day2( technically because this is my first blog) ACTUALLY DAY 6


Helllllooooo people. this is sonie back to you on my blog and I'm ready to exhaust your eyes 😊 Today I sat down with the Mayor of Champaign and we had a nice long talk. Well, I interviewed him. I felt so honored to have a chance to meet the mayor for the first time and to interview him for the Letters to the Future project. What really surprised me was that I wasn't nervous at all 😊 I mean he came early-which I predict a lot of my interviewees will be doing now-  and I didn't feel as rushed as my first. Maybe because I already had an idea of how the interviewing experience is and I was in a more relaxed mood after school and going back to my daily routines but still multitasking with the project. I plan to hopefully another interview done this Thursday and have a pace of three interviews this week. The mayor was a really friendly guy and I enjoyed sitting down and listening about the city's history through his own experience and have been born in the city himself. It felt like a normal conversation and It was very easy to relax and not think of it as seeking answers to questions but also just talk with him and listen. Just listen. So I am tired ( well I was actually timed shh don't tell Kim I told you) ha :cheese:  Alright I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully give you more.

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