The Future for AM Radio


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chances are you listening to me on AM radio
the technology dates back to World War 1 state dominant for decade
AM radio has lost audience to FM Internet many young people have
will have never listen to now FCC Commissioner are cheap I want to sing


St 8 a.m. Radio ideas for doing so well here his plan
and then we’ll hear the reaction from people on the radio industry and listeners like you
iq what does AM radio mean to you what you miss it if it were gone
im gym at talking about AM radio on focus WY

are program continues after the news
welcome to focus on Jim Meadows AM radio was the dominant form


former radio in the US from a Dios inception up into the 19 seventies
Sports since then things have changed NYTimes reports at AM radio
Radiohead just 15 percent off the radio listening audience in the US today
there’s lots of competition matches FM radio satellite internet
what radio in radio apps on your smartphone is AM radio
going the way of the typewriter course this program focus Arizona naam
AM radio station wyll AM 580 we been on the air for 90


91 years and I would hate to see her go but what do you think does a hemroid
Radio matter especially of the program can be found elsewhere pot
hi things a.m. Mattress is the newest member of the Federal Communications Commission
mission and he’s been talking about waste reinvigorate AM radio

AM radio audiences are at an all-time low, but Ajit Pai, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, has a plan to try and save AM signals from the static. Pai joins us for the first half of this hour on Focus to talk about why he is pushing for new policies to help AM stations bolster their signals.

Host Jim Meadows also talks with Michael Harrison, publisher for Talkers Magazine, about the evolution of the AM dial from old time radio to music to conservative talk programming and sports. Can AM radio survive as we know it in an era of rapidly evolving technology? We’ll talk it over this hour on Focus.

What roles has AM radio played in your life? Are you ready to give it up? Or do you still think its relevant? We’d love to hear from you this hour on Focus!