Coming to an end?


Well can you believe it? It's coming to the end of January and I have 4 interviews completed, and 3 set that are in work. By in work I mean I am preparing the questions. Hey and guess what? I now have my super sonie chant! Kim made it. It goes: Sonie! Sonie! Sonie! I kn ow it's. the traditional rhythm. I still like it though. It's great that's 7 down all ready. I'm moving really fast. Me and Gabby could also finally have a chance to meet and even record an interview together. Wow things are actual coming to an end for the interview stage. I mean I know I keep repeating that I'm doing all of this in just a month. My 1st interview was in December but it was the 30th. It's now the 19th of December, it's been about a month if you count the days elapsed from 1.30.10 to 1.26.11. That's a great time spent. Last year in YMW in completed only 4 interviews in what... 3 months? This is an improvement. A huge one and I'm going to keep saying it as I keep working with the media and break this record of mine. Thank you for sticking because actually I just started 😏

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