From the Frontlines to the Home Front: Inside Views of the Military 1940-2012



mg metals in for Veterans Day focus presents from the front lines to the home front
home front the next hour
will be hearing every of veterans still there own storage life for the armed forces
from World War 2 to the present a documentary was produced by step
stupid university laboratory High School in Urbana focus return
returns in its regular format tomorrow the fall


the following is a production of university laboratory high school and Illinois
public media men and women from central Illinois


serve in the US military early 19 century remember lines answers
service on national holidays one more time who really getting into the store
review of military service from the perspective of service for Smith and Wesson University
mercy laboratory high school students into several US military personnel and their family members
about the experiences from World War 2 who is the 12th man
6 women who c** from very different backgrounds listen to do the military
how to change the time how deep is inter stores in from the front lines to the home front


homefront im sonic OC and I’m leaving
I was actually not old enough to join the Marine Corps my own I was 17
Latinas all I graduate high school but I f*** my mom pretty good until she
the realize that I wouldn’t have it any other way I don’t know if you’re really understood why
why I was graduate from high school I didn’t have any skills
extended family I wanted to prove myself I wanted to become a man
man I decide man beautiful concept that we have is ideas


we can all Expressnet we can all Jews have a religion or not believe in God and a good thing
good thing and I love that I’m bleeding and I thought United States that help me become a personal
the person I am I can practice on anyway I see said I can do whatever I want I’m a woman
someone I can fix cars I can drive I can read I get a college education and Noble
no we’re in this country that against the law I wanted to go pay my debt this country
countries give me a lot I wanted to get back I don’t think you’ll ever have a relationship with
make you have with the person next to you combat situation because you’re in


your emotions are tied to helping this person do their job
Inn at the same time you’re doing your job you have a great love for the people that you’re with
with and you will do absolutely anything to help them is just something that you’ll never
never leave you


1941 phone surprise attack Japanese
Japanese military on American force in Pearl Harbor United States entered the second world
who is the moment that many would remember for decades
Pearl Harbor, long I was at the movie and always said they shut down the movie in the
everybody return to the birds they didn’t say why are nothing but what you got outside
outside you knew something was going on in the war was on you know the
Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and by the time we got back to the barracks WI


why they were load up trucks in everything who is the US government
what are you going to draft in response to German expansion in Europe the number for crafty
is rose sharply after the Pearl Harbor attack or the next three and a half years
16 million men served in the military 10 million Fuma draftees women want
when were not drafted what song did serve in the military while others when organizations like the Red Cross
cross my twin brother Jack Wills in the army my brother Bob Larson
the Navy every young man I knew was in the service in everybody was founded


100 percent back in the United States in world war 2 affect soil
so I want to be more active than my civil service
service job in Decatur and I volunteered went to Washington DC
see in November 43 for 2 weeks course
the Red Cross first week was history and functions of their eggs
Red Cross College divisions the second verse Pacific jobs
functions volunteered for club mobile fortress of reach


request of Eisenhower he wanted at mobile service
service to get outta the combat troops started out in England
using the English Greenline bus is never Quibids
good donut machine Jonas incidental is the second most popular food
food that the GI system service people live vs
hamburger sin and donuts next free also had a photograph
how to graph on the car mobile with 78 rpm records in PA


System minute we come up to someplace to serve with love music
the guys just came from every place and we danced
did the records and surplus copying does the GI loved
are service we love because it was wanted and desired Lake Wenatchee
not to the combat troops in served in the military women serve in the Medical Corps
poor and if you became pilots the most were signed clerical jobs what certainly they got the
got the same day in the same rank structure in all that the movie World War 2


2 women were enlisted primarily to free up males
25 combat roles women do not display in combat roles it was subway
simply a emergency em measure to free up men so that they can
naked participating combat roles is matter fact the women in the Navy were called
called waves WA ves women accepted for
for volunteer emergency service so I think the thoughts
what process is the time was so this is a temporary singing as soon as the war is over


over the release of the women in the back to the way it was
the Second World War American military units were still segregated by race
what is the first African American to serve in the Marines because have a reality
reality of military service turned out to be quite different from the promises of his recruiter
1200 if you join the Marines you receive the same training
meaning of the other marine Searcy high should really he said yes
I was too naive to us over questions about would I be


the same champ same companies in all of that sort say if I
if I receive the same training must be in the same as soon as it would be
would be if you were the same my singing this was the same as his eye
discover lost in the training as such
separate from the main body of a reason I always so sad
something second class about it and I didn’t think that’s inside giving up my senses
civilian life which was the first class is a hundred students at that time


time to go into the Marines serve my country with a second class
status devotion so to speak and it makes inside
understand why my country want to do that to me racism in the
in the military with a reflection of the conditions and attitudes towards black people in the United States
States especially in the Jim Crow South we going through place in Mississippi
Mississippi the train stop at the 16th stupid laws and
big sign welcome servicemen the Red Cross is Fairwood


donuts Mons instant coffee urns
hello we were the boys find we’re going to be treated to call
coffee and donuts Houston Oilers nothing happens
expected our office close to fall off the hills
donuts and coffee nothing happens funny man came down
the hill and walk along the track Sandra Fluke
even see if you block phases of mitosis


Fred Madeleine back up the hill parrot old
old women that like Marines wrong room was going blind
black new Marines or newer service in Phoenix
Nick closed down Moose’s first I was so angry with the American River
Red Cross ending to the mores of the South that way after
after that forever after I was off for not saying
is servicemen titles to coffee and donuts


lease but they didn’t do that I did that much confidence
co2 country tours officers were going to take me overseas
face customs of the self
the cars you do that many were time experiences left lasting memories
during the final months of World War 2 the four horses of the Holocaust came to light
light as I like truth penetrate deeper into German territory define Nazi concentration
concentration and extermination camps discount Suite a confined kill millions


the people under the table including Jews Roma homosexuals
send people with disabilities first one we came across order for sin
What’s in April where are there the day after it was liberated
never still bodies hit and been taken care of it all so wet
where to Buchenwald which is near Weimar the day after it was Labor
liberated there were bodies in the crematorium Samsung
slave laborers just like skin and bones there did Ceasar


is the lampshades at the Commandant’s wife and maid from the skin of State
state prisoners Lisa the guest rooms Richard Underground
the coming down to just walk over the top news little air holes
put the gas pellets Thailand kill hundred two people live
big room neighbor told to strip take our clothes off
shoes hair and stuff here and stuff here is there going to be de los
house that’s a turtle to hear all is men women and some children only


all naked in these big big rooms close the door
the Commandant up above log on to stop to Sinai tablet
tuner for solids people just skills
persimmon pudding mass graves in this couldn’t believe that one human being
being a b**** so sadistic used to treat other human being sad
set way but it was very horrible


having spirit stallion for service members dreamed about returning home
the one that I’m finally came Mini Stepper the things to change tinder app
is this a 9000 place Silverlight for phone
that’s what I thought of going back to that end in I
gotta go my mother had moved she move to Massachusetts Avenue
what’s a place for once upon a time people had mentioned like houses


houses for sale I love her and f*** one of those for lodging house she’s gone
that is what you can’t imagine how I felt Expecting
teen porn picture of myself with my mother and sister on Cincinnati
the road and then finding the morn Mass Ave in a house full of straight
strange people are strange to me and I feel so alone
the word interfering with are domestic tranquility friends
so it was a shock really show my sister


grown up too fast Levis shoes
my baby sister anymore so many things
but that happens in war Cyrus disappointed
and the Georgia thought I would have fun arriving home with someone
someone some dude will fit but I just saw that the server
the Servicemen’s beat just ment Act of 1944 better known as the GI Bill
what design to help veterans returning from war finder place back in society


provide funds for education for unemployment insurance in for buying homes in starting a business
businesses these benefits enabled millions of service members to join the middle class in movie
move to the suburbs and field postwar economic prosperity in the US





Alliance between the Soviet Union and the United States which was strengthened in world
World War 2 broke down soon after the wars and political
ideologies and desire for global influence period two countries against each other
the period of military and political rivalry between the two superpowers


known as the Cold War resulted in a number for oxy Wars especially in Asia
Asia the Korean War was the first major military confrontation of the Cold War
United States involvement in the Korean War was driven by fear of the spread of
what is communism in Asia the war began in the summer of 1915 North free
43 in communist forces attacked the US support in South Korean forces
it did not result in a clear victory for either side window seal to an end in 1950
53 the world creative Ian remains to this day


about a decade later the United States began finding Forrester Vietnam worth
Asian with developing between a communist north in the US backed south
is the word for grass to pinyin about the American involvement in Vietnam became increasingly
divided around the world 2002 Cummins
Cummins to her feet what is the percentage of people in Vietnam 100 meter reader
should have been there choice happen because he was a communist
free spirit how to


Nationals Franklin George Washington Carver’s country that doesn’t matter
we were wondering Posiedon poser leadership resupported succession of puppets
puppet dictators Callender’s rations which we can extra refused
used in August 1964 phone reports of to alleged tax by north
North Vietnamese torpedo boats on the American store Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin president
President Lyndon B Johnson solar pool from Congress for military action against North Vietnam
lady investigations contradict the official government account at the North Vietnamese


Vietnamese attack 2013 boat and also prove that the second alleged attacker not even take place
take place however at the time the public song we support President Johnson’s the city
decision to escalate military involvement in Vietnam the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Lucian approved by Congress on August 7th 1964 authorizing
the United States open entry into the war after the talking doll stuff happened
the time nobody really knew what is going on we weren’t sure the official line was not shipped
ships in the Night act and I didn’t know anything any different but I didn’t know what the ships were doing I didn’t know


what does patrols about the feeling on the ship was attacked by the evil Vietnamese
Vietnamese let’s go get your body was kind of like going hope and a few days
days after all of that activity the Maddox the first ship that have been attacked was
was schedule be reviewed by us so I was out there visible
bull in open space time in the operation animatics is the blindside
and while I’m standing there time in the apparition I hear these guys calling my name from the matter
Matix the weather in Taiwan that’s when I realized


ultimately what the ship was there for what they were doing their wives
Vietnamese we getting a tax M because daddy was provoke some kind of response time
time to Vietnamese word getting attacked by other forces that we were supporting and so they fought the ship with power
which part of that attack realize what the max who is on the ship
open the weather in volved in the night light that up next to what the president was telling the American public
they were there for the fact that they were not in international waters the Restless spoilers
that was all I needed to hear in 1965 the first ground troops deployed


Ford in Vietnam and many more Americans were drafted into the military feelings about the draw
the draft with inflicted and complicated some supported or accepted the draft
what was also a lightning rod to the antiwar movement my initial reaction
who’s not going into the army because of physical labor
manager looking back on it was indexing server happened to me because
Spencers to use a shooting pool somewhere in getting to solla music
like many people for small towns are never met anyone from areas of the smoke


probably not been outside central Illinois in for vacation
and when I got into the army and the people from strange places like California New York
Spokane Street actions in Leiningen versus
many women and minorities served in the Army during the Vietnam War
between 7 and 11 thousand women served in Vietnam almost 90 percent
does military nurses other service doctors in intelligence officers
ouran Administration or Communications additionally many civilian women


women work for the Red Cross another humanitarian organizations in someone journalist
by the time of the Vietnam War the military was racially integrated
President Harry Truman have signed executive order 9981 ninja live 19
1948 forbidding racial discrimination against military personnel definition
officially desegregating the armed forces the Las Tablas the quality of treatment
unity who is only fully implemented after the Korean War however
however settle forms of discrimination persisted Mishary spiritism


discrimination awesome created strong bonds of facial fried in solidarity among men or tease
please when you go in guys that parents were in the Ku Klux Klan
man and black guys were building games for generations and a Break
break that cycle right away they tell you you are green your nose
you’re no longer black brown white or yellow you are green
Green urine the green machine and so no they didn’t put up with that nonsense
I didn’t see too much are there was some but not a lot and


the thing about Vietnam was that blocks of very very close in Vietnam
Wii with salute each other with a black power sign whenever we saw each other
and we were a braided shoelaces on iris and became popular
population United States but it was the show unity and so we had
black symbols in black jewelry that we made with beads and things in
Vietnamese Queens on January 31st 1968 the north
the North Vietnamese in Vietnam what’s the time difference in a series of coordinated surprise attack


attack on South Vietnamese in US forces across 100 South Vietnamese towns and cities
is the largest military campaign of the Vietnam War the attack of the South Vietnamese
US forces of card because it took place during the Vietnamese holidays tattoo with the loon
new year when both sides 322 day see spot the South Vietnamese in us
USF Ensley repel the North Vietnamese forces the both sides of heavy casualties
casualties defrosting scale the tax shocked the US government in the public
Steven mark a turning point in the war as President Johnson begin feeling back US involvement


Wolfman one night we were camped out side of town I can’t remember
now but it was a fairly large population center and we noticed
how to set the Rockets was just like for the July but it wasn’t fireworks
rockets going just one after another from all around us
going into this town and just exploding all over the place we found out
next morning that was the beginning of what they call the Tet Offensive and that was
North Vietnamese the regular army North Vietnamese were dating


is arias here and they were trying to occupy certain space for certain amount of time in
and they were trying to get as much publicity the Tet Offensive
how many days in certain parts of the country and I believe that made a big difference
difference in the war for the United States was concerned because that change the time to wake
awakened a lot of people to the idea that we didn’t really long hair
well the North Vietnamese were driven back in 15 heavy casualties during the Tet Offensive
media coverage of the attack eroded the public support of the war


news of the Tet Offensive shock in public what was now aware that many Vietnamese village
civilians have become casualties in a seemingly endless war for American soldiers fighting
is fighting in Vietnam directions to Vietnamese civilians were saved by the role as an occupied
pine Force experiences range from positive to write name
the majority of Vietnamese indigenous people with you video Franklin the bartenders a prostitute
22 drug dealers use people for reasons that shouldn’t be difficult to discern still open
telling a gif how much they love Janelle from happy to have America


American soldiers are there fighting to keep them free from Ho Chi Minh running warehouse workers make
soldiers were never done Vietnamese will be nice to them because they work
field level in contact with the enemy surveillance
which was all for the better because you want to know if it wasn’t for you ladies want to do laundry
blow your poop come back to when we would go
what goes on on convoys villages in Vietnam we would see Linda on the sides
side of the road does a Vietnamese civilians usually old men women


children and not be a mind reader in a psychiatrist will guarantee you
they were happy to see if there and they were ready to tell her so much she loves to see didn’t they were
the work during the war communication between soldiers and their families usually
Olivia letters with low in a reliable the families back home
10 TV and radio broadcast for information about what was going on in Vietnam
as a result full service members and their families filled anxious and disconnected
eventually service people return home and we’re reunited with her


do with their families but unlike soldiers returning from CVS wars Vietnam vet
veterans were created by a less than welcome in public that was tired of the long war
some anti war protesters expressed hostility towards returning soldiers
these reactions along with the trauma of warfare Midway just me to Seville
civilian life more difficult for veterans




suffering coming back
trucks coming back with mental illnesses and having tough time
time with Justin and alcoholism cause problems and the 10
lot of assistance for those guys have Veterans Administration viejas
hospitals for full and it was long waiting lines to get service in the West


what’s in a lock for veterans bettersworth taking care of very well after Vietnam end
the general public opinion about the war of change date and time of bitter about the war
are there was an element in the public that would call veterans
baby killers in a budget terrible things and the weather
what’s the time to be proud of serving your country I actually came home in civilian clothes
close when I was finally discharged and I didn’t want to wear my uniform I let my hair
let my hair grow a little bit I don’t want people to know that I was a soldier traveling home


home and so I can I get a low profile and even after I got home I was looking for
looking for work on dark background so big over those couple years
ws that I couldn’t worry my old clothes the only code I had was a man
whats the military jacket and I were the jacket people ask me about the war
military and I wouldn’t give him too much information about it because they were salata
a lot of negative stuff directed towards soldiers that time I had guys
Isaac came back in stores people being spit on at least two of my man have that happened to them


they were in uniform to get spit on the gotta be used to cast out more than 20
literally spell by people my fathers came home
and my uncle came home the man came home from war 200
the real hero in the nation was grateful 100 the skies come home
and maybe they’re week or two weeks out of a diving in the rice paddy
in the mud blood gets shot at and I get off of planes San Francisco ensure some
B******* comes up insults Kohls names in dinner grace what they’ve done


when they’re proud to be 18 uniform and then there told in summer do not wear
wear your uniform is too dangerous to wear your uniform and they became
became victims room Society sworn to protect in Trulia
truly restaurants to do some during the 19 sixties and seventies the chemical symbol
what’s going in the Vietnam war begin to focus for protesters anti war protest
demonstrations were held at many colleges and universities including the University of Illinois
the other one




team Illinois to work in July 1970
there were demonstrations going on I have this memory of the rocks
Roxy pound of guild hall braid with something blue them down


down fill that the demonstrators could not picked up racked up and drama teacher or Windows
buildings that were coming from a small town it was really when I open it
opener to actually see in person the demonstration against the for summer training
returning Vietnam veterans also postwar and Minnie join the antiwar organizations
Vietnam Veterans Against the War after returning to the United States mega Scizor
is this was the first time in United States history that large large numbers of
veterans returning from war should know she’s wrong person people


I love them but this was first time in history that sound
scan this is what kind of person do we can use weed
34 years ago were large numbers of combat veterans in front of the White House
and the war and to metals and Susan at the White House
which is addiction metals is important
but it’s better to everyone else because
when I’m proud of what we have to do to go to get some others


sorcery do credit in street to help me the transition to civilian
billion life Vietnam veterans eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the
by the US Department of Veterans Affairs will the VA benefits included Education Fund
Vons on business loans and healthcare additionally cold is across the country
country began providing special programs for veterans in 1973 or 19
74 William Proxmire from the state of Wisconsin came up with a bill that he saw
Pizza Hut veterans should be paid a lot more and so because of him we got a raise


which was really nice and not only that if you were married and have children you got
you got extra money does that really make a big difference for me and I was because of veterans
veterans organization there they provide us with a lot of help
we had to room and when it came time to register for classes we were given prior
priority which made a difference because some classes really hard to get into if you
if you were a better than you can have any trouble getting to camp time to get your check
check every month to have your check ready for you get me the difference in 1975


5 de Vietnam War end in Saigon the capital of South Vietnam Delta the Northeast
Vietnamese by this time the United States withdraw its troops in the region
how to spend the draft soldiers no longer fight over seas what did serve in US military
Terry bases across the world and it home military strength in for pennis remain crucial to the
to the US to the ongoing cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union
the Cold War came to an end in the 19 eighties when the Russian economy collapsed due to heavy metal
military spending and economic crisis within the country the US Armed Forces also


is also underwent major transformations around this time

in the 80’s with the new army of the Fallen to your army draft
what’s the place anymore people wanted to be there so it’s on like its time maybe
maybe in the 60’s and 70’s when there is always the term for the word of jail
so people didn’t want to be there when your drafted in the 80’s when I
when is the new army and how you could no longer really


drill sergeant condemned grade of soldier like they did before this new
new army career path and a future for many men and women from Illinois
Chris disorders and solve all problems at once colleges pay for getting a town
education and training meals are provided plus money you got a job
society is everything fill in the place sort of my brother and my nephew that joint
join the National Guard for them it was a way to better their life and provide for their families
lease so that was there motivation of course they were drafted


what time was drafted in the air of Vietnam and even my boys they signed a women
when it’s your choice now it supposed to go when you were drafted
what if you wanted to go or not so I think the motivation for my nephew
feeling for my brother it was the graduated high school they were looking for a way to better themselves
I’m self and provide for their families and so the military was a way for them to do that
normal Midwestern girl that got involved in the military
there’s a lot of people to get in the military for the money and that way I think that it is


what it is when to give you have money center
higher level officer the end of the Cold War did not been about
global peace summit hope in 1990 Iraq what does a dumb sayings
sane invaded Kuwait a movie in danger to waste oil its neighbors Saudi Arabia
response on January 17th 1991 United States
States launch Operation Desert Storm during which US led multinational forces
forces drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait invaded Iraq this conflict


what was known as the goal for on March 1st 1991 a ceasefire was negotiated
directions to destroy a nuclear biological and chemical weapons program
United States Presidents in Saudi Arabia during and after the goal for fuel and ham
anti American sentiment someone militant Islamic groups like outside a which was led by Osama bin Laden
a decade later on September 11th 2001 7 militant
associated with out kinda hijacked for planes and use them in suicide attempts on the Wii
on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon 2977


7 people were killed and many others were injured people shocked people
very angry why do people do right away who are some of the line was because
because we were able to find out do researchers think like that mean this is a year 2000
naked pizza San Francisco
at the plot of course allowed people to your body to go to the
how to go to be there in there a small office
remember a feeling of disbelief when it happened it was almost


most liked it wasn’t real but I knew it was real in even though
even though it was in a half mean outside of wife is Ackley was the was the ceiling of
I didn’t feel separated I felt like in my community
at the moment it didn’t matter where we were in America people were kind of the more page
patient compassionate with each other so was almost like we’re watching this really fast movie
pause we are just come to stop an hour trying to check in
gather are some iPhone and I also filled intuitively I think that I knew


new that the circumstances we’re going to somehow Lita war and somehow in what capacity
what capacity I wasn’t sure but I knew that I would be involved in 911
lot of people’s children was the first major trach see if they have
ever experience in relation to the other country Tyga up with Martin Luther King
King and Bobby Kennedy in John Kennedy assassinated within 6 months
months of a truther November Mayer something like that in a relatively short time frame
we lost 3 very prominent people in this country


and our children never had anything like that until 9 11 and then
that attack with on our own soil in one of the biggest cities in our nation
I have no doubt that influence a great many of the young men and women who
who join the military in response to the 9/11 attacks the US invaded Afghanistan
canesten 2001 to the soil cutter and Capulets leader Osama bin Laden
as a continuation what President George W Bush called the war on terror
terror the United States invaded Iraq in 2003 the US over 30


lucidms saying boo the possessed weapons of mass destruction and sympathetic the terrace
terrorist groups in the United States is interventions in both Afghanistan and Iraq
Rock the strong reaction someone airband Islamic nations when we were invaded Iraq
is a racket upset a lot of our area Valley there’s a lot of protest in Bahrain
candlelight vigil stop all people in the United Arab Emirates
fly over their country through Pakistan to Afghanistan
savory with that blends with rack they were politically oppose the last days of the week


fly over that men do we have to go to the most in the Persian Gulf
very congested in the first place Iran threatens a person live without was supposed to
hostility happening does a 10 simple tasks who are you
are you doing I never spoke on the radio to the toilet what we would always give the most
what I call a region of 2 sensor delete say we are
us plane conducting a signal security flight in accordance with all record
recognize international a message saying that your principal


all the recognized school laws so just don’t bother me what are things that cause I’m never
never forget to drive from villages and you see the children and youth
some of them are so happy to see you see the US military in other religions
2630 little kids there is already hatred in her eyes
Atari very young age they been told they’re bad people
Apple iPod that something I have to be to be in the United States
public opinion about US involvement in recent wars Barry significantly the number


number of people who have personal interaction with people the armed forces in veterans is
is a fraction what it was was a problem most people don’t know somebody that’s currently serving
serving in the military or even somebody that has but I think today
today you go back to Vietnam we had no internet no satellite
television with three television networks any the news we got came
came from the front came back of Thomas developed was aired
everything was time delay today if you can watch does the rights of Siri


Syria in Cairo real time you can watch a movie on skype
is so I think people are much more aware of what’s going on in the world
in the world today at least superficially there where they they can be worse they want
how to touch with it I don’t think they want to deal with the fact that people have families
they scream when they are hurt just like us people don’t think
really think about that I think that they don’t want to believe that they think
does the US has a magic wand can drop bombs in people start calling elections


is not the way it works since World War 2 the United States
States military has evolved constantly changing its policies regarding race
gender and sexual orientation the integration of women into the military
for the sample is taken decades in the ban on women in combat was only lifted
did in January of 2013 even now women face unique challenges
is the woman were in our own barracks room at the barracks for was coed
when we were together when were together like I said every reason every gender work together pretty CMAs


good you know what I mean when a woman want to hang out with man there was a lot of
we gotta stick together ladies at that time there’s a point competitiveness to make sure
sure that no one was going to be lazy because if there is one lazy woman we will get pain with
when was the same brush to there was an idea that will have to fry extra hard in computer
do to prove herself define nationally that women veterans are more likely to
I have a higher incidence of post traumatic stress disorder there’s also the
is something that because women cannot serve directly in combat in the end


the infantry and things like that there’s an assumption that there shielded from the violence but the word
who were not the case we have women who are flying helicopters for dry
driving trucks that get ambushed her that hit IDs in so there’s a lot of trauma
that women are exposed to just like male soldiers also a frilly higher
Lehigh Raiders what’s called military sexual trauma the military has always traditionally been a very
very masculine institution in to be a woman in a traditional masculine institution has
has a whole set of challenges and barriers my experiences that it really comes down


come down to your units leadership tell if you have strong leadership in a unit
infer that kind of conduct with a female in charge of all 18 in the mouth mean
mi vida loca loca population that is an aerobic culture and female Tom Franco
very high on the afternoon Arabic culture so tired all these guys but the local donut
don’t talk to me because im a female and their culture its rude for me to see anything of
contact without a finding a way to overcome that we can still accomplish the mission
send while still trying to be respectful their cultural beliefs what is a bit challenging


lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people have also faced and continue
continuous face you need to changes in the military in 1993
the United States adopted the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy which prevented
openly LGBT people from serving in the military this policy was discontinued
discontinued in 2011 wizard lonely sometimes when you define the other game
gay person you pray to God my God now we’re hanging out together Chevrolet
gay together yes we are just looking for friendship knot romance is hard


hard it’s a hard thing and then after women that quote look gay Kathy’s Ark types of society
sighting in to be lesbian Dark type and how they dressed holywater hair
there was a worry that hoe mean to hang out with you in my arms again to get breast the Gabe rush
going to be found out there’s never ending tiresome
idea that any minute anybody who don’t like you could write you out in Kentucky
Navy investigative services for getting acronym people after you falling
call you do anything I want to catch you in the act like you do something now having sex


sex store America fall you to your home how long you hang out with another person
see if you want to move in together they were allowed to do that and then right up and say that you’re gay
it wasn’t even a catching aksing it was an actual hunting of a sickening that was difficult
what was really difficult pression is the biggest symptoms of
masculinity mail oppression I wish I could say what will happen
pretty prickly transition sure thing for starting to change while I was in
but in general is a hostile environment mystic chain


change some branches in certain pockets on military will change what is a good thing
nobody likes women in the complain they raise health
integrated the troops in black and white the transitional be painful lot of people dislike
dislike my grandfather is an even like the fact that the richest African American troops
after World War 2 president racism homophobia dies slowly
the sad but for March for progress differences in the religious background
sounds of service members can also Post Alan jizz during the recent wars in Afghanistan


SCANA stand and Iraq Muslims have sometimes experience difficulties
well serving in the US Armed Services lot of people that Lily walked up to me and safe
Cesar heard your a rebound no action in Afghanistan different okay whatever
like yeah I don’t drink I like ice crazy old drink Apollo
apology circle with a apologizing for drinking like I care so much rain so far from a drink and then
and then they would invariably start going on so you know what time does the Falcons Middle East
least again not realizing Afghanistan is not in the Middle East


drop a bomb on it just make it a big glass Creator look like a satellite link
pas toi connect the dots Hetalia when you notes and it turns to class got it
got it I’ll just tear this person like are you serious
drop Obama solve a problem I was like
US military service in packs not just service people but entire
family especially in wartime you have a loved one that’s going off to war I don’t think I’m free
never forget the feeling of being him walk towards that plane not know where there he come home care


it was very frightening and even know during the time is gone
we had the fractions for periods of time just last night he said that still
still into their it’s never fully God I have a lot of anxiety
the time he was gone anything could happen so we just dance lyrics
praying that nothing happened in thanks for the phone rang it with him checking in
how to make myself not watch the news not read the internet because the more I
Wright Patt into that the greater my fear Pro X


exponential control I train myself not to do all that
we only had one cell phone and when he was applied my husband went and got another cell phone
fun we had a call for tarp on my told my mom that if we are in a meter
meeting in the phone rang excuse myself but the Drina time I really need to take it
taking a coffin case with him I was fortunate to have very understanding by during that time
what time for those women at home the days are full of anxiety and 17
sometimes war has an irreversible affect our family we just felt like I do


God was just so take care of Jessica we didn’t realize it was the war that it was not
Mayan god Pan actually with an October 7th
seventh and it was a Thursday morning my husband work for Mr cuneiform and he gets up
already left and didn’t
the right and my first thought was a hoe
what is the time and then I remember that my son Joshua have a friend
exactly the day before and had scared me on that moment


I had given him money do not do that do not ring the doorbell you come running
I could see where to buy my phone so I can see through the door we had a window in there and I
and I saw the military by mediately probably dad but I kinda creeped out
down in the answer and they said to me talk to you and your husband I was like no my husbands Homan
how to root a bout that life what you’re not home to work
what we need him here and just tell me is just the dad and Mary


what not I really have a teeny tiny tiny baby hope that maybe you should just
I have not heard this before if your battery that they had to
they had to come to your door turmeric hope that maybe that was that maybe that’s why they work
what time a man by the man and a time to get home to my husband f****** problem
laughter good half hour 45 minutes again I was just like you know I’m not going to call my husband
why they did actually because they can see that the laundry
long do they calculate the worse it was getting a tattoo


what they have to do but I’m sure this is what I gotta do it was a male and a female on and they just
set a specific thing that we’re sorry to tell you that your daughters dad but they said a nice military
fashion way then when I find my husband then he called
even talking on he’s like somebody there in like at Houston
dad like yeah

the military provide


support services for the families of service members killed in action but in the end
family spend their own ways of coping with the loss people want to interview at
Denver memorial services to go to the most difficult thing that we do
we did and tired when I was going to win the home because
and I was really hard
best weed song
who is very important to be there to show that we did not lame and elephant


call many of them she died
feel like they should have died instead
where them into that was when you have to do

for returning soldiers the challenges of resistance
Austin to civilian life Armani the transition can be made easier to the support of the public
Blic one thing is good now is the we have learned to respect or service people


men and women who served country are known as the should be and I see the young people nurses
narcissi holding map of to be honored this very gratify you can imagine what that
what that means somebody like me to see that are society space where young people do on ur
socialserve what is a agree with what country has been doing or not
they don’t denigrate service the people who are there when I first went in
it was just push Vietnam conflict and it was some alot of bass
bad feelings out there and I don’t feel like I was never treated poorly racing


ani Figueroa Street pretty well floppy ears yes I walk the airports myself
myself and I see how people treat soldiers it’s incredible I mean the
does the response to soldiers now I think it’s really incredible and because of
Iraq and Afghanistan I think that for for the most part I think the fuse
is of a soldier is a just just a response XE I was what airport just
I was just talking with lighted she said excuse me and then she said hey soldier
thank you for your service you knowing that type of thing happens all the time


hey can I get your bill and I Thai restaurant or something like that you know and I’ve done it myself
how to help soldiers out I think the responses really good to assist returning service personnel
President George W Bush signed the post 911 GI bill into law the bill
the Bills have eyes comprehensive financial support for education counseling and housing
benefits for veterans well in the state of Illinois you have a colonoscopy Guard grant witch
which pays your full tuition fees at Peter full tuition which is very nice
and then they have something called a GI Bill GI Bill is the federal government play of pain


paying for your education in addition to getting a grant from the state of Illinois for being an ass
National Guard pay for my twitter the federal government offer benefits to help pay for school
112 South Philly I haven’t had to pay much in terms of my medication because of mice
my service service related injury or illness can add to the difficulty every integration
Grayson some veterinary physically when did others may suffer from less obvious
psychological injuries what is post traumatic stress disorder University
va sometimes I would meet with a veteran and I would say


Glenview been back 18 months Mk why do 818
18 month did anything happen when I just got my 3rd DUI or my wife just left me I just
punch through a car window in cut off my hand what I was seen as it was a lot of
lot of trauma in unfortunate events that took place and then now they’re going into
into getting help with a need so I really think it’s important to a dress that before
before these types of tissues buildup I would like to see the resort
somewhere to something that you would find in Cancun in make it mandatory that already


all returning service number to come home would have to spend at least 30
30 days getting massages going to counseling doing yoga
Yoga coming down from whatever experience they had
before we release them from active duty and even before the Wii released
families but I think that’s where I’m seeing the disconnect is
is that when they come home and when I came on me then it’s such a fast
fast processing your so tired it takes many many months later on


before you start a kind of start dealing with certain things veterans
support services on college campuses all around the country have been improving in developing
being in order to make the transition to civilian life easier I think that 11
what is something that comes out sometimes is that we think about Iraq and Afghanistan
Tanner any war it can be easy to immediately focus on the negative like
like an in and I’m not trying to minimize at all things like post traumatic stress disorder traumatic
traumatic brain injury but I think sometimes we hear Iraq and Afghanistan my car


my colleagues with think of you I want to fist person is okay if they have problems into a mediately
mediately there can be an assumption that is how to spray traumatic arrest experience
can send but think that’s important but I think that we also want to make the wear of all the good things
veterans bring that they contribute to the diversity of the campus that they have a lot
a lot of life experience and you know they’ve done some pretty amazing things the young age
how to weaken of build off the strengths rather than just focusing on the deficit
wrote the 20th and 21st century’s the military is affected the lives of Newman


numerous people from central Illinois including those featured in this program DaVita
DaVita do you need experience feeling a variety of rules in the military and on the homefront
despite the hardships that come with military service in the supporting those who serve most of the
most of these men and women feel the thinking something worthwhile to the enforcement with the armed forces
they have changed the military in the military has changed them I would say that the millage
military gave me a slice in an experience of life that a lot of
my peers haven’t had necessarily inside you feel that is giving me wisdom in the Sun


signs of being able to travel being able to serve in a war zone being able to work in a lot
alot of Justin trysting place is interesting climate interact with interesting cultures
cultures site I do feel that there instrumental experiences of c** out of
of the time that was translated the wisdom
creepypasta think woman gave still have a long fight ahead of them softly with N
in the structure the military and certainly when they’re veterans and civilian world
always going to have to fight for the benefits when I think about the military experience


good the bad the ugly I still think about it as a positive thing it was a lot of hard work so the artist
best I’ve ever work but it was good it was for boarding in a great deal in Richmond
mount a student apply lot of the same work ethics to mine academic to my R
and how to organize my life but really wasnt venture the Navy slogan recruiting
Adventure Time jobs in Ventura really what I got trouble all the
all the world I gotta see things I got bit by a lion a helicopter land on
land on me there is a lot of crazy things that happened that were fun and potentially life


life ending but I look back at it as being like adventurous adventures life I’ve got to see things
things I never seen I gotta fly over the Persian Gulf and after gorgeous is lovely
5 over volcano I mean who gets to do that all the time so lot of fun
people in the lot of different things

hope you enjoyed from the front lines


the homefront inside the use of the military 1940 2012 this program
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Culture within and surrounding the United States Military has changed dramatically over the course of the half a century. If you’ve never served in the armed forces, have you wondered what that change looks like from an insider’s perspective?  This hour on Focus, we’ll hear from men and women who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq about their experiences.

“From the Frontlines to the Home Front: Inside Views of the Military 1940-2012” is part of an oral history project that students from University High School produce with WILL.