More Perfection… and don’t let me forget the photos


Well today was pretty busy. The work really started when I was at school. I had forgotten last night to call Mr. Westfield and remind him of today's photos and scanning and about what more he could bring for the scanning  🐛 :exclaim:  So, at lunch I went out into the hall and dialed his number into my phone. It seemed that he would be a little late on family matters an but not so long after the scheduled photo shoot and so I agreed to his terms.
When school finally ended and I rushed home to meet Kim waiting as we had planned so that we could get everything completed efficiently  😊  
In arriving to WILL we coincidentally ran into Mike, our photographer for today's shoot, in perfect timing :cheese:  I explained to him the plan and he decided to take a few warm-up shots to get everything ready. It was pretty fun. Although we took a lot of pictures. I felt a little jealous because I knew that Mr. Westfield would just run through his poem and not HAVE to try take creative poses as I had knowing the shots would also whiz along :down:
After ward I took the short way up to the office so that I could get a little more work done before Mr. Westfield could make it as he'd said. I was able to capture a very good photo on Flickr and so had to practice writing a perfect email as I had to practice a day ago at practicing the perfect phone call :blank:
This took not as much tries as the phone call and not as much photos as the pictures a few minutes before. Unfortunately as time ticked it was getting closer to the time Mr. Westfield and I had agreed on at 12. I called him up but the voice mail answered so I figured he might be on his way no biggy  😝
ten more minutes and me and Kim were starting to wonder so I called him again and this time left a message just in case reminding him or today and asking if everything was OK
In conclusion of the rest of the day:
1. I finished the email and finally sent in to the owner of the Flickr photo
1. I went back down to reschedule another day with Mike
2. I called Mr. Westfield up to tell him about the new date
3. I recalled Mr. Westfield to let him know that it was a request and that if could not make it it was OK 😉
4. I blogged

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