From the Ground Up


Jeanne Nolan has run the Edible Gardens at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago for eight years. In addition to working with Green City Market, the organization which maintains the Edible Gardens, Jeanne runs a business helping people learn to plant and grow their own vegetable gardens. Getting to where she is today, however, was a long and winding road. This hour on Focus, guest host Lisa Bralts talks with Nolan about why she’s devoted her life to organic gardening and how she got to where she is today. We’ll talk with her about the time she spent learning about agriculture at a commune in California and will also talk with  her about the US’s urban farming movement and if it’s losing steam or still gaining momentum. During this hour on Focus, we’ll also dig a little deeper into the cost of the grow-your-own model and talk about Nolan’s “five food principles” when starting a backyard garden or urban farm.