day 7( technically because this is my first blog) ACTUALLY DAY 12 part 1


hello all you wonderful people it sonie and I'm back to talk. usually i blog at the end of my time in the office. yes i call it office because i have my own personal space where i do my work and business. so, I would make all my calls for the day or plan out interviews and just tal;k about my progress but today I'm making a blog before and after I start. hence the title for today. So last week I wasn't as efficient and I didn't feel my interview with my interviewee of 1.11.11 went so well. i say this because i felt too comfortable and my interviewee wasn't answering as i expecting. i'm not saying there s a level or limit to how a person must answer my questions i'm just saying i didn't feel like the interview went right. of course you can't plan the course of an interview as the person asking the questions and you definitely can't control the things a person may say just by the questions you plan or may think to ask. that is a lesson i now have learned through this interview process. also i feel like i slacked off a lil because i did not have the will to make phones calls. don't get me wrong i made the calls i needed to but i felt like i was taking a  break the whole time. i know that i must not lose my drive one bit now because i can easily get carried away. i am still a teen 🙄

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