“Young Invincibles” sign up for Affordable Care Act last minute


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The deadline to sign up under the Affordable Care Act is Monday It’s a bit more complicated for someone get that moment we heard this morning internationally the government hits Revis goal of 6 million people find it nationwide results the results of individual states very to bed if you have questions about the insurance marketplace here in Illinois Illinois give us a call 802 29455 Gmail Wilder at Illinois .edu is also a conversation going on twitter Twitter app focus 580

Brian Gorman serves as director of outreach forget cover covered Illinois from Chicago to you so what was we are the federal what was Illinois gopher sign up center in together weather Solaris Lee did the numbers that we have our through the first five 5 months of the Roman and we are right on track that did the federal Goldfarb Farm Market Place in rolling 43082 when we get the total members in a state by state breakdown virtually companies that those note to work that we’ve done in X & consumers will reach that Kalin and most likely SCAA also really want to highlight did that we also have more than 200000 a newly eligible population Swift and rolled in Medicaid as well so all told people to cover more than 300,000 through the the opportunity to buy Danny CA 140000 that is correct for that for you federal government modify the Dead lineup at this weekend different headlines different places use plain what what changed did the enrollment deadline remain 1059 central time on Monday March 31st how ever consumers who try and health coverage during this period but cannot complete the process by March 31st will have a limit amount of additional time to finish the marketplace application does pokes you attempted to apply through the call centers Heb page and can’t complete it to a problem to know fundamentally the enrollment period does an on March 31st but we’re getting some folks were having some issues technical or or otherwise die sometime 220 and then they’ll be required to do a test they worth inline to enroll in cracked feet remedies some of the issues around sign up and oftentimes people at the last minute human nature Mini cases knowing that going into this is like a bit about the devil aqua backlog at the beginning of the sign up process did you expected akademiks 10 things a little more clearly do people more time we’re always operating breeding at least here in Illinois on the promise that that that March 31st was in fact hard deadline in soap Alan Jay Z and bears are we had Dru October November things that we had to overcome in order to reach are golden obviously I’m getting getting people to coverage if they need is it important to the health and wellness but the finance securities Walker really we didn’t give ourselves NE space to 22 not reached 143000 going really excited secondly one of the things that we were really proud of out of here in Illinois with that while they were technical issues with the health we had always been building is on the ground apparatus do i navigator program all over the states to win the bid technical issues Hedrick himself is it it in December we’re going to be in restaurant addition to provide free navigator support to help people understand what your options work advocating 8th and publicly and then when the time for section came so as to speak pushing people need more aware of the deadline I am I to where they live in Illinois that there is a local navigator group process improvement invaluable south images of the average going on going on at the State of the Union and some other place in specifically targeting are young are young people with Weaver time together or key to this whole system working what were the results of Rutherford’s gold from from connecting with you Timothy onion and BuzzFeed an atom of Arc more su├írez videos really been quite quite it is amazing through website we can figure out where the heck do I get covered covered Illinois website comes from and so we saw in the media spy can’t connect you did the content on the onion and then when did that next step to go go at it to get covered Illinois the first step it’s okay soaks need to take a we always believe that we needed to meet young young people oppose where they are and the traditional forms of Disney radio and television cable but to to reach is a non educated in the framework of ACA where the arse on your mobile phones on their computers engaging stakeholders Samuel doing Benson and local breweries in concert Rita’s Possible end and I think it was work right now we always knew rolling in the dough Spokane really need coverage by January GMA one reach to to connect with them young folks you may not be aware of the options are available to them that was going on what is the percentage of young people have signed up you don’t have an exact breakdown I think it is consistent with what were seeing nationally which is rennet the three of those with a rolled marketplace plan plants have enrolled in we’re going to see that number we believed to get to where it needs to be think one of those da accuracies on understanding this is young pop population has been did the term young Invincibles or yolk people who died feel like they don’t have coverage in what we found a time and time again is that did not did not think they were really didn’t want to have health care about the largest beer employer based coverage after 2 is it the notion of affordable bility people didn’t think they can afford a care plan so as being engaged spoke to create a mean old is Barack the back to look at your maybe a break for unit uniform of premium tax credits of that you’re it that did the cost of your premiums for help you help you with your copay deductible south is always been that angle is it to be like this is something that you must you but don’t worry if you qualify as a wise financial decision kind of an argument do you have any location this point of weather does signing up for people who previously had no insurance removing over from from other plans are parents plants in Saigon which own a Mia RB sleep because we’re going health working for federal partners what we do expected peoples to move from from work spensive lesser quality plan the plant marketplace plans at that actually have the expected that as you know that we gave the drinks and carriers the option land for lease for this first year of some people have cats we always knew that it would be Whidbey migration from lesser quality plans without crushing substitute the marketplace plants contain does 10 essential health benefits like ambulatory Orion and hospitalization prescription drugs mental health benefits when your shop in the marketplace you get that cash and reduction I may be eligible for the premium tax credit for the deadline remains Monday with a little bit of flexibility starting in make a good faith effort to begin the process what are the plans for a gun Illinois to get the word out in the next couple days so we are really going to be open pretty much all around the clock go all across state were going to be having a midnight in Roman Roman opportunity starting Saturday Sunday Monday Auburn alligators are open for business I know that Douglas County Health Department Macon County Health Department Edgar County Health apartments are all Colts County there going to be open this weekend with 6 people that need help but really be one with veil are navigators to connect with consumers tumors wherever they may be so those Italy to sign up you can’t wait at the hours clicking a ticking enter your zip code and find navigator in your community is free of charge certified the train and the time for delay is really come and gone clicking has the clock is ticking Brian Gorman service director of outreach retrieve get covered Illinois from Chicago the weekend at her thank you so much for having me to write a program was produced by Lindsey moon Jason cross Technical Director focuses intern is Ryan Weber will be back next Friday with focus Vocus tell me more air is Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. And again at atm anytime email focus at Illinois .edu Horan Twitter Twitter app focus 581 Scott, thanks for doing a Stratus focus on Illinois Illinois public media  

Director of Outreach for Get Covered Illinois Brian Gorman says young people are signing up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act's health care marketplace in the final days for enrollment, something that Illinois officials has been concerned about. He talked with Scott Cameron during this Focus interview about how many people have signed up so far. He says its important that the "extension" for enrollment announced yesterday by the Obama administration doesn't give people more time to start the process of enrolling; it only gives you more time to finish an already exisiting application for insurance.