Illinois History Minutes

December 21 Illinois History Minute


It’s December 21st, the day in 1932 when the University of Illinois and University of Missouri men’s basketball teams played each other for the first time. The Fighting Illini beat the Tigers 36 to 24 that year. In 1980, Illinois and Missouri’s basketball rivalry was formalized in the annual Braggin’ Rights game. So far, Illinois has won the majority of the matchups.

Illustrator Arnold Friberg was born in Winnetka on this day in 1913, and studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Friberg’s most famous painting may be “The Prayer at Valley Forge” showing George Washington kneeling in the snow in prayer.

Movie director John Guilbert Avildsen was born in Oak Park on this day in 1935. His movies include “Rocky” and the first three Karate Kid films.