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maybe doing something right in managing its deer population for chronic wasting disease
dizzy if you haven’t heard much about this disease deer elk
boost maybe one sign of the states success in controlling it spread
like mad cow disease chronic wasting disease spread by a protein


not effective find someones facebook what happens red line stop
stop humans authorities still want to protect wild animal population
Jim Adams today in focus will talk to research in University of Illinois
Illinois campus chronic wasting disease why it’s important to keep from spreading
program continues after the news
welcome to focus mg Meadows chronic wasting disease is scary


scary even if its only found in deer elk and moose the diseases
is the result of a protein on a bacteria or virus in recent years
unfounded deer and other animals and 22 States into Canadian provinces
is it was first founded Illinois 11 years ago and since then department of
natural resources in the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has been calling
calling selected deer populations as a way to control the disease
has the calling works well our guests on focus today conductor the long terms


term study to see if it did in the result a promising were talking to them
today about their studies findings Norma Terris is a wildlife veterinarian
Mary epidemiologist Illinois natural history survey on the University of Illinois
Illinois Urbana campus and Janet Nova Cup ski is the
animal sciences professor in the Department of Animal Sciences of the university network
work together on the study have you had experience with animals that could
could suffer from chronic wasting disease are you a hunter listen to do with additional rules and


regulations to do chronic wasting disease deer like to hear what’s up
what your experiences are give us a call at 1 800 2229
29455 that’s toll free 1 800 222 wyll
and you can email I sent will dash talkin Illinois dot
.edu and I will for starters lets define what is chronic
chronic wasting disease what animals does it strike of lets first of all
how do you how do I describe a disease of the abyss Nature yes


is the Hello gym XT first Wolitzer price of pleasure to be here
here comes the disease this is a disease that is transmitted by
buy Capri own protein is infectious protein very different from a
bacteria and virus in the sense that the a bacteria or virus can you sue
who is Legoland in Houston response in the immune response
spawns is something that allows us to come you suck diagnostic tool
tools for prion diseases because we don’t have the opportunity Alsina


response we do have some challenges associated with the Diagnostics
test for temple and out that sounds something a little friend uglies coming for
coming from the outside in this is not spread by anything alive
therefore there is nothing that kills um is all the way I guess
if you could get rid of the get rid of the bad protein that would be the day that would be
that would be a solution SMS message actually correct protein
teens normally when you eat food you have you eat proteins and you digest Lowes in


and to me lashes and use them to to build new proteins in your body
print proteins are very resistant to digestion are the Bayou or buy back
bacteria when are spread out to the environment so this particular
take your class of protein is Right persistent think alike your fingernails or hearing
miradrain nothing really much does it takes for a strong chemicals
ortex rose road conditions in fact that the same situation is prion protein
proteins it take strong chemicals to destroy this proteins different sexes


it takes a long time for them to go away when during the environment and
how did these proteins harm in a Honda Deer so the proteins
the protein is this is an approaching a normally performs a biological
logical functions and causes Notice season in new damage the animals it’s actually a
Aaliyah are normal protein occasionally for reasons that we don’t understand
the protein fools in two different shape in the street then is very
is for hard to remove biologically order Breaking Dawn so its not easily


digester turned over in the body the protein accumulates in simply by
by virtue of accumulating causes damage to the cells census is a protein
protein is present in the nervous system causes damage to the steps you and causes
symptoms receipt overtime it continues to build up cause more damage causes Morrison
are symptoms and how does it build up is replicated when cells divide for it is
it is so your cells are always synthesizing proteins some proteins faster than other
inprint proteins are just like that because it normally service a normal function


function is being made all the time when we have these abnormally 4
the folded Prince present the actually cause other freon to change shape
and so we’re continue making normal ones that then change shape into this damage
damage causing structure now there are other diseases which are caused by
by Prince & A stand in other animals including the couple of diseases
that’s correct so the most
most in the news of course is mad cow disease and we’ve known for


several decades now about mad cow disease which is a prion protein in kale
in cattle and four Peters time we didn’t understand how this was spread
and Europeans were feeling back mean bone meal with Lee had a rosary
large number of animals affected in Europe and the master control that over the past
the past decade number case is not very small simply by preventing
Lansing breaking up cycle of getting the infectious protein back to the animals
okay and umm the diseases that do exist in humans


human version of mad cow disease in the stand brutal version
human version of mad cow disease is called a very in Crestview Jakub zzzz
Intel does human version of mad cow disease is basically a choir
from the consumption of infected Matt cold meat
so consuming a cattle infected with mad cow disease ok and
and I was a little confused a retard is there is at the only disease of apprentice
disease that affects humans is human drive very intimate encounter is there another


another one is probably the only disease that we can consider that has been transmitted
taxi from animals embryo protein diseases be transmitted from animals
do humans but they are other call preowned protein diseases
Inhumans such a screw for examples of historical golf course
who wrote you are you can you are you yeah um so this is love
listen to this is a historical disease affect humans in his penis
associated with the consumption of all brain tissues from family members


in New Guinea okay not something that every day around here hopefully not
k a question is something that was emailed over to us by our by Michael
Michael of course concerning um chronic wasting disease
is can it be transferred to humans especially since many people
hunt deer eat venison well so a couple things
first of all there is no there is no evidence supporting facts chronic wasting
zzzz can be transmitted to humans by the same time


we want to be careful because the disease has no treatment so we don’t want to be the first
the first one to find out that it can be transmitted know it’s also
Ford recognize very few deer have chronic wasting disease
because in the state of Illinois email to control effective Lee Samson Illinois what time
states and provinces so other states of used berries
various and sundry control strategies umm MN certainly if you look
you look in the scientific literature there are a good reason for choosing


using different methods for control other states of try to use increased hunting
widespread trap shooting war facts on cases
some states simply don’t control it all they simply offer testing of all the madness in thats thats
that speaks out about hunters and the heart is okay will simply not
not consume the animals are infected cheaper easier just a test
going back a little bit to the risk of all transmission of this disease from deer tick
do humans think that the abyss points were silver young 425


the knowledge of all chronic wasting disease in thumbs because
because of the stage we are in terms of our understanding of the potential risk
risks or not transmissions to humans we are to recommend
the people for example do not consume beer that is infected with chronic wasting disease
please all the Russo Anders if you got to find ac/dc
see things like for example do not go to see em all brain live
lymph nodes on other tissues that tend to accumulate the pre owned protein


not bring some from any animal Welland is the work of talking about
chronic wasting disease brain from animals the derm SA
silk more deer mule deer whitetail deer
Elko news that have been infected with chronic wasting disease OK
the the system thats in now certainly in Illinois are all
are all or are all a deer in other animals which are
which which which are hunted shot in a certainly I prepared for human consumption


something on the tested Bruce upper portion of Boo
Boot beer in the state of Illinois that is being tested for chronic wasting disease
very good resource of 404 hunters in the state of Illinois is suck dick
Illinois Department of Natural Resources and they would have um in the website
website that will help for a list of the places work om samples will be accepted for sale
for testing for chronic wasting disease but it’s it is it valid Terry at this point Obispo
this point is a voluntary effort into a very valuable effort


for both a standing of were the Nazis is present in the state
into RKO Bertucci’s to understand how does it spread I’m wondering how
how does the the testing process work would you send a small portion of the
turn off to a certain sites with a be a place relatively close by that you could go to Hotmail
how to solve how to work well as as the contestants earlier this
this is really difficult to test for this disease because it’s actually protein
protein so there a specific tissues that we can see the accumulation


the protein alert the top of the spinal cord or some
witn news from the head of the animal laws are collected and putting it fix it
accident and injury much like you would see on a TV shows user sign of
mother cut into thin sections exam with a microscope after standing for the protein
Sony Pictures Hurley labor intensive and Philly time consuming process
process there is nowhere that individual Hunter kon kon go to heaven
what has done in his own he needs to work with SCDNR State diagnostic lab have a testing


testing done okay we are talking about chronic wasting disease
which has been infected and killing deer in many parts of the country including summit Illinois
I guess star to researchers on the U of I campus looking at Illinois
attempts to manage the problem of North Norma test at the Illinois Natural History
reserve a Department of Animal Sciences professor Genova cocky
how do you hunt deer have you seen the guidelines coming your way concerning this
this disease will give us a phone call or send an email where at 1 800 222


2229 455 toll free 1 800 222 w
wyll email us at will dash talk it Illinois .edu
besides offering this testing what else has the Department of Natural Resources
resources been doing they been doing their own testing the deer population of trying to identify
identify where were outbreaks a relatively high poems
boo boo state of Illinois has been working on a surveillance Edison
what is a Texan of chronic wasting disease Senseo


play since 2002 and that’s that’s when we first founded in
Illinois yes in fact I actually the state of Illinois have some fun
duck for sponsors keys just like a few weeks before they started the valence program
Sol kill it was really interesting because they were already prepared and ready to
32 Lounge the trail in Safford arms and then we had our first apostle
positive but through 10 years off of work the states actually has been able to
220 look for the disease throbbing state of Illinois


Illinois clearly every year call different counties are valid
ohms and then in the areas were the disease has been detected
the state of Illinois implemented a very localized effort for free
removal of animals in an area where the diseases presents so there
so there’s a second coming of animals that is correct so that is there might be hunted in shot
shot and removed certainly not not not not set up
set up for consumption anything like that in those areas the blue


the hunters in the areas are always encourage to Paul Smith
samples for old the Texan of chronic wasting disease the test results
soles are provided to them very very rapidly ohms
210 line on the way cooler online portal
into the Battle of the hunter to make their own
phone go toys with the meat the samples are collected
what to buy boots by the state of Illinois to the sharp shooting effort or against this is 40


CWDM old me the test negative is the native to the pantry
good food pantry negatively mean no no credit place to see that is correct
is the use the they have been using for the last Olympics
10 years do what we call the gold standard in the diagnostic testing
chronic wasting disease is it supposed to be like the look of cube root of earlier
sexy kiss is the best to do we have for the taking chronic wasting disease
movies in any animal to test negative essentially is a cell


azlottery consume food pantry so in the Clinton cases
cases where the DNR decides to call the deer population Los Angeles
insulated hire people to go out to Judy are there in the course they can tell in vans if the deer
deer has chronic wasting disease therefore the negative results get the
venison gets donated but that also means that in that area
there there fewer deer available for hunters General right so important points
points about the the program so first of all did you know does rely heavily on


the samples from hunters to to recognize specific locations where there is a
is a disease deer no we know from yours a study of Wildlife
behavior roughly how far do you’re going to move around so we know that
if you find a deer in the speaker spotty me move a milder 290 directions
what is primero home range so the calling of a deer
here by the DNR is restricted just a Bose locations where we have a disease
ZZ animal in a deer that he may have moved around a Shemale move around


infected so this is very very localized calling is Justin tended removing moles
animals that may have become infected by the previously known disease in animals
so this is really work wise in the deer population in entire County
friends absolutely not K & N Sync is that the first thing the most
most important thing is first to paint a test results and basin does test results
food food food food food pantry okay and umm
shut down from what I’ve seen right now um chronic wasting disease has been


has been found off strictly in northern Illinois I think it make it down
DuPage County might be the the farthest East
East County that that was a factor that right up against Cook County in Chicago suburbs
ribs but it sounds like the heaviest to inches is 7 founded really bad
really been up in in in northern Illinois closer closer to the border yes it is
what is correct the boom there are couple of counties in the North
northern part of the state that have been heavily affected by chronic wasting disease


ugh is was Justin to last year that the first case of chronic wasting disease
phone to Page County yes in MS
MS part of the part of the measures excess that we manage to keep this disease
spring rate for South compare the range that we find infected animals
animals in Illinois to other states remained sticky piston to insure a relatively small
my location no that’s important because if you think about
the potential the potential I am size is this might be transmitted to others


the other animals or humans would like to keep the Rangers smallest possible just in case
case ok for I want to get back to more about the Illinois effort stack up
stuck up with other states that we have some phone calls lining up and I want to say hello to Andy
from Charleston online for good morning on focus eyes
can I call my question was shut that
guess that there would be some hope for a vaccine development based on the fact that you’re fighting
especially in lymph nodes affected its being seen


in lymph node is protein suggested that there is a fact
response okay thank you
thank you very much and so let me put the answer the question from the last part for
Park first so the mere fact is protein is found in the lymphatic system work
amor mune tissue simply means that is associated with immune cell doesn’t necessarily mean
community spots no by the same token mean
Rose hopeful for these things and there are many many laboratories working on


vaccines or other sources of drugs it might be used to treat this
this this problem and clearly because it doesn’t turn this disease occurs in humans
that we would like to have better diagnostics for humans for treatment for humans as well
women working on s4 maybe 15 years are so right now and so far
are we have groomers of hope but we haven’t got anything that is real
is really what we would call a successful candidates yet um so keep your fingers crossed
frost wiki Parts Crossville keep working on how do we treat


other prion the spread diseases in humans with its like a human
human version of mad cow disease kuru what do we do sensor not spread by
read Bible verse a bacteria Genesis the reason the diseases scary images reason
is reason that the controller for import there is no treatment real treatment
Lil does therapy there is nothing to alleviate symptoms are trying to reason
how to reduce the spread of the protein no there’s does not so once an individual has
Joe has this disease do they will eventually die from the disease


this is ridiculous unfortunate when is happens in younger individual sometimes it happens
comely happens in older people in it looks remotes like outside
something that were no object weighs more you stick something older
older people having this type of neurological DT reation better to spray tragic Whitakers in young women
what is something something wanna be sure of because I know if I first saw presidents
this was the case with chronic wasting disease deer that it was always fatal when disc
discovered by the Corsair limits and then what you can do in treating wild animals


but when you’re talking about a human being sued submit a medical care
Karen Hospital conditions Cetera what you’re saying there’s nothing you can do no one fortunately
there’s no there’s there’s nothing to slow down even to even to slow down at the latest
play the spread of off off off off the prion protein to the body
no unfortunately I wish I could tell you differently but that’s not the end
yeah and that’s that’s one of the biggest challenges with the sum what does neural DeGeneres
generative diseases of the pre owned protein lonely is very go


is there is nothing we known how to stop in but once they have
the damage the neurological sells Krispy much no return back
back so what is happening with a lot of for example the the brain cells
cells is that they will end up short form kind of form
where there are no longer functional in The Dalles to something that is just not
not reversal okay I want to take another call now and we’re online 1
11 a.m. Saying hello to Gary in Gilman good morning you run Focus good morning


this is on the related side but blue tongue disease
southern Illinois Dallas County gasparin in Hamilton
Milton Kelly and the last five years are in a lot of deer have died from
bluetongue disease can you explain it
Blue Tongue disease is a disease that the have some ill
increasing its so innocent Rishta or the Last of years
bluetongue disease is very different a chronic wasting disease blue tongue diseases


Dr transmitted by a vector is the victory mean yes your credit
Craig James think you got evicted meaning of basically um a virus
snow dogs amino Cabalgata bug Sol what is happening is the
is the does bugs usually is so biting on the deer and the bugs
transmitted to fire someone telling me its a midge with a complicated Latin
Latin name so we can you still use image in it is filmed
image that the like to live alone streamlines into


into the blue tongue action occurs more frequently during the time of drought
who were the animals with oxycontin trade in some of the streams creatine
creating an opportunity for them to become exposed to it and it is a viral disease
disease which show chronic wasting disease clearly is not
okay and umm is it is it a disease that poses
is a risk units of Newton bars it does not posa a risk
go to humans boo boo sing with viruses that causes high mortality


season deer Intel better to fish a league of their own what are colors
color is really concerned about because so when does so old
I’ll break super dark earlier very concentrated area in the mortality
tell if you could be relatively high so if you definitely definitely a fact population
Asian not there’s not a risk say off of anything spreading of someone with
annoyingly me eat meat from a cow in an infected animal
ESN to happen in the question that you that you bring up Internet


affecting the population I would actually be a little bit more concerned about the overall
impact of something like in the long term long run the world impact
back on the population of socio with chronic wasting disease of the reason is because
because this is a disease that have such a long term of persistent
Indian de animal populations that has the authority to spread itself
self help a lot more rapidly that would be done what we would see was so good
okay so definitely different different situations going on here with us


what is a viral infection spread disease like blue tongue and
and um something like right wasting disease spread by the Supreme Team
correct Indian singers with a chronic wasting disease a piece to date we do not have
avec for a bug image or anything like that is associated with the transmission
in a full of chronic wasting disease what we’re going to take a short break
continue our conversation about the impact of chronic wasting disease on the deer population India
Illinois State and other things we know and dont know about us


the disease and its role in whether or not to service coverage does jumping the other species
PCs focus Wilo we are back on focus
wyll mg Meadows were talking with Norma test at the Illinois Natural History
free survey and University of Illinois animal sciences professor a gender of a car
McCaskey the topic is chronic wasting disease is a disease that strikes as ID
deer and elk and moose turned up in Illinois in several other regions in North
North America we welcome you questions about Illinois has managed deer population


endeavor to minimize the diseases impact our number is 18
1 800 22 29455 that’s 1 800 222 w
wyll email I sent will dash Tongkat Illinois dot
edu I think there was a one last word you want it again is about Pluto
Blue Tongue of the Blue Tongue disease which is not chronic wasting disease but also
also know that the insect that spreads it is not going to be very active during
that’s correct if you if you were hunting a normal gun season


unseasoned the midget serve frozen out hopefully most years a person out so
so in that disease specialist comes and causes the animals die from quickly
so the rest of exposure to humans another word for little risk in the first place
define likely to contribute exposed to the disease at that time of the year back to Cali
chronic wasting disease and we have a cooler online for a friend from Oakland morning
InFocus by another good program you guys I am
I wanted to ask you questions and to make


make appointment are you there so silent
number 1 what effect does this
this disease is any have on scavengers might find in a flicker
Flickr the animals or a predator predator to my friend Flicka affected animals
il n’a tcher alt friend
22 beta we do not have any evidence that
the the this disease or chronic wasting disease has an affair


effect on scavengers good ok on number 2
20 over population of we have periods
how to clean head problems up here in northern Illinois on it
I still do with overpopulation
politics about I have something to tell it again about any animals die
guy especially of starvation does this overpopulation
population enhance that the spread of discredit wasting disease


well because the diseases transmitted from animal to animal the population
population density clearly has an effect on transmission if you have lice
lots and lots of deer in a small space in one of the misic is more hills more opportunities
has more opportunity transmitted disease to other deer so that’s also
salsa bases the classic basis for wildlife disease management is we try
trying to reduce the population of the local spots to prevent a transmission
once again an interference with a limit on the predators and we refuse


two column or more specifically column in a way to nature
Sherwood WI letter Hunters go out there and take off the best special
set of the week the dying in the old are there
other problems with this disease or similar diseases and other
another day another country Canada actually have
who has a relatively large program for control of chronic wasting disease
zzzz and they have animals are infected and b*** outside


what side of the US and Canada just just us and friend you bring up of
Peralta very important the question here in the or Corre Corre
common duck hunters she only wanted Hunter sexy to have to bass
the best of the animals and that is social reporting recommendation for the hunters
hunters of is best if they do not actually remove a deer
for the year that looks sick or Corp in order to unlock rights
right oh and dad that is a recommendation essential Eco focusing on the phone


the fact that we do not understand completely if there are any reasons to be king
concerns about about moving to humans friend I want to thank you
thank you very much for your call of the question of calling and it sounds like a
what does something that other than a friend Minden endorse in certain situations
what has this been a cup of controversy with witch hunters or anybody else
DL says the DNR has moved to head with their program
I fink is the secret is the difficult situation because


because so Gardner from stakeholders there are the dark
colders it is so it is controversial because submissive
most of us just not really like the idea of going in and having the chills
killing animals so just for killing animals but the other same time
I’m at this point we do not have any other resources to actual
actually manage the chronic wasting disease sold
all because of the limitations are only choice is really to actually do a localized


lice removal of deer in areas where the disease is present
we have a question on from David from Urbana online 100 morning on focus
will a couple things that haven’t been explained I think
um this differs from bacterial and
are viral diseases in that it is a mutation
in a normal protein it occurs I think once in every
every on cattle 2 million or 3 million


Union to joules and I just largely
self limiting transmission in the year is it
where is largely due to the fact that of ruminants in general
the females eat the placenta after giving birth
burn it to a natural process that conserves valuable
mineral and the author of nutrients
what are vital to the animals um its not


not just the birth mother that eats the placenta but weather
is there a high population of the year will also
eat placentas and this is a large
percentage of the transmission think its open
open question whether it’s awful transmitted in feces
PCs and umm umm your I do you have any
you have any information on that what you race in very interesting questions salt


let me start back received the first one about the mutation belt
you’re absolutely correct in some cases sprint disease rises from
from a genetic mutation that changes the sequence of a protein
and makes it more easily fooled into the incorrect a disease-causing
confirmation Mountain fortunately once the mutation
in that particular individual has occurred and we have a disease causing protein
you can also transmitted disease to a normal individual who does not have a mutation


Tatian so we actually have the genetic basis for disease
Days Inn we have the transmitted basis for disease NSU cases
where is the disease look very similar but they are in the key in the second case
is not a result of mutation is result of exposure to the misfolded proteins
so you can get a disease in order to waste now in terms of transmission
mission in the wild so this is it this is a very important questions for house
how do how does the disease be transmitted from from between deer


and we actually has very good evidence that in fact it is transmitted in Cedar Hill
so if its Highway infected ear um is in the area other deer
deer can be exposed to that dries up the turns into dust video
what organs does the plan for making heated and become infected
so we see it spreading with within a species but its not jump
jumping a species Francis Twitter predator are scavenger pizza Eaton infect
Becca Deere transmission between species is as good as its a challenge in


question because you know the protein looks very similar Soffer sample for you look at cheap
cheap purses deer view the protein sequence of protein structure of very very
reverse similar but what prevents part of what prevents the transmission between species
shes is infected the nature of the digestive system the nature of the immune system
im in a relationship of the immune cells which hole does this isn’t a museum
disease the muse of transport proteins into the nervous tissue
the structure of the intestinal tract in relationship to the new cells in the intestinal


ultrak important disease of inside would like to add
who had the baby brother something really important and it is the fact that we know that this
does a propane connection infectious protein can be released in feaces and
and in you read this is so this is so something that’s all we need to take into account
account because like a coffee was bringing up earlier transmission of Khan
chronic wasting disease can occur also Fuka direct contact rate
when was getting really close to each other we know the protein is social presence saliva


um but it also it is possible because the contributions of the pre
the preowned protein in feces and urine can actually contaminate the environment
no we have another Cooper 234 transmitting or Consequences
zzzz to animals even though they’re not include contact to each other soul
sole boutique the father of intervention as it is so right now implemented
in the state of Illinois is starting essentially two things one is to
20 remove the animals that are infected in a particular area


I’m at the same time removing the contribution of the pretty girls
animal the contribution in feces and urine old is prion protein
do you invite mint that’s not strictly your talking about that after the animals gone
um you want you you’re trying to reach you trying to move things like feet
faces from your from the from the ground with a were living in a certain way
certainly we’re not going to be removed fuses in urine well what I mean bike
bidis is dead by removing an infected animal yr olds removing better


that animals gokhan tore future contribution in season
in your dream of the pre owned protein but once a protein is in the environment
tall is something that bass drum notes with other diseases of we believe
lethal stay there for a long time well I’ve David I want to thank you for your call
call me need to go to another line and thats not like to wear weight from champagne is waiting
good morning around focus you up I guess so
what’s in there an article about to operation


operation of scientist is studying cheap and I guess you have a sum or disease in Colorado
Brad Owen after they finish their studies that shut the up the place down and
some time for later they brought me Dorinda do a somersault 8th anniversary?
questions whether the the pre on in the sheep actually jumped
species and started a CWG in the mule deer that
that that Happiny you actually a razor edge
is fascinating possibility and certainly scientist


consider that very carefully unfortunately looking back in time is just so far
fire in the past but we don’t really have any tools to the positively say
lease a one way or the other remains clearly remains a possibility
f*** we can’t prove it or disprove it what what what is the name of the disease
the disease that that that the sheep Avenue we call that the disease called scrape e & G
Ashley has creepy we have historical records is creepy going back
back for some 500 years and the diseases real noticeable cheap because


because part of the damage causes them to itch and situation
raising sheep for wool scratch themselves in on fence post for trees
illusory wall so you have a disease animal that has big bare patches in it
very obvious for a very long time what what what do a.m.
what they done with sheep in all the years of the state do with the infected tear it finds
simply put it in a landfill how do you keep it from
from contaminating the rest of the day


environment will the temperature be killed the two strategies are used for making
making sure we don’t contain lead environment we are the incinerator carcass or we can actually die
digesting with chemicals soul for Champlin Galesburg we have a large chemical to digest
adjuster here on campus virginville we don’t have any shape is crazy but we are having sex
generators that would be capable of destroying the protein that way to
are you a hundred yourself out yes and what have you been have you been download
receiving information about guidelines about I requested to send a sample of tissue


distance from Denver to the DNR for testing for chronic wasting disease I want to say it was about
is about to make beef 13 years ago so I got a very interested in
um hearing that stuff moving from Wisconsin and Illinois
and I didn’t take a dove way back then 12 years a go to Galesburg
where to have a test if you have to take me higher carcass in no no just took the
the head okay CNN way does something that is important to
4 for you to know right now is that the again the guidelines for really well


Welkom presented in the in the website of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
resources if you go to the website NXT Gotye PWD
you will find a lot of information as to how to proceed bride OK
what weight awaiting cute thank you very much for calling
and we still have time for a more calls about a chronic wasting disease
disease and how it affected the deer population of the elk and moose population in other
another parts of the country number to call Hiiraan focus speak with our guests is 18


1 800 222 94551 800 222 w
the wild the email address will dash talked into Illinois were talking Norma tales from the Illinois natural history survey and I
and I Janet of coffee in Animal Sciences professor at the U of I now when you
what would you look to what Illinois was doing um I guess the
question the question 1 over the years what do we know about the law
level of infection the number of the percentage of animals we can make an estimate


off off of the deer population infected with chronic wasting disease has it
has a grown as a state steady has a chance with a trunk
what would we know right now is that the boob the problem
what is the amount of disease in the deer herd of the state of Illinois
dog be gone little round 1 percent
really have to remain around 1 percent of 1 percent of the deer population estimated to be in fan
infected with chronic wasting disease oh it is so basically 1 percent of the end


the animal star tested for CW de Sol Gomes
what is one percent of the animal tested for CWE how does that compare with other states
its and understand you look specifically at Wisconsin and they were doing
doing things a little differently from Illinois to Wisconsin actually was pursuing
slightly different strategy and part of that is based upon the difference in heaven landscape
so if you’ve been in southern Wisconsin part of Illinois part of the has more
is more forest more connected forced so they were actually trying to cold


colder in larger areas and in fact that was played on popular
in some years ago they change the control to basically lion hunting
little eye something to reduce the populations and
partly because hunters don’t go to the places where disease are hunters go work
starting over the counter anti depressants disease has gone up since that time in Wisconsin
yeah it’s going to wear so
so differently about 5 percent correct word for 5 years is going up from one


from one percent about 5 person now do we think that’s going to hold steady there a credit go up
father the trains the transfer indicating that the W suck that is
so many tramadol increase ohms in the compare to
youtube to what were seen in the state of Illinois in relationship to management the trance
the trance in the state of Illinois have remained flat and elope percentage one percent
what look at that do you think calling is a good long term solution
to the incidence of chronic wasting disease are we just by being a time


something else can be done I think it’s a me up
a little bit depends on what you mean by one term so we are working
working on vaccines and treatments and things like that but those are a waste
down the road in the meantime I think we need the Collingwood was calling
that we started success over the past decade I think that remains are best option
option to keep this disease in track and keeping track until we know more about
about how the risk is what’s the risk is for livestock for humans in


and we have a better technology de preps control it in India is a disease
eiza suppose to something we have no treatment for I’m wondering about the way the diseases
jesus prayed we were talking about a bit before about animals close quarters picking up
kickin it up from the from for from the inside of a Faces of ruminants
can um tennis protein
go into the soil can plants be a carrier of it a plan switch
which may not be infected themselves so to speak but would be the need to gain by animals could be


infected that’s what is a fascinating things um I would
I would guess the number for audience of Dom experiment sometime in the childhood
where they put food coloring in water and then put in some white
white carnations are white flowers Natsu coloring in over a few hours that goes far
flowers change colors in times blue to go to force you can see those right now
and Myles blue carnations are not sure not true blue want some of the ones we have
we have in Illinois or true blue carnations futari ok unfortunately


the prime protein is rhe much like that because it’s a very small
very small particles in atoms and if it’s suspended in water in the dirt
we have plants growing were brothers infection early cumulation of chronic wasting disease protein
protein the plant can take a protein particles and then become infectious
is part of the reason that we need to understand the normal transmission environment
persistence to try to decrease the the contributions of those proteins
things to do in vir mint and hopefully was the goal of the crease of your fertility for the up


the uptake of some of the things in the environment articles
one thing I’m wondering about were talking you were talking earlier about the difficult
call T of the proteins of jumping species
season say for chronic wasting disease do the does the break out in another speech
species at getting a case of mad cow disease we do cedar
have that incident happening again a different disease with something spread by Prince
proteins what happened there a fifth disease if the spreading of


proteins from a disease in one species to another so difficult
what part of the is Mrs 2 issues goes back to one of our colors comics about genetic
genetics so there is a small population of small sub center
subset of humans were genetically susceptible and also you have to understand the number
number of cases of mad cow disease what is Justin Norma’s hundreds of thousands of case
cases of mad cow disease and we have a relatively small number of
mad cow disease cases in humans in the hundreds so


I guess if you if you simply compare the numbers off of hundreds hundreds of thousands of cat
the cattle that may have actually going to the human food supply versus the few
the few hundred cases you have some estimate of the difficulty in jumping from one
from one PC to another know if you want to the number of infected animal porn
such a deer that may have been consumed the numbers very small compared to number
number for cattle so this is a measure of the statistical probability
probability of jumping is there anywhere in all the places were


deer populations have been found with chronic wasting disease other infections
section rate has been say higher than the 5 percent off of
tested on animals in Wisconsin actually there are some places in Colorado
who were basically because it’s been a long time in and it was on control
controlled because it was unrecognised for many years is the incidence is much higher ok
Jay and that also races of questions this is zis at all that is always fatal
fatal um is there any way for the disease Depeche Ensley play itself out


self out the population part of the reading answers really
no because the disease when the movie comes sick disease
zzzz can be transmitted for a long period of time many many months
months before the animal actually died so its not like a disease that is
acutely sale what has a long incubation period in a laundry infectivity
well it sounds like even though we’ve found out something important from your study
about the effectiveness of Illinois techniques to control chronic wasting disease


is it still something a little scary that’s going to be with us for a while long long
long road to understand more about this disease
20 both but both of my guest today I’m sorry that were out of time both researchers in the
University of Illinois campus Nova test at the Illinois natural history survey
and Professor agenda become ski with the Department of Animal Sciences welcome
welcome any additional thoughts when you have about today’s program on our website go to will.illinois.


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Chronic wasting disease was first discovered in deer in the Rocky Mountains in the 1960’s. Since then, its spread to the Midwest, Canada and a few eastern states, and there has been ongoing debate about the best ways to keep the disease from infecting more deer. CWD, which is 100% fatal and incurable in deer populations and has been in Illinois for the past decade. According to new research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the state is doing something right when it comes to managing the disease. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Nohra Mateus-Pinilla, a wildlife veterinary epidemiologist for the Illinois Natural History Survey, and Jan Novakofski, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and a Professor of Animal Science, about the disease, how it affects deer and why we should be concerned with keeping it from spreading. We’ll also talk about managing diseases that have epidemic potential in wildlife populations.