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revolver the had our first dose of winter weather in Illinois but it’s not too late to talk
not too late to talk about getting ready for the winter weather that awaits mg metals in today on focus
InFocus meteorologist Ed Keyser will answer your winter weather questions to talk about with
talk about with meteorology can do these days in terms of predicting extreme weather in advance


vans what you should have ready in your home in car to get through the winter and how to decide from the weather for
live from the weather forecast weather widget idea to be on the road in addition to look back
look back at the weather system that spawned dozens of tornadoes on November 17th
Jim Meadows at Ceaser which weather today on Fox

a program continues after the news what
welcome to focus on Jim meadows is it too late to prepare for winter weather with the winter weather is


weather is already here what were going to say no that in the second week of December
December there’s plenty of time for even more winter weather in head and you want to be
and you want to be ready for that too so today’s guest in focus can help 5001 times
one time Chief meteorologist wyll still very much activated forecast in weather
weather in various venues in Cody WY allows a cultural programming
Haswell is doing some teaching going to talk about how to be ready for the severe winter weather head
add an answer any other weather questions as they come along welcome back to f*** is that


my pleasure to be here Jim and I’m always wanted to know about now windows with
what date did we used to say when winter weather officially begins are winter officially begins I know
bien si no astronomical winter um I guess starter on the 21st
21st there’s a meteorological winter is well Disney
Disney yeah there is a climatological winters 3 month of December January
manuary and February is a 58 all throughout the country pretty much
pretty much obviously the farther north ur winter weather typically start a little earlier in NC


earlier in NZ little later but those are the 3 coldest month on average how can we see the
got into a good start on that well we welcome you to the call up with
the call up with your questions about the winter weather another weather for 830 phone numbers 1-800
where is 1 800 2229 4550 you can email your questions that will dad
will dash talk it Illinois .edu phone number again is 1 800 22
800 222 wyll and we welcome you questions on Facebook and Twitter app
Facebook and Twitter at focus 5801 we certainly gotten off to a solid star


what solid start with the winter weather over the past few days can you tell me anything at about the
about the weather system weed scene going across the country all really what we have is a big
Havas a big Arctic high pressure system thats dive into the central part of the country so that’s made alot
that’s made a lot of us cold right now colder than normal in some cases 1020
1021 30 degrees below normal I want to ride in the Rockies northern
Rockies in northern and central Rockies in northern plains in on the southern periphery
free of the extent of this cold air is where we seen afraid of weather systems


weather systems bring a wintry mix a precipitation we seen some problems with ice
im places in snow in places all the way from Texas northeast word to the S
northeastern US of course this morning you been Rihanna news cast of arrow
airline flights cancelled on East Coast an app to one of these systems going through
through and Irvine places where there’s been a lot of ice so it’s been a really messy
really messy on the southern proof read this article extended southward in really all the way
really all the way down to the Gulf Coast a lot of the country right now colder than average and up


and that looks like it’s going to stay on the cool side at least for a while is a little surprise
is a little surprising to see we got we had some ice with the freezing rain
freezing grill might be a better approximation FL in Champaign Urbana
yesterday but I’m really something heavy snowfall south of Us news interesting
interesting to see you then heavy snowfall down here and not down there not appear
not appear well it just depends on the storm tracking what happened with the arctic air blast
last in the central Illinois ahead of a weather system that was it movin NE


moving northeast where to long that Southern extent of the cold air so by the time lapse system
system got to Illinois the arctic air was entrenched in central Illinois
Illinois southern Illinois closer to the boundary and that’s where the low pressure system was a prophet
the precipitation as you notice from parts of Southern Illinois got very heavy snowfall
heavy snowfall and then just south of there a band of ice so loud that this is 1k
this is 1k swear yeah there’s a nuisance weather across the central Illinois but it wasn’t a big
what was in a big problem do we have any indications of the winter weather I had more long


add more long term there’s always some indications that usually the
what usually the wrong so I usually don’t like to go into that they had a long range venue
Walgreens venue too much because the way we usually are surprised
live at what happening in get basically when people make long range forecast
forecasters only a few things that you can look at that the X 10 months into the future
future such is El Nino y Nina in the Pacific Ocean and then there some other ocean
are some other ocean cycles a Pacifica Kito isolation in the Pacific


Pacific Ocean in North Atlantic Oscillation in the Atlantic changes more frequently
frequently call him in a case
cold here in a case to get a tickle in my throat will the weather get solved
what you know and I was wondering about that something
that’s something because I was reading an article in Business Insider which was reporting on Robert Davies
Robert Davies and other researchers Utah State University who have come up with your calling
what they’re calling a weather predicting index at the same item to still saying might


help predict umm when not when destructive extreme weather is going to come
weather is going to come but when it’s more likely to come out and its apparently based on monitor
Sun monitoring a specific low level Jetstream that interacts with
Pinterest with another server Global stream um that make strong storms and tornadoes form in the mid
is form in the Midwest 111 gets into a little different areas
different area thereof is far is the jet streams going tornadoes in the Midwest
Midwest certainly that plays a key role in if you see the jet stream setting up in a purse


setting up in a persistent pattern as we saw 2 years ago in 2011
1110 you tend to have frequent find out about a severe weather
how to severe weather wear if you get the jet stream in other parent command up with a very quiet
severe weather season as far as long range prediction of those usual UK
usually you cannot go more than a month or two and having a degree of certainty
search up of what the Jetstream patterns going to be inspired
and as far as the long range forecast for winter begin rely heavily on the El Nino pattern


Nino pattern for example of the Pacific to kill isolation but these other isolation Cyrus
lations I was starting to talk about when I am I am I am 14 a cop
unfortunate coughing there that was the North Atlantic Oscillation in the Atlantic Ocean and another one
another one call the Arctic Oscillation change more frequently they can change
can persist for a while to change within a couple of weeks
week so they’re not as stable at predicting the weather say 345 month on the road
so we have a few clues of what can help forecast weather but often in the end


in the end something that some is shorter Terminator is a
is a bigger climate driver self any long range forecast hear you have to take the green
take with a grain of salt and those that use long range forecast just a beetle piazza
the odd little bit one way or the other in their decision making and weather in Accra cultural come out
cultural commodities Witcher something that people look at in central Illinois
variety father things how much road salt to buy whatever could be you can’t ever
you can’t ever put your all your eggs in one basket on a long term forecast because of the Sun


the science just isn’t there to where you can make absolutes in fact
that’s another thing I like to point out the people the world is big sometimes you can get the gym
get the general weather pattern you could say okay I think there’s going to be a ridge of high pressure over the Pacific Ocean
over the Pacific Ocean in a trial of the century West and you may have that pattern
but you’re forecast of up in the big picture is good but maybe its
baby at 300 miles shifted one way or the other on a global scale is very small but for
but for Illinois that’s very big so they can make make a difference between I have an accurate Orem


accurate for a blown forecast of b*** for Illinois where and of course
where and of course we all care about where we live in weather we’re experiencing an
so if it’s wrong to forecast is wrong but if you look at on a global scale still mine
Gayle still might have been a good for cast of a couple hundred miles Southers those things to self
to self I always take the long range forecast with a grain of salt okay what what
what we talked to add Ceaser about winter weather in in a moment going into winter weather preparedness
preparedness questions welcome here on focus about the weather corset 1 800 22


802 to 29455 are you can email your question Atwill dash time
Tomcat Illinois .edu the phone number again 1 800 222 WY
wyll and you can I also send your questions Twitter or Facebook
Facebook we are at focus 580 I was wondering I may be
disco over the ideas that since since we cant be absolutely sure what’s going to happen in the next
next 3 months whats up whats a good things to have in your car if if there’s
if there’s a will there’s a possibility of a dangerous winter weather Atlanta courses


horse is a good question to ask because of this time of year obviously
obviously of you should be prepared for a winter weather when you’re
weather when you’re traveling in the one thing that you should always have now days which was the case
was the case that cater 2 is a charge cell phone that can be very very help
very very helpful for you if you get stranded and keep your cell phone charge because
because I might need for a long time without the ability to charge other things
other things you should have in your car should have blankets because of you


because if you do get stranded you need to keep warm you should have some water in your car and someone
some other off non perishable food is one timer
where can t bars are good for example just so you have some energy there was a good day
is it good to have some sort of way to to light where you are special
where you are specially at night and I may be some where so that others can see that you’re stranded
stranded if you get caught a blizzard ou should stay with your car because you can get
how you can get to you disoriented quickly when there’s no visibility and then that’s when you run it


that’s when you run into problems of course if you are stranded in your car you don’t want to run it all the time
when it all the time for a couple of reasons why you don’t want to use up all your fuel and I might have
and I might have that it’s always a good idea to keep your tank at least half full of not hire throttle
throughout the winter and I’m not always the best doing after I do try to think about that a little more winter
a little more winter time maybe filling up my gas tank before get down low
downlow because of its also its better for your gas tank also if you
also if you do get stranded you have a little more fuel than other reason you don’t want to run your engine all the time


all the time if you don’t want to have any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with sometimes happen
happened to Lizard just some of the things you should have another thing even if their cell phone
call phone if you’re doing any traveling and there’s any risk of nasty weather Tulsa
the weather Tulsa mothers with your travel route is so if you dont make your destination others can maybe
others can maybe I help a sore T’s tell I look for you and I look for
look for the path that you were taking okay its
divots occur to me its it’s easy to be blase about this is specially when you’re spending most


spending most of your most most of your working day inside the idea that weather can really
where can really be a danger is is something that can connect pass you by until you
buy until you are in the car and that the lizard actually it’s where you are
you are well that is true in an another thing I’m just
just taking a champaign-urbana area for example it’s amazing sometimes
sometimes how different the weather is in town and just a mile or two out of town
even on the edge of town blizzard of course define by having twins at 35


when to 35 miles per hour for greater and a disability under a quarter of a mile
mile sometimes you’re chief that out of town tonight in town in Germany
how many times well I didn WI allow and then I have to Parkland College
Oakland college to teach a class in the afternoon boy with a difference of just between
Just Between on the U of I campus rec center campus where there’s some Building
some buildings blocking the wind a little bit and then getting out on the edge of town were parkland campus
Kirklands campuses in just where is huge dressed and disability so much lower


a lot of people get surprise a little bit look out the window in town
window in town not that bad starter venture on I 57 or somewhere in the Sun
all the sudden you can see where you’re going and when is a big activating factor
Irving factor for problems in Illinois terms of winter weather you could have 4 inches of snow
inches of snow in Owen and be able to get around easily you can get one inch of snow with
snow with a high wind and have a complete disaster in terms of travel
so always pay attention to what the wind forecast is with no because


that’s the that’s really important thing and I know it all my years of working
working winter weather events of all I would get ass with how much snow are going to get
no we’re going to get an Course everybody wants to know that I want to know that but
sometimes that’s not the most important thing is I know if I say to get in inches
how to get an inch of snow why do people say I have no big deal ever going to get an inch of Dr pottery
Dr powdery snow with sustained winds over 30 miles Prower a huge dick
the huge deal in the countryside does that pretty much cripple travel im


I’m thinking of a thinking actually of what’s happening today in this area
this and that there are several School District what types AOL
what type say a large role bus routes they have to make which of cancelled classes for today
for today here in Champaign Urbana think it’s less than an inch of snow when was freezing drizzle
drizzle yesterday into the evening and that really is swelling
is swelling driving was a little tricky yesterday evening but once the chemicals in Downey
things melt on the street that’s not so much a problem but when you’re out of country roads totally different


totally different that is true and I will say freezing drizzle
is one of the hardest weather types to deal with
how to deal with the winter time because drizzle by definition is just very small drop
small droplets falling out of the sky and its really not detectable by radar soda
Radar so that its deceiving that way you can look at radar screen app what’s going on out there
going on out there and then you get out there and there’s a drizzle is the temperature below freezing and its making of
making a glaze of ice all over everything in a corset freezing rain


freezing rain freezing drizzle my opinion is the most dangerous weather to deal with when driving
driving I called the great equalizer when it comes to travel because doesn’t matter whether
doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large vehicle is the road is ice covered
nobody’s really going to be able to deal with a well known fact a lot of times you find larger
larger vehicles 4 wheel drives in the median of an interstate does drivers ed
drivers ed Bozarth types of vehicles I think I feel there often times little more amune to the
to the dangers of winter driving indeed types of vehicles too much


too much better going through snow when there’s a glaze of ice on the road
all all drivers have to be particularly cautious that and a freezing
and a freezing drizzle for taking her something that’s sometimes people don’t notice until too late
to late so in some ways are you saying that freezing drizzle can be more dangerous in full on rain
rain at the same temperature well in that I think the awareness of the issue 0
yes user a little less I think of when you have a freezing rain storm which
which if you get a lot of freezing rain by definition of ice storm that’s very very


that’s very very dangerous but I think a lot of people are there to wear off it so I take a lot of
take a lot of people left handed take more Prakash I think sometimes freezing
sometimes freezing drizzle gets gets people off guard it doesn’t have to be a very
to be a very sick coating of ice on the street to the center car spinning no it doesn’t and freezing
and freezing drizzle sometimes is so not even measurable terms of 107 answer
107 answer 271 if you get over a long enough.
period time you just get a nice very thin layer of ice on surfaces there below free


is there below freezing untreated Road sidewalk parking lots become
become very hazardous a lot of people
lot of people end up with problems in the NFL is going to be able to drive on some of that finance
some of that finance you step out of your car and have no $40 had that happen
what had that happen before that’s no fun I’m looking at the rest of the list of Alyssa copy done for me
copy down from last year’s winter weather preparedness show heroes Falcons anime for the car
for the car I’m seeing things such as a certain things for getting ice and snow off


snow off of the car such things as booster cables to rope a second
sex offender cat litter for traction I know my mother always recommended capitales going to mention at 1 week
mention at 1 week you’re talking Lafayette some specially for cars that don’t have good traction
Action help with a little bit of the way to the car for wanted to the if you have problems can for summer
pour some a cat litter Santa Ana under your tires help you get going
going to that Santa is a good thing in a good ice cream flavors is extremely important
you want to make sure your windshield in your and you’re out headlights and taillights


tail lights clear of ice snow before you travel not only so that you can see
you can see but with your headlights and taillights others can see you I am wondering
I am wondering maybe it’s because I shift into different makes in sizes of cars over the years
cars over the years but I am NOT you know I don’t have snow tires on the car right now and I
right now and I don’t have tire salesman urging me to put them on is there is a deist
is this just a less common for caution these days what are the all seasons
all season tires do a fairly good job in so snow tires


snow tires are not something that’s really tight it like they were several decades ago
if you live in a very Snow sensitive areas you may still want to have
I have snow tires also if you live in the Rockies
Rockies probably still want to have chains for tires
does something some places in the snow get the very very deep time set on Interstate I won’t let
states that won’t let you over some of the mountain passes less you do have chains on your car or truck
Harbor truck that for central Illinois most people do not have snow tires


tires cause the up all season radial tires do a decent shop
also on the list for all the car a mergency kit if you’re going to be out there that wasn’t for
is it for a while a large empty can plastic cover with tissue paper towels for Senator
sanitary purposes then a smaller can and waterproof matches to melt
is to melt snow for drinking water and I have a question about that and that’s it
and that’s it for you if you do that I do you have to worry about
how do you know getting is there anything in the water that can make you sick is snow water safe water well


well it depends on where you are you know if I you know what you’re talking about
talking about dire situation 3 release trailer for a long period of time that’s why we recommend
recommend you to take from drinking water in your car if your going out of leather store b***
you get to that you know sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do what I would do without you
I would do without just get away from the roadway little bit not too far you don’t know if there’s a blizzard of Easley
don’t want to lose sight of where you are but I would try to just get some snow freshly fallen
fallen snow this happened to Tamron 18 by road salt things like that


sad hopefully you don’t have to do that but if you have to eat some snow just make sure its
shirts cleaners okay and I know you know as a kid
I hate snow sometimes I think we all digital when did the first year
where were still here corset was the snow off are you expected snow is healthy
very true up thats the car but if if you get a
if you get a big snow blizzard conditions are not love
the house my pizza is is a place we need me to have a certain items


supplies and a well the one thing that I know the emergency managers always told me to remind
told me to remind me every body is this weather tonight stormer tornado
804 just a straight line winds knocked the power
power out of a widespread area you should be prepared
to go out on your own for 72 hours 3 days now
al & Ed’s extreme case it might be a little longer but usually its left
its left but you can expect help to come at mediately to your house if there’s a problem


is a problem because there’s a problem for you probably a problem for thousands of people and
and II storm in particular is a case where the power to go out I remember
how to remember back on Valentine’s Day of 1998 without power in Champaign Urbana
Champaign Urbana what’s in the city of dynamic power for a full week
weak and a lot of trees are down on power lines road block
emergency managers couldn’t help everybody the power company couldn’t get the power back
get the power back to everybody instantly took a week so you need to be prepared


the prepared at least for 72 hours so that means in around your house
run your house something see my comments that have flashlights a workout corset know where you’re planted
no where your blankets are up just to have some candles
and for Safeway use a cane what’s up things like that
like that you need um basically I have some non perishable foods
arsenal food now thats a winter storm I’ve been known to put some of my apps items out
up on the back porch or cold in the winter in the summertime the power goes out


cargos out there probably going to lose your food if you don’t have power for a day or more butts
but in the wintertime there something you can do things to keep some of that
keep some of that food what does the point is you got to expect that
that you may be stranded for a few days if there’s a major catastrophe a major storm
major storm and up help is not necessarily going to just knock on your door in our after half
after it happened in Virginia managers recommending ready for 3 days
and it’s more difficult IAAI what I would think if you’re in a rural area I can think of


I can think of specific instances were where I was I was
I was in in a household caught in severe when I was when I was a kid in the grove
getting the growing up in the Chicago suburbs are there was a big winter storm not a place
storm not a blizzard just a big snowfall the hit the Chicago area in January of 1916
1967 it was like yeah 25 plus inches is huge
is he was a lot of snow remember that and I remember all off
burro all of us um from ping of fortune on to a grocery store that was not


restore that was not too far away I think we were improvising snowshoes using a kids
kids sled to bring things back cause we certainly were not driving anywhere at that point
that point even to the degree that the streets were plowed it was still hard
still hard to get to 25 inches of snow out from around your car
and of course the bread supplies Exedra were World War II almost nothing
nothing much we got to the store that’s what that was in the suburbs I was in a heavily populated area
area if your if if you’re out of town its it’s going to be a little more difficult


well in a storm like that which is rare but they do a tre sometimes you’re probably
probably people stranded for more than a week in Raleigh area is fortunately a lot of people live in rural areas
Monroe larry is real eyes the dangers inner most of the time much more prepared
how much more prepared to live in cities so I was that is true end in N
and in the end the WI love with Mary of course there a lot of rules listeners and
and lot of people that the winter storm situations just for para
just repair on down for many days and maze in many days without


preps without power Andaz fortunately it doesn’t happen often that 67 Store
67 Stormin one that was very notable for the heavy snow in order
in northern Illinois I don’t know if you realize it right before the storm Caymen
very warm and in the St Louis area Mon area
other areas of the Midwest tornadoes ahead at storm so we want from tornadoes to that have a snow
heavy snow and up all sorts of weather occurring during that period of time
time I know in the Chicago area the weather forecast for the day that the snow begins


the snow begins was 12 inches and I’m wondering
I’m wondering if now about almost 45 years later I think
do you think the weather forecasting would have been more accurate on that we have absolute
absolutely what would change it makes it easier to know that it’s going to be more than one to two in a storm like
2&a storm like that there’s a lot of things have changed one computer model technology
technology in the computer models are not all accurate all the time but
but they would not miss something like that is this point and not only that


that we have a lot more observational data we have
Metta much more robust service observation system we have
satellite technology radar lot of different things that we did not have a lot
we have a lot of tools did not have back 1967 1967
d7000 much Kreuter States by then there was satellite was radar the thing that’s really cheap
really change something in the computer models Terry Crews models
models with that point and the computer technology the speed


Jesus speed of computers data computers can handle just exploded
exploded in the last 45 yourself stores like that are not miss
anymore sometimes are blown forecast sometimes
might be a carrier to that’s on the edge where the storm shift a little bit worthy
little bit were they snowfall amount is in a revised many inches but
to have a store more than just one or two inches forecast indeed more than two feet of snow
2 feet of snow falls I just don’t see that really being something that would happen today


that’s good to know when it’s time for short break we will be back in a moment with more talk
what’s more talk about winter weather with meteorologist did Ceaser will talk a little bit about
what about us some of that at the end of November 28 Ozette struck the Midwest is well
well I’m just meadows in this is focus in wyll Rebecca
Rebecca and focus on wyll mg Meadows NY continuing our discussion of the winter
of the winter weather outlook with meteorologist ed Ceaser of a bit of a cough
call but but but still hanging in there and are you one of those folks like me when the weather changes


weather changes and things really good cold and dry or the other way around for that matter then all of a sudden
call of a sudden your sysyem people for something and I’ll tell you what it is I have small children

changing getting the end of the last time I had a voice like this I can remember well
well with three and a half years ago it was my last week that I was on the air fall time
Airphil time fact I had no voice for my last Friday morning talk
morning talk to at which was the end of March of 2010 so


so it’s kind of a coincidence or whatever that that I’m here today
I’m here today at my voice when I can but it’s getting better actually it was worth the left
play last week well by all means not give us a call here at wyll in focus
focus to talk with a meteorologist did Ceaser the phone numbers 1 800 222
3222 94551 800 222 w I ll
illl are email addresses wyll dash talkin Illinois dot eating we’re on Twitter and Facebook and focus 580


and we have a color now Jhene in Greenup good morning run Focus
good morning Saturday afternoon I so beautiful
beautiful dog in the western sky just that have
what’s a sundog of fun dog is an area of life
like that can be on one or both sides of the Sun when the Sun is rather low and I are certain
where are certain type of ice crystal clouds size 0 stratus clouds in the sky
and there their they can be intense if the feds cirrostratus clouds


stratus clouds are in Evans of texture in the ice
ice crystals Rihanna just right side of the iPhone light refracts through
ru does the collectively all the ice crystals making of the cloud after the
how to act as a prism and you only get some dogs on the Sun is rather low in the sky
sky and there are usually a little about a little more than 22 degrees
32 degrees your left or right of the Sun on the same plane as the Sun
and because at the Sun dogs are created by ice crystals in the clouds


cloud c10 to be more intense in the cold winter cold weather season
cirrostratus clouds are high in the sky you can get some dogs and do get some dogs in the summertime
summertime is well but you got a lot more the beautiful love
optical phenomena that can occur in the winter time
in the winter time because ice crystals can do a lot to laugh refracting reflex
Acton reflect sunlight to create different to objects one thing that I sometimes like
sometimes like to see but don’t the office with call the Sun pillar at the pillar of light extended


lytic standing up from the Sun when the Sun is near the horizon maps to the reflection of sunlight
sunlight that you need a certain type of ice crystal for that that only occurs in the
in the winter time usually usually when it’s very very cold but the
how far is the weather forecast when you have 0 Stratus cloud sometimes
loud sometimes it is a precursor to Lori in second clouds and precipitation
precipitation in about today so you don’t always get free soda tation the next Eva to answer
what to answer a question that have anything to do with baby the weather


the tell tale signs you might have a weather system approaching but not always
not always thank you thank you thank you very much for coming jeans
sometimes I just had some dogs don’t have much color better if if its intense
if its intention of you do see the colors of the rainbow red on through violet
because it is a refraction proceso de the clouds ice crystals are acting
crystals are acting as a prism I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sundog that identifies as such
keep my eyes open for now unused usually they occur a few times a month


just being out at the right time looking at the right place but left and right
left and right of the Sun again sometimes only fit on one side sometimes I both
how the clouds are oriented in the sky well the best of weather that we had
weather that we had that really really short people up of course
on November 17th when does Sons of 2006 Chevrolet
several states I think it was something like 25 in Illinois alone in the summer
and the Sumerian scene severe damage Gifford here in Champaign County Washington


Washington in Tazewell County as well as East Peoria and and and pecan
pecan nearby brookport down and southern Illinoisan of course you go throughout the region
the region there’s a new Mendon zoo Mendon I just just a whole lot of areas were
areas were a whole lot of tornadoes that a lot of damage and I was wondering
I was wondering about the frequency of this sort of a heart attack of multiple tornadoes
tornadoes in just looking at us some of those the records online fast and free
The Fast and Franks certainly happened before how often do you expect the things that


sexy things to happen what makes it happen well what makes it happen is you get the
get the jet stream pattern talked about jet streams little bit earlier
set up so that you have a fairly large trough of a central us in Rijn
us in Ridgeland East Coast me up at Southwest Florida strong winds right over the Midwest
over the Midwest and when you have the southern branch the subtropical jet stream in a northern
northern branch the poor French extreme a line with the truss rigid the same place I can help
play second helping hands that so when you get that set up with very strong winds


when the size of very active jet stream fs1 thing you definitely need
definitely need for tornadoes at this time of year and tornadoes are the jet stream Windsor
Stream Windsor typically getting stronger in November Jetstream Windsor strongest over the cold season
the cold season does the jet stream winds are driven by the temperature difference from
difference from holes to the equator equator is always warm polls
Holzer much colder in the winter time because there’s no sunlight there for 6 months so that
temperature difference between the poles in the equator is much greater during what we call the cold


call the cold season so Jetstream starts to pick up steam in November
is strong throughout the winter time and then in the spring and the reason we have
reason we have severe weather season in the spring Israel that strong Jetstream but the other ingredient we haven’t spring the week
spring that we don’t have in fall is the larger higher Sun angle and longer days
longer days because the other thing you really need for severe weather to occur is unstable
unstable air and the best way to make a rinse tables to release heat
how to really keep the surface make the air you’re the ground warm warm air rises and that’s what


that’s what I’m stable air is it when the air temperatures warmer the ground much colder
how much colder all of the crown drive affect a flea in the fall
fall we have the low Sun angle short days we don’t get that instability usually
Shalee you need to have something else help out with the instability in on November 7
November 17th we had a strong Flo Rida low levels coming right from the Gulf of
the Gulf of Mexico bringing up boys stare in warm air for this time of year and that was enough
and that was enough to make the atmosphere unstable along with the strong winds aloft to put everything together


put everything together to have a severe weather outbreak so when we look at the years a hole
here’s a hole and we look at tornado statistics as a whole are prime time for 20
time for tornadoes is in the spring late March 3 April man chance but if you had a paw
if you have all the numbers over the years for Illinois with us for that matter is a little bump up
pump up during the month of November nowhere near is highest in the springtime b***
are more tornadoes in a central us in November than a typically RC in September
RC in September October or in December January February so there’s a little bump up


pump up because you’re still at the time of year were you can pull up some of that warm moist air
wormwood star from the Gulf of the service but you’re already getting that stronger Jetstream a lot
so to answer your question how often does this happen on average about wanting
I want to decorate think back to other tornado outbreaks in the Midwest of a car
occurring in November of one big one was in 2002
it was a bit to the south east Champaign Urbana an affected Indiana Western
Rihanna western Ohio made from a recall a movie theater being hit in Van Wert Ohio


Ohio that was November 2002 I could tell you that the
that’s the one that outbreak occurred Chicago Bears are playing a home game
play a home game at Memorial Stadium Soldier Field shut down for renovations
and I called the emergency folks at Memorial Stadium
Memorial Stadium telling him to not worry about the weather all of severe weather with stay South East Champaign Urbana
Champaign Urbana but that was a big day for tornadoes special in Indiana and Western
Rihanna and western Ohio can go back a decade before that 1992 there was another


is there was another stakeout break a tornadoes again moreover Indiana
is the fact is about 1 to Decatur so outbreak of tornadoes
tornadoes the significance seems to occur in the middle part of the country interestingly at 99
1992 outbreak 2002 outbreak in Dallas 18 2013
teen altered on Sunday that’s coincidental but they were all Sunday 2012
outbreak in there is also another outbreak in packet for Southern
are southern Indiana and Mary College thinking of 5 tornado


tornado went through a mobile home park in the early morning hours of
pre dawn hours in near Evansville Indiana killing almost two dozen people
people that was in early on a Sunday morning as well that was in November so it doesn’t
does occur just not as frequently is what you get the spring so I 40
fortunately the Southlake add cats catastrophic consequences for summer
what is for some areas that are listening area one thing I’m struck by although the Damned
all the damage was really horrific in a lot of areas the loss of life seems to have been


strep in relatively low and what I have heard about is a matter
about as a matter of fact I think I heard you talking about a truck after the storms on here and now
here and now NPR station that was a really how how much is vans worth
Advance word people have this stuff is coming there was there were several days notice
is notice that there was probably going to be an outbreak a severe weather tornadoes across Illinois
so I take a lot of people of fortunately Heather gardens
guard up a little bit they were paying attention because it I found its always harder to deal with severe weather outbreak


weather outbreak some weekend because some people aren’t turning into their normal sources
sources are paying close attention to that we care routine for you 10d
10 day listen to the weather forecast for frequently self a good thing thats whats up
what some advance notice the problem Sunday so I think more people paid attention I won Sunday can
when sunday came Storm Prediction Center put Illinois a high risk for severe weather
severe weather which doesnt happen more than a couple times a year even in the regular
regular tornado season Hialeah usual to see that in November self is a collar


the call of the free forecast of severe weather for very very good
very good in that was very helpful mouth Course once the tornadoes develop you never know until the store
dont tell the storms actually develop exactly where they’re going to go but people having aware
people having awareness hat stores are going to develop 16 started developing they could see Andrade
the radar also I know a lot of people communicate through social media now that helps
how that helps a kid get an idea of weather the storm is coming our way to the siren start
the siren started going off in their communities I think white people were ready to take


ready to take cover saying that this isn’t just 1 of once it touches down for a minute
this could be the big one so fortunately lot of people did with her supposed to do
what to do and that’s why the death toll was lower then it probably would have been the case
decades ago this is focus mg Meadows still time to take your weather questions for media
distance from eating Ceaser call a 1-800 2229 45
9455 email as it will dash talk it Illinois .edu that phone number again
number again 1 800 222 WILL


no I was struck by I don’t know if this is been a heavy 2820 does season are actually
Rack City Obama Obama regular a mild 100 Stan Wii when it comes to a head
comes to a lantic Hurricanes it’s been a pretty light year on the East Coast
roast a very very light year that several name storm but the very few the Reacher
few the retreat Kane status and none of reached major hurricane status
status in Atlantic basin so very unusual year for hurricanes
Kings to say the least which is good good to have a quiet here and not have problems


what time is really only one store medieval impact the US that all it was
call it was it went down to tropical depression before kind of making
China making landfall that was in the Gulf of Mexico kind of late in the season so is a very very
how is a very very quiet year for the Atlantic hurricane season lotto plus
what is a stronger winds aloft Aseer the wind shear was stronger in most areas in usual
angel for a hurricane to form in a very very warm of ocean water temp
ocean water temperatures over 80 degrees and you need light winds aloft which is the opposite


which is the opposite of what you need for storms to form over Illinois pandas so this year was a year
what year was here where when she was up a bit in a kept the Atlantic hurricane season
arcane season down and I don’t think anybody is really complaining about that and that’s
and that’s good for the Atlantic time for the for the for the Atlantic region of course I report a bow tie
report about a typhoon a high on the mountain try to hit the Philippines last month
month which they were saying at the time maybe the strongest cyclone on on record
record is that still believe to be the case now that I would probably have more data on it well II


I have to check to see the final numbers on a big yeah I was one of the strongest knot
strongest if not the strongest cyclones on record and it was a catastrophic cyclone because I really
is there really really nailed the Philippines and I’m in a huge way
and the band is something know the feeling the effects for for for a long long time
long long time to come is that that that storm was just really strong
really strong when it hit and it is because this massive amount of damage
damage in loss of life injuries in really feel for the people there it’s just the


the app that that storm is a catastrophe fortunately a week and son before it
before its been hit the NAM what the hell is the only bad storm of the year
the years out in the eastern hemispheres are the number one hit India as well that was a
pretty major parts of India self of the tropical seasonal Raleigh
season overall is not quite but it it it was in the Atlantic basin let’s go ahead
let’s go ahead and take a call from Brenton Monticello Indiana good morning around focus
yes hello if I was wanting to know why


why we report dewpoint and the significance of that and
and why you know how that comes to the
the up so I’ll hang up and listen to make a very much
thank you very much what’s the what’s the deal and dewpoint that offer stuff to point is usually mean
Julie coming any given with the statistics for station can get that at all times
all times you’re with the two points really significance in the warm weather season
higher the dew point higher the amount of water vapor in the air so the higher the actual humidity


humidity and dew point gets above 65 I usually say
usually say here is humid when I get the bus 70 it’s really uncomfortable
Eric Asian the dew point temperature will exceed 75 degrees maybe go above 80
fat cats when its a present human so the dew point temperature is a good gauge of house
age of how humans the air is the dew point does not exceed the temperature so
so we say year starts to be what we call humidity at 65
65 degrees obviously when the temperature is below 65 the dew point


2.3 below 60 50 years not human a lot of people
people lot of station reports the relative humidity which is the percentage number
number that just tells you how much water vapor in the air compared to how much candy in the air
can be in the air at a certain temperature so you could have a relative humidity of 100 percent in the middle
send in the middle of winter with temperature 20 degrees outside that doesn’t mean it’s humid
human just me and said that the amount of water vapor in the air what’s the temperature 20 degree
amateur 20 degrees is the most you could possibly have with the temperature 20 degrees but it still


it’s still dry hair that’s why we use the dew point temperature
least that’s why I used it over my Carreras give those that know about
no about the numbers little more indication of just how humid is in the winter time
so in the winter time to duplicate about 50 feels tight a human has
is the dew point being down in the twenties are lower cell
a7x really what is and also the other day I just saved higher the dew point get
get much higher the amount of water vapor in the air get provide every 20 degree increase in urdu


increasing the dew point temperature ranges we look at the doubling the amount of water vapor in the air
vapor in the air so do point of 80 has twice as much water vapor 62 points
60 s twice as much water vapor the heirs to point of 40
what a couple minutes to go on focus today let’s take a call from Muhammad online 1
online one good morning Lauren Focus hi I had a quick question about hiding
hiding up out of tornado I have a crawl space don’t have a basement have small children
children I’m wondering if I just had an inner room what’s the benefit


what’s the benefit vs across face across is really protective much well
couple things are with a crawl space if you do go to crawl space try to get near Werther’s
near Werther’s support beams close together closer together that ur so you don’t care
you don’t get anything falling down on you there if you choose to not gonna crawl space
crawlspace going to enter your room in the center of your house
if your house farther away from the outside windows outside walls you better you are
you are now for the very rare violent tornadoes the EF for you


yoforia 520 does sometimes they are not survivable if your above ground
if your above ground but they are very rare lessons well only about
tell me about 15 on average Cosper year in the US with to this year
um yeah for tornadoes maybe one percent of all tornadoes Arya 4
for couples on November 17th
1001 Washington Illinois butta
can I get to the cross spacer don’t have time just want to make sure you’re in an interior room


herRoom the lowest level of your building no bathrooms are usually good because
good because there’s more pipes in all the help hold the room together a little better
better to cover yourself under something pillows blankets because flying
is flying debris is what hurts a lot of people more than anything else it’s it sounds like a saint
kissing the crawlspace would be better than interior room if you can if if you can
if if you can dodge if you have a deal with considering the cost for ya hands swelling
well and sometimes it hard to get into in general that’s a case but the other one time


the one time if you hear anybody saying um we have a violent long track tornadoes
tornadoes out there in a crawl space you want to make an effort to get low ground
ground in those cases at ya heard Rochester several times in Oklahoma
Oklahoma ed course they have a lot of TV Cruise following the swarm
video store Minot giant tornado North Face this one is not survivable mushroom
mushroom the ground fortunately out there bedrock is so close to the
close to the ground level that the most house don’t have a sensor


basement there a lot of people put tornado safe rooms in house well that’s a
well that’s a fact pretty much all raps about the questions we have time for today Lori fink u very much for
thank you very much for your soul and thanks to everyone who called us ending their questions
questions out today on focus with meteorologist and Ceaser in a very much
thank you very much for coming on the program to get ready for the winter on my pleasure next time I hope I found a little bit
found a little better okay hope you feeling better soon feel fine voice is gone
okay well we invite you to continue the discussion on today’s program at www

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culture accept that its members bring the slang home with them how does military slang affects a billion
Maximilian Coulter how to set Saints line affect service members with a transition to civilian


do civilian life talk about that was some interesting guests tomorrow on focus
focus will I beat weekday morning at 10 replayit 8 p.m. Here on AM 580
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Astrological winter hasn’t made its debut yet, but meteorological winter is here. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with WILL's former meteorologist, Ed Kieser, about the recent weather anomalies we have experienced in the area and how everyone can best prepare for the winter weather. Meadows will also talk to Kieser about the tornadoes that took place in the area last month and what circumstances contributed to that weather event occurring.