Time just seems to be flying by, and I'm getting more comfortable in my internship environment. The past few days I've basically been working by myself since Sonie and I had a meeting last week to divide up the work to be done. I also feel as though I'm becoming more and more productive each day. In a matter of maybe three days I've completed two rough draft scripts, whereas the first one Sonie and I did together took possibly two weeks. Sonie herself has completed two rough drafts as well. Making scripts is so much fun because it's individual work that I feel requires diligence, patience, skills in English and literature (to be able to make stories), and great imagination. I feel as though as soon as I start reading an interview I'm able to already plan the story I'll create. I also enjoy seeing what different individuals believe is important Champaign history; experience in realizing the difference between people. I feel mature in that I'm learning things about our town, and about notable figures in our town, that others may never know about nor get the chance to explore. It makes me think of Champaign in a whole new light. You know those little "parks" all around town that are corner lots with flower displays and possible a park bench, that have names like 'Bridgewater Park'? I can say that I know whom the park is named for; I know who Erma Bridgewater is and her impact on Champaign-Urbana. The end of this past week and the start of this current one have just been really great.

Gabby Parsons


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