day 3( technically because this is my first blog) ACTUALLY DAY 7


  Hellloooo I'm back again for my daily blog jog. I say jog because it rhymes and I am now going to set a pace and time limit on my blog 😊 Isn't that grand. So today I arrived after a relaxing bus ride and a chilling walk. You don't want to get me started on that. I'll talk about it anyway :cheese:
  So, today I had to take the pacer test in P.E. It's going on all week. The P.E. fitness tests started yesterday when we all came back from break. The pacer test, for those of you who don't know, is a fitness test to that takes record of how strong your lungs are and how well your heart works. The students line up behind the bold black line of the gym court. The audio recording starts to explain the test and  how there are levels and that the speed increases as you keep running ( pace/ jog). When a speed increases you'll hear a certain sound and that means you are moving on to the next level. We will be running the short length of the court. One lap equals pacing yourself from one end of the court to the other. Before we began the teacher told us our goals. Those are the regulations9number of laps0 that we have to complete at our current age. My goal was 30.
  Now that threw me a little off. I never ran 30 laps on the pacer test in my entire life  🐛 :exclaim: I'd never even past 25. Now I was required to meet 30 ❓  :exclaim: I just made my own personal goal to line up and run 25.
 Can you believe it? I made the requirements. I'm as healthy as a horse. Seriously you could ask everyone that was there. But the side effects were deadly :gulp: I couldn't catch my breath, my feet were soar, my legs were weak. I had even taken on a serious cough that hurt every time I tried to laugh or even had to cough. I went outside to the hall to get a drink of water but that didn't help one bit.
  So that's why I hated my arrival to the office, I felt like dying.
 When I came I sat down with Kim and we put together a list of people I could call up and make arrangements for an interview tomorrow. Out of the My first five calls I made I finally got one down. I am still going to be working on some interviews for next week and maybe even this Saturday. Everything's all good 😏 Alright that's all for today but I'll be back. Good night:-)

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