Completion of Week One


Hello Readers,
As three o'clock of Thursday the 13th comes upon us, I will be officially done with my first "full week" at WILL.   All went well this week, I feel I am adjusting and becoming part of the WILL workforce.  Although I will not technically be in the office until next Tuesday, that will not prevent me from continuing my work on transcribing the audio interviews conducted by Sonie.  I took initiative and copied two interviews to a flash-drive I brought from home, and will throughout this 4-day weekend (hopefully; with fingers crossed!) finish transcribing them both!  Luckily I have the same Microsoft Word format on a laptop at home, not to mention drive and desire to keep working on Letters to the Future.  I love transcribing because it allows for me to hear great interviews and history, while also doing some technical and behind-the-scenes work.  May everyone have a great, safe, and relaxing weekend! Remembrance for Dr. King and his legacy on Monday.  I will  be servicing at a program put on by my school so look forward to a recap of that on Tuesday.

Gabby Parsons


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