Personal Finance: Managing Your Credit


The University of Illinois’ credit rating was downgraded this week raising lots of questions about the fiscal future and financial health of the university. Even though credit ratings for businesses and organizations operates much differently than credit scores do for the individual, many can relate to a being scored as a higher-risk borrower as we start recovering from the recession.

This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Kevin Waspi and Kathy Sweedler about credit scores, credit reports, the difference between the two, how to gauge your credit health and how to rebuild it if the outlook isn’t what you want it to be. We’ll also talk about the different kinds of credit cards, how to check your credit score, and what sorts of things count for and against you. And we’ll of course welcome your questions whether you are just starting out and looking for advice on investing, thinking about buying a home or planning for retirement.

*Kevin Waspi was unable to make it due to a last minute conflict. He'll be back with us for Personal Finance Day next month.