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Today was meeting day. It would be a meeting unlike any other we had ever had. Ms. Meaderds was coming :wow:
I had already met her a while back in November or Was it December? Well, I had met her and we talked about what she envisioned and what the limits and requirements were. It was a meeting to decide if I really wanted to go through with the intern and see if I could face the obstacles that would come to producing this video.
So, today I had to make sure to arrive in formal attire. My partner had little troubles locating my house but we made it through in time to prepare for the meeting :cheese:
When we arrived we parked in one of the free parking spaces right next to Ms. Meaderds. Isn't there enough trouble to become of us arriving late but the client has arrived extra early :gulp:
Luckily, I couldn't agree with myself that it was her in the car. We weren't ready to begin the meeting just yet, so we went in to the office and decided to wait on our guest to finally enter the premises.
It were a quick half and hour or so of waiting but the call finally came in that Ms. Meaderds was here and so Me and Gabby left downstairs to introduce ourselves. Henry and Kim stayed up to set everything we needed up.
 I'm not going to go into all the details of the interview but I will say that we had technical issues with our ( me and gabby) computers and we had to use Kim and  Henry's. Thank the heavens they had what we needed 😊
Also the heart stopping moment finally came when Ms. Meaderds told was to tell us what she thought:
 "Good job guys"
yes those quotes and more 😉 She liked it
We talked even more and decided some meeting times but we will keep in contact to reflect progress every now and then
<sigh of relief> what a great day :coolsmile:

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