The Great Winter “Lock In”


Hey everyone!

It all began with a simple suggestion: let's have a lock-in! And that's why we are currently barricaded in Aishwarya's house, and the entire floor is covered with piles of unsorted text. We, your tireless, dedicated producers are so committed to our work that we have decided not to walk out of the house until we have a script ready! It's really hard work, so we've kept up a steady stream of music, including everything from Disney songs to Britney Spears (don't ask!).

The work is exhausting. As typical Uni seniors, we have a late bedtime. But by 9 p.m. in our 24 hour lock-in, Aishwarya was already downing shots of Coke to keep being productive. Staring at your favorite story and saying "okay, okay. You guys can cut it, but it is soooo good" is brutal. For example, early on this afternoon we had to cut a very good story because it just didn't fit the theme. We had managed to save it until this stage, but then we had to "tear off the band-aid" and let it go.

This was a story from Renee Pollock that we had a hard time putting aside:

"When I was a mom of a young teenager my daughter brought home a magazine one day called Young Miss and one of the articles that was highlighted on the cover was how to kiss your boyfriend. And I remember I looked at her and I said, “Gee, that’s interesting.” I said, “Is there a boys magazine called Young Guys and is there an article on the cover of that about how to kiss your girlfriend so she likes it?” And my daughter just looks at me and is like, “Mom, what are you saying?” And I remember thinking, “Here I am, now I’m 43, and my kid is still reading a magazine that I was out jumping up and down about, that I didn’t want my kids to read that, and it’s still all here!”"

Now, we're going to get some rest for tomorrow's challenging work. Good-night!

Shruti, Sarah, and Aishwarya

P.S. Sorted story count: 50!!!!


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