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This is Gloria, mostly trying to see if the blog function is as easy as it seems.  I'm still trying to work out many parts of making this a rich, content-filled project, so hopefully we'll all have plenty to contribute.  For now, I've made our logo and added a spot of color on the "Projects" page with a thumbnail.  

After going through training and copious script editing and selection, our team is finally ready to start editing.  I'm really hoping that this will be more than mindless copy and pasting, and that we'll all be able to really gain from listening to these amazing stories once again.  It's a bit different to be one of the more experienced ones in editing, but I'm looking forward to mentoring my younger teammates and answering whatever questions they may have.  And of course, I'll be editing and blogging along with everyone else.  I'm excited to see what everyone has to say!



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