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Television anchor Jennifer Roscoe

7:30 pm Thursday, Oct. 10, on WILL-TV
Jennifer Roscoe

Jennifer Roscoe

Host David Inge talks to the longtime WCIA news anchor about the reality that her job isn't as glamorous as people think it is. Roscoe has two children, one with special needs, and talks about the difficulties of being a mom who works nights. In 2011, a change in Illinois law made it possible for Roscoe, who is adopted, to get a copy of her birth certificate. After she got a name and phone number for her birth mother, her co-workers nudged her to call. She tells a moving story about the night when, in between newscasts, she talked to her mother, and then had to run do the 10 o'clock news. They met on Mother's Day of 2012.

Roscoe talks about the pressures of having to look her best on television, why she decided to stay in Champaign, and the rewards of a job where she is able to highlight positive news as well as bad news. Her series Kids to Know shines the light on kids who are making a difference, while Angels Among Us does the same for adults.

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