January 24th


Hello Readers,
I'm glad to be back in the WILL building after taking a short break since Thursday.  I'm very proud because I'm finally not feeling so swamped about transcribing interviews (Sonie seems to churn out two more as soon as I finish one!).  This weekend I worked at home and have about 12 minutes left on that to finish.  Today when I came in I started on a new one here and got about 75% done in just one day!  I had never done so much in one sitting.  I'm feeling more confident when I type and transcribe, and almost like a pro.  I also feel like I'm sinking into the mix of things and my days are much more relaxing and run smoothly.  Friday I finally get to meet Sonie (even though I've been listening to her speak for almost three weeks now  😊 ), so all-in-all, things are on the up-and-up  😊 .

Gabby Parsons


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