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this morning in this our focus we will return to Atmos ups do we talk to Ben about
and it’s something that is often referred to by the shorthand phrase the digital divide
hide the fact that if you take a look at who it is that has computers uses
this computer is involved with the Internet it tends to be more middle and upper
upper income fox and not so much people on the lower end of the skipper haps for obvious reasons
computers can be a little expensive and you gotta pay for internet access


accessing not everyone has that kind of money we will be talking this morning
who were involved in a program actually is a program here in in our area in Champaign
Champaign Urbana but also in East St Louis to try to provide computers
Peters and internet access in some training to lower income people who otherwise
wouldn’t be able to do that we have 3 guest hair with a sentence
Martin whisky and Paul Adams from Prairie net which is the community computing network
work here in the Champaign Urbana that has it home in the library skull


I had also Parkey George he is Professor Urban and Regional Planning
and is also the interim director of the East St Louis action research project
and as we talk you’re certainly welcome to Webkinz coffee have questions or comments
we like to participate in the show anyway 333 will 494
9455 n toll free 800 222 w Iowa Ave Q
thank you very much! Just me and maybe for anybody who doesn’t know what
what Prairie net is why don’t we just talked about that for a moment


what is bright now all about as you mention pregnat say a community computer
computer network we found at the graduate school library information science back in 93
83 we are served as the first ISPs Internet service providers in the sky
in this community and Dives Cincinnati 3 Wii 5 extended the
the types of services that we make available to the community we host
websites have boats and boards email
will supply training we work a very closely with the Urban League in other groups


groups in the community to provide training for to low income individuals
and when we get donations we recycle computers in Tekkit
do I get them out to the community we also I provide technical assistance
four organizations that would like to have a web presence or wood
would like to purchase computers to El Patron activities
that is well okay then tobyturne professor Georgian Inn have you talked a little bit about the
about the East St Louis action research project Alabama


universities being associated with CV St Louis since 1987
1990 that became the St Louis action research project
Amanda Scott raped by two rather unique approaches to dealing with community
community one is reaction to reset wifi work on building scholarship
ship not separate from communities we don’t eat these places celeb
DeBarge you that we going steady would rather we work with the people in the US in the neighborhood
neighborhoods in the community how to generate knowledge as a nice because it is


is service learning do we have number of course is a concluding the
recent one in a lab information sciences with students who work on you
open university courses for acne are involved in community projects with a
where they work with community in exchange for the knowledge gained from the community
do the back some kind of a service project rebuild in the neighborhood f*** could be rebuilding
Community Church it could be installed in computers
Indian Community Technology Center so we have a range of things


its been dead its been in existence
1990 in that phone but you had
associate with the St Louis since 1987 I get it in your involvement
then with the pregnat folks can because people that you were working with an e St Louis
said we need computers and we need machinery we need hardware
we need training we need help because we think this would be a really important develop community development
they said that to you and then you paid lateset Wilde pregnant


have done this year in Champaign Urbana expertise that’s all
they became involved in the world
Cuban engaged and using the Internet and web based resources for delivery
information to that’s the way we connect our selves with the community because 180 miles away
no that was in a bit music coming up here we all got interested
interested in that we did a lot of web based web based information delivery
at some point the red eyes though that we would delivering information


who was in the capacity of the community to receive information with finding out
and we did try in several instances to set up small technology centers
computer that’s been realized we don’t really have the expertise
what to do that kind of kind of what and that’s when
last year and then then then the blood
describe it in this list with lyrics what’s up what’s are the things have you been
your brain at guys doing their panties


as we start looking at this is a possibility that it quickly became apparent
apparent that we were going to have to bring in a lot of resources to trade a refurbished computers to build
Labs a lot of what we do naturally but it does take a lot of human
human powered to work with that especially with the donated computers we get that have to be tested
tested and refurbished when we were looking at this last summer it quickly became
who became apparent that a course I teach a introduction to network information systems
had all the people power we need it and we realize we could take me


3340 student that were in that class use them to help us
do the work I modify the Corsa that their final project
would be setting up for different labs within the East St Louis Community
the student then we had received a donation of computers
computers from team technologies up in Chicago and they
they had given us 220 hundred thirty computers
to work with we’re going to shoot for having four laps of 10 to 15


15 computers are cells so we need 60 working computers we had to
the students work through the semester can a beating up computers finding all their flaws what wasn’t working
king of all the hundred twenty computers we have donated we manage to get
almost exactly 60 working once out of the package
what the computers they took to trip south east Saint Louis the first one
party was mentioning its more than just doing it and dropping it off
coffin saying there you go this is what we came up with we actually made the first visit


is it all the students looked at the site of doing step down
spoke with all the people who would be receiving it found out what sort of interest
first day had what they were going to be trying to do with the computers and then the students custom tail
Taylor to computers taxi service needs the second trip then was the actual
actually deliver the computers and set them up we have thin steak in a few other students out
salt on a couple different visits to fine tune some of what was out there to add some capability
abilities like Internet access so the whole app to have internet access


and we’re not developing a training manual for help the sights mean
lights maintain the computers and do basic troubleshooting and us
so it’s gone through all those different steps never matter of just dropping it off its always me
what they need designing it to suit does need an and training them to
actually used computers and to maintain of computers
some of the students in the semester schools dismissal working on em
McCracken come independent study in which they continue the relationship with you


the technology centers that they help set up my mentions window with Daddy
Justin technology stuff some of them help fix the neighborhood park in Lititz
free pit it’s a pizza broad based collaboration in nursing students
first one to get a video real hands on wintergreen
1207 transformed innocence by then being able to have this really wants in on the way
the way you have it setup is wealth of the initial part on your first visit is
is actually a 2 review St Louis to see an overall image of what’s happening


what some of the challenges are there face so its not a narrow focus on chest
just technology absolutely it’s such a broader look what we have lunch at
at a soccer field that has been transformed the first visit we are out there and watched
watch the kids playing soccer so there’s a lot of feedback is going on
so what sort of things that did the people that were using to people in need St Louis were using the computer
what are things are they using them for an example of
Olivia and summarize what the difference between cut 350


how to set up an event to setup a technology center
training to local residents that are in the
local area and this could be us the computer is it could be
vines word processing and things like that but it isnt sleep training online
give an example of Doctor Who Scott Lusk
ask a job she had in in St Louis metro area


do to take on to become the leader of the pastor of the new beginning outreach ministry
310 East in Centerville in Centreville richest guy next door
East St Louis and she uses her to the technology center
set up to provide training two people in the media
but she also Hooksett up as an incentive for people to come in have had sex with
Jesus and i cant use it take nothing for this job
so the DD Technology Center poteau


what does another example with her actually would be as well
that she recognized the need for a budgeting
eating having people learn how to work with finances more so
when she gets back the introductory Windows training she actually than offer
second chorus that an add on courses that looks at how to
how to use the spreadsheet capabilities of the computer to develop a personal finance software
software that helps them learn how to do more effective budgeting and financing of their system


what’s going on other household so what a lot of it it goes beyond
Beyonce what starts with huge how to use a computer but it moves onto here’s how to
improve your wife using this technology I think the type of
all four sites really user driven in the case of new beginnings
there their individuals who come to doctor and say I need that I need to
YouTube learn word because this is secretarial positions open up and say that I have to have
Ventura create that died curriculum in an offer


offer at the just as in the the forth a site which is not face to face bass
bass tab but I use recreational facility they want to get in
getting to the kids actually learning how to work on computers and possibly
are relationship where they could
that work on computers for people on the community and make a little bit money let me hit it
the number to the entries are guest 4122 Indian in little bit here we have
we have with us in studio Smartwool ski Paul Adams from praying at the Champaign Urbana community


unity computing network and also Varkey George who is the interim director of the East St Louis
St Louis action research project is also a professor of Urban and Regional Planning
talk about some of the activities in East St Louis that has been Bob both of them
the of the action research project and pregnat in setting up some computer
computer labs there to provide people experience with computers some training
internet access and so forth and questions of course you’re welcome 333
33 will toll free 800 222 w Iowa


how much exposure in school there any St Louis young people
people get when do the schools are they also making some effort or do they
do they face I also a resource kind of problem in for it for them its difficult to
to provide that hit the day they do face a problem but they also face
lil boosie to do this kind of stuff
the stuff Duncan Cohoes inequalities Evansville
every looks at the school district of being the better at the worst possible


50 have the resource constraints and going to the prejudice
within that I type I believe that they doing the best they can sue for instance in Windsor High School
Tuesday that you started a Cisco Academy which is that day they made it
did the train students to work a network Cisco networking equipment
end up for you maybe it was a more about the Cisco Academy Frisco jazz music
do they have programs like that they have a fairly well figured out
computer lab that introduces to dance to robotics and software of fish


multimedia software various kinds of God people trained
chained that so they do have some resources some big Timmy the biginning
McKinley Didymos Resources Anthony people to be smooth supportive of what they doin
doing and not be very critical of what they doing the short periods of time does it get in the school
cool also are we could start but that isn’t where all the consolidation
what happens in that is it where they burn to start taking it be on with just the basics of learning in school
school we were just a router last weekend talking with Greg


Greg Lewis Bride of Christ he was pointing out the difference between
Queen the youth corps City have in the Senior Corps City have
teaching two different courses to reach 6 week 1 courses and
one of the seniors of foods not fitting in on the youth chorus and think why are we getting
learn all that stuff and he’s pointing out what they learned a lot of it at school they have alot of bass
the basics but there’s still a lot of the consolidation it happens in the middle and upper
homes that have the computers at their home that doesn’t happen with the law


the lower class community when they don’t have access so having that additional access Atlanta
the web really make a difference because you know if you move you look it up
technology pervades it until it’s it’s it’s easy for us to keep up with things into
and to be done to an to use disdain in infected with butt
but you know foot for many of these did the emphasis of many of the kids
exposed at school that is in the provision of technology in India live sex video
to be able to have the skills to get them to the job market in Cincinnati


will it was really wondering when you look at the people who are using these computer
adults or whether they’re all so young people in the weather this works out to be
how to be an adjunct or a supplement to were somehow builds on whatever kind of exposure that
did the day get in the classroom in school and sounds like indeed yeah that is one of the things ive done
what is an Italian does if there’s a lot of the Fallen
volunteer everything going into this out of computers were donated the students work on them
there must be some expenses if if internet internet access


what actually does this end up costing and how do you cover
cover the cost where’s the closest is
is it from the nation of computer and what causes travel
Keeping Up with People of the presidents with me to a movie fund
that kind of activity is it to service learning course it contributes to
St Louis and so we become a country
how much it cost but its very significant in a baby have a budget for service learning


learning of outreach and fitness and we use to cover the costs and is also cost for
best for the host sites to an after credit card sue you know keep the lights on
your panties to the bills and also the internet connection
phone line so they have they have some contributions to the project is well that’s actually been
Cuban or last visit again when were at Dr Scott love New Beginning outreach
program shishotas is noted that she has had to cut fat
cut back on the amount of training can she could provide because of the


700 for Life team bill and that was with
what was with cut back for this isn’t she had tried to do all the after school programs that she had wanted to
building she couldn’t afford it so ugly Yahoo
Electrical cost we don’t often think of that but the computer
computer monitor speakers about to amps
running a web of 15 computers at 30 amps
that your drawing well that adds up in additional utility cost


so why they come from a lot of different areas but the books
trying to cover the cost of the innovative ways to have a
75 a $10 fee for doing this course but don’t hold
old computer village with another organization working but he says just bring up
a10 of canned food that your contribution to Italian Ben Folds
they have caused minivan coverage to an Operations but they have
interesting and innovative ways of recovering some of those costs


making the team a meaningful to the people who are getting it
bigger challenges for starting a face now though are when you do look at internet access cost
cost 1015 points per month that you can
internet access with seam trim your butt down there you
Connect charges that are then added on add to your phone bill
you also have issues of access speed
when you look at phone quality the phone quality there is not selfish


sufficient to run at 56k let alone 336
in one case up with had to downregulate down to 1900
well you know you start going at that rate and it starts a
making a significant significant different 1919 cake but I
but ive it makes a significant difference in the quality for you have to start with
can you upgrade the phone service or find alternate methods
that some of the struggles for going through right now as well have you find other organizations


is a Shenzhen in East St Louis Wednesday see what these folks are doing stopping by NSYNC
looks pretty interesting in the end the other people thinking about trying to do the same thing
what we call the digital use a collaborative
that’s a group of a 2000 so different community based organizations local government
agencies that are interested in the NBA
so we start a meeting in October of last year and we
we put together a proposal for funding the collaborative itself


is is the whole coordination and
open audition for these activities that affect significant
good times cafe
compose out the director of a technical assistance Antony St Louis spend a large amount of a time
what time on this and it’s a really heavy thing to count
so you’re looking for funds to support the collaborative
do you have somebody administer ministry


data support for this exactly but come together we become aware of
it may be 17 to 20 different Technology Center
independence Ohio for the north
what other people are doing to Princeton University Edwardsville
has Lucas set up the Griffin center Moriches
8 youth oriented of Computer Technology Center with assistance from Sprint


sprint able to spend as a campus compact of some kind of program like that
this is quite successful but it wasn’t meant to be from the collaborative
abrasive that really good sense of the range of activity center on there
we have got to talk with a to do that in Champaign
Payne County annex line for hello
the call their online for in Champaign County
well okay maybe he’ll come back to the phone num in it


let me again introduce our guest are we talking here with Martin
Smartwool ski and Paul Adams from Prairie net which is a community computer network you’re in Champaign
Champaign Urbana based in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science
science at University of Illinois and also joining us is Marky Georgie’s interim director
director of the East St Louis action research project of the college
fine and applied arts at the of a he’s a suppressor Urban and Regional Planning written about some of the efforts
words that they have all been involved in trying to provide some


access to computers on a computer training and internet in East St Louis
Lewis and questions are welcome 333 w Aloha or 9455 also
800 222 w 101 think I may be a professor George Kentucky
a little bit about I guess I’m just curious about what’s what’s going on these days and how things are
how things are going in East St Louis because it’s one of those places that do that do what we stand
used in the past one would think of as being just about the most economically
advantage Darien in the entire state


how are things going in a St Louis web
frequency and so sometimes some of the positive changes Escape
escape me of somebody who would be in a 96 and one of these
what weekend I went back last year was saying it’s been a huge improvement in in
in what he saw what you saw their butt
there are still some very serious challenges economic primarily but also
also if he is a basic premise and lose its luster


2050 population since 1964 someone 90002 30000
2014 what that means is you’ve got only one third the number of people
people to support the infrastructure the government take for granted
drawn together in champion to give you a sense of champagne
Dr sixpence about 35 of 40 dollars per person per year
Leah Remini St Louis that’s about $5 a person
what you did in the resources available to the number the baby from Bruce WI


Lisa said he said was involved with soap
how do you deal with
abandoned Delich properties because you don’t people leave the property that CO
some of them I have absentee landlords Ouranos and it deleted
derated so there’s been a fair amount of efforts by community
organizations to deal with these problems and they haven’t been successful differences
distance with a limited resources of demolished in Ted something like 3000


abandoned property the
the once and dismayed kind of a big difference has been
lesbian nulytely the electrical system that was electrical system that was built from
good from St Louis Airport Lambert field to downtown St Louis
10072 East St Louis that has opened economic opportunities with
East St Louis in huge waves
primo soda as a public or federal expenditures is really it’s asleep


could you suck my benefits and be with an expected
most investments it’s it’s it’s interesting
interesting investment is housing so we have
neighborhood that’s going to be invested with a package going to listen to 50 million dollars in New Hope
new housing around this light rail station soda rock video
very clear up positive change St Louis
very good challenges also so for instance the city’s infrastructure is crumbling


simply inviting some like a hundred million dollars to to fix that and
we don’t know where that’s going to come from the digital divide is a is a is a huge issue
what I think the positive
what did the kind of cord positive aspect of this whole thing is the strength of the people
and community organizations that but they’ve got a phone
examples he gave you babe bring that time in the talent to produce innovative
interesting ways of dealing with the problem we are there 2


help them do specific things with diesel dinner ideas
embarrassed with soap
I believe the situation improve the lot of both in terms of
the cities of the deal with this problem and the people supposed to do with the problems of cell
so I think we can try again with R Champaign County Collier Land Before hello
hello I just have a moment but the same apocryphal stories from the area was worth it
what some of the abandoned buildings were in that way


from 1914 are riot happen
which was not just right but I attack on on African Americans living there
and then other one is so f*** monster fuller I was quoted as saying
may or may not be the case but the arguement was it he said must what’s up
it was the worst ghetto in the world smallest dick point of view because of the lack of Sun
Avision of people there I hope thats being overcome by Trinity groups but then
but then it probably was the case when he was there in that was probably late 60’s


are there other units are doing things their understand I guess maybe I didn’t hear the introduction
little bit about more general notion about the digital divide a
I don’t know if people saw this but the one of the places where
this is where this discussion with taking place was by the FCC in the commitment
by the Cunard I guess what’s his name to chair the most recent
where is so Paulo and he supposedly said the digital divide


do what I don’t really know if this is the case study
basically is diminishing the idea of a digital divide is a socialist
social justice issue and doesn’t look good that’s all I wanted to say at this point hanger
don’t hang up and listen well I don’t end in AB at my headgear
Gibson opportunity I guess just did it maybe again so to make a point about why it is
is that access to computers having some computer skills
skills internet access might be in something important for low income people


well I suppose some people would come along and say there a lot of other things the disadvantage people
people would need more than a computer
and yet it same time I’m sure you’ll be prepared argue that you know thats thats really
really being that that’s very old thinking why would you say
do you say that the digital divide was indeed an issue in which something that would be important
frost be addressing I think for stuff we need to look at
the community St Louis de identified the digital divide as an issue that something that was her


it was very important to them feeder fell to their being left behind they didn’t have adequate resources
resources and I think a lot of comes with the wanted something better for your children
children and seeing the computers computer used computer knowledge as
as a means to maybe that’ll help the community butt help with children in East St Louis
how to move beyond community I think so mo fo what we’ve discussed
discussed in the past as well is whether you’re talking about to do
how to do something its related to society or whether it’s


more of an organizational issue tour
Bang and we would talk alot
everything these days and what are you doing with commentary ecommerce
etrade and if it’s just a matter of that certainly have some issues
issue weather there’s a valid reason for bridging the digital divide is it because
cuz no they can’t afford the Mercedes of shopping online
they have to use the it forward of having to go to the store


Odin and then you can have a discussion weather digital releases
valid or not but I think when you look at the digital divide is something that represents information
firmation and a totally different lifestyle change that is happening
is an information economy then I think that
did something is very relevant it does need to be bridged that it is a life
is a lifestyle change its a different way of living and
more more people move to that the people who move to that are the 13 bad to get the better paying job


how to make a change in your life Mexican stupid comments
when is you don’t have to go to the St Louis to see the digital divide you have been champion of the night soil
so its not that far away about the desert
does giving examples of the of the light rail system that was
physical divided between the People v St Louis jobs in St Louis
and by bridging it with the light rail we were able to have a significant effect
back in people’s lives better boo to deal with their own problems was so with this data


give them access job opportunities is exactly the same thing with the information
the information age they are on the wrong side of a battery a
between this whole world of opportunity that we take for granted
and it must be something done 2222
what do is not just Dutchess from from
Debbie Farrell from from flipping off to promote equity because it will help them
do more effectively with their own problems did they do not need


in Hondo to think that they can do but that promote effective leader if they
are allowed to be just like when they were allowed to bridge to the river
what provides get access to the jobs
it’s the same kind of impacted think would be felt by big do the dishes
The Onion Prius programs I think bulb on Martin Ave Boston hear anything
think that we have talked about the the idea of community
computing and what that’s all about and it will be there also has been


has been a lot of talk about computers being an isolating Technology Project Lead the computer in the home
ideas on how people are spending time in front of the machine that they previously would have spent
interacting with other human beings face to face but I think something that I know that you
you are interested in is this idea that the computer
Shooter and Miku networks of computers can be tools for
community building which is something good on the face of the time people might really not
quite get is that something that you can talk about when you


work with computer and for many of us is the natural
process anymore are we have her email account we have
web accounts and we are getting better at seeking out information and sharing information
information but when you work with a committee
by and large you still do it face to face when
you try to develop ideas often for Stewart face to face
what’s the technology does well is allowed for you


for you to do follow up sharing of information its a silicate
the passing back and forth of appendices of information if you will
but that that face to face meeting is still what is the crucial aspect
two building the relationship that allow for collaboration to happen
that happens within the academic community here at the university
city but it also happens in business and it also happens within the community
that most of what we do in community building in helping


helping communities to build themselves first happens face to face
and then the technology is something that’s added on to help facilitate
above and beyond that meeting which make them more cohesive
a better product overall I would like to visit Oso
yes computers could be isolating butt
the technology centers appear creatine are actually becoming social places
in neighborhoods that don’t have social places so you know that the meaning of


mini of those who sings two sons of gun and release of technology center zip is in one way of finding the
huge hole in the neighborhood so technology could have
if I can bring people together most of India right now Isaac also to because
East St Louis in such a large geographic area that people are scattered throughout
that by developing the sinners that they now are able to share information
nation of people in another region of the city I fink guide
as we build more the Senate Daniel have more people involved in more people know what other people


people doing in a community summit success even of building the centers has often
is often relied upon using public gathering places at the beginning point
that helps to make the technology less intimidating because they’re not
is there not going into these pristine white walled environment there going into the public
Republic finance now just something else fits at the public center instead of being
is a totally different place in us recycling place in the
with one is is one of an actually in a church gsmarena


is it when you
when you you said that one of the things that happen once you discover that there were other people who did you have not been aware of the
is it is it fairly common that accept us some sort of faith
based organization ends up being the host if it sits it quite common
summit have for instance a second victim does it make
crosses second chance shelter I think its for a 4 foot is a shelter for women
and they have wind chill be heaven what’s a wide range of


shifting but yes I would I would think that the majority of faith based on
yeah I would think so like a good one coming to the economy
calling me about buttons to fullest statement about people liking vision I don’t know
with the first name of hearing about it but that is a common problem of people from the
Beyonce in some of us we go look at what is of visually
really sad state of affairs

To blame the people who are there for the for that state of affairs but that’s if you look at


if you look at the surface if you look below the surface road is erotic stories
city of people who who do incredible things with these
is limited circumstances to get some done for instance
and I like to eat St Louis she’s a stablished the museum that she lived
she lives that you can t conducts dance studios that so no its II don’t
I dont believe its its its for lack of vision that the people have it
its it’s just that so many is been ignored for so long but the place and its problems


note for so long by us in a byte better combat bats Penn State
bye bye the nation that’s where the problem lies it’s not full
vision I think that they have a vision they don’t have the means relaxation
the longer infrastructure programs problems go on
attended to just gets worse and worse and worse just makes that much more difficult
difficult to deal with just the most of the basic sorts of issues
must be so much beer summit groundwork so much repair Somerton something you have to take care first


before you can get on to other things to prepare the one lab that we worked in
we are actually had to have a different work crew come in to patch holes in the
and the walls of us so that you didn’t have no landing on the computers
is it a fight with had to go
to go to Dave had to do electrical upgrades ORF
how did just because of short circuit finder
yeah there’s a lot of infrastructure work that has to be done in each other places continuous become more


amor Amor promise at the end of the street the property tax rates
anything goes highest state of Illinois at believe you know because
does it have to be have to raise revenue and so the rate that they charge project is high
what that means when you put a new building a new house in new home
one of those properties the tax the actual fact that you’re so you know
Vinny have a vision but then a disc on the problems that just don’t listen to anything
do anything about it it it it it it Dennis Rodman little bit when people


people are these people is easy don’t know they don’t have enough
do their own in a 67 problems
things that act the forces that act against in improving the situation
we have just about 5 minutes left in the Locust Ave T & A questions are certainly welcome
welcome and maybe I should look like Ginny produce reduce our guest Martin whisky Paul Adams are involved with prayer
Prairie net community computer network in Champaign Urbana parking George is a professor
Regional Planning he is also interim director of the East St Louis action research project


project questions welcome 333 w Alto 800 22
222 w while license at this is something you would like to continue doing and expand
and Worthing King in the short term say the next time
1218 months of expanding the number of sides we have currently down there
down there with your 42 possibly 8 or 12 and its working mansion Wii U
we have been trying to secure the chiffons before the state and federal government to help
to help us do that what is this we mentioned earlier was


the instructions to take off the phone in structure and how it was
f*** poor quality and this creates problems with the vagina
people trying to dial up Internet have internet access to one of things would like to do
is use the slope office downtown St Louis
as a point of presence and then I try to get broadband
that site and then be able to provide data that internet connection to
who are partners in East St Louis possibly by using wireless system


passing the antiquated phone system
if its active really effective applicable solution because he’s a loser
an example of civil areas that have this population spread out over a large area
area and width combat instructor silly Wireless may be an effective way of getting
getting Doug Gittins Internet connectivity duties of lung
fashion technology centers in Dallas
battery as a way to prepare a wall for soliciting donations of can


computers and such that its just a matter of fact
weather in did you were still interested in used equipment
articular of winter coming from office settings work particularly well
because you getting larger batches do the identical hardware Richmond
make it easier to put into sites second of all there of the network for that come with the network
network cards already in place does to combine really help
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Pizza the amount of effort that goes into recovery
become quite a challenge when we get a nice large batch of office
office computers it’s much more simplified to put the items
absolutely you know if you can get as significant donation of computers in place
next semester next fall a duck take my 315th doing some good start all over
recipe Flint s involving the time on computer based projects
60 are the projects in East St Louis we looking for volunteers intentional website

larva the whole bunch of information about the
the project nobody St Louis in about volunteer opportunities abound
bountiful Pointe where we used our time are there any last last things you like
when I get up again
and we say if people are interested in finding out more about the
the East St Louis action research project of which rocky GA


dream director again that it is the address their website is www.
w.eslrp.uiuc. so you can check that out and people are interested in volunteering their time
time there and they can get in touch with you and also if people are interested
interested in talking with the Prairie Netflix about donating machine
machines at equipment might be good idea to call and say its what I got
I got can you use this and then go from there that would be wonderful absolutely


244 1962 to call
does a can coke give a call there and contact us and we
and we can make arrangements to take a look at the quipment pick it up and drop it off okay
well I want to say thank you very much for being an inspiration
Ski and Paul Adams from prairienet and park at George he is with the dog with the east
St Louis action research project is also professor of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Illinois

A discussion of challenges and opportunities in providing public internet services for underserved populations in the region of East St. Louis, Illinois, with Varkki George, Martin Wolske, and Paul Adams from Prairienet, the public freenet service affiliated with the Graduate School of Library & Information Science, University of Illinois.