Hello Readers,
Today by far is one of the days where I felt I had been most productive.  It was a group meeting day so Henry, Kimberlie, Sonie, and I all sat down to discuss Sonie and I's versions of our revised scripts.  I was really excited to share mine because I felt that I had really made a sensible and intriguing storyline.  When Sonie shared hers I was happy that we had a lot of similar ideas and even some of the same lines.  It feels good to know we think alike!  After sharing it was time to get down to business.  Sonie and I came together and after little time, had decided on which of our ideas to combine all together into one script between us.  It took no time because we both agreed on the same things  :cheese: .  After we typed the final once again we had a group sharing to show Henry and Kimberlie.  When that was finished Sonie and I began work on finding <em>time codes</em> or the placement of the actual wording from within the audio.  I was surprised how easy and quickly we were getting through it.  We really work well as a team.  Time to cut work short for today but Monday and all of the next week we'll be back at it and hopefully finish!

Gabby Parsons


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