Farmland investment expert Murray Wise

7:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 6, on WILL-TV
Murray Wise

Murray Wise

Murray Wise grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada. Through his childhood and into his college years at Iowa State University, he knew he wanted to farm. As it turned out, farm equipment was in short supply so he rented out his land and took a job working in farm management and real estate. That was back in 1975. He went on to start his own company--the Westchester Group--and today he is nationally recognized as an authority on farmland investment, valuation and management.

Host David Inge talks to Wise, now CEO of Murray Wise Investments, about the field. "He did two things that really set him apart from others in his field," David said. "He made it possible for small individual investors to put their money into farmland and was one of the first to work with big institutional investors who wanted to do the same thing."


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