WE DID IT. We're currently at the Champaign Public library, and after a disheartening email from Mr. Dickey, informing us that our script was way too long (26 pages), we've managed to cut it down to 13 pages. Yeah, that's right, UNDER the suggested number of pages, which is 18. This means we have 5 pages to add in narration, double-spaced, which will be perfect! We decided to meet again this weekend starting at 11 because we realized that everything was counting on us finishing up with a draft of the script. Now that we have a good draft, we'll be able to do fine editing work, write narration, and work on radio spots. We've been working for about five hours minus lunch at Golden Harbor (we highly recommend the fried tofu. So good!) and it's really satisfying to finally get our script looking about the right length. So after getting our total story count to 50 from a whopping 81, we're about to go out to celebrate at Coldstone.

Your exhausted but also exhilarated producers,
Aishwarya, Sarah, and Shruti


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