Insect Fear Film Festival 31: Pesticide Fear Films

May Berenbaum with an insect

May Berenbaum Photo by UIUC News Service


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for more than 30 years now just maybe Redbox movies
is better passion for the roaches ants mosquitoes even the spider the insect fear
your Film Festival returns this weekend Explorer complex relationship
hip pasta sides patina comes off of it in her real world research compared to other


other insects honey bees have very few jeans for detoxifying poison
poison sign the facts and fears about insects and pesticide
University of Illinois entomologist and the creator of the insect fear Film Festival
Mayberry Georgia that’s a focus after this news

good morning this is focus on
WRAL im Scott Cameron sitting for Jim Ellis today when may be done first


first launch the inside of your Film Festival she says Reagan was president materialism
rampant indian sex movies were built terrible a lot of change over the past
the past 3 decades exception says the insect movies does a still terrible move
movies even the bad ones can be fun they can also be tools to teacher in that’s why every year Mayberry
Paramount Pictures theme for the film fest and create a conversation with your dance about that theme
this year it’s pesticide fear films about joy to snow in Studio City
the professor and entomology of your life and apartment head of course the creator of insects


fear field test which ones this Saturday info on a Torium mail come back focus
focus how is a pleasure to see if there’s something in a really scary
scary about insects all those legs, are you that I used to be
and when I was a kid I was terrified in Texas
what was not till I cook a college course I realized what you should be afraid of the most
most unknown and not this with nobody greater than everything convert songs
what was the reason I’m stoned Prepac of us somebody so comfortable around


spring is the Statue of Liberty facts
little mountain kind of dangerous insects that people might think I’m unreasonable
multiple consider mosquitoes is the Amerindians I see them
even as flying injection device from kinds of untreatable and
un billete de visas so does the wind be afraid of the dark side knowledge
I’m so it in this FES what does have some of the disc
scary stuff as well but you better than new twist what is a sign of


what was the convergence of things um I had
become aware of a 1949 um
Gene Autry movie times and
was astonished on CMAs movie had something to do with mom
outbreak so I’m no search of savant dish in my relentless pursuit
pursuit of insects in pop culture signs really should Jesus was
absolutely astonished to see the DTE the


the world’s most infamous pesticide is actually the hero
of the of the Peace here um into to watch with you know
60 years of hindsight attitudes toward EDT in this film
home I thought I was a brother Tori so
first things I became aware of this movie in the next thing that happened this is in October
tobor there was the on an open letter fine by 2050 scientists publish
public 30th of a letter to Congress concerned about


house rule 1526 reading help you
how far is for healthy communities actresses legislation that all three of Erised in fact
act mandated some circumstances salvage one login after 45 National national
how far is the scientist that signed the letter because that policy
violate decades of of science which
which um abundantly clearly illustrates that you leave salvaged wood in Farsi
because many the first community fire dept they need the resources


new released back to the forest fire fire
how to lunch out laws of supply in this whistling Pines 1940
movie the evil Under magnets want the trees to die from
infestation so they can salvage the dead trees like this is
this is like things are there to give her about the ghetto
wrmj the life you have lights on and I just got this is to
too much of a coincidence MS and your testicles called the insect fear Film


home so what what series with an insect have will they be afraid of pesticides
so I guess we insect respected
departure because you know that the tussock moth this is not a 40 foot wide wingspan creature
creature no we don’t even see it in the movie 8 seconds
mens off of um things that 8 seconds are you actually see it
tussock moth um but there are what is a 60 thousand acres
3000 a baby maybe more the young and the


how far is at risk um in infected with poop
probably a story written headlines because right around this time in Oregon there was a Douglas
for tussock moth outbreak um so I think that whenever the
never the screenwriter was like trolling for plot line of sight and sounds good not touch
hot topic Monsegur on everybody’s money today we’re all these years later
did the Elizabeth Department assassin cowboy movie with Gene Autry
how much does it was the release date is is the best acai DDT


f*** you too much but let’s get people for the flava what is a producer Lindsay Police Department
head and the business is at the Jubilee riders of the whistling pines

DC solution
Dr Alan Jackson
voice acting wildlife


mature for speed on Dr
40 days
get anything a chance of the poison affect wildlife domestic stock no no no I don’t think so
weland labs in them you know its funny watching this it was the real because I
I found myself rooting for the bad guys the basic plot lines the bad guys want
discredit DTE Andries Sears in the general populous to spray program


programs stop soda bad guy saying don’t you think this might affect wildlife
don’t you think this might have one great exchange um something new
find out where it is its own there
the well there a word about the the impact on your knees song
what happened to the fish weather for stranger colleagues
leagues in the temperature in a fish and local response to the fishing
and you know it right you have an infected UT


was known as the time to be quite toxic to fish so it just amazing
is there a kind of rooting for the bad guys and again this is such as
does a typical Western literally the good guys wear white hats in the bag
where buy cat so no trouble figuring out who my area
what you said that you Russell struck by the accuracy of some of whatever time is considered the bad guys December
disinformation absolutely I so all the concerns raised by the bad guy in red
retrospect its it’s astonishing I mean it at one point em


Audrey the good guy supposed to be the guy thinks is not necessary to
32 alert does the locals offspring for release
what would be unheard of um and Justin generals
what the justification would be for not informing the populace
how many kind of spray program the amazing insight
insight into a very different era how long has lines we have some clips of
awefilms just wondering how different world was one


one of which is a 1956 documentary illustrating house
the safety of DDT was tested on prisoners in Alabama
sidity you drink a day ingesting
chemical Kinston NC downing little cups containing DDT solution
in fact when people in the 60s started be concerned about not talking packs
some of the more I extreme advocates of
organic insecticide safety what were the country doing demonstrations were they wouldn’t eat


DDT in front of big round approve this is safe to research on this
is it in talking here you didn’t talk about the movies on theaters you bring up in iMessage
fun to watch many movies can raise awareness of all sorts of variety of creatures
you could have a bigger picture gold with a festival what what is a noun
well I am I getting in general its on my mind
my own journeys LifeWay knowledge is power
power so if you know the reality it’s a lot easier not to be scared


are you not to be a fool to want you
once you have good information you can make better decisions about things
sew in partly it’s a little bit inside depreciation and partly
partly it’s just a infection from a shin and I’m just fun I mean
mean I know either 3d no other reason I would sit through Gene Autry
century movie mean it’s kind of turbo service spring
spring into completely irrelevance songs for no apparent reason I tried to


tried to transcribe a couple of these is watching it is when you’re doing fine
finding it hard to get the odor down to me to meet with you I think it’s me
Alpine moon yeah you got even in sexy about murder you got
what is the plot to assassinate and everything else NSYNC
Cowboys Cowboys in is it just an interesting perspective
active on a different time and the other films other extreme
um this is us screenwriter wasn’t quite as well informed is the sky


The Scream hired for a Pines is locust yellow Casino
ch play the sci-fi film and the City television
workout SYF wine and dine
how to steal a phone and the basic concept
does the military for explaining the film decided the
the best way to deal with pets in sex is to genetically engineer
engineer locust so that they are they become flesh eating carnivores Mr Goodcents


bacon even though I don’t know why I reverse millions of years
WWE 13 for movies and Locust set me an alarm
famous for biblical plagues in the line b***
of course because these classic Tropes pesticides
um only make them stronger than is true is it huge c***
problem with pesticide but the hero in tamale just don’t think he wears a hat
he serve in environmental is type and he has a special quote


quote organic pesticide that he’s trying to get the military use
and some how to say for the environment and that was amusing to because the word organic
um has multiple meanings and nothing meetings
meanings would make this appropriate Backpage video
DT’s actually called an organic insecticide synthetic organic
fight between around 1860 in 1939 most
chemicals work inorganic there based on metals led


arsenate a copper compounds um so when
when the chemicals can be synthesized made out of carbon hydrogen ion
oxygen and Kasidie Corinne does work on organic because
because in Ventura carbon containing compounds for organic compounds
CC organic insecticide to talk to colleges that means DDT organic
poisonous is a well drink to that in that use todays use organic
implies from nature but one of the reasons people


people went to synthetic organic insecticide is the botanical pesticides what
presumably this into miles is it free to call to think of me as I am
these Tesla signs had undesirable non target effects wrote known for Tampa completely
completely natural plant derived compound deadly fish using a fish poison
a lot of the nicotine nicotine from tobacco neurotoxic to decide
everything so just going to come from a plant or from nature doesn’t mean it is
is it is specifically targeted against sexy and I know you said about the number the movies over the years


years that the special sex and get better in his movies with a biology does not know it’s pretty much
um much me means the same as I list some of the dieline actually out of heaven
movies from 20 years ago and it still pretty much like today
I will talk about that that’s what’s up with some b****** that have come up with pesticide you don’t lottery
the bees and things like that to invite listeners take for the conversation if you want to talk
talk about pesticides and bees are other insects that gives call the numbers
number is 1 800 222 94558 hundred 22


2229 455 drops in email addresses will dash talk
Illinois dot Eddi edu talk at Illinois
Illinois DDU I’m so many other movies that are coming up here the is
there’s a couple shorts um Mickey’s garden is one and this is
what happens in this one well this Mickey Mouse this is pretty
ATT email says treating his garden for insect pests with one of these clothes
classic spray guns guns you know the pump handle cloud


what comes out the end of it right he’s over company in South boiler dreams
greens in a dream sequence where he imagined the size of an insect sunset in Tampa
empathetic view of the world of insect passing yards in a season 2 to the 6
entreated pesticides almost like I’m taking stiff drink
replace it with short term effects on um
but what was amazing subsequently I have an on hubby
Bnei hobbies all around in sex but I collect insecticide


side memorabilia so old pesticide containers
is there an application 9 inches are young labeled
like the one thing about it is very latest hits dirt cheap in the people who are selling it
feeling really glad to get rid of it but as
can see how things have changed when will always have an insect
what is a pesticide better you can touch a Kennedy
can a DVT in the canopy ideas Ashley Judd have DVT


BBT in a sealed glass container
the insect is A&M graduate student when I first arrived synthesize it in their class
clases part of the Cology temple run on sentences
dirt cheap that’s why it was so did you mean the Americans
chicken approaching a little good Morris better stuff so cheap the people started
massively abusing it using way too much when it wasn’t needed
needed with mass and extensive resistance and


contamination so throw it mean when is the selling points in the 40’s
40’s for DVT any other planet hydrocarbons is a never break down
termite for your basement to turn my not so great when it’s new
environment and its 60 years later and it still circling the recent news story
relating to the ounce of Alzheimer’s to
levels of DTE which is a metabolite of DDT so again
1972 band yet here we are


40 50 plus years later after the no heat ADT
people still have metabolites circulating antibodies is long term consequences going to hang out
hanging out there anything you don’t see when you stand up an opponents like a solution DDT
DMV 6 points in wizard in the Broderick
starting to to see now what is the umm what’s the message
the message open van with a conversation jokes park around somebody so well
I guess vet understand other people understand pets


Pet signs in cells are not evil instyler reviews
so um they can be easily abuse and you really have to
understand the environmental picture rather than just
Pest itself a bank in 1959 infection approach
approach called integrated pest management which candidates Rachel Carson Silent Spring
is allocated by entomologist who are you that you should be minimized as much as possible
is it possible to use of pesticides on an integrated into


other pest management techniques which have Farley
are less serious consequences what does being what kind of gone
microbial control so invited interesting that affect mas alla break the real
3017 Douglas fir tussock moth DDT sprayed got a lot of credit for
fighting back that that dumb that I’ll break but if you actually look at the dynamics
mix these a tree feeding Lebanon TN caterpillars periodically go
Michaels predictable cycles with a population build up


and then they crash in a buildup of the snake rhyme with out any human intervention
and the reason it crashes when populations retreat high densities
other factors kick in particular disease and predators
pathogens in predators and it appears that at the hide a vet
um Douglas fir to take money out break in Oregon before the mast of spring begin
already starting to a lady the effects of epidemic
disease and scratching at the DDT to say but


there are natural enemies are called soap S have a hole array of
organisms how to get them we can use organisms Serena’s Bates
Bates and Sarah moans you can use to bring the past to the pesticide Radisson broadcast bring it
um in the late 60’s early 70’s is an approach called
On Demand release was developed for you a radiator nails in released
Lisa m and species at me on the one sister on males mate with a female sexy and pop
population I get known on target in packs


unless you happen to be very disappointed female Mother something a family for the most
mostly um the fruit flies MedFlight for example
school supplies they were the initial target Cecilia released all kinds of
the ways to manipulate insect population to don’t involve
NeuroTalk to chemicals people like no testicles because the
the kill quickly a paralyzer to quickly mean to the reader that
how many times you sprayed something in Washington


ride with some sort of satisfaction dolphin know what you don’t see with some of these
fast acting Amy friends an hour later the deception cancelled
Smith and Duane Santa called knock down I have a very
very fast not down and that’s a good selling point for your home on the road car
floor something died evil thing you open
is the mirror
ELISA there’s a will there’s a pest problem in there are some solutions for


for someone who looks in studies a snow day in day out
what is the best case scenario really know if there is a problem needs to be addressed people rely on
crops planting for livelihood Mini cases how do you balance sound
well I’m wanting to come up with
signs right now pretreated scenes are very
popular cities or Treat Caesar pretreated with fungi sign and
send out of group of chemicals communicative pesticides


and there’s two reasons for the pre treatment on the fungicide is there
so that when the seed germinates it doesn’t um succumb to
some of the following fungi I know the reason for
reason for the stomach a sign in reading for picture with the Nexus van
Van Nuys incorporated all parts of a plant so you don’t spray there’s no sir
search of collateral damage to the environment what the problem is when it goes
when it goes to stomach after system of the planet in the neck turn pollen


where do bees can counter side out
the general problem I have with systemic is a dump
again this been going back to 1959 you don’t treat a
the problem that you don’t have for example of an antibiotic
biotics everytime a sore throat when you don’t check and see if a bacterial infection
well that wants for the use of antibiotics is in the selected for resistance in an ounce
the old standby and back to use the same thing as a side


with systemic use um treating a pest
treating something that isn’t there is a nevus cost of a farmer Aniston nipples cost of the environment
apartment but it is all the rage now in part because
treating a problem that is there means more careful monitoring in mini bar
Michael tree farm houses of acres in and its very labor intensive to do
scouting to see if and when I’m on my period and I know it
performance rinse valuable people can buy it they don’t have to walk feels like for pets


best but um I mean one possible consequences is collateral
pollinators we’re talking with the Creator the insect
sex Fairfield vessel that is this Saturday to Torium on campus sisters at 6 o’clock
block a number movies with talking about the other ones coming into mileage on campus department head
University of Illinois at urbana-champaign you like to talk with her but talk with her about the
does pesticides bees the inside of your Film Festival another? Insects
call the numbers 802 to 29455 800


802 to 2945 fiber email address again is Will dash talk
add Illinois edu I want to f*** someone somebody umm that you re surgeons
virgin to be there in just a moment’s coming back to the role of DDT new mansion earlier
earlier the number of study that suggest a quart
correlation between 1080 residues there in a high risk about summers
my someone recently in extremities are STDs go really small
small sample sizes DeGeneres remember research need to be done but also shows no a link


between other pesticide chemicals and risk of Parkinson’s disease are you familiar with that researches well
what doesnt surprise me because I can people love these near a time
signs and there are differences in the nervous system of a Nintendo Wii
nervous system in an insect and a human but they’re probably more similarities and
differences recently in rotan sick cycle for men
teens recently approved for use in the hive Furby
for beekeepers to treat mites off prepare steak Michael Merola


big problem for beekeepers my ribs Brentwood get it I’m not going to be lanced
Lamborghini ariana grande on but but its neurotoxin
toxic interesting insecticide have adverse impact
fruit flies with honey bees but again they were quickly
A&M that’s satisfying for someone who’s watching his beloved bees get
get you know parody so its real problem on b***
its not at all surprising that I see I de Nord pesticide it means kill


exactly what these chemicals are designed to do things at the zoo
learn more about also was not there are certain specific concerns about the anyone
anyone pesticide fungicide maybe other now roster and learn more about Holiday Inn
alien track is a group once I get out of a hole in the environment affect on that wood burning nostrils
what is the study of years ago the to pesticides overproof rum
Houston high again some nights umm umm when is call to find
others called 181 is it again if I see the other in a pint


and on the Wii in turns out of the week
Connie classes order on a chemist Penn State found out that hundred waxing
analyze the contaminated with both of these might the sizes in mm
my killing pesticides and me Josh Turner
show that the to interact with each other a1c
energize is the other son of a non lethal dose alone in the presence
presence of the other pesticide becomes a lethal dose and subs


work that we done show that um honey bees actually have very few
refute jeans for the code for dimes
other insects so the Marlboro Man 2 potentially they just can’t handle is many times
and yet these chemical analysis of showing up with 120 different
not just insecticide fungicide herbicide forget to sign you name it sign
are turning up in in wax in the bread in the body
Beeson song does that mean are you is some causes for the Merciless stead


personally concerned about pesticide residue with humans
oh yeah I mean I add so um
again we we humans are also um subjective
object to the interactions among toxins affect your ears are home
strategy as a species in dealing with with some tactics
young little things so weird
big long lived mammals that are highly mobile so we can move around me


when every too much of any one thing um if you ate only onions with
if you ate you drink nothing but coffee um so
so are holding is built around relatively low intake
very broad diversity of natural substances so what we don’t know
what happens when for gamble and producers of the universe
diverse crops on convergence so are Justin’s are not
not have not even the context of large quantities of a single classical so that’s kind of a big


before they happen
Livermore Livermore does at least a lot of questions 2
point of anyone out there as you look at the label diamonds on prescription drugs
drugs but I want to say don’t eat with grapefruit sounds like a knife
grapefruit container
a group of natural products come from what I’ve been sitting for many years
these are in humans current implants messages family


including a fruit also some of the plants in carrots and parsnips these chemicals
chemicals bind reversibly to come over detoxification what is that mean music
using activate some so you get a dose of a drug is a
when you’re detoxing does because you can’t prove
can’t process is the way most people are so that’s why does warning labels
grapefruit interesting diem what were talking with the animals make
Bob about this weekend’s 31st insect Fairfield festival the Phoenix your pesticide


how to cite Fairfield Anna Beck still getting some more of maze research focuses on a diesel talk about
talk about the latest research on the what’s killing of so many hives want to learn in recent years
call if you want to talk with a beer about bees pesticides the inside of your Film Festival
inside? The numbers 802 to 29455
drop it in the mail will def talk at Illinois .edu stay with its focus on WI
wiol to focus your own WRAL
in the movie the dolphin bugs playing the bad guys at least in one case pesticides save the day


save the day real life is a quest much more complicated talking say with me Baron von Adams weekend
insect fear film festival festival Creator in a professor
as well as a department head there if you want to talk with Mayberry about bees pesticide
what size any other questions about insects she is here and then ready to answer those give us a call 800
2229 45503 just my email addresses Wilder
will def Talk That Illinois .edu and talk about something other films
show the the film festivals this weekend in Kuna 1 word EDT is kind of hero


is not writing Encino horse the White had at least and what the person riding a white horse road hours
uses of the day for those who have never been what what can I expect an insect
insect Fairfield hospital will the first hour actually before the film start we have um
umm give me to add like to meet the stars so whatever India
you can actually see real life example Sonnen die young
mantis is there not the size of the Chrysler Building in New York
um and we have a extensive petting zoo


and we all times not just a very charismatic insects
grasshoppers some of the world’s second largest ant species
it’s about what is an alarm for something really become Dino porn
no pone road I know meaning in normal and I need a life
everything is alive um and and I
Enterprise like we have some tarantulas use to being handled and millipede
Philippines charming giant millipede


never going to use that word level Harless
Thomas and the tobacco hornworms with your uniform for inches long
so in um Universal Studios possibly defecate on you and your not expecting
restaurants open water in and then we also for the kids
where’s the face painting Theron kinds of other
hands on activities um there’s an art competition
across all the schools in local area so I 87


the program begins with AP on the words for the Arts
um competition there is a raffle for the first time this year
some beautiful explicit tumblrs what’s the logo the festival
what the buck semen weather with the glasses in the tumblers with the Day of the Dead logo on a man
Dr contest every year for teacher to the logo game right thing so you can
you can have your own on 31st annual festivals
glass tumbler um and then I am I using introduce a song


films in the band miss information about not just about
the movies about the science behind movies were not in the movie
and the basically 6 hours of free entertainment in
support is free in its entirety free open to anybody it looks like
like your people have access my under 3 December and started but the
what does looks like we will not have a blizzard this year wishes which is good
safar maybe yeah but its a blizzard at you saw the one with a haven’t met you yet so far


for is the pink pest controller to another short animated one of the Pink Panther
Mickey’s garden for the themes come out
this one I’m with you get the phone call just a minute ago at the 800 222
9455 Susan championship in old is President Obama Gardner
Gardner Henry pudding fart into what shouldn’t Springer flowers to just this year
she’s wanting other resources for gardeners about how to control pass without spring
yeah I know you’re a local extension office can help you with that um


an infected when is the great values of having an extension tamale
mileage is the next expansion Illinois um Durham
there are all kinds of ways depends on your goals in you and your time
budget and your financial budget but um um many many options
other than pesticides there’s a reason move by this site
the preservation of endangered invertebrates appealing to go
garden stores across the country to stop spraying the flowers


did they sell because I’m going home homeowners will buy these flowers
not having any idea that the size of killing pollinators
she says you’re just haven’t thought about a medical very common experience
does it tell you that you’re just not a lot of information out there like to f***
how to focus on pesticide so I’m in it for the wicked
are pesticides the growers use
because of the ages but really when you think about it and farm acreage


isn’t that much greater than if you add up all the lines on the highway right of way
waves all the other places that parks garden center and other places where
where people don’t really think about what pesticides are being used when we talk about
the research on bees and then that’s been important for special reason
recently we first heard about colony collapse disorder it was the 2005 ish
think I fall 2006 really hit the newspapers in every 2007
707 the relatively recent is parcel just beginning to understand


what does is back up a reminder what is CCD
how many classes does the term is used to describe a mysterious
Edward melody afflicting America’s bees and late 2006
early 2007 where buy
the oldest most experience bees in the hive foragers 10 pound
the environment Regents disappearing not returning the hymen a dead bodies
are very apparent honey bee behavior normally you can’t pay


compare be to leave its Queen the Connie’s Queen in the larvae in the food supply
supplies needed for disappearing beekeeper’s your first generation beekeeper’s never seen anything like that
like this and that um to raise awareness we really don’t know much about
honey bees um even though we depend on the monthly for Polynesian 90 crops
crops is 20 million dollar prize so US agriculture depends on the pony
Polynesian services provided by honey be so 7 years later we still have be declined
Klein watches over when life is but its not clear its whatever that’s nomenon was


when was in 2007 we never really developed like a molecular diagnostics again like you go to the doctor
can you get a test and you know what virus 7 years we found
at least a half a dozen unreported viruses
does a new phone um a new a parasitic disease
um all kinds of information that Residence Inn Heisley didn’t know we have
learn more in last 7 years in this crisis situation in the past 2000 put together
NDM Eevee talk about service how important bees are in Polish


call an agriculture things I did all of this comes back right into the grocery store Mass Effect futa
food prices affects other things is coming to get out there and nature in series
on what’s going on a mission for everything from teen beach getting lost in a way that a hyper-v
various reasons for the mytouch you measure Liran a BK virus maybe other reasons on tube
tube genetically modified crops um where are we right now in understanding what this is really about
really about to general consensus inside of community is it to get a combination of fact
factors might I personally think nutrition is


important umm just like with people if you are well nourished you can handle
dresses and bees are stressed out by the homogeneous
var environment so we have huge massive Michaels for crops we have lots is off
off of wildflowers do in part to genetically modified
props to YouTube mowing do to buy a stock
doc from planning a drought is another problem sew in
it’s a multiplicity of factors set then also the other


weather in the nude nobody sees a simple solution a simple wish
magic bullet storm or learn I’m looking a little
how old are one talking dead number Peas but I guess that I like
I would want to f*** is high
I hate pesticide b***
I get a lot of water and so many times a time that I have
resorted getting sprayed my clothes interested


but I don’t know what the residual effects
xart is it to the well
hard to say without knowing exactly what’s in them like you say its not like your bra
broadcasting across the entire wanted the nice thing about me
must of at least 8 all hang out the same place so
so there’s a clearly identifiable nasty know whether there is a yellow jacket sir
what kind of wants to people I don’t know


does Little Pony honeycomb kind of palm taste
like that out there not large
hitch like
orange and black girl in the yellow and black on there probably lol
black round to be a
it’s probably pussies in that spot that’s a yes um again
they don’t they don’t have large colonies and I can understand why you well


well compare to Hornets Hornets will have hundreds of of individuals b***
but doesn’t doesn’t like
1112 dead you know the NAT and so is it like a paper
paper like a boss that might will be Hornets there yellow and black is a paper
classic you know well with people called behind
behind the B has a really look like that but the thing right
yeah those are probably the Yellow Jackets are Hornets


ar aggressive the phone when you have a big problem
yeah yeah ether
attack water
yeah well me on Monday about pesticides that do not inherently evil
evil of using properly in your sounds like if you’re just targeting the
the Nexus on like we are going to have your going to have any non target in adverse environmental impact
Paxon and the Bandit what are that


first birthday what it hard to say how much
at each individual what actually injestion weather that would pose a risk
but it would be incredibly country you know usually dead body
dead bodies don’t last long out nature in probably answer the ones that would be picking up Madonna
yeah so I wouldn’t feel bad about using another messages
youjizz sometimes are appropriate uses for pesticides and I know it


no I like to advocate a server compatibility b***
but a particular anyone has an allergy and then there’s no um
no reason to take the risk of a sting I had a
argument with my husband we have some adorable organ pipe my daughter wants
what is the built their beautiful madness it look like organ pipe organ pain
and they they are not regressive not like Hornets don’t they have
they have more simple to complex societies and they stay Actually


singin kill one of spiders humans and Richard Michael
what is basically because
because we have visitors anybody allergic that’s a problem and even if people
people not afraid of nature sounds so they’re perfectly good reasons for
for not cohabiting with insects that Sting and hornets Irvine
Yellowjackets to I get very unpleasant even I will
can see that point the day they don’t make good neighbors sometimes thank you very much for the call


the column video to is talking about did the insect something about your sorry I’ve had Washtenaw
Austin horn Springs Road miles to the villa Venice during the winter
is this is been very cold winter is there any effect on the inside population
temperatures lot of people would love to know we get that question every every winter
nice winter people into miles is wont let me more bugs and the f is really cold winter
what does what you know the answer is yes there are so many
so many different species so many different over winning strategies that whatever the conditions are some will do


Dwele someone I do well is a general hope for tablet emerald ash borers
are an Asians invasive species wrecking havoc with ash trees on
country and a 07 climate models done by a sum
just maybe this other wise uncontrolled
troll pets Mesa for a setback in populations due to the
do to the extreme cold but its been experiencing maybe beyond its limits
will see him that we got the email from Marquis says it has always had an intense


intense revulsion cockroaches I think you’re not alone
would it be worth it would would we be worse off if cockroaches were eliminated
what valuable function to perform how to get that question sometimes a mosquito’s
something but I am second general are a
the lower lower Strait of food webs
and they are important food for live organism that mean of a quarter of the
the of mammals reliance temperature like in most birds


words of even not feeding birds will often feed their nests Wings
insects because of high protein and cockroaches are among the
generally more palatable of the of insects that I can see
can feed the rest of the food web so are the most problematic
what country should we have lots of cockroaches actually in North America you never see its only about
how does a species that live with us in our homes and its our fault Weber
we brought them here most native to Africa German cockroach


African American cockroach came from Africa probably is a consequence of the slave trade
trade so dien retribution here we live with cockroaches because we transport
out of their tropical African home and move them into their Tropical
local indoor in women so cockroaches in general Motors many feet
many thousands and thousands of species and we don’t even see most awesome song
um and out in the woods are playing a valuable ecological role of DNA
the couple minutes adjusted to this year


trying to start a conversation about the human relationship with pesticides as well as the inside
relation of pesticide DDT early rental effects on that word
where is definite and now you can you start to see a similar bands pop up
Naaman Europe with somebody going to the diamond
um do you see that as a trend
when did you expect to happen other places well I think I went to a meeting in English
England expressing a figure out what’s going on in Yoruba cuz there agriculture different culture


um and it’s complicated couple minutes left eye
there will be in a sink of the city adaptation to at least
the sky a restricted usage is a principal usage of
of different pesticides and your man with the reason there are often
how often are used van Heusen matter that is a necessary in environmental
Emily Roeske as to whether we will ever Weiner self in pesticides I would take that many
many days we are going to be living with chemicals for some time


the nature of America have anyone exact if you want to grow old is certain things
better than men make up the Library of and see the kind of population we have there is Lake Mitchell
Metrocon a balance and there has been a lot of interest in an investment in alternative
Technologies lease ceremony sample tiny tiny fraction of the whole pesticide market
market well of 31st annual insect Fairfield festival is on Saturday
saturday Saturday December 22nd iPhone drawing tutorial on campus from 6 until 9 o’clock
wait wait past 9 wake up at 630


3610 Admissions free on additional films you mention Dead face painting insect
insect petting zoo pesticide petting zoo images of bugs
buck stove is you vine NCSA
video applications amazing scanning environmental electron microscope reading actual
actually on remotely manipulate a microscope to get a really
I really really up close and personal Cici’s em and weep partner with
partner with with the bus going to come to the festival of people can see what an enormous


magnified in sexy look like look like I have court in the film some cells differ from sweet talk about
I’m a beer about the creator of the inside of your Film Festival Studio C
thanks for always a pleasure Drake break like this weekend
we got 621 there a focus was Bruce Lee by Lindsey
Lindsey moon Mike Pritchard is our technical director today thank you for all your help out there a bane mask
Ryan Weber is our intern coming up tomorrow on focus according to store in Northridge on
John Locke history of the American Midwest has been far over looked at it important to the cell


the self the far west and the East Coast listen to conversation like ever poster metals early this year
this year about his book The Lost region reviving in Western history that is
that is coming up tomorrow on focus on Scott Cameron singing today 4G metals in this is
this is focus on WILL

At this year’s Insect Fear Film Festival, May Berenbaum says she’s out to explore our complex relationship with pesticides. This hour on Focus, Scott Cameron talks with Berenbaum, professor of entomology and department head at the University of Illinois, about this year’s films, which include Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949), a film in which spraying DDT saves the day.

Berenbaum will also tell us more about new research linking pesticides to the decline in bee populations. Call us to join our conversation on Focus! 

Read more to see a full list of films at this year’s festival.


Mickey’s Garden (1935, Disney short)

Pink Pest Control (1969, Pink Panther)

Feature Films:

Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949)

Locusts: The 8th Plauge (2005)