Letters to the Future - January 12, 2011

day 5( technically because this is my first blog) ACTUALLY DAY 10

Sonie Toe

Hey I'm back again to blog. I haven't been here in a while and I have tons to say. Number one is that I have completed my first four interviews in just three weeks yay to  me :cheese: everything is really coming well and I'm beginning to edit everything out in my head. I'm becoming very comfortable when it comes to interviewing. Too comfortable I believe :long: I can't seem to ask the question right. I think that's what I mean anyways. Hopefully I have an interview on Saturday if the interviewee calls me back. What I have to say is that I am used to making calls and speaking to people on the phone. I prefer it to emailing. I get to hear how they sound and a pre interview is pretty good to see what they have to say. I think that if you could get a lot in the pre interview you can get some much in the actual interview 😊  I am so proud of myself to have gotten this far and gained the experience I have. I just started but I know that I have come a long way I also just interviewed a life long resident of Champaign yesterday. I won't say who I never do although they do sign the release form. I just think that you should see be patient and c the final interview  😝 So I am so busy but also happy this is one of the best things that have ever happened for me. It's great to blog about the progress every time I get on the computer and I will talk l8r 😊

Sonie Toe

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