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listen to there is a new store
new story everyday about a computer security breach this winter millions of Americans have their credit
credit card information stolen target security system with hat similar security
3 bridges have occurred at Dhoby Evernote in JCPenney among other places in just a few weeks
the weeks ago Indiana University LSAT 146000 student status


Social Security numbers have been exposed InFocus will talk about computer security
security compromises in how they happen I guess I’ll be Taylor Judd IT infrastructure manager
manager for the culture media and loyalty NCSU Factory outreach specialist
what’s for the University of Illinois campus on tcqki Department will cover what you need to know to protect
protect your data and privacy Antica questions on the year Jack Ryan show
show Dayton for focus right after the NPR news
Vocus good morning I’m Jack Brighton sitting in Virgina does glad you listen today


most of the Seas computers without thinking too much about securing the truth is there many bad actors out
they’re trying to get your credit card or social security number where to plant software
where on your computer and make a part of the massive Sokol botnet which in flood the internet with spam
spam messages were launched have another computer’s and servers hackers Weasley
millions of credit card numbers from the Target Corporation you probably right about that you made of
actually have your number stolen not long before that there was a major security breach at the Adobe
Adobe software company where usernames and passwords with stolen for millions of accounts


rihanna is great for all kinds of things including hacking into your computer
what are basic things you can do to protect your computer and Desi card your personal information
during this era focused will talk about the most important things you need to know about securing
securing your computer and your data are guests are to information technology professionals
who deal with computer security everyday Taylor judges The IT infrastructure
structure manager for the University of Illinois call Jimmy and WILL yes
the works with us and Cynthia Zachary is not respect for the University of Illinois


Illinois campus information technology and educational services around these parts as
sites will talk with him about some of the recent events pertaining to computer security
what lessons we can all draw from them and fourth wall to take your questions
oceans on the air and online all you have to do as we talk with a gas is pick up the phone
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you can send a note at will dash talk at Illinois .edu
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free to join us you good morning jacket- morning thanks for being here
I want to start with something in the news that’s coming up at the beginning of April
April and that is the Windows XP retirement Windows XP operating
operating system used on Windows computers and it will be retarded
people 940 regions what we call end of life Taylor could you start at bike


bike talking about what that mean yes so up Microsoft has an ounce of mini mini
many moons ago that they are going to stop supporting Windows XP and that’s on PC
but I also with the intel on Mac now its on a lot of Apple computers actually as well
as well on my Nexus staring at a Microsoft cons of support for Windows XP
ESPN’s in 35 days 12 hours 15 minutes and 50 321 second
seconds yeah they are a very aggressive in in marketing in NFL
11 reasons why we want to have the show today is 2 out what are listeners know that


fat mom basically with Microsoft asain is this a West that has been around for something
13 years on is there not going to be passionate any more than
not going to be offering support for anymore and that puts users at risk absolutely
Rihanna Factor Microsoft headache of an article that said there at the meeting
comedian that 66 percent could be the increase in compromised machines with
Windows XP after the end of life there not going to release the update
security patches hackers are there turnaround release tease


viruses things targeting XP machines and display
liberation of compromise the scenes XP Microsoft release releases updates
dates on the second Tuesday of every month that’s a some of us in the industry call eyepatch 2
Tuesday so we’re on always preparing for updates to make sure computers get updates
on that month or on that day to make sure there secure because it’s jokingly referred to
referred to as exploit Wednesday as the next air coming out because that’s how long
how long it takes for hackers and bad actors to figure out on how to exploit


compromises so if Microsoft is only patching windows 7
send this stuff on Windows 8 when is a patch for one of those on systems
Systems you can often reverse engineer that patron find exploits using it for
older versions of Windows XP psoas there hoping new mercies
Systems actually increases the risk of older systems and that’s why
why does a bus in the industry are so worried about this I know ascites and Cynthia
Cynthia on the the security on campus is doing a lot of work right now trying to you


manager on campus absolutely men one of the things about that
that were concerned about is with XP babies hackers
where’s the suspicion and I think there’s more than that they are sitting on Boulder bilities
because they know why waste it right now if I wait a month or two I can really say
Lisa and no it’s going to work and more and more as you there was a time when people
people were using their computers for word processing and you have to machine okay with something
Value there but with the mind of people who are shopping online banking online olives


all of this there is value in your computer you can say I’m not anybody
important but think about all the things you do on your computer is there is value to your
your machine Bean hat right okay well water I want to ask a couple
couple of details and were using Sumter millimeter people understand please
Apple OS what is an OS operating system
what you know what what is it talking about here so in operating system is basically the software that
runs your computer on when you first turn it on you boot and there’s a special commands


actually have to be processed but then it was just your OS and that’s windows
that’s Apple OSX that is in the other Browns win it
Winx and other forms of OS is that basically the corner of your computer and that’s
that’s what we’re talking about with Windows XP it is the software that runs your computer this is not something
something that you can kind of ice weigh off to the side and still run your browser’s or
Thor run over applications it’s really the foundation and build up if your computer so if it
so if its connected online it is explainable ok


what I was going to ask about exploit what is the best you have Windows XP
XP Warp you know Mac OS 10 or whatever is Kristen Bell
melt the work right now so what could possibly be the problem
found the problem is there are always people looking for
flaws in these operating system Bennett really is a war of attrition
beat the operating system manufactures Microsoft and Apple
are constantly 16 things in hackers are constantly looking through


through these programs looking for flaws that they can use to gain control of your computer
computer or gain access to the information on your computer and they’re going to use it
bouncing back and forth okay so that would be called an exploit when they find a hole in the can get it
get it yeah yeah yeah MKX boys cumming a lot of different methods on probably the most
the most common some kind of browser explain when your browsing the web and the webpage visit can
can has code on it that can either explain the browser meaning Firefall
Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer or Safari Oregon xPlay


exploit the OS itself windows or Apple or can I export stomp program
programs on your computer such as Java or flash or other components
connect to the weather is well and all those things are explainable and and I will say more
more and more were seen the shift from operating system exploit 25
software sitting on top of it was easy to go after the operating system hackers
Packers did but they are they take the path of least resistance
Maino the operating system manufacturers have gotten much better about patching insecurity


Andy’s third party software has it necessarily so
so you hear about adobe you hear about Java an effect on in 2013
teen 76 percent of the Volturi bilities that were out there
affected third party software program as opposed to the actual away
away we are seen the shift of an empire that is correct it is
what is operating systems have gotten smart and send it to auto update you don’t have to say
think about patching as long as your OS is getting patches and is an end of life


um but with your software you have to make sure that you are passing that or you send it to a
Auto patch effective possible that the next one point the a in a Windows 8
is what kind of knot crashing Microsoft or Apple baby both been much
much better after switches why the XP end of life Concannon becomes more important because
because they’re basically saying look we been doing really good job for the last 12 13 years but we can
we can afford to continue to do that so you know all these old haxall the zone
old concerns about the OS are starting to wean merge but I have to pay back on


how much Cynthia was just saying we often talk about updating to iOS so you run your Windows Update
are you run your MyCareer Apple updates the same is true of Java the same street Adobe
Adobe Flash word OB reader you need to be if you’re at home user if your at
Uriah University if you’re out of business on the most best thing you can
things you can do to secure your computer how to get into that I think in later half hour little bit more detail
what detail is Toronto’s updates on as weed mentioned earlier what’s the update spin out
out there hackers can reverse engineer those pretty quickly


so we have an operating system and has Erin Wagner abilities
buildings that people can exploit and what we do with the update them so they are patched
okay if you set your computer auto update
date then you are perfectly safe right source
what is it like in securities is we save securities moving target
you are never sick you were on to say don’t go disconnect your computer
risk but it’s an active process you have to be on


running lose updates you have to be on talking to your friends and colleagues at R
what are in two computers at work on listening to focus at wiol
hearing about what’s going on with you can take action and when it’s appropriate
absolutely end with security you we we talk about not being low hanging
hanging fruit and and what worry we encourage today isn’t going to make you
how to make you a hundred percent secure because it’s just not possible but you talk about
about being kind of secure enough and so that when does hackers are out there they are


where they are going after people still running XP because they know they exist if you’re making this month
smart choices and you’re up dating you are making it more difficult and you become a less attractive
target great to reduce our guest in we have a call when will get right
I 20 continue talking about what I want you should be scared
should be scared okay good people Jack he’s mine
naughty manager here at the culture media and you are well and Cynthia factory season outreach specialist
list at the campus of information technology Security Division on Atwell


part of the heart of the site organization dealing with security
I’m in the we are talking about computer security in what you need to know we have one color wedding Boca mothers
like to join us 3339 455 for your friendship
no send email at will dash talk Illinois edu War 2
Twitter question at Boca 58 dollars go on and talk with fur collar
is calling someone champion County online number 1 hi good morning
list of recently in Apple love


update security I think I have to do with SSL im sorry i dont have more about it
what is going to ask your b*** off effect go to iOS in the Mac OS
and I’m just checking I’m running a little Mack OS system and I’m not sure
weather dressing the Sun
the problem I see my smile I have after they’ve done everything for the spring
spicklers that they have I can’t right now I guess so I’m alright well
well I could treat that is well I appreciate it thanks Church Greer


thank you for calling on that is something actually want to bring up today so thank you for going on
yes I’ve watched week Apple was lowered to 18
dollar bill d2 SSL SSL stands for secure socket layer and that
and that is basically the pool the technology that allows a lot of Internet
communication to be so security in cryptid it away that computers talk 20
and that’s what means that you can type a password or your credit card on a webpage
Backpage and be assured that only the person who should see that data can see it no one


no one else in the middle is going to be able to snatch that information go on a shopping spree so this is we
is really important for all devices the special letter using wifi on wireless internet
net technologies so appaled to their credit release to patch a very quickly especially
especially for iOS an iPhone on all staff email Huron camp or within a
art department hear increasing your users here to update your iOS device is needed
needed on Apple was a little bit slower in releasing a patch for on
OSX but they didn’t bench with release it but as part of release not patched


the only released for the newest versions of their operating system
OSX the release date for a 10 910 8 and 10 7
7 but they did not released for 10 6 which is known as Snow Leopard So Def
the first Apple has affectively Gordon quote end of life Snow Leopard
leopard which means anyone who still running that version of OSX
sex is Balmoral to this issue which is a fairly Fitness get one absolutely
this is one of the things that we can come on the show in and Taylor can bring up the countdown


where in security we actually like the Microsoft model
model where they say on this date you can know you are getting no more support for Windows XP
XP unfortunately Apple does not have a model apple traditional
national either they don’t explicitly say so they support their current model of Earth
current operating system and they go back one and then maybe two and Beyond
on that your generally considered to be an unsupported operating system but they’re not going to
going to tell you that so you find out when theres this flaw and you don’t get the security


security patch that I know I need to look at getting something but but you don’t get that
get that heads up that Microsoft give you this is the significance you for a lot of apps
Apple user apps because 1060 what’s the last version that had what support for was known as
what is PowerPC and that is a different eye CPU core within your
computer CPU core on basically the processor the brains inside
inside your computer and it was a different architecture made by IBM on Apple switch
switch from them to a Intel based processor and supply


support both for a long period of time PennDOT 6 was the last one that supported that
older version and I mix a very difficult for a lot of users because you can’t see
can simply just upgrade from 1060 10 7 or 10 8 or 10 9 in a lot of cases because
because the hardware simply doesn’t support it and that’s often issue with these end of life
wife computers as much as the actual security implication is compatibility
booty on me as a professional developers out there
we’re always developing new things modify new things and it’s time for us to


find compatibilities with these older versions of Alaska on a map
quick sorry for the website on so on a couple weeks ago we release date
small patch to our website that causing issue for some users. And took awhile for us to figure
figure it out after talking to a couple of RR colors in the always appreciate the back in one can
when can always contact us at discover the issue with
was with people who swear still running Windows XP it’s a 10 reasons why we wanted to do
how to do the show today so that particular case of you remove the issue in NC


theoretically things are fine out for those users but as XP gets older
older and older in computers get older and older it’s often difficult not just to secure them
what to make them work properly on as the web continues to evolve in software continues to
used to evolve you’re going to have a harder and harder time getting your latest
latest word or Adobe Reader to run on your computer
computer because yes it is well will the caller talk with another
another man? Believe Divas Champion online number to a thank you listening I just have


just have another question but I’m the main question I had was umm so is it
Apple computers no longer pretty safe if you don’t need any kind of protection on them or if if
if you need it what would you recommend and secondly if you are running Snow Leopard
NOLA parade would you recommend upgrading to like Mavericks or something
absolutely does so with apples Big Bear na
are not inherently more secure than Windows machine
the time when Microsoft you probably right fleece I was getting a black eye for security but they real


they really have come a long way and a lot of what has traditionally for tech
tatted Mac users with the fact that there were necessarily a lot of Macintosh is out
out there that there about as we’ve seen more and more market
market share their all of a sudden it has become worthwhile for the Packers in Bad Axe
bad actors to start attacking them off so the days of being able to say
USA exert more secure I don’t need to worry about antivirus
I don’t need to worry about all the bills are long gone and if you have not install


stalled anti virus on your Mac I highly highly recommend you go out and find it if you
you are ciliated with the University of Illinois you can get free antivirus
buyers for your Mac is not there are good products out there I would stick with
dick with a well known brands like McAfee yourself from something like that
um but you do need to be running security software on your Mac you do need to be making
making smart decisions about what you are downloading and installing
I don’t go by the free fly by night


websites that you go to do go with the kind of the trusted names because that
does that’s a lot of the way that we see compromised machines is what people in
install its not even if it’s a really a flaw in the computer it’s kind of a flaw Lin
all in the person operating the computer that they are trustee men say no
I could paid $40 to buy this piece of software but there’s a website over here
freedom for free well there’s a reason it may be free
investigate when you’re looking for software when you’re looking for on things that you want to use goat


go to the vendor themselves Apple have an app for go there and get stuff from their they’re doing some levels
vetting as well on Microsoft the same way if you work for business organizational sometime
sometimes go after local IT professional on I would much rather talk to someone for 5
5 minutes and help them with whatever it is that have to spend to 34 hours fixie
fixing the computer after its been compromised self ask questions that’s what we like to
what were here for absolutely and kind of Us springing off of not even
Stephen just apples are you have to be carefully making smart decisions when you’re on your


on your mobile device as well finding antivirus programs for you
for your mobile phone is tougher but if you’re making the new this market
smart decisions on where are you getting those abs are you going to iTunes are you going to
going to the Google Play Store or I use downloading from Sun Shady
JD thing that might be a feeling all your contacts ND
Wendy’s premium SMS text text messages these are what were seen on the
the threats on the mobile site ar out there but they tend to exploit the user mode


more than actual operating system download
I have been reading that a lot of times people are looking to download movie
movies and sometimes there’s a questionable legality of download
downloading movies about copyright on another program
the question is your house safe is this really a bit
there are no numers for the people looking to download a movie and instead
they get an infection in your computer what means speaking if you are going to


are going to the fairies websites in locations on the Internet wilderness areas to begin with
so there more likely going to do something that you probably don’t want them to do as well on the car
could be the browser work to be what you’re downloading is wealth on if its a
a going to a reputable company that’s trying to your pain for your contact your
Home Access scene it legally through normal means well that company probably won’t street
retain you as a customer so they’re very unlikely to do anything that may be bad
the bad to your computer because that’s bad for them on the same night


medifit if something is free it might be because you are the problem
which is the better a midpoint what makes your that got that okay we have a cup
I have a couple of people calling in will will take a break right now and when we get the returned
return from that we will continue talking with our guest taylor-johnson to factory about the computer security
security and what you need to know for a short Paz
Genesis pocus on Jack Brighton hosting the show this morning we’re talking about things you can
you can do to protect your computer from getting hacked and how to safeguard your personal information


information we have to guess in studio Taylor judges The IT infrastructure manager for the
University of Illinois College of media and wiol and Cynthia factories in LA
is an outreach specialist for the University of Illinois campus information technology in education services
service is known as the lights and we have one color waiting would welcome others if you’d like to join
3339 455 around Champaign Urbana
you can also email to question it will bass talk at Illinois edu worth
send a tweet at Locust live 80 who will be whatever is easier for you you can


you can join us if you have questions we have a cooler online number one the day before ban
good morning yes he is in me that some of the sites
woodchuck used to be able to use for downloading are no longer
longer safe the dump is a.m. In system
Vista pawn installing their own download of software
Off Their set up and put away then let your extremely careful
you press the wrong button and


download something you don’t want instead of me software you actually think you’re downloading
holding out somebody I used to be very reputable sites
I don’t go there at all porn would you come
comet absolutely that’s why
that’s one things we were talking about before the show is you have to be very aware
aware when you’re downloading things you install Java and it wants to
want to install the Ask Toolbar it wants to do you change your homepage


and so no matter what you’re doing what you’re downloading and installing its
always lies to click through and CD options and what what
what its doing and make sure that you are disabling those things that might be
baby extraneous what we call bloat where to find a job increase
increase the number of programs that you install on your computer in the increasing kind of your
if your liability um we have heard that more MORE
more places people are getting kind of cranky about the fact that they are starting to do this bundling


and I’m not sure that there is a good answer to be aware of what
what’s going on and make sure you are on checking those boxes in and making the right choice
Joyce is the year Dolly Parton raps lyrics to I wish I had a simple answer that if you go to the
go to this location go to the website and everythings great I am I prefer locations
listen to I’m sure szostak but I’d be hesitant to get those out on the over the radio just because I don’t think
I don’t think that’s going to stay the safe to constantly me evaluate what is the time do
what im doin it and doin it and it to mention something something something just said with Java note


that bloatware the coming with Java is actually coming from Oracle itself this isn’t something
tax on by a nother vendor website it is coming from the corporation does
you know as as a little earlier it’s free and so these companies are going to
going to make money off of you somehow you were the prophets free you are the product
product and on there isn’t an easy way to get around it on
one thing I will mansion and I don’t think we have time to get into it in detail your todays is something nose
does as free and open source software this is software that is developed by community at law


large and then released on the Internet in different paths cities on Linux as I lied to
who did to earlier which is an OS is known as free and open source software on that might be a segment
Norva show for another time but I’m looking for that kind of designation on software
software is is one way of trying to i make sure you’re doing
are using safe pizza sauce for Firefox is another good example of open source of
software so many things to talk about with your garden open source of
esophagus you know the basic question I want to throw out to teacher


you should you get your thoughts on is a wonderful thing can do so many things for us
busy beaver changed our entire with communicating working at the same time the Adler
add layers of complication and things we really need to know notjustok
just to be good at using computers to be safe using computers
seems like we reach a point where the term digital citizenship in cream
increasingly important and it is in NHL 14 how many people who
look for just want to do my email or browse the web


but you didn t the states are higher than I used to be absolute
solutely I’m sending you talk about digital citizenship and it really is a cage
the case of you in the Internet is going to be a more secure place
replace a realistic your place Endwell there are tacky people in the background
doing their pieces in airport to make that happen alot about responsibility ultimate
ultimately rests on everyday users who are shopping online
online checking their email or doing all of those things because in your day today


the interactions on a computer so much of what you do can kind of go down the bad
bad pass of you install something that you shouldn’t your computer get a virus
they start mining your computer for your sensitive data your password can go to Europe
your bank account your email ami start sending out spam or fishing messages
message is under your account there using your computer as one of the five
pot nets where you on your own your computer maybe you isn’t that powerful but York
your computer plus 2000 other computers all of a sudden death of force to be reckoned


reckoned with online and they can’t take that make and start attacking web
websites or other computers on missions even come in and Matt
Matt ultimately come down to you not being careful what you downloaded an app
did an installed on your computer and speaking to digital literacy and digital citizenship
ship the internet and Peters are more safe or safely are the more we do the more we
we try to protect ourselves we are helping each other on my try to keep the building
buildings network secure but if one computer in this building gets compromise that puts the rest


the rest of the computers at risk so if you’re at home and you have one old computer that’s Windows XP
Zakspeed what you want to keep it for one little thing but you’re not that worried because all your other computers are nice new
new what is it if I put you out official risk because that computer can
has more access to the other ones in your area vans on
if it wasn’t there it sits sometimes it’s known as a pivot point in a inch
technology where you attack one week or system to get access to other things and young
I want to say about this winter scene sets in ship a is wheezing cough blenny als


interstitial generation as long as being great at computers and they are they
are they grew up with them they can install apps 88 please give them immediately
things out that we can figure out what it’s important that they need to learn
the same technology concepts as others because it’s one thing to just going in
install something quickly and thing 2 actually take a moment and think about what you
what you’re doing because that’s actually almost more important than knowing things about computers but
what actually taking that moment to speak about what the action that you’re taking is an


sane is this premium additional rescue mi okay with what
what’s about to happen to my computer and and whether or not this is safe and picking up the back
back in Austin prevent things from doing better than the kid whos going to be downloaded
everything that they see because it’s free what kind of pity
is not just the security of your computer but also
privacy in computer security title get there so much because
you download and install every app because interesting and I want to see


I want to see what it does a maybe you install it you forget about it maybe you never really you
use it or maybe you use it but you didn’t pay attention when you are installing
what it said it could do it again coming back to the mobile phones you you you can download
can download and install so many social media apps well sometimes the USA
Jose we’re going to mind your contacts were going to watch everything you do on your phone
if you’re not paying attention when your installing all of that how much information about your
about your phone you might be insecure their butts information about yourself are you throwing out there


where to the world potentially what is the point of that we got some calls it take for you to do
do I have an iPhone in there at 550 cat in Minot download installed in
what are the social Minneapolis ask yo yo que tu Post
post to Facebook on your behalf like no
sometimes I want access to your camera why
what does because that’s your absentee offset
is a good point is you are the product if it’s free then this company


companies in many cases are not in it to free they want to make money
Tissot take a critical moment will cervical stock worthless
what is going next one line number to this is Caroline from champagne good morning
good mornings at me Case IH Acadiana
the conversation a bit late I have a mac book pro that runs
os 10 10 point 8 .5
I need to go out and buy some kind of of antiviral stock


software that what I have to do you absolutely should be running some kinda
kind of anti virus software on your Mac even though it is a Mac there are some free
really good alternatives out there I believe clam AV is one of the free ones
UK again clam AV clam age
az what made out if I got this a couple of years ago
they would not have a dead body at the University in the University Computer they wouldn’t have
have installed antivirus software on it for me or how how could I know if I had to monitor


Monett beyond these is way is
is to look at the app that you have installed and whether or not you have something that is
claiming that it’s virus software if if its not claiming to be virus software than you probably
probably don’t have any installed on I can tell you that the 10598 is
is the most recent version or was it 10588 note $10 85048
28.5 that is the latest version of OSX I believe and sew
so you’ve done the patching which is the most important part of keeping yourself secure


secure the next step is to pay attention to what it is that your downloading and how you’re using
using the computer virus software is recommended but not required on my gf
Cynthia I would generally recommended but on without knowing
when your individual computing behavior acctivity its hard for me to tell you exactly what you need
needle should deal and I hear you say that you bought that at the university if you are a silly
affiliated with University you can get free anti virus through the universe
University web store um and we do because the University recognizes


what is how important antivirus software is we have
free license for all of our users because we know if you’re at home you are
potentially still checking your university email doing these things vet
we want you to be safe wherever you are so you can check into that if you blondie
I wonder if this I’m at Emory tire reset a feeling
feeling kind of like I really don’t know what I’m doing and I will throw out bearing
Taylor mansion talking to people if you are affiliated with


with the the University have a site help desk who is great that you can call
call in and asked questions and they will walk you through these things because again we know
you know that if you are making the good choices and if your asking the questions that makes us all
all more secure and if you don’t have access to the University of Guelph Apple offers what they call ProCare
is a paid service but with it you can on subscribe to their service in pic
take it into Apple stores which I believe the eye the campus of
what store is a Apple Store I don’t know if there’s one closer closer


um the local Apple store in Littleton CO there used to be the light XLR b***
and I will throw out the Help Desk the universities site help desk
is available for retirees as well as anybody who is affiliated with you start over
over there call where I bought a computer and find out if I will be a man
matter of bringing the computer in order downloading something when you said this free stuff available
mailable in a lot of cases that can be downloaded to depend on your individual
visual need on its this is one of those cases where is sometimes hard to diagnose over the


over the phone on a Honda radio call generally speaking again I would say
I would look in concert az do in the first Java Jazz patching so congratulations on
on that on the next step is to look at your computer behavior and
contact the vendor on Apple or whom you bought it from ncfi you have
how virus software currently and if not what might work best for you very good thank you so much
so much thank you very much for the call bar 10 Falls Google Nexus One online Number Four
warm Paul from Sycamore good morning good morning I on a Mac


MacBook Pro also that I bought a couple of years ago its running OS 10 6
Snow Leopard and I have never put any new software
where on it at all and I felt I only use it mostly for web
for web browsing really do any other serious application
location of work with it at all maybe a little bit of music
production but that’s local using iTunes kind of thing but that’s all
so it is on the internet much and so I’m hoping that I’m reasonably safe


safe can you comment on that yeah um so generally speaking Bobby sleeping
the less that its connected to the network or Internet the more safe you are that’s absolutely
who was the case however in your pictures stance on PennDOT s***
what we’ll eat it too early as an end of life os as it pertains to Apple
on Apple has acknowledged a significant Security explained as it has to do with
do with as a cell has a cell is going to be used anytime you want in a cake to a website
upside whether its a web forum weather it say your bank whether it’s


vets on your email anything of that nature is now vulnerable
on your computer so at the end of the day if you’re going
if you’re going to be on the weather in connecting to anything securely you do need to find
find a way to update that machine on if its all of the Intel variety than
Annapolis does allow you to continue to update that if it is off the earlier PowerPC
DC variety than unfortunately you are looking at hardware upgrade ok
okay I’m pretty sure it’s the Intel variety and the only secure


information that I’ve ever put over it is the password for my email account that’s it
does God so this is the case
the case where a lot of times people say let’s just my email but if someone
someone can get into your email they really often have kind of the keys to the kingdom because
because of you think about when you set up a different account online you maybe
maybe have set up your banking account or another email account or any member of
account Twitter Facebook exactly baby weight where do they sell registration information


where do they send that I forgot my password email all of that comes back to your email
email account with side from the somebody can gain access and use your email account to send
Spanish fishing at last year we had a of a fishing outbreak
brake happen on campus we had a number of people have their email account compromised
there was one person who came in to help that ended up with 100000
send messages in their inbox just as a result of falling for fishing message
message and it was the case of my email um but people can do a lot of


lot of damaged just for your email accounts I don’t want people to under play the
the importance of the email could you question
secure banking or anything like that I just it is basically just mail theft
but I appreciate the information that support .2
.2 is everyone is going to be different on your security profile what you need to do is going to be
is going to beat you need to how you use the weapon how you use your computer so what we can offer General
general advice today on it important to know that you have to consider it for yourself


your self I need my myself or jack on can tell you how
how to be security moving target Wheaton provison pizza garland police
we’ll couple call is left I want before we get $20 off of forgive me but I want to follow up use
use the word phishing email and miss people may know what that is
some people may not use for radio you you can’t hear that this is 50
fishing with a pH NNN with this is much like you
you you you go fishing with a rod in a hole can your you’re trying to catch fish


in this case people send out an email that you use the range
range from really bad grammar please send us your username and password
adore you know I’m in Nigerian prince you recently come into money you need to centimeters
bank account will finish this transaction to really well crap
crafted they make steel the graphics from your banking site
but ultimately BCC messages come in and trying to get information out of you and it might be
might be really high value stuff like your social security number bank account


account information or it might seem really be just kind of low value
value of a haze information about your family and what you might not real
not realize is sometimes security questions password reset questions
use that kind of information in their building a dossier about you and I are going to use it
is that information so fishy messages are these are trying to get social engineer or get you
get you to give up information about yourself you’re the common when I see is the mail messages
is it look like there from people I know and then I look at the message that says wow


Wow check out this video of some is a link to a link
click on the best way to cut a protect yourself about all those messages 1890
pay attention what’s what’s going on at message in your check and see if it is actually
exactly from that person because sometimes it’s a case if you look at the email address when letter or something like that
like that is out of place and clearly its not from the person you think it is worth it doesn’t it doesn’t have the same style
stylus the person you’re talking to avoid using to do specials are proteins do
banking or personal information that people University fishing don’t click on anything


anything don’t respond to an email to separately to that companies website in contact
Acton independently of that email to try to verify the information that they were questing from
from you absolutely and then time back to this Apple SSL
is when you go to a website anytime you are typing in this personal information lookup
look up at the address bar weigh you type or whatever you’re typing and if you are
you are putting in sensitive information absolutely should have it HTTPS
I’m not that is secure if you go someplace in it once you put in your


putting your bank account information and it just says HTTP Run clothes Atwood Brown
web browser don’t even think about doing it at a secure exactly
real couple Hall is actually a 3 will try to get to Malden next line number ones Reno
Reno from champagne good morning yes I have some Rado
questions I’m sure but I have an old computer
pasta Mista to Windows 7 ad
its functional ride and now I find everytime I try to shut down


style Italian guy get this message that there is one update that has to be done
I’m used to it doing in the temple of data while doing this is everything
is everything good night and then it’s kind of goes into labor when it goes on trial
try and I go off to bed and a chest on a ventilator
the next night it says the same thing and I’m concerned it’s not making
making the app data added I’m trying to upload my book online
so I just wanted dead


how soon is a problem this is should I just ignore it should I ready
should take care of that help Cafe via
simple answer on that because there’s hundreds of Microsoft updates
dates and why it’s often the case that some updates don’t apply to you some old some updates
what age do on your applying the update says we said earlier your you’re doing that
that good job now that one update may be very important may not be its
possible for me to say unfortunately over the radio on my would say on


if you are really concerned yes you can take into a vendor to have them look at it on provide
provide some advice but unfortunately it’s impossible for me to say whether or not on
on that updates 2013 part for you yeah I’m fortunately it could be a man
matter of a foreign language pack in which case no big deal Oregon
Oregon be a security update that isn’t being applied in which case that is vitally important
and there are so many reasons that a patch can go wrong I would definitely go with
Lego with the this is a case of having somebody look at it what’s what’s happening if I may


if I made it sounds like you’re writing a book I would say please back that up
why do I have a ton of likes on a good practice
desperately trying to get it off in cyberspace for good luck on the Hat
yeah okay I have a question have a very quick I get these little Popeye
pop pops up saying that I should I disable the same things in order to get high
how to get Foster have movement on my computer and I again I suppose
suppose that I have to console someone to find out which things to disable alarm bestjail


generally a good idea if you’re not sure exactly what you’re
what your computer’s of renew to do you know sometimes I know on Windows machine you’re not using some of the eye
the icons on your desktop I can make this go away on its a good idea
should I do if your not sure what your computer’s offering to talk to someone but I’m going to
I’m going to steal your your thought for second a lot of times we see um on web
web browsers you’ll get pop up messages saying your mission is infected and
hand and it looks like it’s coming from an antivirus program Hut


what is not know if you click on that window there’s a chance that your initiating
install if you see these messages come up while your browsing the web
the best thing that we can say is closed at browser window northern Assassin’s youpron
possibly can I hate you know there medicine to say there is it useful information out there on the web
generally speaking if it’s something that’s popping up especially in a web browser that is probably
probably not good advice that is probably someone trying to explain your computer in Sumter
pacity and I would ignore almost all of them in almost all


list all cases of if you do have a specific concerns of a pop up again
go talk to a one of your local IT professionals weather to vendor or other companies
companies you work with how big is your question we have a couple cause left him we’re gonna run to
the time you’re pretty quick with connect to 103 bill from Monticello good morning
hello um yeah I have to run Linux
Peter and I do all the upgrades all the time
what time is it um and is that enough Security


search for people who are nowhere Linux Ubuntu is a open source operating
operating system on not nearly as popular as apple or Mac OS special in the desktop
it’s much more popular in servers infrastructure so it something I actually deal with
deal with a lot of my day to day operations on yes if you’re packing it if you’re keeping it up
uptodate you are doing the same thing that a Windows user or an Apple users
can can do as well on if its a desktop computer 801 with all the other
the other forms of OS is a 1x windows Apple it is the general


general recommendations well to run anti virus software for the weekend that’s a recommendation
Asian not a requirement on Cynthia alluded to something earlier clam AV
that is available on Linux is well it and works in an infant
12 in RedHat in all those other versions I am going to throw out again it’s a comin
come down to the person sitting at the computer if you’re running Linux and you start lol I’m going to
when to throw up a web service in do crazy things and you don’t do you make the decision
decisions wisely improperly you’re still at risk so BBT O’Connell


what you are doing as your you’re using your computer okay now I have
the question thank you for the iOS app
partition hard drive and I have Windows XP
on the partition I never use it online online with S
partition only use it to control equipment that I have
is older than in need 2012 Windows XP
when does IMAO K


or is something is it possible well I’m browsing the weather
weather something in Linux that it will get into my car
my computer and get into Windows XP generally speaking know
no on my game without looking at your computer in knowing your exact behavior is difficult for me to say that
absolute but on once you boot into one or the other you are isolated
slated into that particular environment so if you do have XPN continue to use it on
on the sure to why I not use it whenever you’re connected to the Internet


I’m sorry to say the word just about at a time is much more we can talk about have a list of things
how to write an apologize West Hollywood
all we couldn’t take on the show listverse getting on and I want to thank our guest Taylor judge he’s a nit
IT manager hear the called me an LLC in CT Factory Outlet specialist for the
for the University campus information technology in educational services at the for focus
focus and Willa will pass it on to the next show thank you thank you thank
thank you

Millions of credit card numbers have been stolen from supposedly secure systems, and hackers are constantly working hard to steal millions more. There are lots of ways we make it easier for people to get access to our data – by using outdated software, by reusing the same password and by simply not being aware that our computer habits may be playing into their hands. Just a few weeks ago, Indiana University announced that 146,000 students’ data, including social security numbers, had been exposed, not because of a hacker but because someone saved a file in the wrong public folder.

This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about security compromises, how and why they happen. Taylor Judd, an IT Infrastructure manager for the College of Media at the University of Illinois and Cynthia Thackeray, an Outreach Specialists for CITES, campus IT security, at the University of Illinois, join host Jack Brighton.

Do you have questions about how to keep your data to yourself online? What do you do to protect yourself? Give us a call this hour on Focus!