Letters to the Future - January 03, 2011

day 1( technically because this is my first blog) ACTUALLY DAY 5

Sonie Toe

Wow this is great. Everything is moving along at a good speed and I'm making sure I get things done on time in the time I have. I'm going to be awfully busy starting tomorrow with school to go back to and another interview and tons of more research. I just might go mad but It'll all be worth while when the whole thing comes to a completion. I am very grateful for this experience and get compliments every day. It's all flattering and my mom is so proud of me 😊 never have I been so pumped or focused to one task. This whole winter break I have been going to WILL and the Public Library to get work done. I wake up at 7 to get out of the house and do research or make calls and recently wrote a thank you letter to my first interviewee :wow:  I know it may not be much but I have to wake up an hour earlier to go to school;all I'm trying to say is I'd rather wake up at 9. I know it's all worthwhile though. It's such great experience and I'm on fire :ahhh:  I did not join any after school clubs or extracurricular activities like I usually do every year because I really am determined to make the final video a huge success. I put in a bunch of energy to this project. For the past 2 weeks that's all I'm doing and thinking about. I eat, sleep, breathe this project 🧛  It's become my number 1 priority other than school. I'm so glad that winter break just at the right time. Unfortunately my break ends today. Tomorrow I do have another interview though. I'm pretty excited; in fact, I am interviewing the mayor. What an honor :cheese: I'm going to take the MTD after school and get ready for my second interview just a few days after my first. I have to get all 10 interviews done by the end of this month because I know editing is going to be take a heck of time. It's the most important part of it all. I can already vision how everything is going to turn out :cheese:  Well I'm taking forever on this if I keep writing more of what comes to mind nobody may even want to read. c u l8r :coolsmile:

Sonie Toe

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