Hello Readers,
Today was a more laid back day, but also a day for tightening things up.  Since Sonie and I have been working separately on our different scripts and so forth we have gotten so much done!  Tomorrow I will be conducting my second interview, and this time I will be without Sonie (gulp).  I'm excited though because I love meeting new people, and also learning people's stories since every individual is different from the next.  For my internship program through school I had an assignment called an "Organizational Interview", in which we were supposed to interview our sponsors with designated questions and take detailed notes.  I love doing things like this where I can get a more personal insight on someone.  Kimberlie and I had a great interview and I felt like I learned some new things about WILL.  Everything is going great so far, and hopefully at our next team meeting we'll have even more goals set to accomplish.

Gabby Parsons


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