebody that you asked them are you an expert are you talking about you but there’s an does te
does types of questions to be the most valid then there’s the subtle approach what use to be
used to be a tradition with personality assessment that was the drive from just like in a PI
why were you ask someone to have interesting inseminated questions like I prefer showers
hours to bad and then you look at the answers to see what people would say in MN figure out with
what are correlated with anything you’re interested in use that that’s a very fit a fun way
fun way to do things because it tends to make the test mysterious for individuals taking it in the ass


shower sure and Rancho what movie review let you have something
Holiday what does the two dominant ways of doing things with some questions like that
cat to not be as useful as well then is ingenious questions
so I think in particular some of my friends working at the domain of attachment for simple
example like to assess the dimension of avoidance with somebody likes to avoid relationships
not very good asking when person are you in person
yes I don’t answer the question what yo straightforward questions are indirect where they say


Sao people shouldn’t be trusted right and then one person say of course
course you should trust people think something about themselves for saying something
something about people that are actually meeting in some respects and directly to
to the quality of a psychologist restaurant assess to what degree do people try to cheat
how to cheat on personality test in present themselves is someone that they think the test
the tester wanted to see how are you a controversial stance on
dance on that I’m almost always thunderstruck by how honest people


people are people want to tell you who they are even in what we think of as high stakes
stakes testing situations applying for a job and I’m trying to get into any organization
what that uses some type of pre screening test it is really surprised me how
how honest people are good when you look at the stuff the scores are elevated
I’m so there is some books a fledgling of the of the dimensions
what we see are the answers to the questions but it is very uncommon to find people true
truly faking Amanda wave saying this is who I should be based on


dawn what this person wants it what is really hard so if you have to go to an interview
dancer 150 questions and fake it takes a lot of c*** ever to do
how to do some people default to install a specially is what we call f******
I’m so you might put your best foot forward so to speak
this thing that you know you are completely and utterly disorganized moderately disorganized
and not a thing as much more common we are talking about personality testing with friends
Fred Roberts professor of psychology of the University of Illinois email address will dash


dash talkin Illinois TTU let’s go to a caller on line
94 and that’s Davidson Terre Haute good morning urine focus
good morning how to call about the speaker setup opinion
of a please understand me that you’re sick Bates
to be a simplified Myers Briggs test if it’s no problem
experience with benefits rich workshop on it
terms of the differences of people in heaven simply revelation about the book


and I wonder what its current weight is the profession
please understand me character and temperament types by David Jersey in Maryland Bates
Wikipedia listing what is what do you think the book print
ally have a book so I can’t I can’t come in a book Amanda I’ll I’ll use that
used as an indicator of what we think about it the scientific field most practicing
missing psychologist who are doing science don’t use the NBT I already buried
very intimate Bandon or do they endorse the approach that typically done


under qualified up a little bit when it comes to the domains that are satisfied
Best Buy the NBT on the color test we would not disputed does existing people in NFL test can get
can get up those dimensions reasonably well where we
you start getting into trouble with the sinuses how does tester used
used especially that the act of categorizing people into types and diet
that’s where we really part ways because we know that that’s not the way you miss work
thinking in in a utility perspective like a wastin Dr Seuss story about it first


it useful to know in what direction you’re going the the real question
from my perspective comes to how are you going to use that information again if you suddenly get cat
how to write an extrovert you’re just a little bit over the midpoint of extraversion and you make it
make a consequence of decision for your life based on the information that to me is a problem
that’s the way to tie should not be used and then there’s a tendency in an industry
mystery to tell extraordinarily compelling stories about how
the dimensions relate to a lot of different outcomes and I don’t see a lot of empirical evidence for the cleansing


Armada fair a lot of pretty nu uh easy
repackaging what you said next for therefore you’re going to like to be with people that’s what you told
told personal inventory but a lot of times they tend to extrapolate pretty
pretty widely assuming that for temple understanding who you are going to make you happier in the workplace are better worker
worker more motivated and I don’t see any of the support
ok yes much David thank you very much for college
calling and I we have another collar off from Urbana I think you may have a good morning


focus? Myers Briggs have a quick one thing I learned
um in lean workout after weed Myers Briggs Type S sound
what are the ways spot that extrovert
where is better people then more interesting for people and
what was very useful about the after sex
ascension was that talk about extroverts being people who recharged with other people
people got their energy back and introverts prefer to be


how to recharge by themselves with a much more helpful way to think about
thinkin bout those two personality aspects fact that you can change
mixtures and pure gas have pointed out
thanks thank you and that is something something its lesson
what’s the value judgement in that case on extroverts and introverts um
more than 10 just more for the scripture and is an accurate description of
talking about those basic types of doctors


Corsican being a construction the day that comes up is weather
weather not is the value of a person but Weatherford for dental society Value City
write think its it’s undeniable the cause of the Western in a special American society values
extroverts over introverts and the probably very little basis for that turns off
terms of the Imperial courts write a deductive you find im the
empirical database related to extraversion extroverts for example of an suffer more car
car accidents because their respective distracted I’m so there’s negative consequences to be an extrovert girl


are there also a positive consequences for cymbalta to be a happier than other people
and that’s been one of those reliable finding that we get fat as a scientist I see that type of finance
anime sympathetic to the argument that you want to have equal value to the different dimensions but its very hard knock
NACA seaside saying well I like a rich Moore I’m in there for valium and
by the way this finding a text to be happier than a bird im it and you may not like
like that I may not like that but its empirical fact I have to Russell it bad if you look across
personality is never be the case that you find positive and negative attributes are qualities


associated with high low and feet one but some of them have a lot more power
more positive things associated with high end automotive there not a lot of really good
good things that happen to you if your impulses an irresponsible and disorganized
Camelot negative things happen to the flip side of your very conscientious you turn to live longer
longer have better physical health a better positive social relationships in do better work
work directions to defend step back and say well
we have to exercise the positive qualities about that motivational thing comes out of hell


MBT eyes typically used which is as a tool to validate and make employees
what you feel better and not respecting BTI the color test of my car broke down because they
does that taken out all the negative qualities that we typically assessing the scientific wrong person
personality and that raises the question is that useful in the work
the workplace Isaias use for the test or is that deceptive and perhaps
perhaps counterproductive far is a little about depending
what you sow is it for the real goal of industries to make employees feel good by getting into


ti like that works perfectly how about making the more productive by putting them in
jobs are suited for a completely different question and end in there in that situation you may not fine
find information on something like that useful to you and thinking terms of development
developmental angle you what you want to do to maximize your human capital on your employer
workforce sometimes no situations you may want to know what the negative quotes
qualities are so that you can actually help people to work on them where to create a work place that
is that doesn’t punish them for what’s a negative qualities that that’s not a problem


which is better time one question that occurs to be spread your taking a personality test
I have actually have you mean baby try the different brands of them
I dye it looked over some of the ones that are we talking about today and and there a lot of fun
did they did you come out the same way in all of them umm lets see no
no no but because that they try to create systems are in copper bowls of respect
and some cases of course on the green I’m on the on the color test
that’s not my surprising better than the other test if you have a different dimension


translate what are useful information came out of this test um
the think some of my friends and family might argue that I could use that information
omentum ibenefitcenter there’s a suspected I find anything surprising know
I did not okay what we’ve been talking about personality testing in about personality
with Professor Brett Roberts Easley social personality organizations in the social personality
personality organizational division of the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois
Illinois thanks for joining us on focus more pleasure than me Jim meadows


listening to an encore presentation of focus on wyll today’s show was
show was produced by Lindsey moon Jason crumpets are technical director this is focus
focus on WILL AM 580

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