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My name is Mary Campbell, and this is my second year as an intern on the oral history projects, and my first on the Counter-Culture team (I worked on last year’s project (Breaking Down Disability Barriers: the Journey Towards Equality at the University of Illinois) too). I really like working on the projects because it teaches me a lot more than I would know about the topics otherwise, and I get to learn about radio production and gain some of those skills, which is a rare opportunity for a high school student.

I do a lot of other things besides the oral history projects, too. I am involved with theatre and music, and I play soccer in the spring at Uni, normally in some type of defensive position. Probably the extra-curricular that I am the most involved in is Scouting. I am both a Girl and a Venture Scout (Venturing is a co-ed, high adventure division of Boy Scouts of America), and always have a great time doing Scouting things.


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