Will the 2013 Farm Bill be approved in 2013?



Congress pay
Congress passed the first farm bill back in the depression to get financial help for struggling farmers
farmers of succession of farm bill since then have been a major component of federal
federal agricultural policy cover everything from front price supports the food safety
food safety for the nation doesn’t have a farm bill right now deadlocked Congress


Congress let the Old Farm Bill expire without passing a new one do the disagreements over
screamin silver budget cutting food aid programs like snow are consequences
consequences of Congress fails to pass a farm bill open media and long term
Jim Meadows today I’m focused man take a look at the farm bill what it covers what could happen without
what would happen without program
program continues after the news welcome to focus on Jim
focus MGM Meadows congressional negotiators working on a new federal farm bill


bill say they made progress yesterday but they are not promising the bill can be passed
can be passed by January 1st that means I don’t stop get measurements be approved
approved to extend some provisions of the bill are some food prices notably Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen start to rise sharply does the soda details you might hear about the farm bill in a race
Farm Bill in a regular newscast really do you understand what it’s all about I confess I don’t
don’t accept the farm bill is a huge part of this countries agriculture policy
tattoos on everything from price supports for crops to food safety food assistance programs


programs such as snap also known as food stamps Josie Asians
nations on the newest multi-year Farm Bill have not gone smoothly
bisman sharp partisan disagreement on a bill that was one Cena’s largely not
Ardsley nonpartisan at least in the larger sense of congressional debate
wall to explain the farm bill to was on focus today I’m walking to gas
going to guest in with me hear the studio is Jonathan competency is clinical professor
clinical professor of law and policy in the Department of Agricultural and consumer economics


economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Jonathan as a back
Jonathan as a background government agricultural policy that includes working family recently on
recently on the current farm bill for the US Senate committee a professor compass welcome to focus
welcome to focus thank you and welcome also on the phone Mary Kay Thatcher she’s a
coming to us from Washington she is senior director of a congressional Affairs for the
affairs for the American Farm Bureau Federation what she manages up for mountain Iowa
miss that you’re welcome to the program for much and I got the first question here is


here is a because some people are starting to say scary thing someone on what
someone on what might happen if a form but doesn’t get passed by buy some time or another
if Congress is continue to be deadlocked on a new farm bill what
what could happen in this country Mary Mary Kay and when would happen
will certainly on the farm bill actually expired on the 30th of September and I think
amber and I think there’s been very little indication there have been a few implications for the most
but for the most part that goes unnoticed and that’s exactly where we were your going 2012


2012 iOS Jonathan tell you he spent night and day working on that in the Senate activity
egg and I spend almost 3 years now that it’s been on going so we’re already
how were already to get it done but I don’t think there’s anything magical about that September 30th
3880 North Dakota January 1st
certainly you re depressed about why we might have $7 gallon milk and that will have to
that will have to happen if we cannot finish the front or the enzyme kind of extensions is it
is it going to happen but the fact is there nothing magic about January 1st and soul


why we certainly hope we can do it this before Congress does home if it takes offender League
early January and somehow it have to be in from former fashion attach to the budget bill to keep
bill to keep the government from shutting down again on January 15th what’s the optimist
well I I want it I want to mention right now that we welcome your phone
you’re f****** your phone calls and emails if the farm bill affect your life
livelihood directly with a specially want to hear from you has the delay in approving a new farm
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Jonathan I was wondering because we just primary care just brought up the question of
love of dairy prices possibly coming up as a matter of fact NPR Morning Edition
Morning Edition couple of days ago I did a story on that but I know this one thing with


is one thing was missing on the story of this threatens rise in Derry prices was exam
was exactly when it would take place really the first question is why
why would a re prices go up without a phone bill yeah and its inverse of America
first of America hear from me again I hope you’re out hold up well out there um certainly eyes in America
American action replay witches is not necessarily Casey January 1
one of a kind of problems show up what we have is 40 commodity
40 commodity programs in the farm bill in Tonawanda Farmville um there’s a twist Colorado


reversion a permit law permit laws 1949 actually had these parity pricing issue
the pricing issues were trying to deuce prices to purchase a commodities and whatnot
what not and the Robinson very outdated 1949 flight aware that
FlightAware the market today what does do they operate on a crop your bases so for dairy
so for dairy to crop your actually begins technically begins in January 1st until your new crop ears
new crop your there’s not an extension or something else to suspend that permit law for the next copier
copier technically could come into play January 1st


reality is a nightmare what part of America is getting too is that does not automatic switch
Matix which they just turns on a general won the US Department of Agriculture would actually have to undertake
take entire process to write the regulations and implement a program and Ally
and there’s a lot of questions about how you can do that what what kind of data they have to be able to make a fort 1949
1949 program work in 2013 how long will that take so there I think she’s right
flex rheumatic some of that flex flexibility will after the first year
first year is gonna be determined by how close to Prince bazaar how close to pierce a farm


Pierce the formulas to succeeding um but the question for me still is what is the federal
is it a federal government with do they put potentially do it
who is the worst case scenario at some point that would cause milk
cause milk prices to shoot up the simplest way to describe that is AB purchasing dairy products
products that at a high price level which was the original concept how you you
you support that price by having a federal government by dairy products milk
milk at a pre high level that was then trigger or impact


impact on the market does big of a purchaser the federal government be it could
could you could begin to see the market react to it but I think that’s the simple sentence
baby I’m buying there be a Finding be about buying high prices dairy farmers
farmers would be foolish to be fuse maybe they couldn’t refuse
and also the rest of the market would also right start rising to the level
sorry I think it’s important to understand to those that
nobody ever really expect a 1949 Act go into effect


effect and that’s the case everytime we write a formal every 5 years in there this is it
and there that says if you don’t get the job done for river to 1949 act its not meant to ever going to
never going to affect ever really come close to going into effect affect
what the fact is it smells the sledgehammer to make sure that covers does come back and does pass a bill
bill in reviews Ultra policy food policy for whole game
gamut in the farm bill every 5 years of course sequestration was never meant to
was never meant to go into effect in yet um the federal government is operating under a today


today are you are but do both of you feel pretty comfortable
comfortable unspecial king after the progress announced abaya
by the by the four big cat committee negotiators that essentially the two chairs in the ass
breaking members of the House and Senate committees the progress with being made you feel
do you feel that progress is being made that will be welcomed in recognized
nice on the general floor of the House and Senate to those two chambers can come together on a farm bill
Farmville Hope Solo welcome does an interesting


interesting term but I think there has been real progress made you know a conference committee is Batman
about to go she Asian that everybody getting a little bit nobody gets everything they want
and then you have a pretty good product and they have really strong I think it’s not a secret that food stamps
stamps SNAP program has been the biggest the huddle there is a tie
where is a large dollar difference between a 4 billion dollars Samsung Nexus
next 10 years of the Senate pass and 40 million dollar win at the house pass but even more important
is the source of the philosophical view points behind that


that and this will be a generality but you know in general you have a good number of
good number of Republicans particularly the house feel very strong because I’m Way more
more than $40 Sam’s and getting general you have some Liberal Democrats
Democrats feel like you can’t hide a nickel when you look at those last season you look at your should be
should we be forcing people to work what about the heat NYT loophole all those
call all those kinds of things people have pretty steadfast opinions on freezer for
the Capri there for bed work really hard and trying to come up with something the middle the Kennedys


the Kennedy passed both the House and Senate be signed by the President but its early is found in last holiday
last days some good given cake not only on that issue
next 30 days I want to get into more detail
more details on the on the on the whole snapper Food Stamp question of a little bit later
what later let me ask the big picture questions that I think everybody asks everytime Darien
Darien to do the farm bill to the general public um and the mirror
Mary Mary Kay maybe you can take a stab a tear in a nutshell what does the farm


what does the farm bill cover find a probably effects for Tralee every
every American because it covers nollie farm policy type things that provide a safety net for
safety net for a farmers and ranchers but like conservation programs
programs like getting broadband out to the real reason cause they’re so far behind those of us who happens live
what happened to live in the city improving hospital does kind of things are accredited programs
programs things for specialty crops there’s a sentence for example we all heard about the huge
huge in terrible snow storm a hat out in western North Dakota South Dakota western Nebraska where


Rascal wear on their head of cattle were lost in the lights mistresses for those guys
distance for those guys to get back on their feet but then again you move over again about 80 percent
80 percent of the cost of this pill is indeed Nutrition Assistance so its help for the women
for the womens and childrens program a pregnant women to food stamp so many many Americans
Americans are affected by the spell Jonathan how is the tongue the
the debate and discussion Association surrounding this Farm Bill def
bill different from the last time it came up from the train station in 2008


well I think without a doubt this struggled Miley
my deleted its its taking a long time to get through the last Farmville
Farm Bill at a few challenge of the town including being detained by the President and Congress
override a veto that was beat up by of President George W Bush correct
k but I think I’m getting an American
perspective on this is well but I think if you had to boil down probably the single biggest reason this one has
has has struggled if it were in this budget cutting environment that 2000


2000 farmville actually added spending it out as new programs like the average properly election
election program in the master programs in South America imagine with the snow storm
snow storms in the assistance of livestock producers it at it out of money to snap I believe
um this time around were the whole process has been consumed by cutting the amount of space
the amount of spending cutting down programs in eliminating programs consolidation programs
we’re just running back how to program operate a laminate something you spend
you spending and that’s a very different for different


3 different aspects that really create a struggle for a lot of individuals
individuals can you know you’re getting into zombies buried top of difficult little matters
how to sing snap a great example of how it how that further complicate a real
applicator really complicated building to go see a test and get it through Mary Kay I’m wondering
just from front from your standpoint to things look different does Congress
is Congress look different now than in 2008 even if maybe the farm bill previous today
previous to that what does no I think Jonathan has hit the nail on the head on the biggest


the biggest problem is everybody have to give up money is a lot easier to write a formal you got more money to spend the blast
spend the last but it absolutely and things have changed I think every atom
every at 10 years a specially when we do a new census we get your people in Congress
when Congress represent world regions and therefore when they look at the 20 percent of the farm bill
the farm bill that is mostly about farmers and ranchers um they have left desire
left desire to want to be supportive of that focuses often times in other places
absurdly when you look at the last 30 years you know it used to be able to go to almost any member of Congress


converse and find out that they were from a farmer they have an uncle from farm in the head in a couple weeks
somewhere out there baling hay ever since they were a kid and understood what a farm wasnt me
appreciation for and Ashley new farmers and ranchers and that
that we get further and further away from that every generation so we spend a truck
we spend a tremendous amount of time just trying to educate urban and suburban members in Stafford
staffers about agriculture about the fact that you know milk doesn’t come from the grocery store
and you’re making me think about the novice something that I picked up


that that that that are the producer of a pickup for me I should
top for me I should say that’s a a briefing for the Heritage Foundation is a put out this week
this week concerning the farm bill and I just can’t do that there was Justin overwhelmed
overwhelmed not over what is a strong sense of skepticism
George this bill as far as the Heritage Foundation was concerned
in a lot of it was towards the SNAP program but but not all of it then we’re also they think they
think they also have a lot of questions about farm subsidies and how they should be the handle


be handled is that something that is different on our arm is it
are is a stronger at different level as far as I skepticism about the
this is about the farm bill from from the conservative side of Congress
Heritage Foundation has been involved in the least the last couple of Farmville
couple of arm does but yes I think there more involved in this one are there are other groups
Dr Street partnership Pino app text errors Union etcetera that have been ball b***
ball but are more this time and I think God without a doubt


Foundation has been leading the charge on saying you know we like it up the nutrition title from the farm
from the farm tile and they’re very vocal about the reason for wanting to do that is that they have it
is that they haven’t been successful in cutting programs on both sides is a like to do
do like to be in if they could split in half a think they could have more success so
the Heritage Foundation of strictly picked up a specially on the increasing number to Party Republican
answer to try to hammer home you know we have to reformer former format mean I don’t think they can
I don’t think they can find a program in the federal government that they don’t want to reform so it’s no surprise


surprise this is where they are in agriculture but its your question absolutely they have been farmer
Evan farmer dealership in for more involved in this Farmville previous pills when it comes to
when it comes to the SNAP program now and what we used to call food stamps
stamps as mentioned the house actually went ahead and 1/4 past
past a separate SNAP program build a independent
independent of the farm bill and I don’t come from what from when I’m told its probably not have
probably not have everything is going to go ahead and it will probably going to be folded back in the farm bill


the farm bill because the Senate that’s the only way to cinema Pasadena still the question
till the question of the cut at the house was seeking in comparison to the Senate
set it and and and Jonathan you work done on some versions of of this bill what is
what is what is the fight center on what’s what’s what’s the saying so being proposed for cuts
Scotts well it’s a great question a man in America tax on some of that
is there too big pieces you eat whatever Bay focuses on first and foremost are the
are the levels cause for the amount of money that cut out a program the sentence about 4 billion


what 4 billion dollars over 10 years a house in about 40 billion dollars a b****
hey big gap between the amount of spending their cutting out how to build and sell
definitely that that level difference is hard to bridge in addition
Bank of America mentioned is actually be more than the dollar store
how you get to those dollars in reduction and both programs utilize
Eli’s um a changin what term is a loophole
Cole and how to snap benifits get calculated so the individuals benefits


the way that you can calculate does a kind of a complex but the best
the best way I can never heard explain to serve you get on your taxes
taxi of tax deductions based on certain expenditures for SNAP kind of the same thing and one of those involved your utility
utility expenses and there’s a heating assistance for low income households
households and that the way to to work together can allow um Carolina
can I get that the doctor in wild while receiving heating assistance
some states have been using that in a way that bite


everybody thats that possible is in $1 $1 my number
nominal amount of money for a for the heating assistance in that actually increase is there
increase is there that the amount of snapping still help there was a phrase for that I don’t know
don’t need anything right at the disco house overalls for snap
map with all would be awesome matter what and I just increases the potential benefit they get
how to get this is a ticket for using the Northeast heating cost a very expensive living expense in a very high
hi um so that’s both sides that look at that enough clothes at loop Orlando


free porn different ways are made some modifications to it what you really get into the issues what is my house worth
is in the house and Beyond delight visions in a women to eligibility matters and what the
in what that does it without getting in the specifics of the political aspects that is win
when you going to that you’re actually removing people or preventing people removing people from programs
from program assistance for preventing me from getting it so so just a matter of how much benefits weather they get them
weather they get them out or not right people that are currently owns bowl or otherwise would be eligible for prevented
then or prevented kickoff for prevented en&tbo the Congressional Budget Office estimated in a million


millions depending on which provision is millions of individuals that could be impacted by that
and just when you think politically those are best for boaters is a constituent Sandoz are very hard
very hard real world issues that that members of Congress have to deal with back home
Back Home for Children and Family regions in districts where the economy is not recovered is well
recovered is well with the recession continues to limit the amount of jobs are available
and this is the Hobbit at the end of the day that the whole point of snapchat
is napping help put food on the table and so when you start removing nose people change


14 eligibility you really get into a tough political situation for for members dead
is that the deaf people now that will struggle even more to be able to eat and I think that that real world application
implication just complicate IUI deals program well if if there’s a real
there’s a really a disagreement in really in terms of of how you make the reduction
ductions does that make it harder for compromise to happen as it sounds like if one side
one side talking about apples on the other side talking about oranges it’s hard to meet halfway
halfway across the table yes I think it makes much


making much more difficult to find a a simple middleground Ora
how to split a different kind of situation because you’re talking about eligibility nm
Belden and that another self is is minutes almost an on off switch does not come
which is not kind of a middle ground at now yeah hopefully that they continue to work until you try to find ways
try to find ways insert a comment from a few members in the House of this morning in the press
morning in the press indicate some reason for for cautious optimism about finding some
finding some some ways for but at the end of the day I certainly complicates the building at 10


1002 I reach a compromise well I want to go back to some of the other aspects of the farm bill
the farm bill before Blues Mary Kay because your time is limited with us understand that was on
stand there was on the stairs there’s also a dispute and dumb refers
back to the one you Michael the main parts of the farm ville de Quebec
commodities and watch a different commodities would get under the spell
dispel I had been if you could I explain this to me Maricamp Rd been reading about us
reading about a dispute between um base are planted acreage


Anchorage am I am I getting to turn right you are bits saying it’s probably easier than
easier than explaining it it is the
mini programs um since 1996 have been paid
paid depending on what occurs you hadn’t
Haden production in Save the 1980s and it was put into place that way
place that way so that if a Congress did not set the right price
the right prices for Gampel they set target prices where you get paid if he


if the price of a commodity falls below whatever the Congressional ESET level is if they happen
if they happened to Mr inside it too high um that the Year
you weren’t going to be paid for going to be distorting the market and having farmers taking
farmers taking their signal from um the government on what was the plant
what to plant just because a certain price support what is too high what it said you were taking
who said you were taking that signal from the marketplace in general
75 is been very supportive of basic concepts of the down


the downside that is at its difficult to explain what a basic Korean & Y
and why especially urban member of Congress would you something that is that outdated
bat out dated um but not the other really positive things about
things about face acres is that the World Trade Organization there certain things are called trades
call trade store next to have more impact on distorting trade between us
Bath and elsewhere and the beautiful estranged 49ers play today curso is better for
is better for us as we know continue to keep our fingers crossed something happened in Bali in the lacs


actually move the World Trade Organization to go see a shins forward so there pros and cons
pros and cons to with you by bass the payment based on old historic bass acre
how to plant a database is II had been reading that this actually
sexually lead to someone maybe it’s not maybe it’s a fraction that is the Texas
what is the existing the way but I’m or public relation between some different commodities
what is not here in Illinois we grow lots of corn and soybeans and I understand they have once
send a half one side of this but maybe there’s some other commodities which were where were we’re looking a difference


looking at a different side of this has there been friction over this issue between a different parts of farming
parts of forming so I think you would need find corn soybean production
Shin after sexually occurs in the southeast the more supportive of staying with
staying with the base acres feeling like it is more compliant and it is less market sorting
people more like rice in peanut producers feeling like a plan today Kors with more than
the way to go so um that has been appointed contention in Hialeah
okay and I’m reading in I’m reading in the website


the website reporting on yesterday stalked by the farm buildings o’shears at the house
at the house has moved on its position that all commodity subsidies be a function
be a function of a farmers planted acres is is that what you’re getting as well
you’re getting as well then to the 15th to be some movement in the goshi
will that circle the rumor on the street today but I can’t tell you that I have I seen anything
anything in writing Nora buy have that confirm verbally by anybody who is in the
who was in the room so you know I can’t believe that that’s a correct statement but I 15 Washington


550 Washington long enough to know that sometimes a bad rumors get started it just keeps the snow balling 2
is that a soda thing that’s going to be a big concern to
2 of people win win any server farm bill gets to the House floor people outside the act
outside the Agriculture Committee will they essentially accept that part of the package whatever it is
whatever it is our will that be a potential bread flag for somebody on one side to the other
the other the way say I any a settlement on SNAP benefits maybe
snap benefit issue is 20 times more important than planner


Planeta base a curse of the vast majority of members of House and Senate but for people in need
4 people in your organization I take it to come out of the subsidies are very important
ar and you know I think generally speaking I get on a program like this
Lycasin somebody called in a lot of push back about while giving farmer sub station II work and I don’t get it
can I don’t get a sub city and the so I think it’s important is worth thinking about the context of this
contacts to this Farmville 2 how to reflect on the fact that you know I don’t just compete on my
computer on my farming operation up with a guy down the road I think I the next carryover


over I compete on worldwide basis in agriculture and when you look at
when you look at the way that developed countries around the world support their pharmacy
is there for me the ranchers we are way below average worried about 9 percent of every dollar
every dollar that the go to the farmers market homes from some former neither of government payments
payments but on average wood in the 20’s and 30’s and if we look at some of our trade competitors like
competitors like your pants around 60 cents of every dollar so you feel like
you feel like in agriculture we need to continue to make sure the dark micrograms are supporting farmers


supporting farmers and ranchers and we are very supportive of moving the World Trade Organization
Salon in reducing no support levels around the world but certainly we don’t feel
certainly we don’t feel like we should I use a ladder Lee disarm here at home and make our farm
make are farmers compete against farmers elsewhere but Farmers and their governments wear
elsewhere ok Ana before I let you go maybe I could just asked if you want to make a prediction
prediction as to how to talk farm bill burr going to have a phone bill sometime in the beginning of
in the beginning of 2014 how farmers will be doing by do you expect it sounds like


it sounds like you’re the battle is over and over a smaller pie
hi um is is this could be a tougher for you for farmers because of that
does that well I do think it was all so that Shirley Jonathan Kaufer
destined to Iowa because he’s been a big part of the ocean for a long time but
but I think we will get it done by the middle of January I think that the we can build
can build a farm bill with a safety net you know much of the safety
safety vs on the crop insurance program with a vast majority of us


Jordi of us is a very popular program so I think we can have a program
have a program with an attic with safety net for pharmacy will Mary Kay Thatcher I know your time is
I know your time is limited to with with with us this is gonna be a busy time for us this thing
continues to be discussed but I wanted to thank you very much for coming on focus today
thank you thank you Mary Kay Thatcher of the American Farm Bureau Federation
ration and also with us today is Professor Jonathan compass Ave University of Illinois
city of Illinois without a culture and consumer education formally eyes


spending a lot of time out in on on on Capitol Hill with the
the bank I guess the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee W 70 and working on the farm bill
Farmville until recently what we will be continuing are in France did I say
dissecting understand the farm bill here on focus after a short break this is f****** son
is focus on wyll we are back on focus
unfocused Sheeran WILL Meadows in West Virginia discussion of
discussion of the farm bill debate with University of Illinois agricultural consumer


consumer economics professor can I mix did I say that consumer education
second cousin right at economics okay anyway professor Jonathan compass
office of formally of working for FedEx debbie Stabenow
and which also means you were formerly working on the farm bill Mets correct II Spencer
Spencer better part last 3 years writing not helping mature women right to farm bill working on
Nana horse the provisions that are in a bit civically a lot of work on
a lot of work on a sports crop insurance Conservation I miss you the other titles


title so it it is on its been a tough the tough Road in its eye
there’s a reason for cautious optimism kind of glad to see some of the comet Ison
comments on the presence morning that sounds like you’re making progress I’d love to see this bill get completed get across finish
across the line and I have a fighter build place for for all of Agriculture and end
and I think everybody involved with it is is ready for 2 hours to get up get up
to get up get over with another can move on and work on some other items
what ive been ive been a long long schlong weather Goshen is apparently were saying from the news cover


news coverage that I saw yesterday after yesterday’s meeting that they were optimistic but they still
stick but they still will not promising is a bill until after January 1st
first which is win something which which is when I release the dairy prices
Terry price supports with technically expire wandering odds
do you think if if that’s going to be the case is Congress going to
is Congress going to put together some sort of temporary short term stop gap extension
shin Se just for their winter recess if if they’re not going to end


if you’re not going to pass something now that it’s a good question I think
um I think something is going to Panda on how much more progress is made between now and then
Allen and Franklin next Friday’s kind of the the last date did both the same house in session together
the gather um so I think it if they make real progress in East Mesa CA
USANA CA kind of get that momentum point where it is ready to go to get on the floor in sand
orange and navy County census of the dollar pass the bill
when you probably don’t need extension get his mansion earlier the I did a reissue


resu while it is the potential as you it isn’t necessarily on
Sara Lee on you not going to wake up on New Years Day and have no prices going up or down the store knitted 780
78 dollars um so there I think like a billionaire to lower
for them to work it out yeah there’s theirs there’s quite a bit of work to be done
where to be done even want to a final dreaming is reached dumb and I think that’s camera
that’s camera looking at now you got a lot of work in and how bad is the legislative languages shape in Franklin
frankly on how to dress for Budget Office estimate what is what the deals are going to cost


going to cost to take some time just working through those pieces want you have a final deal is inside
is in factor and getting closer is it in Decatur Nebraska well if you have questions about the farm bill
about the farm bill press the farm bill affect you directly call us with your thoughts and questions
questions are phone number is 1 800 22 29455
51 800 222 wyll you can email on Sat
email acid will dash Tongkat Illinois .edu and we’re on Twitter and Facebook
Twitter and Facebook and focus 580 a larger picture?


question maybe more on the philosophical underpinnings of how the farm bill works and why in terms
y in terms of price of ports of from a Brian Hui mailed out of
of writing that maybe it’s because I wasn’t raised in central Illinois but its hard to understand
it’s hard to understand why the farm bill has somebody kickbacks for corn soy and dairy
married with fruit and vegetable farmers laptop freeze kickbacks Brian’s word anime
and I’m sure supporters of off of the FarmVille don’t use that word
what words when talking about a farm subsidies but I understand that of fruits and vegetables


vegetables do not receive subsidies that has a corn and soybeans and Jerry tales
yeah yeah yeah you’re right it’s a lot of saliva have some disagreement with the term K
dreaming with the term kick back by 2 to the extent that you’re talking about the
the support programs in the federal support to farmers
most often as income support for farmers and crop insurance a production support
Production Support Assistants mismanagement assistance um there’s a difference you have the ball come out
bulk commodities the corn soybean cotton rice how weed does Big Baltimore


big bulk commodities are we what is the farm bill are the ones that are in the programs where the farmers receive
farmers receive direct financial assistance from the government there is a
there is a there’s a hole title the farm bill that is dedicated fruit vegetable production
Titletown a bill and it deals with assisting a host of different that ass
different aspects of fruit vegetable farming everything from um helping fun pass a disease
pastor disease research impact disease responses shoes for a uni concern for
concern for for a fruit and vegetables as well helping with without state of Richmond


farmers markets to marketing and promotion and things like that so there’s assistance for that
war that for the fruit vegetable grower not the same source of the same scope of a cyst that’s cracked is not a citizen
is not a citizen by no means anywhere close the same amount of money or the same kind
kind it is not a direct financial assistance 22 Farmers of those crops
does crops point out that is important is crop insurance and crop
and crop insurance make a mansion earlier if anybody talk to weather in central Illinois air war
or California Michigan crop insurance with a big big is your anus become


become the predominant safety net for farmers and 10 things to FarmVille dead
Oded between the Senate was work to expand crop insurance cover
coverage for crop insurance policies for fruit vegetable farmers today could have
could have the same kind of risk management tools were some risk management tools what’s a corner pharmacy Illinois
Illinois have and that is Ibiza big part of helping out
certainly dad the title 1 commodities Harbor Freight why is
why is why is that emphasis given on the commodities


commodity subsidies over for vegetables you’re a great question and you don’t have to go back
how to go back to go back to the very beginning day 2 years ago we started when when the conversation
converse in Santa Rosa Avenue Station first push that provide assistance to farmers
I’m doing great depression last to know how to chose pick and choose between
between different crops in Farmers and vegetable Denver time
um I don’t think I can give you a great dancer today I think a lot of America images on the market shoes
Marques use the Baltimore DRS are some what different in and market


market and foreign competition and I think it is sort of grown ups
grown out of some of that I use is there a factory because these are commodities
these are commodity crops season crops which can be more easily stored
word that might be seen as a more basic staple of food that in the
the situation when there is a danger of real shortages coming up
coming up at the DC that may be a decision was made by federal officials at the zoo
these were the crops that people needed to a gift for first intention to in order to


21 order in Indian in order to prevent does the engine
genuine panic maybe even ideas of things like food riots or something like that
certainly at a commodity like weed is a great sample of very very much just a Pokemon
staple commodity how we saw it in recent years as real as recently designed to stew
2008 where you had some you have to have a receipt
loss of reproduction around the world and it did trigger some pretty tough Momence IL
Momence IL impartial world I were Bob some countries cut off export some country


Sports countries that use all lines of individuals trying to get food to get bread
bread and so does stable commodities yes they’re certainly big argument that you want to ensure that
ensure that production you want to make sure that that that the nation can continue to produce enough
KCI state prison of not only for STP weed we provide quite a bit of the world’s supply
apply at the staple commodities in a pink eye does the two stroke
some of the struggles of how to store glee Albertsons market in with production issues
um and how how the programs involved out of the Great Depression


the Great Depression out of out of the farm crisis of that era in an egg and in the end the 80’s
in the end the 80s um we have at large ball commodity production and just something different aspects
different aspects to go with that because they’re store because you’re computing worldwide from any of them NNN
NNN of God gives back exactly sandwiches we we do this iPhone
how fundamentally do this to make sure that that as a nation we can produce how to commodities
fruits and vegetables the killer tomatoes and we need to continue to be able to fly to provide
how to provide said you were in your working up in Washington as as as


as as late as earlier this year you’ve been with your license beginning of the fall semester I’m
semester I’m wondering when you look at the Congress today the more divided Congress
where is right now in the reduced Clouds of Agriculture that America Kenya
Mary Kay Thatcher talked about do you seen this the same understanding
standing on appreciation of this sort of system of the
played out in the farm bill doesn’t have the same sore back in time
Somerset did say maybe 10 20 years ago that said that’s a great question in an


in and out at the risk of getting a shameless plug for someone work I’m doing right now I myself
how I myself another FLA professor in an apartment Hitachi thing I have to have a phone
will have a phone what is happening this
what is happening this and this farmville Cyclonus final effort that is different from the past week
we the first Liquidators compare 1996 what is a very difficult find out undertaking is well
is well in summer had a lot of partisan fight between
fight between converse in the White House in and the Furious vicious rid of cutting spending


cutting spending what kind of trying to answer some of that was the first thing you notice is kind of
this is kind of how the how the different regions of the country how they line up with her party Philly
what are party affiliation and how that is changed over time and you know it raises questions about whether or not
not all those things list of trends have made it more difficult ombre
I’m breaking a lot of it comes back to the big challenges we have in writing
writing this kind of legislation enacted in a difficult vegetarian Barnes and
and um you know when you’re when you’re making change the program


the programs are eliminating programs of people using and depend upon a time cases
what makes a tough lately um and I think American made point you as a nation
the nation we were not a kind of rule based nations were in 730
730 and we certainly in the Balkans the district in Congress are urban or suburban
bourbon and many people have to have not had that contain in contact with with farming
Westwood farming and agriculture understand frankly does the risk involved in
Baldwin trying to produce a commodity to go to the food you eat think she might she mention it


education process that was a big part of it continues to be a big part of trying to educate a member
members in groups in and constituents on what is programs do in Wyandanch
YNN importance of farming and agriculture to their everyday life when we most
most of the farm at all the ways of starting point for the conversation
the farm doc Dailey that you talked about it forces online it from doctor
find Dr Aledo Illinois .edu and you can find a link to it at our website at will
website that will DoD Illinois dot edu slash focus of a look up the installment for today


installment for today’s programming to find the link right there again that’s it’s about the
comments about the farm bill for U of I act cultural and consumer and Professor Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan compass call us at 1 800 22 29455
that’s 1 800 222 wyll email message will
what will a dash Tongkat and we’re on Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter at focus 580 Carol from Urbana IL


Urbana is asking if I buy a field playing the farm bill
take it away from Schroon and subsidized for biofuel are they parted
is that issue part of the phone bill a part of it is yes the you made
you made me referring to the renewable fuel standard which is not a part of the farm bill that’s the mandate
mandates that we bland I buy a fuel in a gasoline supply how ever there is none
however there is an entire title of the farm bill in both the House and the Senate that’s been there since 2000
2210 years now that provides assistance for the


for the production of biofuels and for renewable energy in general
young couples amples the last farmville 2008 create a program called the biomass crop assistance program
Christmas program designed specifically to help farmers with with
with with growing with transitioning into biomass crops things like Miss campus in switchgrass is a lot of work
Kraft lot of work and I’m scared of university and a program to help farmers offset
offset some of this is the cost to switch to new crop some of the risk of a new crop tee program
programs like that there’s no reason for loans in and Loan Guarantee programs for Reno weather


renewable energy facilities in and things like that so biofuels do play into it um
um an end but if you ask me about the fuel standard that’s not a part Farmville
Farmville knocking on the to the degree to do play in is that a bone of contention
contention in the oceans I don’t think it’s been a NFL team
infl bone of contention I think it impacts negotiations
Indian sort of some ways that that kind of girl
make some difficult conversations in agriculture and we seen it over the years between


the years between a few years back at this fuel food vs field abate you had some issues
Michigan livestock industry that are concerned about the amount of corn does into biofuel production
do I think that that factors into the discussion of factors into um probably more than anything
more than anything that the perspective different members bring to do to go see a shins
Asians certainly diya The Price is that has this been restaurant
restaurants have been in recent years and a lot of that people look at your Facebook it
I’m planning decisions that a pharmacist had a million and now you get a series of question


get a series of questions and answers to get it impacts meds peoples using the debate
are the debate but it doesn’t actually you know it’s not one of those things are there to go shooting over or have a
where have a baby frog disagreement about they have to resolve for the farm bill to self
build self let’s go ahead and take a collar and I want to say hello to Daryl in Bloomington online
Bloomington online for good morning urine Focus good morning I’m a typical
typical corn soybean farmer central Illinois and uh
the question about a crop insurance are the Reverend Shuron so we have is on


we have a great a risk management innovation other countries are trying to cop
is there trying to copy it don’t want to do a thing to diminish that but
what on a certain level I get promoted the larger Nero
narrow margin operation proposal
proposals that there be a cap put on the crop insurance premiums
premium subsidies and I think that the common sense
common fence idea that everybody has access to crop insurance premium subsidies


subsidies after certain level in about that you can still buy crop insurance
crop insurance but but you pay the the full load me that would be a good
good uh uh reform in RI crop insurance program
program can chocolate more about that Johnson
how to get to the Tootsie I see if you had a great point A to point a spin off
how to spend a matter of discussion and there’s been very is perfect
where is perfect proposals on on the talk about what do you actually limit just for fun


just for folks the darnest know you’re the crop insurance program quickly on a background check what is
what is the farmer purchases crop insurance you purchase insurance for your car health insurance
car insurance and the farmer paisa premium b*** portion at Premium is offset
is offset by the federal government is not actually a subsidy to the farmer its a reduction in the overall premium car
Premium cost in that money goes into the larger um find the risk pool
risk pool if you will that helps pay out when there are losses but its not
directions to proposal what are you cap the amount of premium subsidy pharmacy


farmer to get summer end in the dark nightie support programs without limits
payments on a mountain the one farmers receive from a program that was also about in a minute
member the passing the Senate both sides 2012 in and past year that would reduced
would reduce the percentage of a premium assistance for those farmers
for those farmers Avenue just a gross income about center $50,000 in a couple proposal
proposals that have come through I got a minute Igreja by the Senate both last year this year so is a part of
is a part of this n**** she Asian t*** nurse I not just began to do some real resistance 2


resistance 2 that I’m through out the industry drive farming anyone who sings the song I want to
one of the concerns of people have is what it is what does it do certainly understanding the budget
the budget reform issues back because it’s an insurance product what what we don’t know
don’t know how that changes how insurance WA parade end and um
will work for all farmers is all the sudden changes purchase behavior causes big
causes big farmers to buy large policies in Sherlock acres if they change
change how they buy insurance that up the cost for everybody else does keeping in mind that the insurance


insurance program works when you got a lot of Farmers a lot of acreage in your able to spread
spread that risk of indemnity Israel spreading across top large areas
large areas in different about risk areas so it’s definitely come out
definitely come up stamina Party argument our discussion and bait it’s there still some pretty big
pretty big on Owens about what the consequences my baby and I hope that help
hope that helps a question is is that actually pay
actually part of the farm bill because people said if the father doesn’t pass it


crop insurance is something separate it goes on any ways that true that is true
that is true crop insurance is a permanent statue did not have a sunset date hourly cost on Sunday
call sunset date the farm bill commodity titles programs for example direct payments know that have a 5
I have a 5yr sunset date and so the crop insurance permits been there since 1938
1938 continues to FarmVille does make changes periodically to that
that crop insurance statute that were talking about the title of this phone bill that would make changes in the pod
changes in the permanent crop insurance statue of a formal doesn’t pass um the


the program today okay thank you for the call I just want to
is 145 my own curiosity were talking about revenue insurance talkin bout
talking about insurance based on how well the crop harvest is are based on
you know how much a price of Pharmacy get for a revenue the function of both is a function of the yields
yield and the prices so for example for corn you got an A
h***** production history that you use that determines how you set a guarantee for your ear
before your heels and there are your base policies but there’s also been a huge yacht


move towards Revenue baseball means coming up in the spring for corn
corn on the rich man’s Management Agency looks at the futures prices for corn in the phone settings
falling sets a estimate price price times you will give you this revenue guarantee that you didn’t
you didn’t sure gansta so should much is Amway a fob if a drought wifi
corn crop in the summer do you get it you’re getting down to the most likely from the insurance
Insurance Program because its revenue the price is factored into you mail
you may lose me you’ll be the price goes up so you don’t have a lot of Revenue the other way around


round you may have a good you’re no price in my not have a revenue losses just a different way of calculating
calculating um dia the coverage in how and what covers bed covers
covers most prized you and that’s where we’re going to stop it right now um
find build a big subject and I just hope we been able to shut up a little more light on a deal certainly
certainly be in the news in the next few weeks my thanks to you Jonathan compass
Ave of the University of Illinois for being on the program today along with me adventure
venture of the American Farm Bureau Federation this is focus on wyll

Farmers have been operating for more than a year now without a farm bill. Since the 2008 bill expired, there’s been an ideological debate surrounding the funding of certain programs in the farm bill, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. There are currently two versions of the farm bill stalled in Congress, one passed by the Senate and one passed by the House, and if legislators can’t come to a compromise by January 1, farm policy written in the 1940’s will take effect. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about why there’s been such a fight over this year’s farm bill and how that differs from farm bills past.

Jonathan Coppess, a Clinical Professor of Law and Policy in the Department of Agriculture Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and former chief of staff to Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, (D) who worked on the Senate version of the bill and Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Director of Congressional Affairs for the American Farm Bureau Federation join us.