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Fear for Breakfast: The Menace of Communism, especially in Eastern Europe


I consider it a real prevalent introduce our speakers tonight.

We’re cranking out highly one of those colorful personality we’re deciding and never going to experience. We all wanted very much to hear no all best known general Howie we had much more than just the military man. We are in the worst today. You know the star football player.

And at the same time. So I understand they are going. Her.

One in the advertising game. Establish. An advertising agency and build up that. The. Become.

An active arming of my important involved particularly in the civil affairs branch of the army and landed in France on D-Day day Questcor as a colonel commanding the larger combined British American Civil Affairs the new coursey became deputy director and director of the United States military government from Berlin which in simple terms means that he was for about four years. Military Governor of the American Zone in Berlin and.

That particularly at the time. Of the Soviet blockade and the astonishing successful allied airlift which broke that luck will none of Hollywood has therefore had Miriam reading the deal as a responsible officer fought.

With the Russians wallers of the bodies of the France and the day by day operations of the BERLIJN occupation and that’s why I’m sorry believing I have the reputation of being up. But he must also have a sense of accommodation. I understand that he negotiated some 13:00 work agreements with the Russians or made a large number of them. Not lose is written the story of those days in my book which was published

last January. Berlin command. Which is a vigorous interesting and enlightening account and which you you’re from the what the main main line is for evocative title or the Drexler’s evening beer for breakfast. Excellent performance as military governor Burlen with the pacifier or with Brigadier General and by the fact that he wears or has been titled Beware the French Legion of Honor.

I’m quite against.

I’m very glad to present Brigadier General Frank gentleman and talking to you.

I’m going to make some very positive statements because I’m going to talk about those things which I know I’m not going to give you a study. I assume that you all make studies if very good books which are written as Dutton’s.

I’m going to pay you only about my own experiences with Russia and the prime minister’s party as I say more broadly. I’m not going to talk about the internal.

Communism in the United States or the difference between liberal. We miss a lot of the you’re probably taught in school anyhow that I can and the only reason I have nerve enough to tell all of you including.

Professors what I know is that they are my experiences and I have had probably more personal experiences with Russian pioneers of the nanny. Certainly any senior American. Some newspaper men figured I’d had over 2000 hours.

Of conflict with the British French and Russians in Berlin.

That doesn’t include Hague fun and social event and many bilateral or two way agreement even during the blockade.

I ordered non-fighting ization that the Russians weren’t going to eat the food that our fellows were designed to fly in. But I continued our.

Diplomatic relations on the usual basis Personally I’m not any of those things which I wish I were. I wish that I were very biased. I wish you know that I was a red hot on. I don’t really hate the Russians I’m not certainly a militarist.

I don’t believe we have any militarist States. I’ve talked with some of our best combat generals and their attitude usually is again I hope to God we don’t have to do that again.

We don’t have to fight again.

If I were a typical militarist then what I say would probably not have as much weight because what I say is a little bit depressing.

I’m gonna say strong things against the Russians yet you must know and I’ll immediately say that as far as I’m concerned there’s no difference between communism and what the Russians want.

I said that four and a half years ago it wasn’t popular. It’s the same thing. Some of my so-called liberal friends in fact a couple of fellows who fought with a loyalist in pain maintain that this thing which is threatening the world is not Hymenaeus but as something special they call it Stalinists or whatever it is is bad and it is threatening and it’s very likely to cause a lot more debt.

A lot more harm. The official view now I believe that the State Department view in America that this is traditional Russian imperialism using the Communist Party all of its subject is fair for breakfast.

Part of the thing which is fun enough is a deliberate use to. Everybody Pray make all think. And if you’re not afraid you can be made. No businessman. Sometimes I wake up in the morning scared of it and then there’s no woman going to have a child somewhere that will wake up and fight. There are very deeply dug into the faces in. Most people we consider are not U.S. They use the Internet.

Another way to have great strength of threatening Europe. Now Europe is a continent of the year are now.

There has been one film that the make or break on because of that they as we make great confession these people who threaten We never know when their threat will be will be developed.

We don’t know right now really whether China is going to make war on Islam.

We don’t know whether Russia we know that they won’t feel it is part of the Russian plan. The military man doesn’t know. Now this looks like the real thing whether we’ll have to go out there and get what the invasions we have involve fighting people who very recently where Colonel and then while they’re tied up these fellows will run across Europe where they’ve got 11 armored divisions 47 infantry division that can move all 48 hours.

About 50 60 infantry divisions that could move across. You are less than 60 there and there’s nothing there that we have that that they have. Had have five Navy fold that they can because there’s a lot of things and fire still only one man has to make guns and still one or one. Village have a couple of days and so forth the end of maybe eight is at five no matter how good you are you know and they rush in to because they are good.

Now they’re threatening all the time. A threat in that region to fight much tougher lose power.

Now they do want to win the White House.

The reason we haven’t turned over from the days is the ball drop. The feeling of power. They are afraid. What are they afraid of. Well they’re afraid of the Red Army and they have very good reason for fearing the Red Army recently. Read what that red army which happens to have flat eyes but that doesn’t matter. Well Prime Minister all Krane the same face changer the complex and different but they are the same world pattern that army in Europe.

The Red Army which is made up in a car I went through is about half 10 to third to a half Asiatic in a period mellow little men very much the same as Ghengis Khan. And those are in places like. When we cross went through that army we tried with the virus and I just looked at it like cattle on the factual company Bain orders but not that’s what you’re afraid of first. Second they’re red officers are trained. This technique gets right into their own people.

They’re scared. There’s no room for failure. They must succeed. They can lie cheat where murder. I Koestler vicinity too.

Must be the only thing that just in path and is the guy making movies they have power of life and death down to the Great Cat captain in order.

Been killing a professor of pends that knew one time.

How can they make these people who are not belligerent. Fight. I said. Did you ever have your front teeth kicked out only for the. Lotti had a life that I couldn’t possibly explain it.

I’ve seen many many Russian all or done but I’ve never seen a week I’ve never seen one who couldn’t kill a man and he would take where he first got to Berlin.

I’d like to mention that as we’re coming over tonight I think I was reminded of the story I had an officer I went down to a contact.

Lieutenant Colonel Maginnis he’s a mathematician. Fact of life I’m going to hold you up with I send him down to contact the local Russian Perner and when he came back he was still shaking. He said while I was down there I came in and the Russian lieutenant colonel was bawling out one of their enlisted men and waved him Mountney said as I sat down right beside the window there’s a shot and they’d kill them.

Like what to do about it.

Well he thought at first or last week or what had happened to the man he said I ordered him executed and that developed that down to the great the capital and some hope for the future. I’ll tell you more about. It On.

The left but the officers themselves are afraid General rationing was head of railroad one of the last minute I dealt with and trying to settle the strike. I remembered him because after these difficult arguments I was having with him when I was leaving the political adviser a fellow named maxim off to the secretary general highly to great Horsman he rides in shows and.

Fashioning the facts and kind of stick around. He said Yes I know that I’ve read all about it but I just I like things that I can tell the difference is that now all I can do is that the last I heard that he had committed suicide with his wife and one who got.

The rumors that he was trying to escape into waiting. And with.

That official I was the long while the German officials or the Chinese officials or any body of the Czech official who are close to these people who are part of the gang they’re scared they can’t leave. And the worst thing is to know to know what to be at all similar to what these people have as the system of a logging gang murder Lurgan falling.


And this is not for the better for them when they carry out with complete going.

I was going to elaborate on this but I’ll get down the masses Arc’s are afraid. On this region election in East Germany coming up in India then why did 92 percent of them want to go out and vote.

JA airfreight not that they were counted. Check and double check in every house every apartment house every block block live in the same system and that the files are the files are much more fixed.

We arrived in Berlin after the Russians had been there six weeks and organize it.

I found there 40000 of these stooges working in the US sector alone and they had power in their hand over their little apartment because they had the power of the ration pots.

The janitor he happened to be the leader of that house. He didn’t say what.

Sure. On the fifth floor had for himself and his children in the way of a reaction depending on how good a boy was. Let the masses is could be one students with students I must mention all.

And good university of reelin happen to be in public sector.

Well of course that was all propaganda. What case will know and the German young people live. K so. Well I had a case like this.

I was teaching on how to carry off a boat.

These are more than anything else. Of.

A student Metamath median of a thousand over there and he’s Gasnier say the same ingrowth it up in the repertoire of no one’s ever seen him since they almost all of those.

Finally the student came over to our Thecla came to me and said can we study we’ll study in the rubble pile. We can only approach history and science. Objectively we don’t propagand and we went through that. After all we got from the Nathi.

Now we got it. And. Finally we raised a million and half dollars and started Free University of Berlin in the West in fact. 4000. A person person or you can’t get there. We. Were just getting anxious to be. Objectively a. Day off from the other side of town. The good news is that you have.

A critical day. You say why why why why you don’t believe anything really challenging everything that’s the way your students should be.

He’s got to get all the time together. They can stop. But in their system that student never gets an education.

He will get the first year student challenges thing who get involved the critical phase unless he’s a fanatic you won’t get education so those are the person things you won’t be in peril of losing the next generation.

That’s part of the I’d like to mention just how they handle that one day I was telling the Colonel yellers are you married.

I mean this is almost like the local old fellow they.

His wife had a 15 pound boat of those things are.

Values are between the. Came over to me quite pleased he said you know that you are interested in we’ve got him he said he knew we found him guilty this afternoon and we’re going to try him tomorrow morning.

And wait a minute. I will the alarm again.

I said the interpreter said to me that you found him guilty today and you’re going to try him tomorrow that I need it. Yes.

I said What is training for this place that the text was sent the day the trial they’re not tried until I have confessed on everyone how to get the confession but the man is guilty or he is not tried. The trial is simply to announce his sentence and to put on a public spectacle.

The intimidation idea. So when you read about Vogler or moon when he or any of those other news that isn’t just the shirt that we know but this all of us were either well. What a peace rally all over the world these rallies are another useful thing to get into that you don’t want to take off these nice clothes gotten out live in a hole in the ground.

I sure don’t want to be there.

Last time I got a broken back pelvis my right eye. So then I don’t like that rock like therefore nor do I.

What happens when there’s nothing we can gain from the war.

There are four peace rallies all over the world an important negotiation is coming up remind us of the larger war. We pray for the very old game that went back even when they were considered our ally when they wanted to do the printing crappers of our money. Invasion marked the threat was set for peace in Germany.

If you don’t want certain death part the aircraft. Well what do they want.

I mean it reminds me of that girl think OK I don’t know whether it’s on the road or not but my boyfriend is always gambling the money where misbehaving is he stands or that oh why can’t it be.

Why can’t he be hey that’s the way we Americans feel so often about the Russians what are they getting at. Why can’t we approach these people. We’ve tried appeasement. We tried winning them over. We tried allaying their suspicions. We tried buying them off show etc.. McMahon says fifty billion dollars. We tried that. We gave them 11 billion dollars worth of goods during the war called Lindley’s. We gave them in Berlin concession after concession to win them over political concessions in the Baltic. And the Balkans. Let them break their agreements one after another and still we tried to win them over. We tried to

understand recognize communist governments which were simply Stooges.

Agreed to coexistence finally when we couldn’t get them to work on a united Germany except on their terms.

Then we tried rufescens is now holding out as bait coexistent.

In other words good neighbors well we can’t do anything about let them run ours will run theirs. It wouldn’t do. They armed troops in Korea. They said get out. It’s all done now and then the troops are in by them in the north swept down to take over the whole country which they hadn’t been able to get by other means.

Use of Force Fairland they tried to seize Berlin and drive us out. Use of Force. The airlift you know of which helped us to win that particular scrap. Why won’t they be hey what do they want.

What are they after we want nothing from them we’d like their friendship or even that we’re willing to co-exist.

We’ll leave it alone. It won’t work here or it won’t work in Shanghai Africa the United States or any place regardless of what Stallin may say today to mislead us. There can be no short sharp target for them except world control. I don’t expect it all to morrow but they’ve got it all planned. They’re working on a general Kotoko said to me one day I said let’s stop arguing about class struggle let’s settle this trolley car problem. I said your lady you and I will live to see the end of class struggle. Matter of fact I think there are a lot of good things about that struggle. Well he said I don’t know about your general health but I’ll live to see the end of it.

Absolutely sure. And the plans are in May. Now if you know Berlin you know it all over the world. Yeah the pattern changes slightly but it’s basically the same pattern. What is it what do they want. They want economic and political control of the world. And if you want to read the writings you can find out they’ve documented what they’re going to do far more than Hitler did in mind. Far more it’s all there. And then you’ve got all of these cases to back it up so if we don’t know now what they’re up to. God help us we never will. Politically I’m going to divide what they want

in world control into political and economic because that’s the way we think. It’s all one to them. I was talking to a Russian general one day and I said from what you say it seems as though food is politically set of cars. I said they are the place political wise. Naturally I said the control of trollies political he said. My dear Purtell course. I said How about your Russian army is that purely political he said. We’ve had enough of the discussion. Again talking with Russia in general I think it was Colonel General or bad off I said look you’ve got to separate the economic and political on this and shorten to disguise that. How can you separate the economic and political say so and I separate it to you and say what it is is simply

for our thinking politically they want complete control and this is the way it works. Any place they are controlled or the government of course get a byelection if he can rig it up. Twisted food or anything but control the government. But you don’t have to have full control they had one third in Czechoslovakia. They only had 19 percent Berlin. But control of the government. Second control of the trade unions because under a democratic system trade unions can pull a strike and make a government that’s not doing what they want. For you say so they control those. Remember the CGT streichen in Paris which was intended to make the government fall which wanted to cooperate with us on the

Marshall Plan. Third control of the police. Because if you’ll control police they may be soldiers like the folks in Germany but you’ve got the only people with guns. And therefore even a minority government of the time and this stays in power and it doesn’t matter what you think you are in that area because they’ve got the guns and they’ll use them. That’s the reason after they clearly pull a coup d’etat in Czechoslovakia.

You saw the people lined up at Janz Mazzard funeral crying crying that their democracy which was a stablish really with our assistance in which they loved was being crushed by a very small minority. But every once in a while while in that line up you saw a very straight faced soldier man or woman with a gun. Didn’t you will cry her eyes out and I will check. Will Make A Better difference the government will remain Communist and you can’t change it by ballot or anything else when they have the gun. If they want control of the judiciary because they control the judiciary You can dress up murder and make it look legal and they love the

garbs of legality. The latest note from from China. The United Nations is their legal favorite always talking about legality. I always call them a bunch of ambulance chasing chasing lawyers.

Because the law doesn’t have doesn’t even follow logic as ours does they follow sophistry is a play on words anything to win an advantage confuse the issue.

Now there are the big four and then they move on to others now in Berlin we found they had that and when they couldn’t keep it that’s when they used force to drive us out. On the economic side it take you know the old jokes about what yours is what’s mine is mine what’s yours will be by. There’s a lot of truth in it now I don’t know whether it’s because the Russians are dumb and need all these gauds for a long time they used to say they were doing it because the Germans took from them. I don’t know whether it’s because Communism doesn’t produce good and I don’t think it does. I think that’s a basic weakness in their policy. Just as a dictatorship today doesn’t

produce good. When I was in school we learned that a dictatorship was the most efficient form of government but it was dangerous because it could go bad. It isn’t today but again that’s another story. Observing these people economically they say that’s a reason as soon as the Chinese Chinese chief went to Moscow our trade. As soon as they got control of Czechoslovakia trade agreements. They go hand in hand. They take just to give you an illustration in Berlin before they let us in. They strip everything that could move BERLIJN best for example which is in the British sector. We turned over the rich provinces of Saxony Interlingua with crops in the field machinery warehouses bulging. We didn’t take a thing because

it was going to be their area. When we got to Berlin they’d stripped everything. They even stripped the singer sewing machine company. Am I talking too fast. Then they try to get control of all of the businesses in the city even after we were there what was left. Of course we balked at that. I sent for a legal decision whether they could buy these properties with phony money and for the corporations.

The lawyers were arguing too after two weeks I issued an order on the others follow the bank. But in the Soviet sector let alone the 27 biggest corporations are now Soviet are gay simply they say we own them now.

And on their masthead are a couple of Russian director 364 the biggest plants are working exclusively for their export. Now why what is this Take That’s reparations from Curb production you hear discuss. They went through three phases of this economic cake in Germany.

First they stripped everything they could get and we gave them quite a few things from the West on the basis of making up to not harm the Germans. Then.

They shifted to Russia and couldn’t make it run.

Now again I don’t care I don’t care. You can say it couldn’t make it run for a lot of reasons. Maybe it was because combat troops drifted it out. I went over and saw flat cars loaded with precision tools and my engineers said use this after two days exposed to weather. Anyhow they shipped them to their satellites and the Russians couldn’t make the machinery run next forced labor. They took one morning between two and four out of their sector Bourland because they didn’t dare come into mine. Something like four thirty five hundred and forty people. Technician tricked all workers and shipped them to Russia. That was phase two trying to get the workers to run the machinery in Russia. They still couldn’t do it.

Third whatever machinery remains in Germany leave it there leave the workers who are still there and take what they produce that’s reparations from current production. Now we say no to it. They demanded approximately 10 billion dollars worth of such goods from Germany as one of the prices for United Germany. We said no because there’s no point in our pouring in billions in order to lift the economic level of Germany up to the point where Germany is not a an economic cesspool in Europe. No you are pouring it in if it goes out the other side.

So having been denied it for all Germany that taken over nine billion dollars worth of such goods out of just the part they could get their hands on which is east Germany where there are about 18 million people living. That’s a reason. East Germany is awfully awfully poor. One reason and the West is going up. Well.

I think I find time wraithes along. They used force in Berlin they used force in Korea.

Do they want war. Do they want a horse. No not for itself. They don’t have the threat of force or death that we do. They don’t have the sensitivity not and whether that’s communistic or whether it’s Asiatic. Again I’m much more on the objective psychology than the subjective meaning of what goes on in their heads. Why are they doing. We’ve had enough observation not to judge them by what they have done. Bourland they use force the blockade was a means of doing three things for them. They hadn’t been able to get the controls economic and political so they clamped on a route or blockade a strangulation of the western sectors which made the Black Hole of Calcutta look

like child’s play.

We are getting so immune to inhumanity in the world. We put up whether there have been wars and all kinds of things were custom to it.

Now we really accept it philosophically all Chinese army marches in and tortures Americans in a surprise attack and we refer and start writing letters. We’re getting calous.

Anyhow. They wanted to do three things. One they wanted to seize Berlin because it’s valuable for a lot of reasons economic. But all that would make us go out because the people when they started to starve would say gee we like the Western ideas we have opposed the communist minority which had sunk down into 3 percent. But we have to eat our families happy. Please go till we can live or debate the Russian propaganda and riot and then the Russians would move in troops because Berlin is a hundred miles inside the area occupied by the Russians. So. Second they wanted us to leave your a to run out and if we had our world

leadership would have received the death blow. It was the first time someone threatened us and we ran out naturally nobody is going to tie up with us.

And third they wanted to see how effective their propaganda was whether it was true or not. You know they get to believe these things themselves a lot like the American Indians before a battle going around town and you know whooping it up I’m the greatest problem but all the 15 scalped and after they’ve gone around and said enough they start to have mass on a mesmerism or whatever it is or. It’s some sort of twisted that began to believe it to in Indian law then you get in a fight and they did lose his job or maybe even a cover. But they talked so much about it that they wanted to see if really. We wouldn’t find that simple with. Men won’t bite. We get people at all.

And second whether economically we’re on the verge of a plot. And of course I’m not going to deal with the blockade because you know the story is on the ground we worked out first place we knew it was coming. I’ll tell you that that’s the reason we had time for nearly. As early as in March. I knew what their pattern was. I have to say I because I went up and reported it and we went to war. You say we’ve been watching after the conference of foreign ministers broke up in London. Which gave them notice we would no longer go to our conference and simply rubber stamp their desire. So. We were all waiting for them to get some kind of order. And finally when this when they sat down to confer that

day I knew they had their orders they’d change their political adviser from a persuasive enough hype that this marks him off quite tough. They the general was reduced to the position of reading prepared. Well there were a lot of signs telling our reporter immediately I got our experts we can Goodwins there on economics and food and welfare and everything planned what would happen if they tried the blockade.

I had reported the Russians are going to do three things. They’re going to break up the German government. They agreed to establish and support. They’re going to break up the Berlin military for power headquarters which is the basis of our having given the facts in yes they’re going to take steps to get us out. I didn’t know what the steps would be that I advised get women and children out bringing in a few more fighters make it worthwhile while. Based on that I had a secret meeting with the British and French gentlemen my home. Over unknown and the Russians did use that as an excuse you see for getting what they wanted to do we had a secret meeting. I said Here is the assumption these three points. And I said we better get ready and here’s a

study I want you to know it’s marked top secret it’s in my safe. The French general General gone Val said I don’t think they’d dare do it to the Western powers but it’s well to be prepared that capable of it. The British general had one of these guards mustaches is preposterous. They wouldn’t dare do it. I love the kids the kids the Englishman especially they wear a handkerchief and hair and all that stuff.

Make no mistake there is no there’s no fighting in the world toppling in England and negotiate up though and it’ll break your heart laugh and then they’ll fight we’ll fight about things.

Well chipped in and we got ready for what we knew was coming. So when it came at the end of June we had 36 days supply of food supply of power. Coal for pumping in the sewers and pumping water takes 110 tons of coal a day to pump that water up from 13:00 wells and so forth. That gave us time to think and make plans.

The airlift came in and finally finally we won a great victory.

We succeeded in going through a winner. We had new airfields built built by hand the first airfield out in and Tegel the French sector we had 17000 people working with scooping shovels by hand because you couldn’t fly in heavy machinery.

We had plans made. Definitely the Russians. The whole thing had boomeranged on them. The Atlantic pact because of Berlind came into existence. ERP came into existence.

They wanted to get out of it. So when they wanted to get out of it. Never mind the face saving they’ve got a thousand. They’ll figure out a new patient themselves with a. Year so much you know we have to make a concession to save face.

Only a very honorable man must save his face. I must tell you a story on line because we call each other liars so much and you wonder why Bush will say that and Mad Dog stinking liar it isn’t as bad as we think it is.

To go to another couple of stories. I’ll just tell you one one day I was talking to General Smirnoff over our parcel post delivery.

He gave these big facts out which why something shouldn’t be done after and I said to him when he finished general do you know that what you’re saying is true now is exactly the opposite of what you said was true last week he looked at me and he said Well that was last week.

There is no eternal true. And he said as far as a liar he’s no good. He may be no good but because he is a liar has nothing to do it.

Ever since you were honest or Frank which you couldn’t possibly be it’s all right so I’m a liar. Now what’s the point.

See that’s all after BERLIJN 70 British an American dead I half a billion dollars spent.

It isn’t nice to go to a hospital and see tubercular children spitting into our can without enough blankets so you can’t fly enough in it’s bulky. They can’t have the windows open. It isn’t pleasant to know there 42000 cases a gallopin consumption walking the streets for lack of hospital space cuz you can’t fly in supplies. It isn’t nice to see one winter 23:00 Germans freeze to death. Are these people cruel.

Don’t ask me for political advantage they will do anything.

Don’t judge them by our standards.

After that we went to Paris areas.

I want you to think of the parallel to die today after the Korean victory.

A billion and a half dollars spent at least four thousand five hundred dead Americans more than it took us to invade the coast of France. Twenty six thousand American casualties not mentioned in the destruction of property and the dead South Koreans and the murdered Democratic leaders.

After all of that there are representatives it’s now the victory on the field as one as it was won in Berlin.

What are we going to do about it. And there’s that challenge.

We did something before and it didn’t work.

Before they use my and suddenly became friendly and drank drinks with them just as they’re doing in New York now.

They came back to the conferences again they threaten and they can joke and they promise.

They suggested if we would can see them reparations from current production from Austria only $150 billion worth we get a peace treaty you see with us.

So we agreed. We still haven’t got the peace treaty.

All we did was all we did was give away our principal now after Korea other smiling again and they’re talking now as then coexistence that Pieczynski latest term coexistence and Paris it was two systems can get along.

Another point then and now. At Paris we agreed to status quo which is a nice way of saying that bygones be bygones. Forget the half a billion bucks but get the suffering. Forget the 70 dead. After all it’s past. Let bygones be bygones. And if you work on that principle with these people they’ll confront you if you don’t mind. I in French in state fait accompli are accomplished fact and then they’ll smile and say that silver now the bait is China.

I don’t know the Chinese are cooperating too well with them on their game.

The implication now is that if we recognize China this wouldn’t happen had nothing to do with.

After all never recognized them. But hey wait did that happen.

It all the same again because you must remember we cannot we must not we morally are indecent to try to do business with the present government of Russia.

That doesn’t mean you grab a gun and shoot them. You may have to do it anyhow. They don’t shoot first and it isn’t preventive war.

You’ve got to start off with the recognition that these people are gangsters and they have control of a nation and they’ll stop at nothing. And their plan. They hate us.

Every decent thing we’ve done to them is only increase their pay and when any man deals with us and begin to soften he’s yanked and sent away so.

All right.

Why didn’t we charge him for Berlin. Why don’t we charge him for Russia in charge Russia Korea.

You know that Russia is I do I mean we probably can prove anything on last court because of the the box on testimony or that the only way we could get Al Capone was on the basis of what they didn’t contact internationally.

We can’t prove Russia-U.S. the orders cheap Chinese in the North has taken off. So we will get home in.

Why don’t we charge them for the harm rather. Three things are to be done in Korea obviously.

One is to help these poor people I mean we’re a great generous people we ought to help our great suffering.

Well let’s just cut it down to we ought to make somebody pay for it.

If we don’t make Russia pay for these crimes all over the world against us we will have world war 3 and there won’t be any question of it when they’re ready they’ll hit us. Very sorry to end on a serious note.

The only way we can make our opinions be felt in the world today. The only thing we found that these people will recognize is for their lesson turn to the discussion and negotiation. They won’t use force against us only if we can make their use of force. Obviously we got our lot ourselves to get weak the last time we threw our army away. We’ve put our ships in mothballs. We let our planes rot in the jungle and we invited them to use force.

Really when they couldn’t get what they wanted by cheaper means such as propaganda and underground meant.

So we must we must mobilize as fast as possible. We can’t go on indefinitely 30 billion dollars. We can’t go on having more Koreas and Timbits in some place in Africa. We can’t allow them to organize the criminal elements of the world against us to mislead honest people against us in a manner that you couldn’t do in this city. You’d be sued for libel. Russia has to be made and held accountable responsible. And we don’t dare go under until we’re strong. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason you’re going to have to shell out real money. That’s the reason young people have to give up their educations again so that these people

will be prevented from using force because they are dialectics they are not emotional. They will not use force unless it has a very good chance of succeeding. They can’t possibly match up on the old type of war. It’s more than 19 million tons of steel versus our vast production of over 100 million. We’re smarter people. We’re greater people. We’re tougher people.

We’ve got a better system but we have to stay awake.

We have to see to it that we are so strong they will dare continue to use our word.

Frank L. HawleyA public lecture by Gen. Frank L. Hawley, who served as commandant of the American sector of Berlin after World War II. The talk consists of personal recollections of Berlin after the war, and his encounters with the Russian military and members of communist party. Gen. Hawley condemns the Russian officials and military leaders as brutal thugs who would kill their own people without a thought. He describes the Red Army as dangerous “smelly little people” who behave like cattle. He paints a picture of general fear in Berlin as the Russians control the population more effectively than the Nazis did during the war. He says the Russians’ version of education consists of political indoctrination, with critical thinking not allowed. He says the Russian justice system convicts people of a crime first and then brings them to trial. He says we’ve tried to get along with the Russians, tried to win them over, given them money and agreed to working with them on their terms, but the Russians won’t behave. He says coexistence with the Russians is impossible, since they want world domination. He says they work the same way everywhere else in the world as in Berlin, and want complete control of the government and economy. He says Communists will influence elections if they can, and take as much power as possible, and they also want control of the unions and the police. He also discusses the Russian blockade of Berlin, and claims credit for alerting Washington to the blockade. He describes the Russians as unconcerned with using force, and as incompetent and corrupt. Gen. Hawley warns that the U.S. must prepare for war with Russia, as he believes they will attack us when they feel they’re ready, and this will lead to World War Three.