The Inside of a Producer’s Brain


Would you like to know what is on the brain of a WILL-Uni High producer on a Thursday morning of Christmas Break? Well, here is an inside view of some of the thoughts that have been running through my head:

<i>I wonder when we need to have a title picked out. That seems like something you would do at the end, but then again our radio spots will need to include the title and so will the CD covers. Maybe we should work on a title in January.

Speaking of CD covers, how long does it take to design one? I should ask Aishwarya because she has done that before. I guess we might need to be starting that in early March if we want it to be done by May. Or maybe we should start as soon as we have a title. Or maybe before we have a title. Hmmm.

Now that we have a rough structure for our script, I really wish I knew how long it is. Chunks of paper on the floor don't really give you an idea of how long the audio for those stories will be. Maybe we should try to put all the audio chunks together so that we know how much more we have to cut out (oh, that is going to be HARD. Taking stories out is worse than ripping off a band-aid!). I wonder if that is a bad editing process. But if you don't put it together, how in the world would you know how long it is?

Going back to the script, we need to go back and write all the narration. It is going to have to be short, but really informative. And choose music, we need an intern to start matching pieces of music from our "potential music" list to actual spots in the documentary. That sounds like a fun job. Maybe I could...

Rats, I haven't blogged yet! I should go put something on the blog so people know what is going on...</i>

So there you have it: a brief peek into the chaotic process which we call "producing" a radio documentary. I would say it is a lot more like trying to find your way through a dark room than following a formula that works every time. And yes, it's a little messy!


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