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Hello, my name is Nafisa Syed, and I am a freshman at University Laboratory High School in Urbana . When I'm not at school or doing homework, I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and listening to music. I write poetry in my spare time, and am on the staff of Unique, the school's creative writing magazine. I also play basketball, and am on the basketball team.

This is my first year being an intern, and I helped conduct interviews for this project last year. I decided to become an intern as I found it fascinating to see how individuals' personal stories fit into the past. For me, these personal stories helped the events come alive, and made them seem real in my mind. Each person's unique voice, as well as their experiences, all mesh together to create a captivating narrative, and this is what drove my interest to become involved in this project. Furthermore, I believe that listening to each person's distinctive account of significant events sparks an emotional connection, and a radio documentary is a wonderful medium for sharing the local history of counterculture with the community.


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