Hello Readers!
Well I'd have to say it's been a good month, or maybe even well over a month since I've published a blog.  The laptop that I work on has been acting VERY strangely:  deleting saved work, disrupting audio files, and it wouldn't even allow me to log-in to be able to publish a blog!  Luckily it seems as though things are back to normal, so that's why I wanted to start today's workday with an update.  Sonie and I have been working greatly together and on this project.  We've had several meetings and discussions and are now on a different (and hopefully) quicker route in finishing this project.  Since we've divided up the interviewees between us, making scripts seems a breeze.  And the audio piece I have been struggling with for weeks now?  I've almost got it completely finished and it will play now!  It's so much more comforting to be know that we're moving at a more steady and confident pace.  Today I'll try to finish one more script.

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