Thank Goodness for GoogleDocs!


Hey everyone,

In the past couple of days, Sarah, Shruti, and I have made incredible progress on the script! In fact, we now have a version that is very close to the final version! And here's the best part about it: we didn't actually meet face-to-face at all throughout the process, which was convenient for all of us because we have such busy and different schedules. Each of us looked at the script individually and wrote in possible changes, additions, and comments. Then, we met on the "Script II" googledoc both last night and tonight to go through the entire script together. Thanks to the convenience of googledocs, we were each able to see what the other two were doing in terms of editing and adding stuff. We were simultaneously able to talk about decisions on the side chat that's available within the googledoc. Through this process, we were able to cut several of the stories down further and create a more final version of the script. (Yes, yet *another* googledoc!) It is creatively titled Script III. Or total page count is currently around 20 pages, which includes narration and music selections. We're very proud of ourselves, if you can't tell. 😊

Speaking of song choices, we were looking for a song to transition from local businesses to drugs and Mark Rubel, whose story was the last one in local businesses, happened to talk about Bob Marley. I was able to find a perfect song to transition between the two subjects. It's called "Pass the Marijuana." It's a really catchy song, so I'll need to be careful not to sing it an inappropriate locales, lest I give anyone the wrong impression! Anyway, we really appreciate all the hard work everyone has been doing. We're essentially done with fine editing, so that's definitely a big step. We're very determined to get this documentary done BEFORE we graduate, and be one of the first producers to do so! Once again, thanks for your dedication to the project.

Your ever-grateful producers,
-Aishwarya (and Sarah and Shruti)


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