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Next week on Focus, we’ll talk with Murphy Henry about women in bluegrass music and will dissect some of the decisions before the US Supreme Court. We’ll also learn about why the home run is such a big part of baseball today and will discuss the role of art in rural Illinois.  

Monday June 10 – Pretty Good For a Girl

Before she started writing her new book “Pretty Good for Girl: Women in Bluegrass” Murphy Henry thought she was one of only a few women trying to make bluegrass music. But as she found out, there are lots of women who have had successful careers, they just hadn’t gotten any attention for it. This hour on Focus, guest host Chris Berube talks with Murphy about the history of women in bluegrass, why these musicians have slipped under the radar and why, before now, there’s been so little conversation about their contributions to the genre. We’ll also talk with Murphy about her own musical career, her love for playing the banjo and the “Murphy Method,” a technique she pioneered to teach banjo.
We also talk with her about Champaign-Urbana native Alison Krauss and her career and contributions to bluegrass music.”

Tuesday, June 11 – Decisions, Decisions: The 2012-2013 Supreme Court Term
Do you have questions about any of the cases currently before the high court?

This hour on Focus, Chris Berube talks with Lisa McElroy and Daniel Hamilton about the 2012-2013 Supreme Court term. We’ll discuss cases yet to be decided that will set new precedents for same sex marriage, affirmative action and genetic research. We’ll talk about why it’s rumored that the court might throw out the arguments they heard on Proposition 8 and will talk about a case that could allow biotechnology companies to patent genetic material from the human body.
We’ll also discuss issues to do with drug-sniffing dogs, search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment and a case that could require many of President Obama’s appointed advisors to undergo senate confirmation.
Wednesday, June 12 – 64 Arts: Art and Controversy in Rural Illinois

Wednesday, June 12 – 64 Arts: Art and Controversy in Rural Illinois

Last spring, Susan Twomey, who curates the Buchanan Center for the Arts in Monmouth, Illinois, put out a call for artists to enter a nationally juried art exhibition called 64 Arts. Among the entries was a collection of vases by a California-based artist named Joe Pinkelman.
Joe’s vases were highly controversial and contained images taken from gay pornography. Twomey struggled with displaying the vases as part of the exhibition even before contest judge Eric Fishl choose the pots as winners in several categories.  This hour on Focus, Chris Berube talks with Twomey, Fishl and Lawrence Weschl, who recently published an article about the contest and the controversy surrounding the vases in the Believer Magazine, about controversial art and censorship.

The entry deadline for the 2013 64 Arts Exhibition closes this Friday, June 14.

Thursday, June 13  – All the Babe’s Men

HOME RUN! We’ve all heard it announced over a loud speaker at a baseball game or are familiar with the phrase from popular culture, but hitting a home run wasn’t always so common in baseball. This hour on Focus, Jeff Bossert talks with author Eldon Ham about the history of the homerun and his new book “All the Babe’s Men.”

Friday, June 14 – Lawn and Garden Care
We welcome your questions this hour!

This hour on Focus, Chris Berube talks with University of Illinois Extension horticulture expert Sandy Mason.