Hello Readers,
After a relaxing Spring Break it was refreshing to come back to WILL and get right back to work!  Our meeting with Ms. Meaderds was today so I came in a little early just to be able to get things ready and prepared in time.  The SlideShow preview I had prepared before got deleted from the computer system when the laptops were cleaned so I quickly created another draft to be able to be shown.  I'm just relieved all the software is working properly!  Sonie was able to get her a little earlier as well so she and I had a few minutes to discuss what all was going to be said.  I got the laptop and speakers prepared for Ms. Meaderds and as soon as I finished the front desk downstairs called and said she was here.  Sonie and I went to greet her at the door and led her into the office where we successfully conducted the meeting and also got some good insight and info as to what all should be worked on and completed.  After Ms. Meaderds left Kimberlie and I sat down to discuss edits to the scripts for my interviewees.  I am so happy with how easily making scripts is now, and the edits are getting smaller and more simple to accomplish.  Kim and I even got through two script edits so tomorrow I have a good amount of work to do.  I feel like the pace for the project has picked up but I'm willing to move with it!

Gabby Parsons


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