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the leaves are starting to change from green to bright yellow Sarge’s in rats
it’s a perfect time for Mike Bronx New York City Savannah and one of our guest
guest today on Fox Mike says you should be a good year for fall colors
Intelius why some beers are better than others Michael also have an update how to MA


emerald ash borer Street in east central Illinois
what sport culture experts ND Masons back with us today from the University of Illinois
Illinois pension should have an answer for your lawn and garden questions
im Jim Ellis join me for a month gardening and trees edition focused WI

are program continues after the news welcome to focus
is some Jim Adams we doing another show devoted to your lawn and garden questions


also your questions about Treesort cultural ascending Mason University
versity of Illinois Extension is back with us today welcome to the show sandy
and also on the show today Mike bronc of fighting a cold on phone
kindly not trust trying trying to avoid a giving it to us what are the Glen
glad to have you are with us Mike bronchus the arborist for the city of Urbana mo
dynamite welcome to the program I’m wondering what what is the city arborist do
does the number of things


main focuses on managing the urban forest
with 5 landscape architect background I dabble also in the Buick Asian of the city
the city and back in the 90s the management of the landscape
recycling center so I had a multitasking

Fall is officially here; leaves are starting to change color from green to bright yellows, oranges and reds, in perfect time for Mike Brunk, city arborist for Urbana to join us on Focus to talk about why fall foliage is brighter some years than others. He says he expects this year to be a good year to observe the changing of the seasons. Host Jim Meadows talks with Brunk about why deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall and will give us an update on how the effects of the emerald ash borer in our area. And of course, Sandy Mason, our resident gardening expert, will also be here today to answer your lawn and garden questions.