Hello Readers,
Today was an interesting day.  It was very productive and fulfilling because I finished putting the audio together from our first script. When I listened to it, it seemed to flow together nicely based on the fact it still needs a lot of small editing touches. I was really proud I accomplished another step in the process. I'm happy I'm being able to utilize this audio editing software because I know it is an ability I may be able to use later. When Kimberlie listened to the audio I felt very relieved because she too said it sounded great. She then had me get an outside source to listen to it and provide feedback based on some questions I thought of before the meeting. After an office partner listened to the story she gave some helpful, but yet slightly sobering news. I was glad to be able to receive input from a viewer's standpoint because it is most important, but I was also a little worried that now work may have to be redone. I just hope Sonie and I will be able to get things done on time, and to make the best presentation possible.

Gabby Parsons


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