Net Neutrality


 A federal appeals court ruling struck down parts of the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet rules Tuesday, a move that has raised concerns about net neutrality. Big telecom companies including Verizon and Comcast say the ruling will allow them to expand their service to consumers, but not everyone agrees the ruling is a good thing.
To start this hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Milton Mueller, a professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, about what the ruling means for the future of the internet and about the importance of having an open internet. John Koontz of Champaign-based Wolfram Research, operator of the answer engine website Wolfram/Alpha, also joins us. He says the possibilities that the ruling creates for the future is worrisome for companies like his. Then, Meadows talks with former FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth about the FCC's role in regulating internet service. 
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