Illinois History Minutes

June 15 Illinois History Minute


It’s June 15. And on this day in 1909, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law capping the workday for women at ten hours. Illinois joined other states that had over the years decided it was appropriate to set stricter limits on a woman’s work day than a man’s. Eight-hour workdays existed for some, but were not required in Illinois at the time, except for children.

Chicago Mayor Benjamin Wright Raymond was born in Rome, New York on this day in 1801. A merchant and member of the Whig party, Raymond was elected to two one-year terms as Chicago mayor in 1839 and 1842. He’s credited with ensuring that Chicago’s famed State Street is as wide as it is … and with securing the site of Fort Dearborn for the city, when it was sold by the federal government.

I’m Jim Meadows. Illinois Public Media.